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Luke Chueh's current blog

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The Nose Knows


The Nose Knows
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

For the Giant Robot 2015 Biennale (Hosted by the Japanese American National Museum), I decided to create a painting that has distinct "east meets west" ideas. "The Nose Knows" combines Disney's "Pinocchio" with the Japanese "Tengu"

My reasoning for bringing the two elements together is simple: They both have long noses. I remember the first time I saw a tengu mask. Asides from the obvious phallic suggestions, my next though was that it reminded me of Pinocchio. Anyways, I thought the Japanese American National Museum would be the perfect venue to debut such an idea.
I consider this the second in a series of paintings I call "East Meets West". The first being my painting "Boba"

Headspace (Reboot)


In May 2015, Rotofugi Gallery hosted my "Headspace (Reboot)" show. To be honest, "Headspace (Reboot)" is a show I created to promote my upcoming release with Munky King. That sounds kind of cold, but I can't deny that the "Headspace" sculpt was on my mind when I planned the show out.Regardless, when I first conceived of "Headspace" (in 2012), it was my attempt to give credit to everything I love or hold dear to my being. In it, a bear removes his head to reveal something underneath. The things underneath range from pop culture icons, to artists whom I consider important or influential to my understanding of contemporary art, to graphic musings about removing ones head.I arranged the paintings in 4 different sizes. These sizes help illustrate their importance in the series.The largest painting (24" x 30") is a self portrait. The second largest (16" x 20") is relegated to my 5 most "important" characters: Bear, Rabbit, Monkey, Chicken, and Skull. These 5 characters are also definitely going to be made into heads for the toy line.. The 3rd size (11" x 14") are designated for designs that we plan on making as heads, and the smallest paintings (8" x 10") are mostly new ideas.Headspace (Luke Chueh)Acrylic on Wood Panel 24" x 30" 2015Headspace (Bear)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015Headspace (Rabbit)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015  Headspace (Chicken)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015Headspace (Monkey)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015Headspace (Skull)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015Headspace (Boba Fett)Acrylic on Wood Panel 11" x 14" 2015Headspace (Darth Vader)Acrylic on Wood Panel 11" x 14" 2015Headspace (Devil)Acrylic on Wood Panel 11" x 14" 2015 Headspace (Grizzly Bear)Acrylic on Wood Panel 11" x 14" 2015Headspace (Hello Kitty)Acrylic on Wood Panel 11" x 14" 2015Headspace (Mao Zedong)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015  Headspace (Pirate Abe)Acrylic on Wood Panel 16" x 20" 2015Headspace (Batman)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Salvador Dali)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Fountain)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Ghost)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Mickey Mouse)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Winnie the Pooh)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Takashi Murakami)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Yoshitomo Nara)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015  Headspace (Terminator)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015Headspace (Andy Warhol)Acrylic on Wood Panel 8" x 10" 2015[...]




I'm thrilled to announce my newest project, which is very near and dear to my heart: "Dissected." This brand new vinyl sculpture is based on my "Anthropomorphized" painting, which reveals that my bears are more human than anyone realized!

To produce this amazing piece, I've created my very first Kickstarter campaign alongside my partners for this project, Clutter Magazine and Unbox Industries. I've never crowdfunded anything before and I'm eager to engage with my fans in a way I never have before while making this dream a reality.

I hope "Dissected" can come to life and I hope you'll be part of this adventure with me!

Check out my Kickstarter for more info and to support the project!

Bitch / Hung


Here's some promo artwork for my upcoming "Bitch" and "Hung" designs from Munky King. Though I don't have a specific date, I can say with certainty that they'll be ready to go this Spring.

Clutter Magazine Cover and Interview!


This month, I have the honor of being the cover artist for the latest issue of Clutter Magazine. There is also an in depth interview with me. In it I go over everything from art, to toys, to my past, and what I've got lined up in the immediate future. 

The magazine is available for free where indie/designer toys are sold, or you can order one from Clutter Magazine.

New Stuff with Nuvango


Nuvango (the company formally known as Gelaskins) is coming out with some exciting products! Check out this sample of a t-shirt we'll be offering soon. They're also going to be making pillows too (though I'm not sure how I feel about those).

Also, I've uploaded Disintegration and Headphones to my portfolio. 

Please check it out at



I've decided to shut down my STORENVY site. Storenvy were forcing me to use STRIPE, which would then force me to have to open a different accounts, one to handle financial transaction and another to handle shipping. I want all my transactions to be in one place, and forcing me to have to have a STRIPE account is not only annoying, it complicates things for me and my assistant.
Anyways, I've decided to move to BIG CARTEL.
My new store URL is:

I should have the store open in a couple days with the bear head pillows for sale.
Thanks to everyone for your understanding and support.



In October, 2014, Corey Helford Gallery hosted my "Self-ish" show. As the title suggest, the work featured explores a lot of very personal themes, and are loosely "self portraits" (some obviously more so than others). But then a chunk of the show has me taking the name (selfish) a little more literally, with me creating a new body of work with a decidedly new stylistic direction.You Are What You Eat (Self)Acrylic on Canvas24” x 30"2014 You Are What You Eat (My Other Self)Acrylic on Canvas24” x 30"2014  Dead InsideAcrylic on Canvas36” x 48"2014 Some Trends Make Me Want To PukeAcrylic on Wood Panel24” x 18”2014 Colorfield Series (Black)Acrylic on Canvas48” x 60"2014 Colorfield Series (White)Acrylic on Canvas48” x 60"2014 AnthropomorphizedAcrylic on Wood Panel18” x 18”2014 Monkey On My Back (Sleeping Burden)Acrylic on Wood Panel16” x 20”2014  Monkey On My Back (Rude Awakening)Acrylic on Wood Panel11” x 14”2014 Coffee & CigarettesAcrylic on Wood Panel16” x 20”2014 HeadphonesAcrylic on Wood Panel18” x 24”2014 TenguAcrylic on Wood Panel12” x 16"2014 YawnAcrylic on Wood Panel11” x 14”2014 Headspace Series (Star Wars - Darth Vader)Acrylic on Canvas36” x 48"2014 Headspace Series (Star Wars - Boba Fett)Acrylic on Canvas36” x 48”2014 Untitled (Sad Bear)Acrylic on Paper15” x 19”2014 Untitled (Mad Rabbit)Acrylic on Paper15” x 19”2014 Untitled (Monkey King)Acrylic on Paper15” x 19”2014 Untitled (Sweet Bear)Acrylic on Paper15” x 19”2014 Red SkullAcrylic on Wood Panel6” x 6”2014[...]

This Is Not A Bear / The Ears Make The Rabbit


On June 20th, 2014, Snap! Orlando featured me in a group show "Snap! Attacks!"For the show, I wanted to try something a little different, and my idea came from a conversation I had with my friend Sket One. In 2012 Sket and I showed together at the Coachella Music & Art Festival. For that show, we were asked to live paint in an un-airconditioned room in the middle of the Palm Desert. I can soundly say it was the environment that inspired me to I create this painting. As you can see, the piece features an angry bear, and behind it, the words "Fuck It's Hot" are repeated over and over. Afterwards Sket mentioned that he found my letter styling to be intriguing and that he wouldn't mind seeing it employed the same way graffiti writers use letters as graphic art. It was this little compliment gave me the confidence to create the following paintings:This Is Not A Bear11"x 14"Acrylic on Wood Panel2014The Ears Make The Rabbit11"x 14"Acrylic on Wood Panel2014"This Is Not A Bear" states the little know fact that my "bear" character was not originally supposed to be a bear. The design was supposed to encapsulate "cuteness & innocence" and it was based on Hello Kitty's minimalist design. Of course there are certain paintings where the character was definitely supposed to be a bear. (Paintings like "The Queen Is Dead", "Bear In Mind", or "Honey Bear" come to mind.) But it wasn't till I realized that my audience was comfortable with the notion of bears driving the narrative did I settle with him being one."The Ears Make The Rabbit" reflects on my shoddy skills as a character designer, and how the difference between my bears and rabbits lie solely on the length of their ears.[...]

Shaved Ice (Bat)


On June 21st, 2014, Giant Robot hosted Ugly Doll's annual Ugly Con.
The feature Ugly Doll this time was Ice Bat, who was celebrating its 10th anniversary.

While I was trying to figure out what to do, I happened to see Sean Chao's contribution.

So from there, I was able to conceive my idea for the show:
Shaved Ice (Bat)
12"x 9"
Color Pencil On Paper

Thanks Sean!

Chueh vs Konatsu


Dear readers, I'm sorry from being so behind on my blog. I'm currently working on my upcoming solo show (opening this October at Corey Helford Gallery). Anyways, I've been wanting to get these pieces up, so here we go:On June 28th, 2014, Q Pop hosted Konatsu first major US exhibition.Here's Q Pop's Press Release:Konatsu's first Exhibition in the U.S.A.) She invited her artist friends from Japan to do custom painted versions of her figure "Negora". Those talented friends included : Devilrobots, Keiko Miyata, Kenji Fukuda, Nekonoko, Noriya Takeyama, Rampage, Shimomoku, Touma, Yoko Sueyoshi, Yumi Moriwaki, T9G, Koraters, and Dream Rockets. From the USA side Q Pop invited artists who did more custom painted Negoras to welcome Konatsu.The U.S. artists included: 64 Colors, Amy Sol, Paul Kaiju, Paul Shih, Sket One, Luke Chuen, Squink, J RYU, Becky Dreistadt, Keiko Murayama, Victoria Ying, Jeff Ranjo, Miss Kika, Patrick Awa, Chris Mitchell, Tara Billinger, Fawn Veerasunthon, Magen Mitchell, Jeremiah Ketner, Mari Inukai, Lissa Treiman and Zach Bellisimo.Here is a photo of the un-customized NegoraAnd here is what I created for the show:The way my design came to being started with my colleague J*Ryu who made a resin cast from the original sofubi figure. From there, we were able to block out the face in the mold, thus giving me a surface I could add Magic Sculp clay onto. The punchline to my design are the pair of legs dangling from my kaiju's mouth. That I got from a tiny mini figure I owned.[...]

San Diego Comic Con 2014


Here's my plans products and schedules for this years SDCC.
For this years SDCC, I got my hands on a limited number of "Decapitated Bear Heads (2014)" from my "Heads" show at Clutter Gallery. I'll be selling them to anyone who comes up and asks if they want one. Extremely limited, these heads were cast by hand, and their features were painted on by yours truly. Original retailing for $150 a piece, I'm planning on selling them at a SDCC for $100.
This year Munky King will have a couple new items for sale. The first is our latest major project: "Bitch" and the very limited "Golden Fleece" colorway (limited to 100 pieces, price to be determined). Along with that, we're also going to debut my self produced shaped pillow (limited to 50 pieces, $85 each).
I'll be signing at the Munky King booth on Thursday 11am - 1pm. 
Giant Robot is debuting our "Headspace Series: Father & Fett" prints. These painting were created for the Super Awesome exhibition at Oakland Museum of California, and are a variation on series I started a couple years ago called "Headspace". The series explores all the things that I grew up with or consider an integral part of my being. ($120 for the set)
Because of the interest expressed in this print, we are splitting the run. Fifty will be available at SDCC, and another fifty will be available on line from the Giant Robot website.
I will be signing at Giant Robot's booth on Friday, 12pm - 2pm.



9" x 12"
Acrylic on Wood Panel

This May, I finally created the third installment to my "Street Fighter" series of paintings. Produced for "Game Over", a video game themed group show hosted by Giant Robot.
The foundation for this series comes from one of my more popular paintings: "Possessed". In it, my blood soaked bear is 'possessed' by the devil with a video game controller (Specifically an Atari 2600 controller). The segue between this painting and video game themed narratives seemed only too perfect.
After creating this third painting, it came to me that this might make a fun series of mini figure toys (in the style of Japanese Gashapan/Candy toys). If whoever wants to produce this series wants to do this, then I'm probably going to have to explore another 3 moves. I wonder which ones I should do...

Igneus Ursus


In 2003, when I started painting fulltime, I decided that it'd be fun if I designed a logo for myself, and while I was at it, I thought it'd be fun to incorporate some Latin in the graphic. Why Latin? Well, Latin is everywhere, which is amazing since it's basically considered a "dead language". Anything "official" has Latin in it. The dollar bill has E PLURIBUS UNUM "One from many", ANNUIT CŒPTIS "Fortune has favored our undertakings", and NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM "A new order of the ages". With credentials like that, I don't know why every logo doesn't have Latin in it. So when I was designing my logo, I started with a bear head on fire, and then I thought it'd be cool if I draped a banner with the words "Bear on Fire" in Latin around the flames. A crown of leaves (like a roman crown) would frame the elements together.
Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Latin. I'm really nothing more than a Latin wannabe.
And when I put "Fire Bear" in the English to Latin translator, I got "Igneus Gero". I looked up the words individually, and everywhere I looked "Igneus" translated to "Fiery" or "On Fire", and "Gero" translated to Bear. Back and forth, forwards and backwards, I tested Latin to English and English to Latin translators, and that's where Igneus Gero came from.
Fast forward eight years later,  technology has improved, I've sifted through 3 different social networking trends, and all was right in my world, except out of the blue, something happened to make mer realize that all this time I had it WRONG,. As it turns out, "Gero" did NOT mean Bear (noun), but rather it meant "to bear" (verb), or to carry.
How could this happen? I thought I was so thorough! But after thinking about it for a while, I thought to myself, 'Maybe it can still work… instead of "Bear on Fire", it meant "To Bear/Carry Fire". Sure the grammar's potentially wrong, but it's too late to change it, right?' I mean, shit! I named two different paintings under the premise that "Gero" meant "Bear". "Guitar Gero" (now titled "Guitar Hero - Fail"), and "Gero Hero" (now titled "Bat Bear") were named like this because I thought that Gero meant "bear"!
Well, after mulling it over for another two more years, I finally decided "NO, this isn't going to work". I went online, did some more research, and figured that what I was really trying to say was "Igneus Ursus". But to be honest, I'm still not sure if this is totally right. Ursus definitely seams to mean "bear" (noun) and Igneus definitely still means "fiery". And according to my personal Latin expert, Prof. Google Translate, Igneus Ursus translates to "The Fiery Bear". God I hope Google's right this time.
Anyways, if you are familiar with Latin, please don't hesitate to let me know if I'm right or wrong. I'd rather be wrong, correct it, and get it right, then just plain wrong.

Gratias Tibi

"Bolt" Common Artist Project + LAX/TXL


Acrylic on Wood Panel
16" x 16"

On May 17th, 2014, Los Angeles based gallery Thinkspace teamed up with Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany to present ‘LAX / TXL’. For this event, artists were asked to develop artwork on a 16" x 16" canvas. Since I've never shown in Germany (or at least I don't recall ever showing there), I decided to use this opportunity to showcase something a little more 'pop' art. 
For the past couple months, I'd be developing a t-shirt design for the Common Artist Project. The design I came up with was intentionally a little "Rock n Roll". Inspired by the artwork from David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane", I took my trademark bear head and scrawled a red zig-zag bolt across its face. However, instead simply recreating the Aladdin Sane artwork, I thought it'd be fun to try something a little more graphic. So rather than painting the bolt as though it were on the bears face, I illustrated it so the bolt extended beyond its face, like it were floating above it. When it comes to t-shirt designs, I believe it's the simplest designs that translate into the best designs. 
For LAX/TXL  all I did was recreated the design, However, I ended up flipping the face from right to left. When I create the CAP version of "Bolt", I wanted the bolt to blaze across the bears right eye. To make that work, I had to draw a right facing bear. Unbeknownst to the layman, most illustrators usually have a directional preference. For my LAX/TXL painting, I wanted to compose the bear so it was looking my dominant direction: left. 



This May, Clutter Magazine & Gallery hosted a mini solo show featuring myself and my friend and colleague, Scott Tolleson. In case you're not familiar, Clutter Magazine is a quarterly journal that features artists from the designer/art toy scene.Taking this into consideration, I felt that this show should feature something a little different from my regular paintings on canvas. After much deliberation, I decided it would be fun to have a show dedicated to the customization my trademark bear heads.Toy "customization" has been around for as long as there have been toys, but it's a particularly important part of the designer/art toy culture. Entire art shows have revolved around the idea of taking a toy, treating it like a canvas, and imprinting ones signature style across it. It's also a discipline I regularly indulge in, and so I felt that a show featuring my own customs on my own sculpture in a gallery owned by a magazine that showcased the works of designer/art toy artists was only natural.The heads was originally based on the head of my toy "Target". I handed Clutter one of these heads and asked if they could make an 8" in diameter version of the head. A couple months later, two big boxes of blank heads showed up, and the foundation of my show made. OriginalAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014Original (Black)Acrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014BlackfacedAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014  GougedAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014Feeling Blue (Bear Head)Acrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014Seeing RedAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014Luke Chueh and the Psychedelic ExperienceAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014NOTE: As of the the posting of this article, I'm surprised to say that this is one of the two heads that hadn't sold yet. I'm surprised because this was probably the second most time consuming head I created. It has a vibrant presence, and if you know the story as to why I use the bear as a metaphor for myself, you'd know why I created a design inspired by the psychedelic experience.Decapitated (White)Acrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014Decapitated (Black)Acrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014SkullAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014PinkAcrylic on Rotocast Resin Bear HeadApprox 8" in diameter all the way around2014NOTE: After getting to know the people at Clutter Magazine, I learned that Pink is one of their signature colors. As such, I thought it was appropriate that I created a pink bear head for our show.Asides for my own "Heads" show, my friend Scott Tolleson presented a sculpture line he named "Heavenus". Since we were going to share the same space, we thought it would be fun if we traded and customized each others work. From Tolleson, I was asked to customize one of his "Stuffed Idol" sculptures. From me, I asked him to customize one of my bear heads.Asides the original artwork for the show, I thought it would be a good idea to have for sale a limited run of pink bear heads. (Pink is the Clutter Magazines signature color). We also produced a limited run of Decapitated Bear Heads. This particular bear head design has never had the decapitated treatment, and it sea[...] is now


When I first started blogging, I blogged under the URL The name of my blog was "Luke-Brow" (a pun on Low-Brow), and I regularly posted show and project information. Unfortunately, because of some lifestyle choices, I began to totally neglected my blog. I don't recall when I last posted to Luke-Brwo, but come 3 years ago, I made another major lifestyle change (this time for the better), and felt that it was time to start blogging again. But rather than dust off Luke-Brow, I wanted to live Tabula Rasa (clean slate). For my new blogs name, I started by taking the latin from my logo (Igneus Gero - To Bear Fire) and used it for my newest blog's URL.
Come April 2014, after mulling over the words "Igneus" and "Gero", I finally decided that the name didn't suit me. I started by changing the Latin in my logo to Igneus Ursus, "The Fiery Bear" (a whole explanation about this change will be coming soon) and now it was time to take back my name.
I started by changing Luke-Brow's URL to, and then I gave to the blog you're currently reading. And now, all is right in my world.
I'm sorry if these actions might have caused you any problems.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you found my explanation acceptable.


Clutter Gallery Presents "Heads"


This May, Clutter Gallery will be the hosting my upcoming mini solo show, "Heads". Clutter Magazine & Gallery are best known for their coverage of the Art/Designer toy scene. As such, we felt that this would be a good opportunity for me to do a show that was very different from my normal paintings-on-canvas shows. Starting with my bear's head, we sculpt and rotocast an 8" in diameter version of it. The end result is a unique platform for me to build this show on.
The show is also a two person show. I'll be sharing the gallery with my friend and colleague Scott Tolleson.
Finally, this is one of my first major exhibitions on the east coast (I've been in group shows out there, but I guess no major galleries in NYC are interested in doing a major show with me), but I'm definitely planning on being in attendance at the opening reception.

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 10th, 2014 (6PM - 9PM)
Clutter Gallery 163 Main Street. Beacon, NY 12508



Acrylic on Wood Panel
18" x 24"

For Corey Helford Gallery's final show in their original space, they chose to host "Pop-Eyeconic", a group show with a Pop/Icon theme. This was the perfect opportunity to bust out an idea I'd been sitting on for a couple years now: "Boba".
To me, "Boba" was a simple, almost obvious, visual pun. I was honestly surprised I hadn't seen it yet. Combine Boba Fett (the infamous bounty hunter from Star Wars) with Boba Milk Tea (a popular tea based drink featuring "boba" or tapioca balls).  Both of these things have played some kind of role in my life. As a child, the character Boba Fett and the Kenner action figure were hugely popular to me. And as a young asian american adult, I'd indulge in Boba Milk Tea whenever I visited my folks in the San Gabriel Valley. For the painting, I also added a hoodie because it's one of my favorite articles of clothing. 
"Boba" will be available as a limited edition print from my friends at 1xRun on April 11th, 2014.

Alcoholic's Anonymous


In December, 2013, my friend and colleague Michael Mararian curated a show called "Bound Requiem". Hosted by Last Rites Gallery, the idea behind the show was to have artists "reinterpret paper bound books into contemporary art pieces".
For this show, I chose to create a painting on the cover of an Alcoholics Anonymous.
This particular copy of AA was given to me while I was checked into a rehab for a substance abuse problem. Though I personally don't have an issue with alcohol in particular, many addicts are referred to the AA book because of the college level writing featured in its pages. (The NA book is written at an elementary school level)
The painting I created is essentially a revisit of my painting "Dirty Martini". The biggest difference being the crucifix toothpick that's impale the head/garnish in the cocktail. I chose to feature this kind of religious imagery because Alcoholics Anonymous (and Narcotics Anonymous) turn to religion as a tool to help addicts come to terms with their humility. Unfortunately, it's this religiousness that I find difficult to accept, and usually kept me from accepting their fellowship.

Milk & Cookies


Milk & Cookies
8" x 10"
Acrylic On Wood Panel 

"Milk & Cookies" was created for a Krampus themed group show hosted by Copro Gallery in December 2013. In case you're not familiar, while Santa distributed gifts to the "good" children, Krampus distributed punishment to the "bad" ones.
Upon further consideration of this relationship, I wanted to believe that Krampus and Santa were truly partners/colleagues for Christmas. Of course these characters are opposites of each other, but at the end of the day, they also need each other. I perceive them as being two sides of the same coin, and as such, this would mean Krampus would share in the spoils of Christmas, ie. "Cookies & Milk".
This painting ended up being the first in a series I'm hoping to explore in the future. Where most of my paintings are built around a simple formula:"light" characters in "dark" situations, "Cookies & Milk" reverses the formula, inserting a "dark" character" in a "light" situation.

"Love & Allergies" Silk Screen Print Release


Love & Allergies
16" x 20"

On Saturday, February 1st, I'll be signing my limited edition 7 color silk screen print of "Love and Allergies", the painting I created for Cat Art Show Los Angeles.
Only 80-85 of these prints will be available. They are $250 a piece and the image is sized at 16" x 20." If you don't have to live in LA to buy them - you can email to place an order!

The Cat Art Show and my signing are hosted by 101 Exhibit
6205 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

The signing will run from 2pm-3pm. 
I hope to see you there!

Post It Show 9


On December 2013, I participated in Giant Robot's annual Post It Note Show (number 9). For this show, I started by thinking about how I used post it notes. What I realized was that I mostly used them as grocery lists. From there I illustrated six items I normally purchase when I go grocery shopping.   The week after the opening of Post It Show 9, Giant Robot decided to host a second opening since a bunch of artists were late with their contributions. I used this opportunity to create a second set. Sticking with the food theme, I chose to create a series inspired by my love of coffee.For my coffee series, I decided to feature an animal that I consider the opposite of what coffee stands for: the Sloth. [...]

Random Acts of Sadness


In August 2013, Corey Helford Gallery hosted my solo show "Random Acts of Sadness". As the title suggests, the show compiled a variety of paintings, most of which focused on the forlorn narratives I'm best known for. This being my first major show in Los Angeles in two years, I decided to incorporate a handful of paintings I've shown in some of the art shows I did outside of LA, and I also touched up / revised many of these paintings for the show.JackMixed Media SculptureApprox 20" x 15" x 8"Sculpted and cast by Julie B and Pretty In Plastic An Arm and a Leg Acrylic and Ink on Canvas24x30The Cat and the Rat Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel20x24You Are What You Eat Series (Bear Paw) Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel16x20 You Are What You Eat Series (Shark Fin)Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel16x20 You Are What You Eat Series (Tiger Penis)Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel16x20 Character Study (Skin)Character Study (Muscle)Character Study (Bone)Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel6x6 Even A MonkeyAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel24x30 It Ain't Easy Being GreenAlt Title 1: Kermit and the KappaAlt Title 2: Yearning for the WestAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel12x16 Nesting Doll (Revised)Mixed Media on Wood Nesting DollsSkeleton Doll Sculpted by Jesse "Jryu" Yu   People Think I'm Easy Acrylic and Ink on Canvas36x48 Phoning It InAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel14x18 Seppuku Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel12x16Stabbed In the Back (Revised)Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel24x18Target (Revisited)Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel16x20The Heavy HeadAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel14x11The PainterAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel14x14The Slug and the Salt ShakerAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel14x18TotemAcrylic and Ink on Canvas18x36 Toys & Role Models - BarbieToys & Role Models - HeManAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel9x12 Wish I was BowieAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel8x8  DungAcrylic and Ink on Wood Panel8x8[...]

Ugly Love (Featuring Peaco)


Ugly Love (Featuring Peaco)
6" x 8"
Graphite and Ink on Paper

Ugly Love (Featuring Peaco) was created for Uglycon 2013, a show dedicated to Ugly Doll. Hosted by Giant Robot, contributing artists were asked to create something featuring, or was at least related to, the Ugly Doll. For my contribution, I imagined it (in this case, the character Peaco) being loved by my bear to the point of being hurt. 
Because I had little time to do this (with my upcoming solo show looming overhead) I choose to stick with using graphite and pen on paper.