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Good Horse Sense from an Ol' Nag

You can collect sage advice from an Ol' Lady who has lived through the times. Look for recipes, cooking tips, frugal savings and just good ol' plain horse sense. I raise my brood and now am able to sit back and share some wisdom with other women out the

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Here I am again after quite a long time. I have been told I should be putting more adventures of my life in writing, so here goes.  One of the things that might be of interest was when I was in the first and second grade of school. I started to school at Old Glory, Texas . This was a very small town the northwest part of Texas. We lived in the country, across the Brazos river from school.
My sister and I had to ride the school bus which my dad drove. There was not a bridge across the river where we had to cross. The bus had to ford the river each morning and each afternoon. In the morning if the river was up and we could not get across we went the long way around to Aspermont and there down the highway to Old Glory which made everyone on the bus late for school. In the afternoon when we got to the river if it was up and we could not get across in the bus, we swam across. The high school boys would put the little children on their backs and swim across with us. Two of the high school boys lived close to the river so they would go get a tractor and wagon come back load everyone on and take them on home.
Also while we lived at this place my dad taught me how to dance. There were several familes lived in the area and there was not much to do for entertainment (this was long before TV). They would have dances at different families homes. The whole family would go. My dad would let me stand on top of his feet while he danced around the room. That is how I learned to dance. Before I was eight years old I was dancing real well. Still love it but the old knees don't work so well any more. Well you see the "I can do anything gal" started at an early age.

Just Getting Started


(image) Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Flickr

Well I have told you how I have always been so bad about getting things done. My car needed some work. I was married to husband #1 and he was a very top notch mechanic. I ask several times as it was over heating for him to fix it. As I am sure most of you know, a mechanic's car , a plumber's pipes, a carpenter house, are the last to get any thing taken care of. After months I decided to take care of the problem."Miss I Can Do Anything" took a different approach to this. I got in the car and drove until the car would not go any more. in other words I burned up the motor. Back then there were no cell phones to call for help. But pretty soon a farmer came by and I went back to town to the garage where my husband worked. Then I told him where the car was. I proceeded to get his car and go home. Husband #1 then had to put a new motor in my car when if he had fixed it to began with it may have only needed minor repair.

Several years later with husband #2 my car needed new spark plugs and wires. I knew if I was to get this done I was the one to do it. So off to the parts store I went one Saturday morning. Purchased what I needed and back home to get to work. One spark plug and wire at a time so I would know just where the wire went. I did the job myself. When my husband finally got out of bed he said was going to go get parts. With a smile on my face I told him it was fixed.