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Staying Above the Water

treading the waters of life

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I'm a loser baby....


Nothing makes you realize what a real loser you are, like a "girlfriend" movie coming out and you can't get a one god damn "friend" to go with you. And the real cherry is when all the same ones you asked to go with you all post on Social media about going with their other friends. 
It brings me back to being a kid when all my friends would go to RI beaches but their parents wouldn't let me go because "she's a bad influence". Yet I was the one that didn't do drugs, didn't get knocked up at 16, graduated with honors (and half a year early), and am married to my high school boyfriend (together 22 years). 
But yes, I was the bad influence to have around your little princesses. 
I guess I'll either go see Bad Moms alone (wearing a capital L on my chest) or wait for DVD and watch alone with my wine like usual.

Frog Prince


K was cast in her 3rd Missoula Children's Theatre performance this week. The first was a pesky Parrott, 2nd was a pushy Penguin, and this week was a wild Venus Fly Trap.

In the prior shows she showed up for auditions and all kids were casts (generally they can accommodate 50 actors/asst. directors). This shows auditions were held on the 4th of July at 10am. No one expected the number of kids to show up that did. 112!! For 50 parts.

She auditioned well. Was LOUD. CLEAR. And EXPRESSIVE. Those are the 3 main characteristics Missoula coaches look for. Even still, I wasn't holding my breath. But in the end she was selected. Her part this time was teeny tiny, no individual lines, and only 2 scenes. But the experience is something we can't get elsewhere.

The next show, in the fall, is Wendy and Peter! I'm not sure who is more excited, she or I!!

She love theatre so much. I've got to do some research to find some other programs I could enroll her in. She has zero interest in sports (other than gymnastics which, well, she's not super at) but loves theatre type items.

Here are a couple pics of the Fly Trap herself! (And with her biggest fan!)

Wordless Wednesday - big boy


The last of the 30's


That's it folks, I am 7 days away from the last year of my 30's.'s!!!! That means I am 372 days away from becoming 40. 40!

I've decided to stop coloring my hair. I drive a mini van. I stay home Friday nights because my yoga pants are so comfortable. I worry about finances. I am a grown up :(

Almost 7


This girl. So caring, gentle, kind, and filled with love. She'll be 7 in 2 short weeks. Hard to believe she made me a mom almost a decade ago.

10 The things I miss


1 - having friends
2 - my kids when they are away
3 - having money in my bank account
4 - watching movies with my husband
5 - exercise
6 - pedicures
7 - warm breezes
8 - cinnamon rolls
9 - vacations
10 - heels

What do you miss?

Good People


I recently had an experience that reminded me, there really are good people left in this world filled with evil.

So for at least 4 years K has been asking to take gymnastics. Now she is NOT graceful in any way shape or form. This kid is constantly covered in bruises from falling, tripping, stumbling. And for all her asking I've honestly never really looked into it because the closest facility is a good 25 minutes away. But over the past 2 years she has tried Soccer, Basketball, Karate and T ball. Only liking or showing any talent in Karate. This year as the gymnastics requests began I went ahead and began to research.

This sport is NOT cheap! At least not for my wallet. I looked at our budget and tried to find anywhere we could cut back to make it work, and it just wasn't possible.  I knew she would, yet again, be disappointed.  In a moment of frustration over my poverty level I posted something along the lines of "Would anyone like to donate $370 to me so that K can join gymnastics?  Poor kid has been asking for years and yet again I can't afford it", on Facebook.  I received lots of feedback on ways to add it to my budget (all of which were not valid in my case - we already don't have cable, land lines, etc) even a suggestion that I start a go fund me. Which I considered. In the end I just explained that we just couldn't afford it, but that I would take her to the open gym times to try it out.

Fast forward a week or so, I go to check the mail. In the box is an envelope, addressed to me, with no return. I open it to find a Cashiers check made payable to me in the amount of $370.00. I couldn't figure it out. Was I expecting a refund from something?  A rebate?  It literally took me 30 minutes or more for it to click. This was for K to go to gymnastics!! I was blown away. An anonymous donation covering her entire tuition from Sept through Jan.
Faith restored in human kind. And one very happy little girl.

Off we go!


School has been in session for a couple weeks now. 

And this boy is even taking the bus!!!

Summer update


So much to cover...K. She is now 6.5 yrs old, has lost 7 teeth, and is entering the 1st grade in a little over a week. She does pretty well with reading and arithmetic. She requires a bit more attention when it comes time to focus, but I am convinced that the 6yr old brain is quite chaotic and hard to focus.  She is a good swimmer, getting stronger by the day. Interested in arts rather than sports. She was in 2 different plays this summer, Blackbeard the Pirate (with the Missoula Children's Theatre) and Bugs (with the Katherine Hepburn Camp for Kids). In the first she had shared lines and songs, but the latter she had 8 lines of her own. She did great and really showed a significant amount of independence and bravery by attending these rehearsals/camps alone, knowing no one.She is NOT excited for school to begin. Currently obsessed with Shopkins.S. He is now 3.3 and entering his first of 2 years of pre school. In March he was evaluated for our public school pre school program as a "role model" student. He was one of five students selected. That means he gets 2 years of FREE pre school!!!! Students selected were advanced in speech and socialization skills. He has a temper this one. Oh boy.If there is one person in the world he will snuggle with, it's meHis eye exam resulted in glasses. Poor kid hasn't been seeing too hot out of his left eye. He went to camp for 2 whole weeks this summer and LOVED itHe's been potty trained since right after Xmas, and hasn't had a wet pull-up in the morning in weeks. (He begs to wear one still for bed)He only naps once, maybe twice a week.Me.I'm primarily working from home these days. 4/5 days I am home, and sometimes I don't go in for 2 or 3 weeks.  While I love it, I'll like it more once both kids are in school.I'm looking at a "promo" (funnyHow they call it that when it's just more responsibility and no more money) in the next month or so Really liking my job these days though. Have had some fun, yet educational projects over the past year.We've been loving the summer. Been to the beach several times, fireworks, had the tent out in the yard, play dates, amusement parks, movies, splash pads,  pool almost daily, and family visits. Overall fun summer.School begins the Monday before Labor Day for K and Tuesday for S. I am looking forward to routine. Off to camp!SurfingSand and oceanNew glasses!Boating on the CT River Goof balls at the outlets[...]

Almost three...


This boy is almost three years old. He is fierce. He is Strong. He is defiant. He loves to cuddle on his mommas lap. He loves to hug while I am standing and holding him. He has learned to "kiss".  He is fully potty trained other than sleeping. He doesn't stop talking. He was just selected to attend FREE pre school for the next 2 years as a "role model" (man are they screwed). He knows the name of every type of tractor. He loves his sissy. He loves his momma. He loves anything that moves, cars, trucks, trains, planes. He loves hostess chocolate donuts and banana bread with chocolate Chips.
He is almost three years old. 3 yrs old.

Wordless Wednesday


Like an angel singing to me from the sky

Scarf. Check, Hat. Check, Coat. Check


 It's getting cold. Too effing cold.

We had our first "snow" last night. Just a dusting, but really it's a major F you to those of us that despise the cold. Both kids woke up today and immediately put on snow boots and coats and went outside to eat snow. I sat on my ass and drank my hot coffee watching them through the glass door. I had to drag S in kicking and screaming after about 30 minutes. He refuses to wear a hat or gloves, and let's be honest, he's #2 and I don't have the energy to fight him. K on the other hand, she loves her hat and gloves and coat and warmth. So I can consider myself successful with 1 right?

Something I've never understood is the whole waiting until a certain date to turn on the heat. I live in New England. It gets cold here. Sometimes it gets cold here in September. Then not again until November. When I am cold I turn on the heat. Period. I will not force myself or my kids to suffer.

Today was also a 'skip' day. I took the day off and kept K home from school. We headed to the mall to see Santa. The waits have been ridiculous, I'm talking 4-5 hrs! First of all, who the eff waits that long to see Santa? I really should have chosen a Tuesday or Wednesday for a skip day, because our wait was almost 2 freaking hours. I'll blame it being a Friday as the prime reason. (A friend went yesterday and they waited 20 minutes) By the time I had already wasted 35 minutes in line I had to commit. Nearly 1.5hrs later we saw the fat man in red. Now K knows that is NOT the "real" Santa, but rather a helper. She also knows not to blow it for other kids. 

She asked for Anna and Elsa dolls (score already got them!)  and a pretend cupcake set. WTF?? Research is underway. S asked for (technically K asked for him because he flipped the Eff out upon seeing Santa) a cement mixer and firehouse. 

We are officially in Christmas countdown mode.

Let me leave you with my $22 gem.

A new first!!


Just when I get Used to celebrating my last firsts, I am faced with new firsts!
First day of kindergarten, first real baby sitter, and now first lost tooth. 
K has been battling her top front teeth being loose for nearly 8 months. For at least one, the permanent tooth is already through the gum, pushing the baby out. Tonight my girl got brave and let me pull that puppy out! 
After I pulled it out and she realized it didn't hurt the way she imagined it would, she approved me to pull the 2nd!
Mid way through she stopped me and said "wait! If the tooth fairy comes
A different time I'll get more money right?" This girl Is no dummy. We pinky swore that I get to pull the other tomorrow! And she will score an extra $1! 

Fall in New England


Fall is upon us. Temperatures are now at the point where I struggle daily of will I Or won't I turn the heat on. Do you live where there is that straddle point? Time to clean the heaters I guess. Don't you just hate that first fall heat smell? (Aka dust and dirt burning away)Let's go back a few weeks...K started Kindergarten. For the most part she is enjoying it, but she does not like the getting up and going part. We have full day K here, and this girl has never gone to daycare or to school for more than 3.5 hrs so long days are tough on her. We're now 3 weeks in, so I'm hoping the "please don't make me go" stage ends soon. Once she gets up and gets going she is fine. I do think she is a little bored right now though. It sounds like they are spending most time doing assessments.Assessing letter recognition, number knowledge, etc. most of the day is spent with the kids that aren't at the same levelAs the majority, leaving the majority in free play and coloring. So far we've received letters home about Strep and Lice. Both we've avoided so far! 4 kids from her class were out last week with Pneumonia. Ugh. I start volunteering in her cafeteria on the 1st and 4th Friday's this week. S had a hard time watching his "sissy" leave on the bus, but is loving the one on one time he gets during the day with either Mom or Dad or GiGi. His speech had taken off. He is a total monster though. Recently taking on the joy of throwing things and hitting. When Input him in time out he just laughs at me. When I tell him he was a bad boy and hitting hurts he'll say "I hurt you. It's fun! I do it more!" Awesome! The elementary school K goes to has a Family resource center that has a playgroup on Mondays and Fridays for an hour. I am hoping to adjust my work schedule so I can take S. It's only an hour long.  Like a story hour.I am a recipient of an award at work. Kind of a big deal award. It's called the "delivering the difference" award. I'll be going to a cocktail reception to be awarded by the President and CEO of my company. Pretty big deal. I also was recently enrolled in a leadership 2 yr course that is pretty elite. AND I start a new job on 10/1. Oh yeah, and I am working from home now 4 days a week.  Whoa lots happening around here.Here are a couple "first day" Pictures[...]

The boy


Oh the boy. He is unlike his sister in every way possible. He is a complete monster. Throws temper tantrums numerous times a day. Is a complete nuisance to take out in public. Makes it feel like we have 5 kids instead of 2. 
He is a climber, a jumper, a somersaulter. Trucks, cars, tractors, airplanes, trains, anything that moves he is a lover of. 
He gets so sad when his "sissy" is not home and is beyond excited when she comes home. 
He hates all vegetables, but loves almost every fruit we have given him. He does not eat much meat either. Go to foods to get him to eat are Greek yogurt, waffles and hard boiled eggs. He could drink a gallon of water a day if we'd let him.
He is still getting teeth, and is NOT a good teether. In general he is a very whiney boy.
But....he is also a total Momma's boy. He loves to kiss me, to hug me, to snuggle on the couch with me. 
He talks so much. Like never ever shuts the hell up. At his 2yr appt he had over 100 words. He can count to 30, but does not know his ABC's. He is in the 110% for height and 94% for weight. 
He recently accomplished the stairs downwards which is a huge plus since we live in a split level. 
I am gearing up for potty training. Dreading it, but dreading the continuing cost of diapers more. (I am open to tips for pt'ing boys!)
He loves the bath, but hates getting washed and refuses to sit down. He hates the pool, but loves the lake/beach.
Dirt is his favorite thing in the whole wide world, he especially loves to eat it.
He had had 3 big boy haircuts, and is already in need of his 4th. If I let it grow out it is curly and thick. Which I would love, if he would let me wash it. But because of his bath time hangups the hair stays short.

The girl


K turned 5 in February. She was pretty obsessed with all things Willy Wonka at the time so we had a Wonka party. Chocolate fountain, cotton candy, candy filled piñata, and a multi color, multi layered cake. She had all her friends from Pre K and some of our personal friends in attendance. 10 4-7 yr olds plus all their parents squeezed into my little house. Yikes!She attended a new Pre School this year. One that was private and not held in a daycare center. There were only 5 other kids with 2 FT teachers. We loved the attention the kids received. And I was able to make friends with one of the moms. We completed the Kindergarten registration in May and June and are looking forward to the Fall! This summer she is attending day camp at the elementary school. Hopefully it will be an opportunity for her to make some more friends before school starts.During this year she has grown 3.5 inches an gained 5lbs.She is learning to read some site words and is so good at math it is kind of shocking sometimes when she comes up with math problems and answers. We've moved onto chapter books too. She is really into the Magic Tree House series. As with most 5 year old girls our house is a flutter with all things Frozen as well.She is an excellent sister, although he had a hard time letting her brother have his own experiences. We are working on that. She is a goof. There is no getting nice pictures of her. Always a goofy face or an exaggerated smile. She just completed her first ever "camp out" in the back yard. I honestly didn't think she'd make it the night, but she proved me wrong!All in all it's been a good year.[...]

Super lame


It's been a long, long time since I've been here. I check in once and a while for updates on other's blogs, but most that unfollow also link to FB so it makes my life easier. 

Let's kids are great. K is 5.5 and preparing for Kindergarten. S is 2 and is a rotten little monster, but a total Momma's boy. I started a new job a little over a year ago which I love. I am now working from home 3 days a week, and going to full time Wfh this summer. 

Here are a couple recent pictures of the kids. 

Who is still around?

Cute baby Saturday....end of vacation edition


I've been on vacation for over 2 weeks now. I don't go back until after Labor Day. I can't say I've minded all this time off.

When is the right time?


This guy here, he's been a part of our family for over 18 years. He was our first and only pet. He has slept with us, woke us throughout the night, killed rodents and birds, eaten frogs, been in fights, licked his sister's head until it was raw, snuggled on my pregnant belly, destroyed more bunny nests than I care to admit, brought half dead animals into the house.  He's always been a big, beefy, hearty, muscular kitty. A good 20lbs for most of his kitty life. The past two (maybe even three) years haven't been that great for this boy. He's faced numerous health issues. He frequents the VET every 4-6 weeks for antibiotic and steroid shots. He's even required several enemas due to digestive issues from all the steroids he is on.He's down to less than 12 lbs now. When I pet him all I feel is his skeleton. He falls down a lot. He eats very little. He won't drink out of a bowl anymore, only out of the toilet. He just doesn't seem happy to me. He is old. He is in pain all the time.For me, it's time to let him go. Time to let him finally rest. For T it's not. We just don't agree on this point. We have said goodbye to him before and T took him in and had him shot up and cleaned out yet again. The past few days he has been in obvious pain. Pain to the point that he vomits. He falls over. He spends most of his time laying on the bathroom floor. T is bringing him into the VET in an hour. He'll ok more treatment and we'll be back here again in at her few weeks. At what point is it time? Here we have this right to make a decision on Quality of life for our pets and yet we (he) continue to let them suffer. Why? Because we will be sad to let them go? Because its too hard to make the decision? All I know is I am ready to let him go. I love him and have given him a long and very full life. But I don't think he is living anymore. I just wish T could get to this decision too.[...]

Cute baby Saturday - the beach


Our first trip to the Ocean this season. 



I took an overnight trip to the city last week. I was able to spend all of Thursday and Friday in the city. Some relatives from MT are here visiting and had never been to the city so it was a nice to take them and be their tour guide. 

We covered Times Square, Rockefeller Center, China town, Little Italy, SoHo, Staten Island ferry, Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Whewww, that is a lot in 2 short days!

Cute baby Saturday - 1st haircut