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Dylan Update

Dylan is a rambunctious 9 year old with Down syndrome. This site was originally formed to bring information to family and friends about Dylan's health progress during his open heart surgery in July, 2005. It has since grown into a blog about his adventur

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Me at School: 2012-2013


I am playing with my friends at school.

I have the best OT ever.  Here I am feeding the dog a bone which helps with my fine-motor skills.

Jonah's First Science Fair


Jonah's First Science Fair: Blue Ribbon

This past fall, Jonah took part in his first Science Fair at Parkview Elementary.  This spectacular first grader, aka my awesome brother, got a ribbon.  His experiment was about the Naked Egg.  Did you know that if you put an egg in vinegar, it has a chemical reaction with the shell causing it to disintegrate and leave the egg membrane spongy like a ball, yet see-through?  Yep.  You could see the yoke and everything.  Not bad for a first experiment.  Good Job, Jonah!

Spring 2013


Dylan...being Dylan

Jonah: Mommy Loves This Pic

Our Spring and Summer Dining

Dylan Video From School


I had a very good friend at his school.  She did a video about me for a school project and here it is so you can see.  Guess what it's about?  ME!  Silly you.

I am Singing JINGLE BELLS!


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Mommy caught me singing on the 'guitar' (aka Wii Guitar) and immediately whipped out her camera. Here is me singing "Jingle Bells" for you.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Trick Or Treat 2011


(image) Seahawk Football Fan/Construction Worker
(image) Can you say, "CHEESE?"
Packer Cheese, that is.

(image) Grandma walking Jo Jo while Trick-or-Treating.

(image) Here is Jonah, JoJo, and Victoria on their first-ever true Trick-or-Treat experience. Who knew that total strangers will give you candy. In their eyes? AWESOME.

What was I doing? Helping Auntie Jen hand out candy as I wasn't all that interested in going door-to-door. But while I was helping Auntie Jen, I learned that whole GROUPS of girls will come to me! Teenage Girls. Auntie Jen says I am a very good flirt.

I had the best job of the night! Hey Ladies....

Buddy Walk 2011


(image) What can be more exciting than a Buddy Walk?

Well...playing with the band at the Buddy Walk.

Does that mean that we had a good time?

(image) Oh, Jonah was totally into it as well.

He loved being part of the show.
(image) Showing the moves center stage.

(image) There were other fun activities to: Bubbles, People, Bubbles, Friends, Bubbles, Band, Bubbles, Lots of Girls, Bubbles...and Girls PLAYING Bubbles. Oh yeah.

(image) And..back to the band.

We can't say enough how much the Buddy Walk means to us. Thank you Arc of Whatcom County for the support and genuine advocacy you perform.

You are true heroes. - Love Dylan and Fam.

Jonah's First Day of School


(image) Jonah after dressing up for his first day of school.

Doesn't he look handsome?
(image) He was SUPER excited about his lunch box.
Super Mario Brothers.

(image) Showing off the back pack!

(image) At school...on the first day!

(image) But before we start class, a little play first.
Jonah is getting to be so big.
We are so proud of him.

We LOVE Grandma!



Thank You Grandma and Grandpa


We just wanted to say Thank You to Grandma and Grandpa for coming up on Wednesday for Jonah's birthday party. We sure love you and appreciate you.

Jonah's Birthday Party


Yesterday was my brother's Birthday. Happy Birthday Jonah! To celebrate, we went to Chuck E Cheese's and it was our first time ever going. We got to eat pizza, play lots of games, dance with Chuck E and (my favorite) be on the big tv screens at Studio C. Here are some pictures of the party. Can't believe Jonah is 5 years old already. Seems like just yesterday he made me a big brother. How time flies. Jonah and I are dancing with Chuck E and our wonderful hostess. I gave Chuck E lots of hugs and Jonah got that awesome crown. The Studio C. Here I am on the big screen and I LOVED IT!!!! I'm a star. Here you can see me acting in front of the blue screen which then shows up on the tv. Pretty sweet, huh? Don't I look good?!? Jonah is showing off all his tickets he won. He also got that cool crown and a pretty sweet medallion which you can see around his neck. Daddy got in the Ticket Blaster trying to score Jonah even more tickets for his prizes. Jonah went in with him for a second but decided Dad would do better all by himself. Here Jonah and I are cheering him on. Go Daddy Go! Posing with the Chuck, himself. We make him look pretty good. Jonah showing his surprise during Chuck E's show. Mom loves this picture. All of us at the table eating pizza and having a good time with our mousy friend. Silly Emily. CHEESE! Cheese Pizza, that is. The Birthday Boy. Jonah got a cool balloon from the party. Daddy helping me watch Chuck E's show. After the party, we went home for some quiet time. Then while Jo Jo, Victoria, and I played in our swimming pool, Daddy took Jonah out for some ice cream and man-time. Mommy went to play a soccer game. Jonah and Daddy went for a walk at the beach, had races, and talked. What a great way to spend the rest of a birthday. Boy, Daddy is prety awesome and Jonah had a wonderful party and then some even more wonderful Daddy-time. Happy 5th Birthday, Jonah. We love you. [...]

Jonah Quotes


Jonah is a very smart brother and lately he's taken to stating some of his observations in a very quirky manner. Here is a list of Jonah's Top Quotes from recent:

-- While giving Mommy a spontaneous 'chest bump', Jonah stops and states to her, "Mommy, your chest bumps are bouncier."

-- While pinching me, Mommy yelled at Jonah to stop pinching. He turned to her and says, "Mom. I'm not pinching. I'm just squishing really, really hard."

-- While at the Woodland Park Zoo, Jonah was watching the penguins eat fish. They would eat and then dive which caused bubbles to appear from the back end. Jonah sees the bubbles and states, "LOOK! Fish farts!"

-- While at an indoor soccer game with Mommy, Jonah wanted some money for a candy machine. When she said she didn't have any on her, Jonah turns to one of her team mates (and a complete stranger) and asks, "Well, do you have any money?"

-- While climbing into the bath, Jonah tactfully observes, "Mom. I smell like poop."

-- Mommy was peeved at Jonah for talking back to her one day. So she told him so. His response, " (*SIGH*) Mom. I am not talking backwards. I'm talking English."

-- "Hey. The dinner plate stays on the table. NOT on your head."

-- Running out of the bathroom, Jonah yells, "MOOOMMMMM! It's big so I need to scare it small again!" (Oh yes. We're talking the 'down there' big.) Poor Mommy.

Precious Moment


Daddy saw Jonah and I playing so sweetly, he grabbed the camera.

Daddy the Sailor


As we've stated before, Daddy is in the Navy and he recently had to wear a very special uniform for an event. We decided that when he got home, he looked so handsome it must be time for a photo-op!


Catching Up (3): Fourth of July


Our 4th of July was a fun and quiet time with some of our closest friends. We had a BBQ at our house with the 4x4 and a pool for entertainment. We had a good time and we love our friends. Welcome back, L family. They had moved away and are back. So excited that they are close to us once again.There were six of us kiddos here to celebrate the 4th. Five of us pig-piled onto Daddy while he was trying to relax on the hammock. Relax? PULEESE! He's an adult after all. Leave the relaxing to us kids. I love my daddy. Here I am climbing on and loading him with kisses. This is Hunter. Isn't he CUTE?!? Doug and Jayna. So glad you are home. Baby Hunter! Can we see your ID? Don't think you're 21 yet, buddy. Vroom! Doug enjoying the moment. With an adult beverage. Doug riding the 4x4. POOL PARTY!!! Even Kirby enjoyed the pool party we kiddos had. I had a great time on the 4th. J enjoying some water action. Kacy and Jonah. Close friends that were so excited to play together. [...]

Catching Up (2): Camping at Deception Pass


Earlier this summer we went camping at Deception Pass. It's a beautiful park and we highly recommend that you check out the Deception Pass bridge if you are ever in Washington State to visit. We had a generally okay time. We got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa which is always awesome but there were a few icky moments. For example, J and V are new to the whole camping experience so sleeping in our camper was difficult. Mommy spent the nights in the van with V so she could sleep and let the rest of us sleep. It also rained the majority of the trip. But overall, it was a good trip and fun to be with our Grand Parents.

We love them so much.

(image) Jonah, the mighty forest explorer.
(image) J and me playing with the toys. ALL the toys.
(image) The campsite.

(image) Jonah is starting to learn how to ride the bike. He started to get the hang of it during this camping trip.

Catching Up (1): Max's Birthday Party


We have been very busy this summer. So while we haven't been posting, we have been having fun. Now we are just catching up on the events of the past little while. First up: Max's Birthday Party. Max's Mom is AMAZING! She put together a super fun party for us which included homemade cupcakes, a scavenger hunt, prizes, cake decorating, and more. The party was a jungle themed scavenger hunt party. Here I am being a monkey. Do you think Jonah enjoyed decorating his own cake? This is Mommy's favorite picture of Jonah from this summer. Seriously! Look at these cupcakes! Max's Mommy made them! MADE THEM! This is Eva. Mommy loves her and secretly hopes I'll marry her someday. Look at this drink! Yummy. This is Tommy. We have missed seeing the M family and were so happy that they were at the party. Mommy got to catch up briefly with Tommy's Mom (also a wonder woman!) but Mommy says she needs more time with her. This truly is one amazing family and we are so blessed to have the M family as friends. This is Max's Mom (aka Amy). She put together this amazing party and as you can see, I love her. Lots. Check out this huge MONKEY that Max had for his party. Is this thing just not the coolest? The Birthday Boy We love you, Max. xoxo [...]

Summers A'Comin!


Thursday marks the last day of school and the start of summer vacation for Mommy and us kiddos. We are super excited and to kick it off, it looks like camping is in our near future. While Daddy is working, the plans are already in the works for Mommy to take us kids camping at Birch Bay or Deception Pass with Grandma and Grandpa. In July, Mommy has reservations for camping at Fort Flagler.

Other plans include getting some things done around the house. The gardens been planted but has been slightly neglected. The storage building is to be painted, the driveway to be re-graveled, etc etc.

Mommy is also hoping to get Jonah, JoJo, and I signed up for swimming lessons. She is working on that right now.

Busy plans and we are getting very excited. Hurry up Thursday! We can't wait!

Funny Story!! Frisbee vs. Daddy and Uncle Don


So here is the scoop: While we were at Pacific Beach, WA over Memorial Weekend, one of our beloved Pete's (aka Auntie Jen and Uncle Don's puppy) toy frisbees landed on the roof of our rental beach house. So what, do you ask, did Daddy and Uncle Don do? Got a vacuum cleaner, a plunger, and a broom to try and solve the problem. Are they MacGuyver?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT but it was pretty funny to watch two grown men (one a Comcast computer tech whiz and the other a Navy Chief) try to get this one right. But in the end, what do you think happened? These same grown men agreed that Auntie Jen's original suggestion of climbing on to the roof was the way to go.

Do you think Uncle Don and Daddy got the message that the MOMMY is always right? Well..

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Pacific Beach Pt 2


More Pacific Beach Pictures from Memorial Weekend:

(image) I loved playing in the sand. For a while. Then....I AM DONE.

(image) Daddy had a great time.

(image) For no particular reason, Mommy loves this picture of Auntie Jen and their awesome wonder-dog, Pete.

(image) Ever hear that Wiggles song, "Rolling Down the Sand Dune"? NO? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? Well, here is Jonah rolling down the grass hill and loving it.

(image) Grass rolling at its finest. Oh yeah.

Pacific Beach Pics Pt 1


Over Memorial Weekend, we went to Pacific Beach with Mommy and Daddy's bestest friends ever (aka Auntie Jen and Uncle Don). We had a good time on the beach and hanging with Auntie Jen and her wonderful family. We love you guys so much. Here are some pics:

(image) This is what happens when Auntie Jen wakes up before Mommy and steals away Baby Victoria. Do you think they had a good time or what?!?

(image) Oh yeah. Hair do of the year for sure.


Here I am playing with Jo Jo. I love my new brother.

(image) Here is Daddy with Jonah and I on the beach.

Mommy loves this picture.

(image) Despite Jonah's facial expression in this photo, we can testify that he had a blast. He just decided that sand in the mouth isn't as cool as in between the toes.

Jim Creek


We know it has been a while since we posted but we really do have a good reason. We haven't been home. Every weekend has been spent away until now. Our first outing was to Jim Creek campgrounds in Arlington, WA. It is a Navy camping facility that we went to for Daddy's work. We rented a cabin and although it rained (we do live in WASHINGTON), we still had a great time. Only downer was the last day when Jo Jo came down with the stomach flu. Mom thought it was kind of funnywhen he threw up on Daddy but wasn't as impressed when he had diahrrea the next morning and we evacuated the cabin in record time. Enjoy the photos:

(image) Chillin' in the cabin.

(image) The cabin. Pretty, huh?

(image) Baby Victoria playing on the porch.

(image) Here is Daddy braving the elements to start a fire.

Good Luck with that one, Dad. It's Raining.

Easter 2011


This is our friend Jaime. He was here with Uncle Joe and his Mommy H (we love her). Jaime learned all about our family's obession with black olives. Here is just one reason why. Fingers! Jonah showing the craziness of the black olives. We also went to Uncle Reed and Auntie Jodel's house for an Easter Egg Hunt. But I think the Warrior Princess Quad stole the show. Here is Uncle Joe with his girlfriend, Heidi. Aah. Uncle Joe and Jonah deep in conversation. Here is Grandma meeting Baby V for the first time. QUAD! Go Jonah!Jaime scores on the egg hunt! Mommy loves this picture. It's little J catching up with his Daddy. Uncle Joe. Nuf said.Uncle Joe and Heidi again. ((Deep Sigh))I bailed on that little basket. Now I'm good to go. Load 'r up! Jonah doing some serious egg hunting. He missed the one right next to him. I got distracted. I'm a cool bike rider and had to take a break from the egg hunt. The magnetic pull of the awesome bike was just too much for me and I had to get on. Jaime found some eggs. He liked the egg hunt and we liked having him to play with. [...]

Max's Easter Egg Hunt


(image) Have we told you lately how AWESOME our friend Max is? Not only that but his Mommy is AMAZING. They put on an annual Easter Egg Hunt every year. Today, we went to this fantastic, fun-filled event and not only did they have over 800 eggs hidden all over the neighborhood park, but Amy took this great picture of Jonah. It's fantastic and shows just how silly Jonah can be. He obviously had a great time. So did I. I found 4 or 5 eggs and then decided it was more fun giving everyone in the crowd hugs. I loves seeing my friends.

Thanks so much Amy and Max. We love you and miss you.

The Easter Egg Hunt was a blast and Mommy thinks you two are so wonderful.

**Note about the picture: Yes that is Mommy in the background holding Victoria and Jo Jo is the one in the yellow coat beside her. This picture is great because you can't see their faces making it possible to post but still gives you a glimpse of our newest family members. Thanks again, Amy.

A Family of 6


Our family is expanding. Many of you know that Mommy and Daddy became foster parents so that we could watch a particular little boy that they met through church. We have known this little guy since birth and Mommy fell absolutely in love with his one dimple and big brown eyes. Sadly, his biological parents suffer from severe addiction issues as well as have some troubles with the law. Despite many attempts to get help and meet the goal requirements established by the State Child Protection Services, these two individuals were unable to follow through with their necessary things in order to regain custody of this awesome little boy. But while attempting to make things right, the parents had a little fun and VOILA! this little boy we love so much became a big brother to a little girl who shares his beautiful brown eyes and smile. So what became a passion for one little kiddo grew into two. While we are dissappointed and sad that their natural parents continue to suffer from their addictions, we are excited as well. WHY? You ask? Well.... because we are now their permanent family. Yep. The courts have decided that since these kiddos have been in foster care for two years and no progress has been made by the parents, they decided that they needed a permanent home. Last Wednesday, we became that home. We welcome little Victoria (age 1) and little Jo Jo (age 2) into our family and hopefully in a year or two we will have adoption paperwork that makes it a little more official. It is a long process for parental rights termination which is why there is a delay in the beginning of our adoption process, but regardless, the courts have named us Jo Jo and Victoria's permanent home. Can we tell you just how excited we are? First, Jonah is now a big brother and he is AWESOME at it. Helping Mama with the diapers (yeah, there is three of us in diapers) and makes sure we all hold hands while in the parking lots. I am a big brother again and Jo Jo shares my passion for big cars, trucks, trains, and especially motorcycles. Mommy loves having a girl in the house and Victoria is officially the best dressed pre-walker there is in town. We're talking hair bows, dresses, and pink galore. Having our family double like this is causing some transitional issues but that is to be expected. We are busy and if you plan on talking to anyone on the phone at our house, plan for many interruptions and to shout so you can be heard over all the ruckus. Mommy's very organized skills are coming into play in a major way. She plans all the meals ahead of time, lays all our clothes out before bed, has the coffee pot programmed (very important) and keeps the calendar open at all times. Daddy is great at helping during meal times and cleans up the mess after dinner while Mommy does all the baths. Hooray for us! We are so excited to have our new siblings. We can't post pictures online yet because they are still technically foster children for a little while longer. But if you want to send us an email, we'll be happy to email you back with a snapshot to family and friends. Be patient, it might take a while for Mommy to get back to you (especially if you call) but she'll get there. Eventually. Yep. 4 small kids to blame for that one.