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Preview: Kaiju Chronicle 怪獣クロニクル

Kaiju Chronicle 怪獣クロニクル

Collect & Enjoy!

Updated: 2018-03-06T00:59:43.898-08:00


[Release] Gargamel x Mishka Camo Zagoran


(image) (image)
When Kiyoka gave us this Zag for our Mishka Tokyo Store opening, I pretty much freaked out! He made this special Mishka Camo version as a 1 off, but I begged him to make a run for the fans. He told me that they took a long time to make, but I finally convinced him to make 10 pieces to sell to you, the fans!

They are all hand painted by Kiyoka and will ship to me at the end of this month (November). So I am taking pre-orders now. We will ship as soon as we have in hand.

Available @ Mishka (HERE). SOLD OUT!


[Release] Super7 DesignerCon x Josh Herbolsheimer Green Hell Rose Vampire DX & x Le Merde Mossy Rocks Burgerbuns


Super7 will be at DesignerCon this Saturday, November 5th, at the Pasadena Convention Center. We will be at Booth #224 with a wide range of exclusive toys and t-shirts.

(image) (image)
(Left) First off we have the Green Hell Rose Vampire DX. Don't let his dapper charm fool you, the Rose Vampire will steal your heart and never give it back. Josh Herbolsheimer's Rose Vampire DX is cast in Green vinyl with Red, Yellow and Blue sprays. Also includes a Red vinyl cape. $65 each.

(Right) Secondly, we have the Mossy Rocks Burgerbuns. A loner and adventurer, Burgerbuns is a weird dude. Maybe it is because he is actually a cat. Le Merde's Burgerbuns is cast in Yellow vinyl with Green, Turquoise, Dark Blue, White and Orange sprays. $65 each.


[Preview] Splurrt DesignerCon Don't Be Tardy to the Party Cadaver Kid


(image) This Cadaver Kid will be available at DesignerCon from the Toy Art Gallery table. I'm calling this one "Don't be Tardy to the Party Kid", so don't be tardy to the Toy Art Gallery table, because I think this is my favorite colorway yet, and if you're at D-Con you won't want to miss this one.


[Preview] Paulkaiju DesignerCon Salamander Joe Stinger Mask


(image) Dark Days Ahead

DesingerCon 2011 Booth # 211

Yes. The whole surface is work waste.

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[Release] Super7 x Brian Flynn Monster Family Burnt Offerings DokuDuo


From the ghostly land of beyond comes the sweetly spooky totem, DokuDuo! Brian Flynn's Burnt Offerings DokuDuo is cast in Dark Red vinyl with Orange, Yellow and Metallic Purple sprays. $35 each.

DokuDuo will be available for sale this Friday, October 28th at Noon Pacific at the Super7 Store and online (HERE).

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[Preview] Skull Toys x RealxHead ???


(image) Text translated:
Sample up!

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[Preview] Paulkaiju DesignerCon Salamander Joe


(image) Black is black.

DesignerCon will be the fantasy.
Your head will explode and run into your shorts which will explode causing a chain reaction to your feet and then your feet will explode!

It's going to be KILLER! Best yet! :D

I can't even express.


[Preview] Saigansho Enemy of Gorilla-ju 2


Text translated:
Enemy of Gorilla-ju 2.
Japanese monster like Tyrannosaurus.


[Preview] Grody Shogun Black & Mixed Madness Monster


(image) (image)
(Left) Black to work.
(Right) Here we go again.


[Preview] Butanohana Son Of Godzilla


(image) (image)
Text translated:
Molded samples submitted.
Molded color in this color is not on sale.

(Left) "Son of Godzilla" Godzilla more
(Right) Previously released by Toho and commemorative photo.

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[Rant] All Other Toy Blogs Rock*


Thanks guys. It's been fun.

Break's over. Time to Rock All Other Toy Blogs!

*Just for you Skinner.

[Release] [Event] Grody Shogun x Lulubell Create Your Own Monster @ New York Comic Con


(image) We (Lulubell) will be announcing our full schedule/release line-up for NYCC tomorrow! For today, we have our first of many exciting events going on at NYCC - Make a Monster!

Luke Rook, the insane mastermind behind Grody Shogun, has a bunch of fun mash-up and G.S. Goodies that will be going out at various times every day at NYCC.

But if painting hundreds of figures, and building the most insane mash-ups you've ever seen wasn't enough, Grody is also offering made-to-order Monsters at NYCC!

Print out & color, (or finger paint, digitally enhance, or attach photographs of your favorite paint scheme, etc... you name it), and bring your coloring form along with $35 to booth #589 at NYCC, and Luke will hand paint his interpretation of your design just for you! Crazy, right???? Choose a head, make several, design one for a friend.. the possibilities are endless! No email responses will be accepted - this is an NYCC exclusive only!

Click HERE for a high res image of the order form.

via Lulubell

[Preview] [Event] Cherry Vinyl x Clutter Magazine NYCC The Toy Prince & Cultyard Party @ Concrete Bar


Designed by Pete Fowler and based on the dazzling golden "Toy King" trophy exclusively for winners of the The Designer Toy Awards, this vinyl version pays homage to the award but is not an exact replica. This loving executed artisan toy by Julie B of Cherry Vinyl is an NYCC limited edition run of just 25!

The Limited Edition Toy Prince will be released Thursday night at Concrete Bar, just blocks away from the Javits Convention Center, on Thursday, October 13th at 7pm. The soiree is open to the public and the first 25 to walk through the door will receive an exclusive Clutter gift bag!


[Release] Splurrt NYCC Cadaver Kid


Stitched together in Transylvania, raised in New York, the Cadaver Kid will be in attendance at his hometown con. They'll be available Saturday at the Toy Tokyo booth, release time will be announced soon.


[Advertisement] Ghost&Flower Stegoforest


(image) Pre-Order available @ Ghost&Flower (HERE).

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This is a sponsored advertisement by Ghost&Flower

[Release] Grody Shogun x Kaiju Korner GID Monster Kara


(image) Kaiju Korner is happy to bring you the debut release of Grody Shogun's newest figure: Monster Kara.

There will be two versions of the GID figures available for order: blank and painted. The bodies are all the same, but the heads and arms will be randomly selected from one of six heads and two of six arms. Plus, the painted figures will have slight paint variations. So there will oodles of grody variety!

Also, every figure will come with an awesome print by Kaiju Korner's Irene Fu!

The sale will launch on Kaiju Korner on October 18 at 2:00 PM (Tokyo time) and will last 24 hours. The figures will be made to order, so everyone who gets their order in within that window will be set.

Unpainted figures will be $28, and painted figures will be $33.

Check Kaiju Korner (HERE) for more info.

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[Preview] Butanohana Godzilla


(image) (image)
Text translated:
We also successfully supervised the OK, go to the next task.
Still under construction.


[Preview] Cure x Mishka NYCC Boogie-Man


(image) This is header art for a new BOOGIE MAN NYCC version. Really limited at Mishka booth.


[Release] [Event] Super7 Invades With Rose Vampire DX, Foster, Taoking, Le Turd & Patty Power @ New York Comic Con


Super7 invades New York Comic Con @ the Javits Center from October 13-16, 2011! We have the following toys for sale:(Right) Halloween 2011 Trio Of Terror* Rose Vampire DXDon't let his dapper charm fool you, the Rose Vampire will steal your heart and never give it back. Josh Herbolsheimer's $65 each.*Stop by Super7's Booth #688 for the reveal of the two other characters in the Trio Of Terror. They will be haunting your collection later this October!(Left) Vanilla Filled Oatmeal FosterAn ice cream sandwich with a taste for the unexpected, Foster is just waiting for his next bite, all the while trying to avoid becoming a victim to his own desires. $25 each.(Right) Comic Ver Yellow TaokingThe signature Kaiju from Geof Darrow and Frank Miller's legendary comic Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot, Taoking has been reborn! $95 each.(Left)100% Rockin' Out Le TurdNot so much high-school friends, but friends by the keg, Le Turd taught Hollis how to rip it up on a skateboard. Let's get Turdical! $35 each.(Right) Midnight Craving Patty PowerAn interstellar traveller with places to go, Patty Power is the cheeseburger of your wildest dreams. $35 each.Related posts:[Event] [Release] Super7 x Geof Darrow Destroy All Kaiju Unpainted Blue Taoking Raffle @ New York Comic Con[Release] Super7 x Geof Darrow Destroy All Kaiju Comic Ver Yellow Taokingvia[...]