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(image) Since I'm transitioning the blog to Wordpress, the blogger account will probably just hold my running info...for my own sake.

MONDAY, 8/15/11

Got up super early (for me) and went to run with my friends, Ross and Clark. They've been doing an early morning Galloway run three days a week and I invited myself to join them.

I had a good time. Naturally, it's a little easier to get up and run if you know you've got somebody to do it with! We ran 1/1, which concerned me at first, since I've been doing 3/1 at home. However, the shorter runs help us to run farther. We did about 3.5 miles, I think. It was also nice to run parts of the trail I've never seen before!



(image) Since I'm transitioning the blog to Wordpress, the blogger account will probably just hold my running info...for my own sake.

SATURDAY, 8/6/11

Would have made sure the Saturday run got into the last post, but I was without internet all day. (GASP!) Kristen had been gone since Wednesday, so I was itching to get some exercise in. (But also dreading it because I had gone for four days without running!) Got out and did 40 minutes. It was hard the last 10 minutes or so, but I powered through.

MONDAY, 8/8/11
Did 48 minutes on Galloway. Also used a pedometer. Glad I got 48 minutes in, but the pedometer is kinda' depressing! Didn't sweat all the way through my shirt this go 'round. Maybe that means cooler weather is on the way.
I also wanted to see if there was any noticeable difference if I went to a 4 min / 1 min regimen. I only did it a couple of times, but it felt pretty much the same.

WEDNESDAY, 8/10/11
Figured I start w/ the 4 min. regimen to see what happened.

Turns out I'm not too good at the 4 minute regimen.

Did about thirty minutes of running (good grief I'm slow) and an extra 10 of walking to cool down.

FRIDAY, 8/12/11
Since I had the day off, I decided to head over to Southern Trail and run there. I like the trail because it's a little more flat and the distance is clearly marked. That way, I know exactly how far I've gone.

I did a long warm up walk to get to the "start" of the trail and then started running. I wanted to see how long it would take me to do three miles. I'd like to do a 5k this fall and I wanted to see if I'll end up being the last person through the finish line.

I did three miles in 33 minutes, which was better than I thought it would be. I'd like to be at a 10 minute pace, but I'll take 33 for right now!

SATURDAY, 8/14/11
Went out for a little run. I spent the morning on a little yardwork (I hate yardwork)
and then ran errands with Jonah later in the day. I was whipped by evening, but figured I better put in a little time if I was going to have that schoolgirl figure for church on Sunday morning.

I did about twenty minutes on Galloway, then walked a good bit. Nothing crazy, but my legs hurt anyway. Must be all that "weed-eating."



(image) Since I'm transitioning the blog to Wordpress, the blogger account will probably just hold my running info...for my own sake.

SUNDAY, 7/31/11

40 minutes on Galloway w/ 10 minute cool down.

Why do I even write these things down?

TUESDAY, 8/2/11

Another 40 minutes on Galloway w/ 10 minute cool down. For some reason, this one was hard. I got out there pretty late, so that could have been a factor. Wanted to quit around 20 minutes in, but kept going. I've found a way to power through the end of my run when I'm really wanting quit, so that helped.

THURSDAY, 8/4/11
Kristen was gone the last part of the week, which cut into running. I did Slim in 6 Thursday morning, though, just to try to get some cardio in. That's a weird program - while I'm doing it, I think, "Oh, this is easier than I thought." Then, three hours later, I'm feeling it. Guess crunches will do that to a man.



(image) Since I'm transitioning the blog to Wordpress, the blogger account will probably just hold my running info...for my own sake.

MONDAY, 7/25/11

Well, I kept the promise to myself to go for an hour! I did Galloway (3 min run / 1 min walk...I'd bump it up but I'm still too slow) for a total of 60 minutes. I don't know if it's the same when running an hour solid, but for me, running that long has some weird peaks and valleys. Around 35 minutes in, I went from feeling terrible to feeling pretty good and the last ten minutes felt kinda' numb - not too terrible, not too ecstatic.

For the first time in 65 weeks, I completely soaked through my shirt. That's gotta' count for something.

WEDNESDAY, 7/27/11
50 minutes.
Running is dumb.

THURSDAY, 7/28/11
Didn't have practice tonight so I figured I could get a run in. When it came time, I didn't want to. At all. But I got out there. This is telling, but my time keeps decreasing...40 minutes tonight. But I did eat like at 16-yr. old today, so that probably didn't help.

FRIDAY, 7/29/11
Another 40 minutes, Galloway style. Slightly cooler out Friday night. Listened to a podcast, but in retrospect, my angry hip-hop playlist might have been better.



(image) Since I'm transitioning the blog to Wordpress, the blogger account will probably just hold my running info...for my own sake.

MONDAY, 7/18/11

Got out in the late-night heat and ran.

Ate supper late and definitely felt sluggish on the run. Did 10 minute warm up, 20 minute run and a 10 minute cool down.

Mondays are tough because they're usually my first day back on "no sweets." I had reserved the weekends for whatever culinary delights I might desire, but they sure do make me feel lousy. Why do I keep eating them?

WEDNESDAY, 7/20/11
Thanks to the Reluctant Runners website, I added a few new tunes to the running mix. I noticed an abundance of rap on the weekly lists they post and I figured I'd give it a shot. I threw in some Kanye, some Eminem and even some Niki Minaj. (Don't hate.) I liked the Eminem stuff, but he got me a little too pumped up and started off way too fast. It felt good at first, but after 20 minutes, I was thinking, "I better turn on some easy listening and calm things down."

When I had 10 minutes left in the run, (I wanted to do a 30 minute) I fired up that same opening song from Mr. Mathers and that propelled me the thirty minute mark. Did a long walk to cool down. Heat is still suffocating at 11pm, gang.

FRIDAY, 7/22/11
Another day with no sweets! I realize that's a pretty normal accomplishment for most people, but every day I can avoid junk food and candy is a minor victory.

Started the run around 10pm, which is later than I like, but you gotta' do what you gotta' do. I also ate supper late, which is never too fun. I need a good two hours of no food before a run to halfway enjoy it. Did a 10 minute warm up, then a 20 minute run. I had decided beforehand that I wanted to run my whole playlist, which was about 34 minutes long. After twenty minutes, I switched to Galloway (run 3, walk 1) like I did last week. It still feels like cheating, but it did allow me to put in another twenty minutes so that I could go 40 minutes of running! Forty minutes non-stop would feel more like a win, but heck, I'll take it!

Next week, I'm gonna' opt back to Galloway for all the runs and try to log some 30+ runs each time. I haven't done Galloway consistently, but I feel like I could get longer cardio in. The downside is that too much of that method makes the long running harder to get back into.



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Make whatever changes you desire...add me, delete me...your call.



This is a test post.

Please disregard.



Here is a collection of some things that I saw, encountered, experienced last week. None of them are related to each other and they're not all that important.

But they did happen.

(image) While running the other night, I noticed that a guy in our neighborhood has a rack in his garage holding about seven compound bows.

As someone who grew up in a bow hunting household, the presence of hunting equipment wasn't all that surprising, but the volume was.

And let me tell you something - obtaining and maintaining seven of these dudes is no small feat. The cost alone would be quite substantial, as these bows looked to be of a high quality.

(image) I joined Google+. After a day or so, I realized it's super boring and a colossal waste of time. I'm sure it'll become more valid and important and creative and all that jazz eventually, but why can't Google stick with the 2 things they do best - providing me awesome email and knowing everything in the world.
I will give props to the logo, though. It's a nice one.

(image) This past week, I was able to find projector lamps for $300 under normal market price. I'm not much of a bargain shopper, but this was just too good to pass up. I even did that annoying thing where I tell everybody I meet about this great deal I found. (The checkout girl at the grocery store didn't seem all that excited.)

The low price meant that I could by three new ones for almost what one cost. So I did. Worship is gonna' bright and shiny this Sunday morning!

I Post Way Too Much About Jian Ghomeshi


Here's Jian interviewing Hugh Jackman.

Watch out...the combined cool of these two in the same room might just knock you unconscious.

Great interview.

src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="290" width="440">

7/17/11 @ Bethel Bible Church


I'm sure that folks who read this blog get tired of me starting these posts by saying..."Wow! Worship was awesome! My team did great!"Because worship can't always be great, right?Musicians are that consistently awesome, are they?Well, I have two answers for that. First off, I love the way Bethel approaches the worship of God. When you lead a group of people who worship out of obedience and not out of some pursuit of an emotional response, then yes, worship is always awesome because God got the praise! You hear that? God got praise today! That's a win, every time!And secondly, yes. My musicians are awesome. Every week. Here's what we did.GREATER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE (A)Second time to do this tune. As I've mentioned many times before, while Sovereign Grace may not seem like obvious "groove" music, the more I listen and use their stuff, the more impressed I am with how solid their rhythm stuff is. Or maybe just my band is extra groovy.Call To WorshipI read from Jude 1:24-24.24Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, 25to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.As I read during the first service, I thought, "Why didn't I go with Ephesians 3:20?" That might have been better, but celebrating that Jesus presents us blameless is pretty good, too!REDEEMED, RESTORED, FORGIVEN (A)This one is feeling great. The band is really at home with it and the crowd seems to have embraced it. I noticed today that it seems to prompt some physical responses to worship - hands raised, loud singing, etc. We don't really base worship success on how man people raised their hands, but it is an encouraging sign when folks are engaging in responding to the Gospel so early in the service.WelcomeOur youth pastor, Mark, was preaching today, so he jumped up to do the welcome. Mark was preaching out of Jude and he gave a little preview of what he'd be preaching and then prayed over us.MAKER OF MY DAYS (C)We had a guest drummer today and he did a great job. This tune tends to be a struggle for some drummers. Our drummer, Clay, did a great job on this tune. Tim also did a lot of cool organ stuff that was new that I loved.IntroductionMy friend, Toby Baxley, co-led with us today. He's filling in for me in a couple of weeks and it was a good chance to introduce him to Bethel. He quoted scripture before we went into his song.GLORIOUS (C)We've never done this Baloche song and I was excited when he suggested we play it. The song went great. I've always found the intro of the song a little sparse. Toby had a few other instruments fade in early to beef it up a bit when helped. Toby did an awesome job leading this tune. He's gonna' do great on July 31.PrayerI prayed as Tim started the low D chord. It was a nice transition and Tim started it perfectly during both services.ALL CREATURES OF OUR GOD AND KING (D)I caught this version from Enfield on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. I love Enfield's take on hymns and this was a fun one today. Smitty did a great job of carrying the guitar riff on this one. Whole tune had a great dynamic.[...]



(image) TUESDAY, 7/12/11
Hadn't run in a few days, so I spent the day thinking, "Dude, you need to run tonight." It was one of those terrible, baking hot Texas nights, but I fired up a podcast and got out there.

(Side note: I listen to a lot of comedy podcasts and one of my favorite things is to try to guess what sort of 'riff' or 'punchline' is coming up. When I guess one right, I feel like Bill Cosby or something.)

Did a five minute warm up, ran for 30 minutes, then a 10 minute cool down. Dang, I was going slow by the end. Wanted to bail around the 20 minute mark, since that's been my regimen lately. But I've dropped a couple more pounds so I figure amping up the run is the right thing to do.

I haven't blogged about this yet, but my goal is to lose 50 lbs. I'm pretty daunted by it, but I'm trying. I'd like to have it off before the holidays get here, but it's hard!

WEDNESDAY, 7/13/11
Did 5 minute warm-up, 30 minute run an, d 10 minute cool down. Used my pedometer to track distance, which proved what I already know. I am slow.

But the run wasn't terrible and I finished it. That's something, I guess.

FRIDAY, 7/15/11
We were in Lufkin on Friday, which sometimes means no running. However, there was a nice rain Friday afternoon that cooled things down enough for me to take an actual "day run."

It was still hot and a little steamy, but probably 20 degrees cooler than normal. I did five minutes warm up and a 20 minute run. Thirty minutes was my goal and I had to creative to finish it. At 20 minutes, I had to go Galloway Method (run 3, walk 1) to finish it out. I did about a 15 minute cool down. My shirt was soaked!

It was a tough run to finish, but I felt pretty good afterward. (Usually, I'm useless for about thirty minutes after I exercise!)

SATURDAY, 7/16/11
My body never responds well to running two days in a row, but I wanted to get some exercise in. (To fight the effect of all those brownies I ate on Saturday, you know.) I did a 40-minute walk - nothing fast, just trying to put in a little exercise before bed. I try to hit an early bedtime on Saturday nights and a good walk seems to help.



(image) Time to clear the air.

Time to come clean.

Time to share another set of confessions.

Maybe you'll read this post and feel impressed to share your own. Fire up your own blog, hit Facebook or you know...actually talk to a person. (If you must.)

They say confession is good for the soul. So let's all get honest and see if that's actually true. Here are my confessions.
  • I have never seen a zombie movie. Of any kind.

  • In the church I grew up in, I was the reason the sound system was messed up. I'd get in there during the week when no one was around and rewire junk to make songs and videos and see how loud I could make it. Don't tell the sound guy, 'kay?

  • I'm keeping a list this year of how many movies I see. The number is quite high. This concludes the confession. I will not share how many movies I've seen this year. (Blame Netflix.)

  • I love to read scary books, but hate scary movies.

  • One of my dreams is to become a YouTube partner.
Okay, your turn to 'fess up!

First Preview of TAKABISHA, now the world's steepest roller coaster


1:26 into the video...dang.

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This is me...


This is me every Monday morning.

Only not nearly this cute.

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Top Five Favorite Places To Eat in Tyler, Texas


I like to eat out.This is no surprise to anyone.We've lived in Tyler almost three years now and in the time, I've developed some definite "hangs" where I most enjoy sharing a meal with family and friends.Some of these places grabbed me right off; others are new and are quickly becoming the most likely place you'll find me on a fun Tyler night.If you're not from Tyler and you're here visiting, I strongly urge to consider this list when making your dining plans.*Please note. Restaurants are listed in no particular order. Bruno's (Pizza)We first had Bruno's when interviewing with the Bethel elders. I remember taking a bite of the best lasagna I had ever tasted and immediately asking, "Where did this come from?" Now, Bruno's isn't necessarily the easiest place to eat. It's expensive. It's crowded. And the take-out clerks could be a little nicer. But I don't care. I love it. And I'll eat it any place, any time.Don Juan's (Mexican)It took us awhile to find Don Juan's. But once somebody mentioned dollar-taco Wednesday, we knew we had to check it out. Here's what we like about Don Juan's - sure you can get the giant plate filled with enough food for a high school football team, but we like how many small options there are. A taco or two, a side, some queso and you're good to go. Plus, it usually a pretty cheap meal. But be warned...if you go there and don't try the choriqueso, I can't be your friend anymore.Smashburger/Jucy's (Burgers)Yes, I've listed two places, primarily because this is a rift in our family. Kristen is a straight-up Jucy's girl. It's her favorite burger place. My favorite is Smashburger. (Please understand...I'll make myself eat Jucy's if I have to.) Kristen likens Jucy's to a place in Lufkin called "Ray's" which we always loved. I still think Smashburger's better, though. Those, those fries.Newk's (Sandwich)Definitely the most unassuming restaurant on the list, but I've yet to have anything NOT awesome at this place. Plus, they sell a "big salad." I'm sure it's called something else, but when I get the chance to name something after Seinfeld, I take it. I used to do the club sandwich. Until I found the grilled steak. Let's just take a minute and thank God for His many STEAK. STEAK. The only problem with Newk's is that you can't eat there for lunch without getting shanked by corporate women in business suits who need your table the second you're done eating.BJ's (Everything)My family is so tired of me saying, "Let's eat at BJ's!" But I can't get enough. The pizza isn't technically "deep dish", but it's thick and greasy and wonderful. The burgers don't look like burgers but make me want to cry and they make their own root beer. Little pricey so I don't go there often, but when I do, I go big.What are some of your favorite places to eat in your town?[...]

7/10/11 @ Bethel Bible Church


Another Sunday...another chance to gather together as the family of God and celebrate all His wondrous works!Our very own Dan Bolin preached today and did a great job. Like usual! Not only does Dan have a ton of wisdom about scripture and ministry and life in general - he's also great at communicating it.Dan's sermon was focused on "hospitality." It was a great, timely word for all of us. Here's what we did for worship.YOU HAVE SAVED US (A)We've done this Baloche song a couple of times, but it never really worked. We really struggled with the groove. In all honesty, I don't think the band was "ready" back when we first learned it. However, the band did a great job on it today. It's one of those songs that I love and that I keep thinking the church will really grab, but it just hasn't happened. Could be a case of the band loving a song that's just not working. That really is one of the hardest parts of the job - cutting songs that might be awesome that just don't work. We didn't have Tim on B3 this week, so I think that might have hurt us a little bit.Call To WorshipWhile looking through some liturgy books, I came a cross a lengthy adaptation of Isaiah 40. The longer liturgy was great, but didn't really support what we were singing and saying in worship for the day, so I decided to shorten the piece as a "call to worship":Hear and know that the Lord is the everlasting God!
He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. He gives strength to the faint. No matter what befalls us, those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint!However, once I started reading it, my projectionist flashed the actual scripture on the screen. I didn't mind - mine was a paraphrase and I appreciate him taking initiative. If I had known, I could have stopped him, but since it happened live, I just read it.SONG OF HOPE (A)Karen, our keyboardist, kept playing through the transition, which was nice. Dale counted us into this one, an old favorite. Karen learned the "bell riff" from the bridge and played it on our Korg and it was really nice. I don't know that we've ever played that particular riff during the bridge, but it was nice. Weird thing about riffs - sometimes they don't matter, but other ones can really make a section stand out. Shawn, our bassists, had learned every single lick of the bass line and it made a huge contribution to the overall groove.WelcomeDan did a quick welcome, asked folks to sign our visitor book and turned it back over to the band. We're used to a welcome that's a bit longer, but Dan is such a friendly face, I think he made everybody feel welcome right from the start.MY HOPE IS YOU (C)I keep trying to not love this song, but it's just not possible. To me, this one of the tightest band tunes we've got. Ray Wilson had all the electric stuff down cold! Karen even took the synth line from the mp3 and played on piano/synth in verse 1, which gave the song some nice shimmy before the drums came in.Scripture Since I was going to be teaching a new song about community, I read from I Peter 3:8-9:Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.I then tried to remind folks that scripture is instructive for us. In fact, scripture gives us a great application on how to do this in I Corinthians 12:26:If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. COMMUNITY (F)Thi[...]



(image) TUESDAY, 7/5/11
I was all geared up for a run when Kristen walks in and says, "There's lightning out there."

I make it a policy to avoid electrocution whenever possible, so I sadly conceded. Then Kristen said another thing. "Do Slim In Six."

"Slim In Six" is this DVD exercise pack that we bought a couple of years ago. At the time, it was pretty hard for me, and I ended up injuring my knee while doing it. I put it away, ate junk food for another year and then decided to try running.

And while this is supposed to be a running post, I DID exercise. I did the basic 25 minute regimen, which wasn't as hard as I remember. Knees bothered me a little bit and the arm stuff killed me. Sorry...arms aren't my thing. (But you should see my calves. I'm all calves.)

I was glad to get some exercise in. I took a break from the "no sweets" on Sunday and Monday and definitely felt it during the exercise. But it gave me an energy boost and I went to bed satisfied that I had put in some exercise time!

Remember when I said the exercise DVD wasn't that bad.

Well, I was wrong. Very. Very. Wrong.

Starting Wednesday morning, I got progressively more sore as the day wore on, most noticeably in my legs. That can't legs are widely hailed as massive, muscular forces of nature! How can a little DVD make me get more sore rather than less?

By the time I came home from a Life Group Leader meeting at church, exercise wa
s the last thing on my list. But since I had "looked forward" to running all day long, I threw on the sneakers and did it. It was hot, but I did it. Five minute walk to warm up, then 25 minute run, then another five to cool down.

SATURDAY, 7/9/11
Kristen was early to bed on Friday night due to a full day out of town on Saturday, so I postponed exercise (and posting) until Saturday night.

Did 5 min. warm up, 25 minute run and about a 10 min. cool down. Losing weight, but not feeling all that "light" on my feet, yet. Luckily, the running, plus the no-sweets is gradually paying off.

Now, This Is Metallica I Get Excited About...


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The Problem With Jetpacks


(image) I'm kinda' over the whole jetpack thing.

It seems like every month or so, there's some new story in my Google Reader about a guy who's "this" close to finishing his prototype and moving us one step closer to future.

One morning this week, I was thinking about jetpacks.

I'm know, I'm kinda' bewildered by it, too.

But as I thought about it, I realized that we're going to be in big trouble once everybody has a jetpack.
  • MID-AIR COLLISIONS AND/OR DEATH. How are they going to regulate this? If everybody's just shooting into the air where there are no lanes, it's gonna' be raining blood pretty soon. I can't even drive past a automobile accident without getting distracted; how am I going to walk around with people slamming into each other over my head?

  • GRASS FIRES. I live in Texas. East Texas, where from about July to October, you'll got to jail for lighting a match. There's not way we can get through summer with guys laying down 4,000 degree flam bursts multiple times a day. Most of our towns would be ash by the afternoon.

  • FUEL PRICES. Think auto fuel is expensive. Wait until you gotta' fill up with jet fuel 9 times a day.

  • DESCENT. I've yet to see any of these jetpack proponents show where exactly they've placed the parachute. That's a big deal, right? What if you run out of fuel in mid-air or have engine failure? Descent really is the most important of flying, don't you think?

  • COPS. You think motorcycle cops are mean, now? Wait until you strap giant flashbang to their back and make the work even closer to the sun during summer. Everybody's getting a ticket then, y'all.
I've got smart readers. What other red flags am I missing with all this jetpack nonsense?

Every Thought Captive


(image) I've had some terrible songwriting sessions lately.

I'm sitting there with my computer and my notepad and my guitar and my notes and privacy and time and desire and...


I start playing and mumbling melodies, throwing some words in there, and yet, nothing happens. Or better yet, the stuff that does come out of the sessions sounds tired and trite and like something I would have written as a 14-year old.

And that's when the thoughts come. Those terrible, nagging thoughts. Thought like these:
  • Well, that's it. You're done. You've completely exhausted every square inch of your creativity. There's nothing else to say. There's no fresh way to say it. You had a good run, buddy. But you're done.

  • There are too many good songs. Give it up because even the best stuff you've got is terrible in comparison with what's out there right now. Why on earth would you try to write more worship songs when there are so many good ones?

  • One line. You can't even come up with one line! How are you going to build a hook and keep it Biblical and make sure it's linear and have a bridge if you can't write one line? One line!

  • It's been 20 minutes and nothing has happened. You could be doing a lot of other stuff right now. Stuff that actually matters to people. Stuff that will bless and lead and encourage them. Why are you so selfish?
I have these thoughts a lot. And the truth is that I don't have comebacks for them. More often than not, I put my guitar down and think, "You're right. I'm done."

But I do know that God calls us to do things. And He gifts us to do those things.

I don't know how to stop those thoughts, but I know what God's called me to be. And if I'll remember that, suddenly, the 20 minutes spent exercising my gift in glory to Him becomes time well spent.

10 Silly Things I'm Thankful For


(image) It's important to cultivate a life that's characterized by gratitude.

But being grateful is tricky. There are huge, life-altering, massive things to be thankful for, but there are also small, insignificant markers of joy and blessing in life that might, at times, feel a little "silly" to be thankful for.

But, heck, I'm just going to go ahead and embrace the silly. Why not? It's my blog, right? That's why I'm listing ten of these small things that make me thankful to God for the life I have. I bet you've got some silly things to be thankful for, too.

10. Rute 202. These are "rod" drumsticks that drummers sometimes use to limit their overall volume. I have come to love these things. (Sorry, Dale & Bruce...drummers at our church!)

9. Cute dental hygienists. Look, I get nervous at the dentist, okay? It helps if the woman scraping my teeth for an hour at 8am is a cutie. My wife knows this and cuts me some slack. You should, too.

8. Queso. Always queso.

7. Early morning cartoons. For when Daddy needs a little extra sleep. ("Here's the remote, kids. Now don't bother me for an hour.")

6. Summer Staff Meeting Schedules. I love the people I work with. I just don't need to love them every Tuesday.

5. The difference between Twitter & Facebook. Facebook for the general population. Twitter for the people who know how truly dumb I am.

4. Google Reader. How else could I be able to access hundreds of blogs each day?

3. Losing my cell phone. That way I have an actual excuse for ducking calls.

2. Netflix. With as many movies as I've seen, Netflix ought to be paying ME.

1. Kelly Clarkson. Obviously.

Your turn. GO.

Somebody Fooled Penn & Teller...


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I already love magic...


I already love magic...this is even better.

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This Is America


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7/3/11 @ Bethel Bible Church


Wow, lots of stuff in one little song set. This post nearly gave me carpal tunnel! Summer is in full swing at Bethel, which means LOTS of new faces. While Fall always brings familiar faces back into the sanctuary, Summer seems to be when new folks decide to give us a try.We're trying our best to meet new people and help them in their journey to know God's Word. It's hard work, but there's nothing we'd rather do!If you're a worship leader, I'd love to know what you did today! Leave a comment below and share with all of us...we'd love to hear about it!YOUR GRACE IS ENOUGH (G)Nice intro here. We used a click for the electric guitar and drums, so they both came in right on beat. During the first service, I had our singer, Sarah, welcome everybody. In second service, I TOTALLY forgot and did the welcome instead of Sarah. I felt stupid, but luckily, nobody knew I messed up. Other than the band, that is...ScriptureWe ended the first song and I started reading Romans 5:1-2 as our drummer started the beat."Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God."MADE US ALIVE (A)We changed up our arrangement just a bit. First off, we taught the congregation the vocal part that runs under the bridge. I had drums hold the beat while I taught it to them. Bass and B3 grooved through the progression...nice and smooth! I flubbed the order during 2nd service and jumped to the chorus too quick, but luckily the chords were all the same. Once again...Todd's brain was not working! I just pretended like I did it to challenge the team. (Hee hee.) We have a tendency to rush this one, so we used the click live.WelcomeOur Executive Pastor Fritz Hager was on deck this week. He welcomed folks and read from Psalm 115. We mentioned our freedom as a nation and encouraged the congregation to focus on the fact that we are freed people through the work of Christ. It was a good welcome.RISING (E) Second time we've brought this one out. Both times, I've had some concern about it, but the congregation seems to respond to it. We had to change up the introduction since it was over our "greeting" time. Our electric player, Ray, did a great job on the lead break.TransitionSarah, our vocalist, leads "I'm Singing", so we had her talk through a transition. She did so good. It was funny and personal and perfect for our service. She admitted to be addicted to an American Revolution series and made a great comparison of "heroes" to Jesus. In second service, it was the most comfortable I've ever seen her!I'M SINGING (E)Used click on this one, too. Our keyboard guy, Tim, uses a nice Rhodes-like patch on the keyboard with a slight flange, which has a nice shimmer. We use click to keep this one nice and jazzy. Drums and bass had a little trouble locking in, but the song still went okay. Sarah did a good job leading this one.CommunionI explained that communion was an act of worship and celebration of God's grace. I also gave a brief preview of what we would be doing (response, order of communion, etc.) I called the men forward and then started the communion liturgy.I began by reading the COLLECT FOR PURITY:Almighty God, unto Whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from Whom no secrets are hid; Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspirat[...]