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Preview: Caleb & Sarah Turner still pretending to be Newlyweds!

Caleb & Sarah Turner still pretending to be Newlyweds!

All about the not so newlywed Caleb and Sarah Turner! 5 in August!

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My Best Friend Sara's Visit


My Best Friend came for a 5 days visit this past summer. I am so blessed! We have been friends since I was in 7th grade! We met while i lived in Maryland. She now lives with her little sis in Tennesse. It was a nice relaxing and very chill visit. Unfortunately it was while I was having some health problems, later to be determined as TMJ, bleh, so we spent a lot of the time playing games at our house and watching movies. She has a ton more photos than I do but I will post the few I have! We enjoyed getting our nails done, seeing my grandparents, a little bit of shopping, we even went to the Tacoma Art and glass museum... which are a lot smaller than you would think , but fun. I love you Sara, thanks for visiting! [...]

My Mamas Birthday


My mom's awesome friend Pammy threw her a wonderful dinner party for her birthday this year. It was lots of fun with amazing food. All her friends came, Caleb had work, so Everett was my date! My brother and his wife came too and so did my grandparents. It was a fun and silly night! Happy Birthday mama!To Die to oneself is to Live in Christ![...]

My Two Godsons


We had my two godsons over for the weekend. We have three godkids, Taylor 15, Payton 11 and parker 9. They are awesome and super entertaining. Caleb had to work, and payton is sick so I had just the boys wich made me nervous... since I am a true princess! But I survived, we took some fun photos, did not eat lasagna.... or salad!!!! LOl, dinner did not work out, but the boys were great and we just laughed about it and we have cereal and quesadillas! then we played some games and took some other awesome glow in the dark photos. They drove me crazy all night being super goofy! But it was fun! They are great boys.To Die to oneself is to Live in Christ![...]

My Cousins Wedding! Lilly & Christopher


The Carrigans, Holly her older brother Jesse and his lovely wife Amy Me and Mackenzie Nelson, still one of my favorite people Everyone got goodie bags with either a mustache or funny glasses, as well as a crossword puzzel and candy. All the kids got balloons. It was meant to be kinda an elegant Circus affair... tre chic My handsome as ever cousin Nic with the lovely Devin and two of her girly friendsMy mom and her handsome date TerenceYEAH COUSINS! We didnt get a whole group of cousin shots, but I love this one, Nic & I, Elisha and Rachel (Diane's oldest) Hasnt she grown up to be such a lovely young lady!Caleb shrinking to Perry's level... crazy men!The Mr. & Mrs Christopher Wang So lovely! This night was their first kiss too.Yeah it's Emily one of our alltime favorite friends! She just pretty much rocks and we always have fun with her! Emily stylin it up with her boyfriend Michael! Very nice! Rockin the gray em!Perry taking a photo of himself while i take a photo of him.....Bryan sportting the wedding goodie bag gifts! Awesome! How many weddings do u know supply mustaches!? I will never go to a wedding the same!My mom & Terence and below Perry and RobinMy brotha from anotha mother and wifey Amber with baby in her belly!Ona John and Jesse singingThe dessert table... amazing desserts!My lovely grandma!Well my little cousin lilly got married this September, to one of my favorite people Christopher Wang....who was practically family anyways! It was a beautiful and creative wedding, very different, much like my cousin lilly. I dont have as many photos as i would like to share with you, because I was a busy girl that day, but please do enjoy the ones I have to share!To Die to oneself is to Live in Christ![...]

Orting Graduation


We went down to Orting Graduation this year.  We went to watch a few of our "teens" from our old Orting Church Graduate. David Wilson and Alicia Metz along with a few other Orting teens walked down in their red and white.  It was very exciting and somewhat emotional, my how time flies.  We are so proud  of them and hope the go on to live exciting and fulfilled lives and continue to serve Jesus.  Congrats Graduates of 2009!!!!!!

Family Portraits Posted


I had a photoshoot a few weeks ago with the Abstons.  I will post a few on my blog, but check out my photography blog.[...]

More Arizona


A chicken in a bikini anyone????  My mom had to buy satch a chicken toy.  A lifesize bib, just what we all need!!!One of the many booths, getting some jewelry cleaned.I love this shot of the crystal, its actually moving. Its one of those wind chimesAfter church we went and visited the flea market, it was lots of fun and interesting to see what all they sell there.  I got my wonderful hat here!!!  Love my hat.  It's kinda a tradition for me, whenever Caleb and I go on a big trip to get a hat of some sort, lately they have been getting more and more elaborate!!![...]

Chihuly in Arizona


I love this shot!  We visited the butterfly exhibit!  It was so amazing to be that close to so many beautiful different butterflies!  It was almost magical!They look like, baloons but they are most deffinitely glass!!!I had to take a photo of this lady, her hat was just too much!!!His glass art amazes me!  It fit in so well at the outdoor garden!I loved the cactus, i really wanted to touch one, but I know I'd regret it if I did. I never knew there were so many type of cactus!My papa playing with his camera, I dont think he knew i took this of him!I love the colors in this one!There werent many cactus in bloom unfortunately we were a little late in the game on that, but this was one of them.  I still enjoyed the park.My Papa and I had a date to visit the botanical gardens.  It was a fun morning.  We went and took lots of photos of the outdoor Chihuly glass exhibit in the botanical gardens.  It was very hot, but we lasted a few hours. Then enjoyed a nice lunch and then back to the house to get to the pool!  I almost got to see Hugh Jackman, but it didnt work out.  He was at the red carpet preimer about 20 minutes away from us.  So sad, not a very good story a better one would involve me actually seeing him, but it was still a fun day!  Next time Hugh! [...]

More Arizona


We visited my grandparents church there.  It was a very nice service. My mom and grandma sang together, it was very sweet.  They even wore matching outfits, which I teased them for, but they were both very sparkly and sang beautifully.  Grandma sang another song at the end by herself and it made me cry.



(image) Our first night, my grandparents took us to the Arizona Opry. It was an interesting event.
(image) My Papa disguised himself by shaving his mustache and coloring his hair!  We didnt know who he was!  He thought it was so hilarious, he called Grandma Elva Mom!
Here are so pics from the arizona trip!!!!

Hair show


Here are a few of my favorite photos from the hair show.  More photos to come, sorry I'm still catching up on loading photos! Check out more detailed information on my photography blog.To Die to oneself is to Live in Christ![...]

Hello my blogg and blogg viewers...


Hello world.  Once again, my blog has been oh so neglected due to  the fact that it just has not been a very good year for the MAC.  It's been in and out of the hospital aka the MAC store this past year.  It's very frustrating for me since I have so many photos that you have yet to enjoy!  I took a photo class that was much more successful than the last, traveled to Arizona with my mom to visit the gparents, as well as Oregon for a long Holiday to see our lovely friends Elissa and Danny get hitched ( Congrats btw),  I had to opportunity to shoot at a hair show with my friend Breanne, we also started another project courtesy of Caleb's uncle Tracy..... putting in a dish washer!  

So much has happened since my last post, I fear I may not be able to catch you up on everything, I am going to try though.  Life has kept busy since I am still working two jobs, the Salon at the Tacoma Mall and Fuego at south hill mall only on Tuesdays now. I'm a busy girl, what can I say!!!! 
Well I will do my best to keep you all posted and to update as much as I can!  Hope you are all well!

lets not forget the mall Twilight Party


Ok, yes I'm obsessed.  Some friends from work talked me into going to the Southill mall Twilight party.  It was just fun to go do something somewhat crazy with friends and to get to have fun with them outside of work.  My boss Gina and her daughter came as well as a friend Rachelle and Lorna joined out little party.  It was so cool to see the mall "afterhours", and to just take photos.  My goal is to take pictures at least once a week, more like twice a week and to also try taking photos in different situations than what I am used to, so this was very fun and different.  Anywho, the madness the screaming girls all ages all kinds of people were there!  The Hot Topic Hype crew was great!  They are tons of fun.  It was a fun night, but I was sleepy afterwards. We met a sparkly boy, lol, his girlfriend made him tag along and he even wore glitter!  I Heart boys who sparkle! LOL!!! Well enjoy some photos!!![...]

Don't be Scared! Payton is 10!!!!!!!


Well our Godaughter/cousin little Princess Payton is now 10!  As of yesterday!  I helped with the Birthday festivities, because this year Payton wanted a TWILIGHT party.  So we did a gothic themed party, little makeovers on  her and her friends and then a little photoshoot of her and her cute friends.  It was a little bit of work, but fun, and most importantly Payton enjoyed herself.  Even us adults all got dressed up, which I love!  Any excuse to play dress up right!  Lol, my friend Breanne, the Mac magic makeup artist did my makeup (thank you girly!), and we all decked ourselves out! It was a change for me, since I dont usually do goth, or dark, it was fun though.  Don't worry its not going to be an everyday look for me, it's fun, but a lot of work to be a lovely Goth Girl! LOL!   Anywho, here are just a few photos, more to come later!  Remember when viewing these that it was a birthday party, and not an everyday thing!  I know it was a bit weird for Caleb to see his little Princess in makeup.  Yikes she's growing up!!!!  Soon as we know it she'll be a little teenager!  Thankfully Payton still knows how to be silly and ham it up!  Thats my girl!!!![...]



We had a fun filled packed weekend.  David and my cool cousin Elisha came to party with us, and stayed over.  It was fun and lots of movies games, xbox, and smelled like boys at my house!  EWW! Lol, after getting ready I found Lindsey doing dishes by herself, only to be extremely starteled by Elisha and David jumping out at me and screaming RAARRRRRR  from my tiny little broom closet!  Lol, it was awesome, i laughed so hard... after the screaming that is.  I love doing stuff like that!  My grandma started it all.  She used to say rarr to me as a little girl and I would just laugh.  I still like to jump out and scare Caleb sometimes, ha ha I know I'm mean!  It makes me laugh to see a 6ft 2 grown man jump so high!  It's awesome.  So I told the boys to get back in the closet and to scare Caleb when he got home later that day!  (I love you hunny)  It was so perfect!  I havent laughed so much in a while!  Thanks for playing boys!  I love sillyness, it's my favorite!

Lindsey Lou! My Lovely Friend


Lindsey and Lauren Aguilar came to visit this past weekend.  We took a few photos of Lindsey at one of my favorite little spots on our way to church, it's just perfect for photos.... though it's not really very clean, or what most people would see at a photo opp place.  I love those particular places, they make for truly unique and creative backgrounds.  We did a quick shoot, it was a lovely afternoon after church Sunday. Lindsey girl, you are beautiful and I love you! Thanks for being you!  Here are just a few pics, more on my photo blog as well!  And on a fun Note, I now have business cards and Caleb is working hard to finish my very own website!  So please keep us in your prayers.  We are both so busy and trying to learn to balance our scheduels and make time for everything that is important to us, including time together, time with Friends and family and church now that we are back involved... as well as whatever else pops into our life!  Thanks loved ones, have a blessed day!

No more home phone!


I am posting this as many places as possible so I don't get concerns, calls, emails looking for us.  We are cutting back on some unnecessary bills and so we no longer have a home phone.  If you have already received an email, then just don't worry about reading this, I'm trying to be thorough.  I know we said we were going to get rid of it a long time ago, but now we truly have.  The 253-476-0851 # no longer works to get ahold of us.  Please email me if you need my number and we are asking you not give our number out.  We have had way too many solicitor calls, wrong numbers ect.  This includes not using our number for reference for time share... which we have had friends do.  If someone needs our number then do me a favor and just give me a call/email and ask before you give out our number!  That is not so hard, or too much to ask I believe! Please and thank you! Thanks all!  Have a blessed rest of your week, Friday is almost here!

my pookie and me!


We stayed a weekend at my mamma's aka my grandparents, and me and pookie took a little nap... apparently caleb wanted to document it!!!  lol.  I love my furry boy!  He is such a mama's boy!  He likes me!   Man I could use a nap now!

Life Group Christmas Party... More December Posts


As you've seen before we are involved in a life group or a small group through our church.  We signed up for one when we first started going to the church.  It was the best thing we could have done.  Moving from a small time church to a much bigger church than we were used to it really helped us get connected, meet new people, and make some lasting connections.  Matt and Katie are are Life Group Leaders and they host bible study every other Tuesday.  We had a little Christmas party, they even catered in dinner from Mama Stortinis!  Matt & Katie are the BEST!!!!  We all love them!  Our group has shrunk, grown and changed over the time we have been involved.  Many have had babies, a few moved and then we have had new people join in.  It has been a great ride! And we are so blessed by the relationships.  Here are some of the photos from our Christmas bash! And my atempt to get a group photo, silly wiggle worms!!!![...]

Disney Trip!!!! YEAH!


We had Pizza with Caleb's cousin Kristy, and her boyfriend at an outdoor pizza place.  It was fun and soooo good to see her!  She is just such a busy girl!  We had a guy make us fun balloon tiaras!!!! We love you Kristy!Me meeting the Disney Princesses was the highlight of our day and our trip!  I stood in the line and it was sooo worth it! Caitlin was a bum and wouldnt take photos with me!  NEXT TIME GIRLIE!!!!!!!   Jasmine was so tiny and cute! Very spunky!Aurora was sweet and so pretty, but I didnt know what to say to her!  I was nervous! Lol!It's me and MINNIE!!!!!  YEAH!  I love minnie!I loooooooved loved Mulan!  She was by far the coolest princess I chatted with, we actually talked for like 10 minutes, which I was so impressed by since I am just a big kid!!!!  She was even saying how she's not really a princess, since her husband is a general, but I said she is pretty cool since most of the princesses havent fought in a war!!!!!  I love you Mulan!  You rock!Belle was lovely, enchanting and sweet!  She even knew I was a fairy princess!!! and she liked that I wore her color!  We matchI love these shots!  the sky, the angle and the awesome mardi gras christmas decorations!!!!On the pirate ship!  a nice little tour around the water!There's Walt Disney!We are here!  We are at Disney Land YEAH!!!!  I was soo excited!  They kept telling me to calm down!  Lol[...]

But WAIT Theres more!


We met Donald and Goofy!!!!  I was sooo excited, like a big kid!!!!!!!  I love Disney Day! YEAH!!!Oh my goodness, its me and Mickey!!!  YEAH!  I was seriously nervous!  It was so much fun!Look its mickey!Across the street from Caitlins apartmentCaitlins apartmentA church across the street from Caitlins apartment, so pretty I loved it, the landscaping and everything!Walking at Santa MonicaA Ginormous Mac Store, we were both in awe!!!!  It was amazing!  They even had a live band there that night!The largest Magazine rack I've ever seen, i swear they had every magazine sold in the entire world!  It was awesome!!!!Santa Monica!  They had amazing stores and great street performers too! It was our little date night out just the two of us!  Thanks for the idea cait!I have like a ton of California photos, so tune in for more to come, plus more of life and st pattys day picks to come next week!!!  love ya'll![...]

Venice Beach with Caitlin!


Hand painted sold on the street at Venice Beach Anyone need a skull???Look its Zoltar, like in the movie Big!!!!! I LOVE 90210!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!  I was such a paparazzi in California, I think I drove Caitlin and Caleb nuts! oh well who cares!They have a special place on the beach  where artists can do their tag art, or otherwise known to others as spray paint, or graffiti art! it was really colorful and cool, but you could sure smell it!watching graffiti art in the making!at the begining of Venice Beach!  Caitlin in her lovely red hat!  i love my girl!  we had so much fun with her!!!!  My strong man doing the rings!  He totally rocked it and I was amazed!!!!!Some street performers!  They were tons of fun!The outdoor gym, some serious body builder greasy show off guys were totally working out!  Lol, I would never do that, so everyone could see me all sweaty and stinky!To Die to oneself is to Live in Christ![...]

Cali trip round two!


My handsome hubby!  in the tiny boat around the water!Venice Beach!!!There were some crazy bungalos off of Venice BeachCait and Caleb walking in the sand!Newport Beach more housesI love these shots of windows and doors they are so beautiful!our toe toes in the sand!!!!these flowers were amazing!the water was so beautiful!  More California photos, and more to come, what would you expect I took like 1000!!![...]



New Port Beach is amazing, beautiful ritzy!  I loved the architechture!  It was so much fun just taking it all in, looking at everything, and taking photos! Josh used to work for a family that owns a home and a yacth in  New Port Beach, so we took a drive down and visited them!The boys walking down to the little boat that Josh took us on a tour around the lake in!Josh tried to jump the fence and in the process he unlocked the door... it was very entertaining and comical!The water was beautiful and it was a beautiful springy day in December, lol! This is Josh's stomping groundsA restaurant lounge where Josh goes a lot.  Its a pretty fancy place.  We stopped in for a bit to use the restroom and get something to drink!brothers!!!!!  and my shoes!  I looooove walking bearfoot on the sand!!! and it was so amazing the feel of it in my toes, the smell of the ocean!  Surprisingly it was pretty empty!I loved the palm trees, i miss them still! I wanted to take some home with me!!!  I love you palm trees!Stopping at a beautiful beach in Newport Beach to eat some tasty Inn and Out  Burger!  Thanks to Josh and our recently stolen Tom Tom for finding the Inn and out burger!!!I could not take enough photos of the beach and California, the sun the beach, the sky, it was so picturesque!These photos are wayyyy over due, from our December trip from Cali!  Man computer issues are a HUGE pain in the butt for a photographer, let alone a blogger... or someone who likes to just to keep her family and friends updated!!!  GRR!  I just have a lot of catching up to do!  We had  a fun 10 day trip driving back and forth from LA to New Port Beach the first week of December this past year!  We visited Caleb's big brother Josh, and my long time good friend Caitlin.  It was soo soo good to see her!  I have not seen her in years, as well it was good to see Josh.  Cait took us to Disney and it was my first time going to Disney Land, since I've been to Disney world already!  And if you  know me I AM A HUGE DISNEY FAN!!!!  Yeah!  It was my favorite day!  We toured New Port Beach, did the whole Inn and Out Burger thing twice, drove through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, and went to Venice Beach as well as Santa Monica... we drove through night time Christmas lights in caits convertible.... in the winter!!!! We had dinner with another friend of mine from High school Daina!!!  Um, dinner at a Thai food restaurant.  Josh made us breakfast a few times (he's a pretty good cook!)  We also had dinner at Caleb's great Aunt Geri's (Sp?).  We got to have pizza in downtown Disney with one of our favorite cousins we never see, Kristy and her boyfriend. We also drove a few hours to check out a small town Vineyard... but apparently it's not  Winery  season in December!  Go figure! lol.  Thanks to Caitlin and Josh for your hospitality!  We hope to visit again!  It was a truly busy trip!  We had so much fun, but were worn out and missed our puppy and our bed.  It was the first vacation we have had in a loooooong time!  We were long over due for a vacation.  We look forward to our next one.[...]

Night at the Ave , A Fancy Fun Dinner Dance Night Out!


Two of our very dear friends and our life group leaders, Matt & Katie!  Thanks Katie for everything! Love you girl!Tiffany & Adam are a new addition to our small group!  I love taking creative portraits in between the general posed portraits.  Ugh! Lol, they are silly!They band that played that evening, not sure of their name, jumped in for a posed photo.  Associate Pastors at our church, Kye & Janell, dont they look mavelous!Oh silly Boyts!  i love this photo!!!  Dont they look smashing!My handsome man, posing so i could check lightingI loved Wendee's dress!  They wanted to do a silly shot, which I absolutely love taking!  YO YO!!!Chris and Vanessa!  Too cute for words! They are also in our life group and just had a little babd Simon, who is a few months old now.We are so blessed to have such amazing Pastors, Lance & Polly Powers! Caleb and I knew them from way back in the Orting days!  So stinkin cute!  I think she likes her hubby what do you think?? And they look simply smashing!Arent we so cute!!!!!  Me and my man!Friends of ours, who helped make the night possible Justin and Malia, sooo lovely!Another small group photo!  We are missing some of our small group who, for other reasons werent there, we missed you!!!!Most of our small group, minus about 8 people. What a crazy group.My amazingly wonderful husband and I!  I love him so and I am so greatful for his help this night!Our friendlies, the Boyts, what a crazy couple this pair!  I feel so short, here Cori tries to make me feel taller!I was asked to shoot posed portraits for a fancy fun couples night out, hosted by our church!  It was a long night of posing many fabulous looking couples. Caleb was able to come, even though he had another homeshow this weekend.  We got dressed up and then set up to take many photos.  I say we, because Caleb is usually my trusty "Equipment Manager", and assistant, though my cousin Lilly has also assisted me at times, and she is a great help as well.  We had fun, though it was a lot of work, I wont lie!  I'm pooped!  We got to get dressed up, see most of our church friends, and even a little food and dancing!  Here are just a few photos of the evening. As always check out more of the posed photos taken on my photo blog![...]