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Our Crazy World!

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Our Beloved Puppy!


 Today is a very sad day for our family.  Our beloved Nash had to be put to sleep.  Almost 14 years ago he was made a part of our family.  He has been the best dog we could ever ask for.  He was mellow, go with the flow, and flexible dog.  He was a perfect dog for us!  We could not have asked for a better dog to join our family.  I was not the least bit nervous about bringing a baby home to him.  I knew that he would be fine around AJ and I was right.  He will be VERY missed!  My babies! My all time favorite picture of my babies! He loved opening his Christmas gifts! His favorite place to sleep.   His favorite person to sleep on.  :)Nash - Thank you for the last 14 years.  You were the best dog that I could have ever asked for.  You will be missed more than you will ever know!  LOVE YOU NASHY![...]

A Year in Photos


January 2012 - AJ on New Years Day - (He had a fever and was sick most of the day)February 2012 - 100th day picture - AJ with 100 monster trucksMarch 2012 - At my Mom's and Dad's grave for the first time.April 2012 - Easter Egg coloring with Mamaw. May 2012 - Lost his first tooth.June 2012 - Last full day of school - AJ's holding a picture of his first day of school. July 2012 - On vacation we went to Magiquest in SC.   August 2012 - AJ and Daddy with AJ's favorite Monster Truck driver - Chris Bergeron. September 2012 - AJ's first black eye - it's hard to see but he had one.October 2012 - Home sick with Nash by his side. November 2012 - AJ's Thankful list!December 2012 - AJ, Momma, and Great Grandma Brown.The year has been a good one.  2013 will be better![...]

The Last Week With Jingles


The last 11 days with Jingles has been fun.  AJ has enjoyed finding him every morning to see what he brought or what he has done.  On Saturday, Dec. 15th, he brought AJ a new Monsta.  It is the Christmas one.   On Sunday, Dec. 16th, Jingles decided to hang out in AJ's room to see how he treats his toys and cleans up.  I guess AJ did a good job even though I know that he can do better.  :) On Monday, Dec. 17th, Jingles was found playing with AJ's dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were trying to eat him.  Ha ha! On Tuesday, Dec. 18th, Jingles brought a new coloring book.  He seems to know that AJ likes to color these days. On Wednesday, Dec. 19th, Jingles got caught up while playing with a snake. On Thursday, Dec. 20th, Jingles gave AJ another DS game.  This one was about Santa Claus. On Friday, Dec. 21st, Jingles was acting like Ash Ketchum and battling Pokemon.  AJ liked this one.  Too bad he didn't invite Ash to help out.  Maybe next year....On Saturday, Dec 22nd, Jingles gave AJ another coloring book while riding Rudolph.  On Sunday, Dec. 23rd, Jingles gave AJ some new Monster trucks and decorated them like reindeer.  I think he was getting prepared for his ride on the 24th.On Monday, Dec. 24th, Jingles gave AJ some pajama bottoms and the book The Night Before Christmas.  It was the last day with Jingles so he gave AJ something he could use all year.  Until Next Year![...]

Another Week with Jingles


Jingles has now spent another week with us.  He has given AJ some gifts.  He is a very generous elf and I'm hoping AJ doesn't expect something everyday.On Saturday, Dec. 8th, he gave AJ a new DS game! On Sunday, Dec. 9th, he was playing Spot It with some of his new friends.  On Sunday night, he decided to hang out by the clock. On Monday, Dec. 10th,  he hung out on the count down snowman.  He was checking to make sure we were counting down correctly.Monday night I folded AJ's clothes and left them to put away on Tuesday.  So on Tuesday, Dec. 11th,  Jingles decided to take AJ's underware and socks and decorate the tree.  Nice!I was not happy about the underware tree so on Wednesday, Dec. 12th, Jingles folded the clothes to allow me to put them away.  I guess he made up for it. On Thursday, Dec. 13th, he was so tired from all the work that he had a slumber party with some old friends.On Friday, Dec. 14th, he brought AJ some ornaments to color and decorate.  AJ is making some for us and for Mamaw and Papaw. We can't wait to see what the next 11 days bring.  [...]

Our Christmas Elf - Jingles - Week 1


Jingles arrived on December 1st even though our tree was not completely decorated.  It was nice to know that he would show up even when we are slow to get decorated.  On December 1st Jingles brought both AJ and Daddy an advent calendar.   On December 2nd, Jingles hung out by the flag so that we could finish decorating the tree.  Thanks Jingles!On December 3rd, Jingles brought a note from Santa reminding AJ that he needs to respect his parents and to tell him he likes to hear that he picks up his toys.On December 4th, Jingles gave AJ an Elf's Story coloring book.  He even colored a page to get AJ started.  I love the note!On December 5th, Jingles read a Christmas story to all of AJ's plants and zombies figures.On December 6th, Jingles brought AJ a new ornament for the tree.  This seems to be a new tradition that he has started.    On December 7th, Jingles was sleeping in the tree.  I'm guessing he got too tired from travelling every night and playing with his friends.  This is how we found him in the morning.  When we got back from school on December 7th, this is how we found him.  He was hanging out with Rudolph.   The first week has been fun, we look forward every morning to what he will be doing.  [...]

Our Thanksgiving 2012


Our thanksgiving was a busy and kinda stressful day.

The day started with us going to the store Big Lots to get my recliner chair.  They were on sale for $190 and when you are sitting in a broken chair you do what you can to get another one.  We got one with no problem and went to wait for dinner.

For the first time Gennia had to go back to Kmart and work after dinner.  She had never had to do this before, but that is the way the world is going.  It was not the same having to rush through dinner and clean up so that she could go back to work.

Well, because of that Rich and I decided to go shopping on Thanksgiving night.  The Friday before our big 65' TV stopped working and we needed a new TV for the livingroom.  Kmart had a 50' on sale for $288 which is about $500 off.  Of course we didn't get in line in time and they didn't have enough.  It is frustrating to stand in line for something and then not be able to get it before you even enter the store because they don't have enough.

So we went home without a TV.  We did end up getting one on Black Friday only thanks to Rex and Gennia looking out for us!

I am very thankful that I married into the family that I did.  Rex and Gennia are ALWAYS giving to us and helping us in any way that they can.

GOD took my parents away from me way too soon, but he did bless me with the BEST in laws I could ever ask for!  I am truely blessed!

Thankful #8


As I think about what I am thankful for, I can't forget my extended family.  Most of my family traditions include them and gives me such good memories.

I always loved Christmas time because I knew that I would get to see all my cousins on my Dad's side.  It has been a tradition that every year we would get together and eat a buffet of food and open presents.  The food always included ham, rolls, baked beans, and brownies.  Other food came and went but those 4 were always there!  Presents were done by drawing names.  Every family member would draw a name and that is the only present we bought.  Every year the cousins would take a picture in front of the Christmas tree.

I am the oldest grandchild on my Dad's side.  There are 10 of us grandchildren.  It is so nice when we get a chance to see each other.

I am the second youngest grandchild on my Mom's side.  There are 5 of us grandchildren.  It is a nice feeling to have older cousins that I can talk to.

I sometimes get sad when I think that AJ won't have many cousins to grow up with.  I will just have to make sure that he is close to the few cousins that he does have.  As long as we make the memories good ones, he will smile when he looks back.

Thankful #7


I am thankful for my brother, Eric.  Almost all of my memories have him in them.  Back in 1976, kids were not made to ride in car seats.  Because of this I was the person who carried my brother home from the hospital.  I was the one that held him in the car as we drove home.  It is something that I still remember!   This is first picture we had taken together.This is the horse that I was given at age 2.  He loved it as much as I did. Above is with Grandpa Watson and below is with Grandpa BrownI have many memories with Eric but some of my favorite are when after a bad dream he came into my room to not be alone.  I had a double bed and he knew that I would let him stay and sleep.  Another good memory was Christmas Eve.  Eric and I slept in my room and when Christmas morning came, we went to wake up our parents together.  Such great memories![...]

Thankful #6


I am very thankful for my Aunt Judy, cousins Lisa and Mike.  When my parents died Aunt Judy took charge and did everything.  I had no idea what to do and she had talked to both Mom and Dad and they told her what they wanted.  I guess they thought it was best that they didn't leave it to me.  I'm guessing they knew that Judy would get things done and wouldn't be pushed around by either Eric or myself.  I'm a softy and would have given everything to Eric and then have nothing for me.  It was what was best and I could have never done what she did!

Aunt Judy was in the OR when I had AJ.  Rich knew he couldn't handle the blood part so we asked her if she would be there for me and AJ.  I feel very honored that she would take the time from her life to be there for me when I was going through the most important event in my life.  She is blessed to be the first person (besides the doctors) to hold AJ and call him by his name, Avery.

 Aunt Judy, Lisa, and Mike will always be very important people in my life.  I am very blessed to have them as part of my family!

Thankful #5


Today I am thankful for the parents that God blessed me with.  Even though I didn't have them for long, they taught me many lessons in life.  They taught me how to be a caring person, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to love with my whole heart. They taught me how to be a patient parent.  They were always there for me and Eric, no matter what the circumstance.  They supported everything we chose to do and always encouraged us to do our very best.  They taught me that marriage was work and that sometimes it was hard, but together they made it work for 30 years.  It helps me to keep going when times are tough, they do get better!One of our family's favorite place was Silver Lake.  We would go on vacation for two weeks as a family and did a lot of fun things together.  Some of my best memories are at Silver Lake.  This taught me to make sure to enjoy making memories with my family.One of my favorite views that I have enjoyed many times with Mom and Dad.  Sitting and watching the sun set over the Silver Lake Sand Dunes or Lake Michigan.  It has taught me to take time to enjoy the simple things.Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me many things!  I will make you proud!  Love you![...]

Thankful #4


 I am thankful for my Mother in law and Father in law.  Gennia and Rex are the best.  I have been very blessed to have them in my life.  When we were looking for day care for AJ when I had to go back to work, they called and said that they would keep him.  It made it so much easier to go back to work and do my job.  They are the best Mamaw and Papaw I could hope for!  AJ is very lucky to have such wonderful people in his life.  

God took my parents before I was ready for him to, but he blessed me with two wonderful in laws.   I am very lucky to have them in my life!

Thankful #3


My thankful #3 is about Nash.  I am thankful that 13 years ago Rich and I went to the Corbin, Ky flea market and found Nash.  At the time he was 4 lbs and cost us $20.  It cost more to buy the supplies we needed to bring him home than it did for him.  He is such a great dog. He loves us all unconditionally!  Even when AJ was a baby I never had the fear that he would hurt him.  He has a kind heart and wants all people to pet him. Such a silly dog!!!!!!These are two of my favorite pictures of Nash with AJ.He is playful and loves playing with us.  Ever since he was a baby, he has loved to open his Christmas presents.  We love watching him open them!Nash is a great family dog and he is loved VERY much!  I am very thankful that he is a member of our family![...]

Thankful #2


I am THANKFUL for my son, AJ.  Without him my world would not be complete.  From the first time I laid eyes on him, I was in love.  I was finally a Momma.   Everyday he has made me laugh.  Seeing the world through his eyes is the best, and something that I look forward to everyday. His love for his family and friends is a reminder to how we are all supposed to love!  Unconditionally!These are just some of the pictures that remind me what a wonderful, caring, funny, happy, and sweet son that I have.  I love you Avery James North![...]

Thankful #1


Wow!  I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted anything.  I will have to do a "ketchup" post in the next day or two.

My personal goal for the month of November is to do Thankful posts.  As we get ready for Thanksgiving I think about all the things that I am thankful for.  Since the stores have gone from Halloween straight to Christmas I thought it was a much needed thing.  I'm even thinking of having AJ think of things that he is thankful for and including them in each post.

Today I am thankful for Rich.  I am thankful that life put us on a path to meet and become friends before we started dating.  We have been together for 19 years and in that time we have been through: 9 deaths of close family members and 5 years of trying to get pregnant.  Those were the most stressful events, not to mention every day stresses.

Through everything we are still together and love spending time with each other!  He has blessed me with a beautiful son who I can't imagine having with anyone else.  He is a wonderful father who works everyday to become a better father and person.

The best part: he loves me for me!  I know that he is by my side through everything.  I can count on him to be with me.  That is a great feeling!

AJ's Swim Classes


Back in June at the Abbot Ice Cream Social we won a raffle for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.  I was excited but AJ was NOT at all.  He hates getting his face wet and knew that if he did swim classes he would have to get it wet.  I signed him up for this week.  The classes were 30 minutes for the 5 days.  Sunday before the first class AJ had major anxiety about it.  He kept asking me questions about what they were going to make him do.  His final question was "How many of these classes to I HAVE to do?"  I was beginning to think that getting him to go to these classes was going to be a nightmare. Boy, I was WRONG!  The first class was the hardest.  I sat and watched him and just cried.  It was so hard to watch him overcome some anxiety and not to anything to "make it better".  As his Mom, I want to make everything the best for him.  I couldn't with this, he was going to have to be uncomfortable and get over his anxiety about getting his face wet.  On the first day his teacher, Miss Lauren had him get his face wet and he couldn't go and dry it.  He almost started to cry, but he held it together and started to get over the fact that his face was wet.  He kept looking for me and giving me the thumbs up sign.  I could see in his face that he was dealing with his anxiety.  I was SO proud of him!  The last 5 minutes of class they have the parents come in and watch what they are doing.  Here is the picture of AJ putting his face in the water while swimming with Miss Lauren.  He got this ribbon on the first class.  It says: Goldfish Swim School - HIPP-HIPP-HOORAY, I PUT MY FACE IN TODAY!  He is so proud of this ribbon.  After class, he wanted to buy a bear that they had there with a Goldfish shirt on it.  I told him that if he came and did every class that I would buy him a shirt to go on this OceanBear that he got from Build-A-Bear.On the second day, he gave me a little bit of grief going to class.  He didn't fight much, but would have preferred to stay home.  Once we got there, he did just fine. One of the skills he practiced was floating on his back for 10 seconds.  I love how he looks with his arms and legs spread apart.  This picture is my favorite since his whole head is almost under water.  This is a MAJOR accomplishment for him.  When he came up he didn't need to wipe his face off right away.  What a great day!I love watching him swim and kick his legs!By Thursday, AJ was more excited to go to class.  His anxiety about it was over and he couldn't wait until his class started.One of the activities they do in class is hang on to a bar in the water and practice kicking their legs and put their face in the water.  They do it as a whole class.  On the last day, AJ wore his Goldfish shirt that he was given with the raffle.  He hadn't wanted to wear it until today.  He was excited but sad that classes were ending today.  I love to hear that. Waiting for class can be so hard sometimes.Using a kickboard for the first time to work on kicking.  He looked so good using the kickboard.   AJ was lucky to have two teachers for the last 3 days.Mr. Derrick helped him when I came in today to watch him.  He was working on arms and kicking.  He even put his face in all by himself when he was told too!  That is such an accomplishment!Love him with the goggles on!  After the class, he got a ribbon and a medal.  The ribbon says: Goldfish Swim School - I CAN FLOAT ON MY BACK IN THE WATER, JUST LIKE A SEA OTTER!And just like I promis[...]

AJ's Birthday


So I'm a little late on posting his birthday stuff.  It has been a crazy around here and I keep forgetting about it.  I finally remembered when I had time to sit down and do it.  AJ's birthday was on a Wednesday which was great since that day he goes to Mamaw's and Papaw's.  He was able to celebrate with them and have a special afternoon.   They made him a 6 cake and got him a big dune buggy that can go up to 5 mph.   From Daddy and I he got all the Pokemon stuff that he had been wanting.  It was a Pokemon kind of birthday.  His birthday party was the Saturday after his birthday.  AJ wanted to go bowling with his friends.  He had 12 friends there, with him it was 13 kindergartners.  They bowled for a hour, then had cupcakes, then opened presents.  The party went smoothly and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun.  I didn't take pictures of the cake/present table or the goody bags.  I think AJ had a really good birthday this year![...]

Happy Birthday AJ! May 16th


(Sorry this is posted late, it took me a couple of days to get my thoughts together!)Dear AJ,     I can't believe that you are 6 already.  It doesn't seem like 6 years ago I was bringing you home from the hospital for the first time.  You have grown so much this year.  You joined your very first sports team.  You loved t-ball!  You learned how to watch the ball when it was hit, to somewhat field a position, to hit a ball off the T and run, and to follow directions given by your coach.  You are still kind and sweet.  Your love for Nash grew more and more.  You are so kind to him and he returns the kindness to you.    You make sure to say good morning and good bye to him.    You get really upset when we come home and Nash doesn't greet you.  It is so sweet!  Remember to always be that kind to animals.We started going to Home Depot and Lowe's kid workshops.  Every couple of weeks we build a new thing.  It has been a fun family activity to do and you are getting better and better at building the different things.The most exciting thing that happen this year was you started Kindergarten.  You have learned so much!  Not only are you loving math, you are also loving reading.  You are learning how to be a friend and everything that comes with that.  It has been fun and scary watching you grow! You are starting to try new things and deciding whether you like them or not.  :)You are such a sweet and sensitive.   You wear your emotions on your sleeve.   You have such a kind soul. This year has been a fun year and I can't wait to see what the next year brings![...]

Happy Mother's Day


I am so blessed to be a mother and to celebrate Mother's Day.  I always miss my mom on this day and I think about her all day long but it had gotten a little better since I've become a mom.  This year is the first year that AJ remembered what day it was and he wished me a Happy Mother's Day the minute he came out of his bedroom this morning.  He has been sweet all day long! :)Here is the flower that he gave me.  When the flower opens up this is what it says!  I LOVE IT!He made me this card in Kindergarten.  It says: My mom is huggable.  My mom is lovable.  My mom is nice.  :) In K-care he made me this.  It is the FIRST time that he would let anyone paint his hands for anything!  I will cherish this forever!  Rich got me the 3rd and 4th season to The Big Bang Theory!  I can't wait to spend some time watching that!  He also got me a glass that has a lid on it.  The glass can be frozen to keep drinks cold.  It wll be great for the summer!Except for going grocery shopping which needed to be done it has been a great Mother's Day![...]

Interview with AJ - 2012


I did this a long time ago and thought it would be fun to do it again on the day before Mother's Day.  

What is something that mommy always says to you?I love you!
What makes mommy happy?
What makes mommy sad?
If I was killed.
How does mommy make you laugh?
By doing funny faces.
How old is your mommy?
How tall is your mommy?
12 ft.
What is your mommy really good at?
Funny faces.
What does your mommy do for a job?
What is mommy's favorite food?
Sandwich - onion sandwich -(I think he was thinking about my onions on my hamburgers.)
What makes mommy proud of you?
Cleaning up everything in the house.
How do you know your mommy loves you?
You always give me hugs and kisses
Where is mommy's favorite place to go?
Shopping - Meijers

I think the onion sandwich is funny, he was thinking of the onions that I put on my hamburgers.  LOL!  I also have to say that shopping is not my favorite acitivity but Daddy's.  Momma just goes to spend time with him.  This was a lot of fun!

May - Photo a day


I have been wanting to do the photo a day that I have seen posted online.  I am going to try it this month and see how it goes.  I have two that I am going to try to do:

I will be posting weekly the pictures that I have taken for that week.  I have taken the pictures for May 1.  So far, so good!

What We've Been Up To...


Wow, it's been a long time since I last blogged.  I have spent this time trying to decide what is the purpose of my blog.  I started this blog to share our life with family and friends that live far from us.  I don't think that it ever became that.  I know that some people looked at it, but it didn't grow into what I had imagined it to.  So now I am going to continue this blog with the focus being on our family.  This is going to be to our family about our family.  In December I will work on putting it together in a book that I can buy and keep as a keepsake for AJ.  I guess it will be an online scrapbook.  I love to scrapbook but I don't have the time or $ to get all the pictures I want printed so that is what this is going to be.  So to get caught up I have posted LOTS of pictures of what we have been up to the last 4 months.  Oh, boy!                 January 2012:We go to the Lowe's Build and Grow every other weekend.  This weekend we made a castle.At the Monster Jam show in Detroit.  It was Grave Digger's 30th anniversary year!Lowe's Build and Grow - DinosaurIt was nice to be able to go outside in Jan. and draw with chalk.  It was a pretty mild winter this year.            February 2012:Nash relaxing on the couch.  We love when he sleeps with his tongue sticking out.Home Depot Kids Workshop are on the first Saturday of the month.  This one was a keepsake box.  I love how he decorated it!  :)Having fun at Chuck E. Cheese at a birthday party for two of his classmates.  He loves the skeeball game!Henry Ford Museum: The Oscar Mayermobile!  Watching the model trains with Daddy. Flying his paper airplane that he made with Daddy. Inside one of the big trains.  He loves being inside the trains!AJ's 100 day project - 100 Monster Trucks 1:64 scale.  Way too many trucks!During Mid-Winter Break AJ and Momma went bowling.   It was during this bowling time that Momma tore her menuscus.  Momma had arthroscopy surgery on 4/25/12 to repair it. Lowe's Build and Grow - Lowe's race car.                March 2012:Home Depot Kid's Workshop - Lowe's race carMonster Jam came back to Detroit in March.  At this show was AJ's favorite truck was going to be there: Brutus.  Brutus is part of Team Scream so we made a sign for them.  It was cool because all 4 drivers saw us during the beginning of the show and waved to us. Brutus during the show.After the show all the drivers stay and sign for any fans that want to stand in line to have something signed.  We decided to stand in line and have them sign the program that we got.  We had Team Scream sign the poster that we made for them.  As you can tell in the picture, AJ was HAPPY!  It is currently hanging above his bed. Lowe's Build and Grow - basketball hoop game.At school for crazy hat day!  He wanted to wear Daddy's Perry the Platypus hat.Cousin Tam came to visit us the last weekend in March.  We went to Grand Rapids to visit our grandparents graves.  Tam placed flowers on them.  The above picture is AJ trying to turn over the flower vases that are built into the headstones.  While we were in Grand Rapids, we met Aunt Judy for dinner.  Here is AJ posing for a picture with one of the many things hanging from the wall.While Tam was here we to[...]

A Year in Review - 2011


A year in review...2011 was a fun and good year. Money was tight, but we still managed to have fun as a family. We may not have been able to do everything that we wanted to or to give AJ everything that we wanted but I do have to say that it was a good year! Here is just a glimpse into some of the things that happened this year.January 2011Happy New Year from AJ!Monster Jam show in Detroit in February 2011First major snowfall of the year. Enough to go and play in. March 2011Dressing up for St. Patrick's Day. Love the Build a Bear.April 2011Love our Nash!Easter egg hunting.Nash not Easter egg hunting.Playing with Mamaw and Daddy and the wagon.May 2011Our beautiful tulips! Love the pic with Nash.AJ's 5th birthday party. It was his first kids party. Theme: pirates5th birthday celebration at Mamaw's and Papaw's.On May 16th Momma and Daddy took AJ to the Fort Wayne Zoo to celebrate his birthday together.June 2011Out with the old (Expedition) and in with the new (Charger).Playing a lot outside in the front yard.July 2011 VacationWent to the Columbus Zoo and then to KentuckyJuly 2011T-ball was so much fun to watch this summer. AJ loved it!Again, love our Nash!August 2011Water park fun in Canton.Monster truck show at the Monroe County Fair.AJ and Brutus at Willow Metro Park.Hanging at the pool with Aunt Judy and Lisa to end the summer.Our first build and grow at Lowe's.September 2011Kids workshop at Home Depot.1st day of school - 9/6/2011Build and grow at Lowe'sBuild and grow at Lowe'sOctober 2011Workshop at Home DepotTrying a popsicle for the 1st time at school.Build and grow at Lowe'sLove the pumpkin patch and decorating them!Run a thon at AbbotBuild and grow at Lowe's.Halloween as Finn McMissile.November 2011Build and grow at Lowe'sMade both of these at school.Build and grow at Lowe'sRun a thon trophy.Jingles comes back to our house! Time to be good.December 2011Our Advent calendarJingles last dayChristmas rocked!What a good year! Here's hoping that 2012 will be just as good, maybe even better! :)Happy New Year![...]

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning 2011


Finally I'm here to do the Christmas blog. Christmas Eve at Mamaw's and Papaw's is always something that we look forward to. This year was a lot more fun since AJ is so into Christmas. We could barely get through dinner before he was ready to open presents! He was so excited that I didn't get a picture of Mamaw's tree before presents were being moved away to be opened. Here are Dad and AJ posing before ripping into the presents.The first of 5 Monster trucks. Look at that smile....priceless!A HotWheels motorcycle racing set to race down the hallway.Monster truck #2Monster truck #3Monster truck #4Monster truck #5Papaw got AJ some dart guns so that they can play with them when AJ is over at their house.Trio Hot Wheels. Imagainext Batcave. AJ had asked for this the most. He was so excited to get this! We stayed for a little bit longer but AJ was so ready for Santa to come that we left and came home to get ready for Santa.Here are our Santa cookies and milk.Santa seemed to enjoy them.Our Christmas tree before opening presents. I always love the way the tree looks Christmas morning!AJ has been wanting an Angry Birds shirt. He looks so happy.More to join the Flanders family. LOL!Nash opening his stocking.His Trio Joker set.Opening his Santa gift. The look on his face is great!Nash loves opening his presents.Opening his small monster trucks that he had been wanting.I love his face here! He is opening some Imaginext Batman stuff to go with his big Batcave.AJ has been playing Sorry in K-care so he wanted one for Christmas.The last gift he was given was a HUGE remote control monster truck. This truck does donuts and everything! He loved it!Christmas this year was a lot of fun. AJ was thankful for everything that he got. He kept saying "Thank you very much" I can't wait until next year![...]

Jingles' last week! Boo!


Well, another year of Jingles is done. We had a lot of fun this year finding him and seeing what he was doing. He brought a lot of really cool things this year to get us excited for Christmas. We are really going to miss him but look forward to what next year will bring!December 19 - He brought a Tom and Jerry Christmas Video. December 20 - He took a santa hat from the Santa Hat Mix that I made to give to the wonderful teachers at Abbot. I will put a blog about that up soon.December 21 - Jingles looks like he caught our colds. He was sleeping the whole day in order to feel better so he could help Santa with his sleigh on the 24th.December 22 - He brought 1 new book and found our I Spy book for us to read.December 23 - Jingles was trying to climb to a high place and seem to get tangled so he just hung out all day. December 24 - AJ got a letter and new pj's from Jingles. Jingles had to leave to help at the North Pole during Christmas Eve. We wanted to make sure that he got AJ's gift into the sleigh. Jingles has been a lot of fun this year, we can't wait to see him next year! Have a great year Jingles![...]

Recent Sightings!


December 14 - A craft from the North Pole!AJ's finished wreath. He used every sticker that came with it. LOL!December 15 - A book from Jingles.December 16 - Jingles took a snow bath with Rudolph there to protect him. I forgot to take a picture and he was all cleaned up by the time I remembered. Mini marshmellows remind Jingles of the North Pole.December 17 - Jingles gave AJ a small activity book to use on our car trip. We went to Uncle Bob's for the Brown family Christmas. AJ had fun in the car and it passed some of the time quickly. :)December 18 - Jingles set up the Little Tykes Christmas toys that we have. AJ has been playing with them all morning. I can't believe that we only have 6 more days until Jingles leaves us to go back to the North Pole until next year. Boo![...]