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Giggleberry Creations!

Life Is Better When You Giggle

Updated: 2018-04-12T21:02:28.289+10:00


Floral Festivities


Little Miss Giggleberry is turning 10 this year! Double Digits!! A decade of life - done! That deserves a special celebration for sure. About 18months ago I spotted, via a friends social media, a party idea I knew my girl would love. Something a little more unique than all the other parties going around, something creative, colourful and fun - my girl all over. We used some stunning custom

Halloween Hair...... Boo!


Halloween fell on a working week day for me this year so the morning was a busy one getting school lunches and uniforms sorted as well as myself looking half human for a day of work. Then Little Miss Giggleberry asked me, “what Halloween hairstyle are we going to do this year?” - eeeek! I hadn’t even thought about it to be honest! A quick think and dig through my sewing room and I came up with a

Minecraft Easter Hat Parade


This year was the last year my babies (soooo not babies anymore but I can dream) had an Easter hat parade to be a part of. At the Jnr Giggleberry's school they only do a hat parade up to a certain grade so Little Miss Giggleberry has finished and Master Giggleberry's final year was this year. With that being the case I let him have free reign of choice for what to have on his head...... we hit

Crazy Sock Day!


Surely you know by now I LOVE to get my craft on when my kiddies bring home a note from school announcing a special event day like Book Week or Crazy Hair Day. Well I recently pulled out the trusty hot glue gun again. This time for Crazy Sock Day! The kids wanted their socks to kinda match.... hmmmmmmmm sure. I popped over to Pinterest, found some inspiration and got cutting! Felt is a

Little Miss Giggleberry Bows


Bows, bows, bows! My clever little crafter has been a busy making and selling some rather sweet little hair bows! Introducing Little Miss Giggleberry Bows - or LMG Bows as she prefers. It started with a little playing and thinking during the school holidays about what she could do that is crafty and maybe she could sell to earn some spending money. W e chatted about it all and got to thinking

Irish Dancer Cookies and Surprise Cake


Little Miss Giggleberry turned 9 (yes NINE!!) on Tuesday. Birthdays are always fun and we make a big deal out of them in the Giggleberry household. There is always lots of anticipation and excitement leading up to the day. This year Little Miss Giggleberry didn't have a party so there was no real 'theme' to her birthday. I had her permission to choose what style cake and goodies I would make to

Super Heros of every kind...


Super Heros. We all know them and we all have our favs.... Who's your pick? Captain America? Batman? Buzz Lightyear? Spiderman? One of the many heroes from Star Wars?? (My fav has to be BB-8 for sure) Or to be safe how about a combo of them? Custom orders available to suit your favourite! giggleberrycreations(at)gmail(dot)com

Crazy Hair Day - Birdy Cage & Lizard!


I am one of "those mums" who LOVES a good dress up or fun sock or book week or themed in some way day at the kids school. I really enjoy putting together a look or design idea with the kids then getting to complete it! It really gets my creative blood pumping! So when the kids brought home a note a few weeks ago telling parents about the upcoming Crazy Hair Day I was thrilled! The kids school

Ghostbusters Proton Pack DIY


Yes, yes, yes. It has been over 2 years since my last post. I can bore you with all the "I've been really busy" excuses or I can just get on an get blogging again. Its Halloween in 4 days! Yay! The Jnr Giggleberrys decided just last Saturday that they would like to dress as the Ghostbusters for Trick or Treating. They asked two of their cousins to join us to make the awesome foursome complete

DIY Retirement Ambulance!


One week ago today, my dad officially retired! Such a huge milestone to reach after 38 years in the NSW Ambulance Service. I couldn't be more proud to call him my dad and Papa for my kids, he is truly a super hero! Dad let his immediate family know about his impending retirement 2 weeks before the official day it came into action. Instantly my mind starting to race with what little gift or

LEGO Gift Wrapping DIY!


Do you have a little LEGO fan in your house? or maybe a friend of one of your kids? a niece, nephew, grandchild? Who, like my little guy, LOVES LEGO?? If so, how about this little idea for the next time you are wrapping a gift for the LEGO fan... LEGO Gift Wrapping! Master Giggleberry turned 5 just last week so a few days before I was thinking I needed to get his presents wrapped. I like to

Maple Bacon Birthday Cake!!


Birthday are kinda a big deal around here! There is early morning wake ups to rip opens gifts in PJs, there are breakfasts of birthday persons choice, there is our birthday chair cover, there are birthday badges to wear all day long and of course there is a birthday cake to suit the birthday boy or girl. Today is Mister Giggleberry's birthday. Mister Giggleberry is not too much of a 'sweet tooth

Christmas Lights Hair Do!


2nd last day of school today for Little Miss Giggleberry - woohoo!!!! (I can. not. wait. for Thursday mornings lazy start!!) Anyway today is Christmas Party day at her school so all the kids were allowed to wear mufti clothing and were also asked to bring a plate of food to share with their class mates. In the festive fun I thought why not do something fun with her hair too... With a small

Lollipop Class Christmas Card!


Spotted over HERE on Makerland, this is such a simple but fun way for your kiddies to hand out a Christmas card/class gift this year. I had this all done in such a short space of time so even with 20 days now till Christmas day you will have plenty of time to get these done. How To: (1) Take a photo of your child (have them stand with their hand in a gentle fist out to the side but infront

Crazy Hair Day - Mr Potato Head!!


Today was Crazy Hair Day at little Miss Gigglebrry's school. Most schools and preschools hold a day like this yearly and most kids come with teased up and colour sprayed hair.... I wanted to do something a little different. Inspired by a pic I spotted on Pinterest we pulled out our mini Mr Potato Head toys and hairspray and started to play!! This was really fun and different hair style that,

Bridesmaid Dress to Baby Blanket!


Just two short years ago one my sisters married the man of her dreams and I was lucky enough to be one of the three bridesmaids who walked down the aisle before the gorgeous bride. (That's me and 'the dress' on the far right) Fast forward two years to current day and more exciting news can now be shared. The 'newly weds' are now expecting their first bubby - YAY!!! Of course, as 'Aunty Amy

Lil' Miss Whippy - Cozy Coupe Makeover!


100% inspired by some very clever and creative people I came across online I just HAD to give a Cozy Coupe makeover a go as a first birthday gift for my Niece. I scored the 2nd hand, ride in (Playschool brand) car, for $20 on eBay. A quick inspection showed me that the two screws on the front of the roof were the only "hardware" so I undid them the the rest of the car kind of puled/popped

Happy Friday Find!


We are going to pretend it hasn't been FOREVER and a day since my last Friday Find post and move right along here.... How could I not share these fabulous handmade Bunting Earrings from Mujoyas? They have gone straight to the top of my wish list!! I reckon they would go with almost any outfit!! Happy Friday xx

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Book Week!


I love a good excuse to create a costume so Book Week for me can't come around fast enough! I fondly remember the characters I went to school as many years ago and I got rather excited when Little Miss Giggleberry bought home a note a few weeks agao letting us know they too were to dress up as a character from a book. We had a flick through our book shelves and narrowed costume choices down to

Happy 60th Smurfday Party!


My gorgeous dad is about to turn 60!! That's a pretty good milestone and a great excuse to celebrate don't ya think? What would he LOVE to do for his 60th birthday? hang out with and be surrounded by his family. So just last weekend my parents, sisters, brother and all of our families headed away for a weekend at Bilpin Springs Lodge in the NSW Blue Mountains. It was stunning and the perfect

Media - tickle the imagination magazine shoot


'What A Day For A Daydream' is how this photo shoot was styled by Colour Cues, Bellezza Interiors, 3 Mockingbirds Designs, Frangipani Designs and me - Giggleberry Creations. We had lots of fun in the Sydney sunshine on a Tuesday a few weeks ago playing with fabrics, cushions, glassware, props, turkish delight, flowers and of course bunting to create an outdoor space that you could just get lost

Happy Friday Find!


I know, I know - it's been ages since the last Happy Friday Find. Sorry. Life just seems to be getting busier and busier as my kiddies grow! I have been meaning to share this adorably awesome bunting find with you for a few weeks too... I did managed to share it on the Giggleberry Creations Facebook Page so you may have already seen it but it to cute to not share again because it is practically

Grain free, Gluten free, Dairy free - Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls!


I love finding a new recipe to try and this one was just too tempting when I saw it posted by someone on Instagram. They looked so easy I had to give it them go right away. I did have a little 'play' with the original grain & egg free recipe to make it gluten and dairy free as well (and it's also ridiculously low in nasty sugars).... Enjoy! Ingredients: 1x 400g tin of chick peas (drained &

Giggleberry Turns 30... almost!


Earlier this year I received an invite in the mail... not just any invite. This particular invitation was inviting my family and I to MY 30th birthday party! It was a complete surprise. The details on the invite (I since have worked out they were designed by Cake Ink.) were the obvious ones; date, time, place and RSVP to my (sneaky) mum. On closer inspection of the invites it was clear the

Giggleberry 'In Action'


Late last year I was asked by Ed Dixon Food Designs to make a whole bunch of the Giggleberry Rainbow Bunting to be used at a family day event they had in the works. Once they were all sewn up & packaged ready for posting they looked so bright and cheery so I made a mental note to be sure to ask if there was a possibility of seeing photos of them 'in action' after the event.... That was well