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A compendium of craft masquerading as art, art masquerading as craft, and craft extending its middle finger.

Updated: 2013-02-10T20:16:27-05:00


Strings Attached


Oh Humboldt County. Now that the Discovery Channel is devoting not one, but TWO new "reality" shows to the weed industry in Humboldt County, we've got to try even harder to remind the outside world that there is a lot...

Tardis Slip


I'm turning 40 this year... and that mean's I'm OLD. Old people sit around and bemoan the fact that the kids today can't read, don't know what culture is if it bit 'em on the ass, wear funny clothes and...

Spinski-ing a Yarn


The ceramics world lost one of its great heroes today. Victor Spinski passed away. He was full of mischief, skill and skewed wisdom... maybe not in equal parts. I wrote about an interview I did with Victor last year in...

Recycling Sucks: The History of Creative Reuse at TEDx Eureka


Last month, I had the pleasure of delivering a shortened version of my lecture Recycling Sucks: The History of Creative Reuse as a TED talk at TEDx Eureka. Lots of fun stuff had to be cut out to accomodate the...

Benin There Vodun That


Photo: Dan Kitwood, Getty Images Just flipping through the new issue of National Geographic. With a photo like this, it's hard to resist the temptation to turn one's blog into a Pinterest clone. This photo was taken during vodun celebrations...

I'm Still Here!


Oy yoy yoy. I'm seriously rusty at this blogging stuff. I decided to take some time off from Extreme Craft when Ramona was born back in January. A week after the baby was born, my wife broke her knee, and...

Extreme Craft: The Next Generation


Huzzah! The project that my wife Claire and I have been working on for nine months has come to fruition! Maybe I'm not releasing a song about her like Jay-Z, but I couldn't be happier to have a 6 pound...

Rea of Sunshine


I haven't really mentioned it on Extreme Craft yet, but one of the reasons for the sparsity of posts is that I've been focusing on writing some longer features and papers. I've been writing for CRAFT online for a few...

Everything Else "Pails" in Comparison


I'm in the middle of writing a paper that I'm presenting at the NCECA ceramics conference in March about performance art in the ceramics world. There's a lot more than you'd think--particularly if you expand the parameters a little bit....

Women are From Venus, Pigs are from Marzipan


Happy holidays, everybody! Sorry for the silence lately... big things have been cooking at chez Extreme Craft. Claire is 8.9 months pregnant, and the arrival of our new roommate could happen at any time. What could be so important that...