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Aloha tofu!


If anyone ever comes to Hawai'i (or if you live here like me) I would definitely recommend you stop at Aloha Tofu Town! It's this small cafe that is also a gift shop and tofu factory! Everything the serve is made with their own Aloha tofu. It's a popular stop for people from Japan, and for people who love tofu. My favorite is the tofu hamburger steak (no pic because I ate it!), but they also have bentos, curry, and loco moco! They even have tofu based desserts... Their tofu creampuffs are especially popular. One of my favorite things is that when you order a regular sized meal, you can also serve yourself tofu that hasn't been fully firmed yet... It is so good!  This is a local business that is also one of the few tofu companies remaining in Hawaii. They are located in dole cannery... Check them out!

Bentos to go!

The dining area

Making aburaage!!!

Serve yourself tofu... they keep it warm in a slow cooker and you can garnish it yourself too!



I'm super lucky! The other day I was asked to be an emergency substitute for one of my coworkers, and I got to go to Maui! This was the view from the plane... Such a clear day!!! I actually was in the aisle seat and asked the me sitting next to me if I could reach over him to take this picture; he did and it came out perfect :)

Pouch sewing


With all the holiday weekends over Christmas and New Year's, I was finally able to sew some pouches. I've had some of these kawaii fabrics stashed for years, and I don't see these prints anymore. The pink and white alphabet fabric is especially dear!

Merry Christmas!


Busy weekend


I had a pretty busy weekend, so I didn't have much time for berrysprite crafting. I did manage to snap this photo of a rainbow (it was mostly hot and sunny, but there was some rain, which is my favorite!)

First ever mermaid!


So I received a custom order for a mermaid!  I had never done one before, (only a merlion) mostly because every time I try to make hair it turns out wonky (that's also why I don't have many human amigurumi!).  She came out pretty cute (with lovely hair!), and so I decided to make a few more based on my mermaid kingdom fabric (those will come in a later post, as I have to wait until the weekend to finish them!)

Waffle Mascot


I sometimes get asked to do create mascots, logos, or banners for people.  This is one from my vault.. he didn't get chosen for the final waffle, but he's still pretty cute.  Just in case you are wondering, I use a free vector-based program called Inkscape to draw in, and I sometimes use a Bamboo Splash to draw with.  I'm really hoping to find more time to draw and design fabrics, because its so much fun!

A nostalgic trip to Japan through some of my kawaii souvenirs


Fushimi Inari Temple, Kyoto Fushimi Inari, KyotoI love love love visiting Japan.  The people, the culture, the history, the food, natural and architectural beauty... its no wonder people love to travel to Japan.  However, there is one thing that makes Japan one of my all time FAVORITE places to visit.... the shopping!!! Dotonbori, OsakaI started feeling nostalgic today because I was cleaning up my room and came up some of the souvenirs I bought on my last two trips to Japan.  Japan often has the reputation of being very expensive, but maybe because I live in Hawaii (which is very expensive anyway!) I find Japan to be reasonable.  Plus I am a very good bargain shopper.  I thought I would share some of the things I bought on my trips, along with where I got them and the price, as much as I could remember them.  Jelly Sticker Sack (Tokyu Hands, Shinsaibashi, Osaka for ¥300 or around $3.00)Shu Uemura eyelash curler... they had stopped selling these in the US for a little while, but I think they are selling them again. It's definitely cheaper in Japan though! (From Don Quixote, Shinjuku, Tokyo for ¥10,000 or about $10.00) A Daruma! You fill in the left eye when you make a wish and fill in the right eye when your wish comes true. My wish hasn't come true yet! (I got him from a coin machine/capsule machine at the Kofuku-ji shrine in Nara for ¥500 or around $5.00) My favorite sheet of piggy stickers! (From Loft in Shinjuku, Tokyo for ¥100 or around $1.00) A kawaii sea animal fabric pouch (from Kaiyukan Aquarium, Osaka for ¥700 or around $7.00) A teru teru bozu, a good luck/nice weather charm (from Nakamise Dori/shopping street, Asakusa, Tokyo for around ¥3.00 or around $3.00) Really awesome pa nail polish, which comes in an amazing range of colors (including iridescent and glitter varieties) from various beauty stores and places like Tokyu Hands (¥280 each, or around $2.80) The most adorable mini glass figurines! From Komachi-dori/shopping street, Kamakura (price varies, but none of these were more than ¥400 or $4.00. The average price was around ¥300!) Kawaii fabrics cuts from Nomura Tailor, near Kawaramachi shopping street in Kyoto (¥500, or $5.00 each) What trip to Japan is complete without a little UFO catcher action... I won this tiny llama from a random game store near the Hep 5 mall in Umeda, Osaka (each UFO try is usually ¥100 or $1.00. The trick is not to spend like $20.00 before you win!).  This is probably my favorite thing I ever bought in Japan... he's a little goldfish beanbag! (From the Chirimen Craft Museum, Kyoto for around ¥300 or $3.00)[...]

Strawberry kawaii


I love love love strawberries... They are so kawaii, and strawberry flavor is one of my favorites! I recently made these tiny cupcake boxes after some strawberry inspiration also prompted me to paint my nails.  Perhaps it was moving so solidly into fall after a such a long and hot summer. These boxes measure around 3" (7.6 cm) tall and will fit some tiny treasures. I was thinking they might be cute for a visit from the tooth fairy!

Wee bear


A super sweet customer of mine sent me a gift of some mohair yarn a while back, and I've only just made this wee bear! He stands only about 3 inches tall (7.6 cm).

New Fabric Design!


Wow, it's been a whole year since I've blogged, and its quite funny that my last post was introducing a berrysprite fabric design, because that's what I'm here to do again!  My newest design is a smaller scale design which includes little meadow sprites on a dark blue field of flowers.  I'm in love with this color scheme, and I love the way it turned out!  I used Spoonflower's free swatch day to test it on their newest georgette fabric, but I think it will come out just as nicely on any of their lovely fabrics. Available here!

It's a bit wrinkled because its georgette fabric, but still so pretty!

New Spoonflower Fabric Design: Mermaid Kingdom!


I've been working on this design on and off (mostly off!) for about a year, but I was finally motivated to finish it up in time for the free eco-canvas swatch day at Spoonflower.  I decided to call it Mermaid Kingdom because it features an entire population of mermaids!  One of the challenges of designing it was making all the different mermaids... I tried to give each one his/her own distinctive character.  I am in LOVE with it, and I think it came out so cute!  Did you notice the merlions?

I found that my original design size was a bit small for something bumpy like eco-canvas, so I increased the size a bit... now the mermaids are around 1" (~2.5 cm) versus .5" (~1.5 cm).     Mermaid Kingdom is Available now on my Spoonflower page!

More piggy pictures


I listed these in my shop last week or so, and posted to my Facebook too, but the pics are so cute!  So they are here too now :)

And the black one..... bam!

All the Korean Makeups


I had a spectacular day off on Friday, and I spent it shopping at MULTIPLE Korean makeup stores!  We are lucky in Hawaii, because within the past three years, three different Korean makeup brands have opened up shop!  This includes The Face Shop, TonyMoly and Nature Republic! Although I'm not normally a huge makeup fan, Korean makeup usually comes in kawaii packages (of which I AM a super fan!).  All three stores have comporable makeup and skincare products, such as lotions, cleansers, face masks, nail polishes, etc, at similar prices.  Together, they are a trifecta of amazing kawaii makeup products!  I'm actually going to Japan in a few months (the land of kawaii makeup), but I couldn't resist.  Here are my purchases:Face masks on the bottom left (including Aloe, Mung Bean, and Honey).  The red box is a tomato lotion... Tomato is a very popular flavor/ fragrance in Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries.  The monkey box holds a mud mask and the green bunny is a green tea solid perfume!Korean makeup stores are also really good about giving samples...The Floria tubes and Aura cream came as free gifts with purchase, and were included in the calendar box in the back! Panda hand cream.   I repeat.  Panda hand cream.  Not going to lie, I kinda wanted this just because it came in a panda.Want to wage a war against your pores?  Use this egg pore toner!  More hand cream!  This one came from Nature Republic, which is still relatively new in Hawaii... Their store is in Ala Moana.  See what I mean about packaging though?  From the minute you open it to the minute all the product is gone, you gotta love the whole "process" of using Korean makeup!  Additionally, the little sprout on this guy's head can be taken out and put in your cell phone's earjack, like a little plant is growing out of your phone (they're called pluggies!).  Isn't that cool?So anyway, I'm going to have to not spend money for a little while, but I'll definitely have super nice hands/ smell super good/ clear skin in the meantime![...]

New spoonflower fabric design… Jellyfish!


There's a brand new fabric design in my spoonflower shop…. does it look familiar?  Its light blue jellyfish and orange fish prey swimming on a dark teal background.   To make this design, I used Inkscape, which is a free vector based drawing program.  I love jellyfish so much, so I hope you like this fabric!

February Sale ends at the end of February


Just a heads up!  My February sale is going to end soon... on Friday February 28th.  If it were a leap year you would have one more day to buy stuff on sale but its not so you don't, :D

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Chinese New Year!


Kaiyukan/ Osaka Aquarium


Yep, I'm still not done posting my pictures from Japan (especially now that I have my new computer)!  In Osaka we made a special trip to Kaiyukan/ the Osaka Aquarium, which was AMAZINGly fun!  I realize now that when I travel, I love visiting museums and aquariums and this one was definitely one of the best I've been to!  It was super easy to get to (just catch the bullet train) and walk a bit.  It's nice because there is a shopping center next to the aquarium (Tempozan Harbor), and you can also buy tickets to ride the giant ferris wheel there. The aquarium is one of the largest in the world, and it would have to be to house not one but TWO whale sharks… we were super lucky because when we visited in June of 2013 they had just gotten a brand new baby whale shark and were in the process of holding a naming contest for it (she ended up being named Ten-chan).  My sister and I specifically wanted to visit Yu-chan and Ten-chan! Inside the Aquarium…see how massive the tanks are!Penguins!Spider crabs! Eeeeeew.I forget what these were (whale lice?) but they were gross!Octopi!Ten-chan the whale shark!Yu-chan the whale shark!The best touch pool ever!Kawaii crabAn otter!  Seriously, this was the best picture I got… they wouldn't be still for a second!Feeding the penguins!Dolphinsmore whale shark!Tempozan Harbor and Temposan Ferris WheelTempozan Harbor Ferris Wheel… to make it look like there are more people riding the ferris wheel, they stick a giant winnie the pooh doll in one of the carriages!View from the ferris wheel!View from the ferris wheel!And that was the Osaka Aquarium![...]

If you still read this blog, know that there is a sale happening right now...



Also, do you like my old school signage skills?  I'm still working on getting all my lovely programs on my new computer.... soon I will have cute graphics again!

happy new year!


I made this with my new computer, which doesn't have any of my old programs… so it looks a bit elementary my dear Watson… but nevertheless, wishing you and yours a Happy 2014!!!

Mele Kalikimaka!


Selling my Blythes for Cheap(er)! BOTH SOLD, Thank You!


Hi guys!  So originally I bought these Blythe dolls because I wanted to be able to know how big they were  so that I could make hats and bears to sell in my etsy shop (plus the fun of being able to customize them really appealed to me!) If you follow my shop you may have seen them in one or two of my listings.  But these plans of grandeur were concocted when I was still a student with lots of free time... I'm finding that now that I have a grownup full-time job I don't have as much time.  Plus, they are just sitting in a plastic box under my bed.  So I was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing one (or both) from me.The first Blythe I will be selling is a Prima Dolly Ashlette (SBL, released in January of 2008). I called her Wendy and I purchased her new. Some things you should know about Wendy:I dyed her hair a darker brown. I removed her factory makeup and put in new eyelashes... they are a bit scraggly. Her scalp needs to be reattached.Her eye-changing mechanism is broken, and I tried to fix it with glue, which is still on there... You can still change her eyes, but you have to do it manually (the pull string doesn't always work).She has some wine-colored stains on her body (shoulders and back) from a red dress she has been wearing since I put her under my bed... D'oh!) Incidentally, she will be mailed in this dress because otherwise she would be nekkid.        Although there are a few things about Wendy that a collector/ blythe connoisseur might avoid, Wendy would be perfect for someone who had their eye on a Blythe but couldn't really afford one.  She still looks really good and photographs very well.  She's perfect for someone who is just starting out, and can still be completely customized by you!Prima Dolly Ashlette= Asking Price:  $30 + Shipping.  See for current rates Sold, thank you very much!The second Blythe is my Miss Sally Rice (RBL).  I love her hair color... If I was blonde I would totally dye my hair a light blue color like this... but alas, my hair is a deep brown and would require too much peroxide to every look good dyed a cool color.  I purchased her from a very nice lady over at the This is Blythe Forums around 2009 for $120 I think.  They still sell for quite a pretty penny... I think.  Some things you should know about Miss Sally:No markings are visibleOne of her eyechips is missing (yellow sakura coolcat) but you can totally replace it.All her factory makeup is still on and is unalteredShe (scalp) has never been opened Everything is still attached and works great!Her hair is a little mussed but you can totally fix that.She comes with a complete set (8) cool cat eyechipsShe is beautiful, and photographs beautifully! She will be shipped in the blue dress she's wearing in the photos!Miss Sally Rice= Asking Price: $90 + Shipping.  See USPS for current rates. Sold, thank you very much!Spread the word, tell your friends, especially if they are interested in getting a Blythe!  FB message or email me ( if you are interested in either one or both... If both you can probably save on shipping!  [...]



My sister and I deliberately extended the end of our Japan trip so we could stay longer in Osaka, and we were so glad we did!  Although I loved Tokyo, I think I might have enjoyed our stay in Osaka more!  And for everyone who goes to Tokyo for craft/ kawaii shopping, I think I actually bought more crafty things on other parts of my trip (including Osaka) than in Tokyo... by the time we ended up in Tokyo, I had visited all of the stores I had wanted to like Tokyu Hands, Daiso, Loft, Yuzawaya, Gran Plaire, Kiwa, etc...  In fact, I think I visited most of these stores in Osaka!  Among my favorite things we did in Osaka was going to the Osaka Aquarium (to see the whale sharks!), shopping at Shinsaibashi (where there was the nicest/newest Daiso ever, a Mister Donut, and a Parts Club/Gran Plaire store), and going to the Tanabata festival!Osaka Imperial Palace... It was so beautiful!The Umeda Sky Garden Building!  It was really fun, but we just missed the huge streamers they hung from the building for the Tanabata Festival.  At the top is a cafe and you can buy a heart-shaped lock to put on the roof!View from the Umeda Sky GardenShinsaibashi heading out to DotonboriThe famous Glico Running Man!There were a lot of people hawking coupons to go into one of the many restaurants in Dotonbori.  This one is famous for... Kami/Crab!!! (It even smelled like crab over here, yum!)There were so many eating places in Dotonbori; My sister and I ate at a Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki/ Yakisoba restaurant that was delicious!  FYI, most Japanese restaurants have smoking/ non smoking sections... Always choose non-smoking if you are not a smoker!!! Many Japanese smoke a lot, and the smoking sections are VERY smoky.Okonomiyaki!!! So good!We had fun wandering down the side streets, etc... the store on the right is a Forever 21 (we tried to stay away from stores we have in Hawaii, otherwise what is the point of traveling?)The famous Don Quixote Ferris Wheel (we didn't ride it... it wasn't on)! I am used to Don Quixote stores being flat and wide; nearly all the Don Quixote we went to in Japan were very tall (like 5 or more floors) and skinny... they were jam-packed with all kinds of inexpensive but great goodies.  I bought socks, candy and a 1000 Yen ($10.00) shu uemura eyelash curler here! The Tanabata Festival at Shitennoji Shrine!  Tanabata is the Japanese Star festival (usually held on July 7) and is supposedly the one time a year when a god and goddess (both stars) can cross the milky way and meet!  At Shitennoji, they built a bamboo tunnel with an artificial Milky Way that is good luck to pass through!  It is an awesome summer festival!Kids get to play games at Tanabata celebrations!The artificial Milky WayShitennoji Shrine at dusk for the Tanabata FestivalIt is important to dress in traditional yukata and summer clothing/kimono and to light candles to remember loved ones who have passed on.  You can also write wishes on small slips of paper and tie them to trees. Osaka Aquarium was AMAZING!!! I've discovered that aquariums are my jam.  I loved it so much, I'm going to make a separate blog post about it![...]

Food on my Japan trip


Sorry I've been MIA,  I am trying to finish up a huge report and am still juggling many more reports at work!  It's like grad school never ended!  Anyway, here are more pictures from my wonderful awesome superb super fun trip to Japan.  This post is dedicated to yummy foods I ate! Chocolate and cream cheese crepes in Kamakura Tonkatsu at Katsukura in Gion Melon soda in Shinjuku  Sulfur egg snack in HakoneSpaghetti Burger at Lotteria in Shinjuku  Shabushabu in Shinjuku Kaiseki Dinner in AtamiCandy store in Kyomizu  The most kawaii donut from Floresta Bakery in NaraTakoyaki in Osaka  The best peach water ever!!!! I drank like 20 of these! Yakisoba at the Tanabata Festival in OsakaKatsudon in Osaka  The funnest vending machine ever!  At the Ramen store Kamakura you select your choice and pay outside.... And then you go inside and eat your ramen! It was sooooo good! Pablo! This cheese tart was cheesy and sweet and delicious! Cute pastries in the basement of Takashimaya department store in Osaka April and October zodiac sundaes from Milky Way Galaxy in IkebukuroGyu-don in Shinjuku[...]