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new steps.


i'm currently in the middle of transitioning to something new and improved. keep your eyes peeled for a link sometime soon.

oh, hello old friend


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house of cards - radiohead



These past two weeks have been such a blur. All i can really do to differentiate between days are to glance at some photos.I went to see Rage Against the Machine at Finsbury Park:While Rage isn't normally something I listen to on a daily basis, it was the most fun i've ever had at a gig. Ever.Photoshooting with classmates:It's hard to beat sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam under the sun with a best friend:Supporting artist Ventza at the Upper Playground (with a bit of King Noir thrown in):Celebrating with classmates:The Black Atlantic, supporting the Tallest Man on Earth at the Tabernacle:The Tallest Man on Earth at the Tabernacle:Stealing flowers..End.[...]

hey there, handsome.


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kristian matsson a.k.a. the tallest man on earth.



i've been listening to...

1. the tallest man on earth - the wild hunt
2. the avett brothers - mignonette
3. deer tick - born on flag day
4. she & him - volume one
5. coconut records - davy
6. gregory alan isakov - that sea, the gambler
7. blind melon - blind melon
8. audioslave - audioslave
9. muse - absolution
10. the national - high violet

photo: the tallest man on earth by johan stolpe

sweet darlin'


spent the day in the early summer sunshine with some of my lovelies.

(image) ... and a little bit of she & him:

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girls + bikes


bikes are the best way to travel. not only are they probably the fastest way to get around in London, but you are also exercising and getting to know the city around you. have sort of been craving a bike here in London (especially in this lovely weather). although there's that whole other factor of danger. i think this is the only thing holding me back... i have heard so many freak stories about bike deaths around the city. but i guess if you're always scared of something, you'll never get anywhere right?here are some inspiring pics from facehunter of girls with bikes around the world.vintage poster from http://www.lvfixed.comall photographs by yvan the facehunter[...]



when i first read the virgin suicides, i was completely disturbed and somewhat mesmerized. the film holds the same place for me... i sort of hate to love it. anyways, the imagery, i think, is beautiful and i couldn't help but fall in love with kirsten dunst in it.

on another note, i've really admired kirsten's style lately. while i've never really noticed her before (she seemed like a try-too-hard), she is beginning to grow on me. she definitely has an effortless look that i know we all strive for, which is what is so appealing. i especially love these last two looks from the past week or so.


another day to dress up


this girl not only has a great collection of vintage hats, but also one of the best vintage-filled wardrobes that i've seen.
check her out here.

photo from another day to dress up



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i've been listening to she & him on and off for the past few weeks. i'm upset that i missed them in both london and amsterdam due to sold out gigs slash inability to travel. i really enjoyed watching this video filled with endless children's costumes and a dreamy play world. i would completely love to live in this.

she & him - why do you let me stay here?



on browsing through my blog reads, i found these two street style images that really spoke to me. both being completely individual as well as inspiring!

image via copenhagen street style
this girl's dress is entirely gorgeous, as well as the chunky jacket she layered on top. plus, i'm a sucker for bikes. i would love to own a bike in london one day! (especially with a wicker basket)

image via the satorialist
this vintage palette is perfect for spring. and her hair is devine!

baby girl


willa maye.

i would probably give my left arm to be able to fly across the ocean right now to meet this baby girl.

edit: i am. thursday - boston/newport here i come.

quilts galore


there's really nothing like going to the V&A on a sunny day. the inner courtyard is bustling with people drinking tea, eating sandwiches and soaking up the sun. it was especially sweet to see children excitedly prancing around in the wading pool.

the Grace Kelly exhibition was incredibly packed, so we decided to check out the Quilts exhibition. Quilts have always drawn me in... the love that goes into making them and the way that they can be so simple and classic but still so beautiful. someday i will definitely have a closer look into quilting and try to start one myself. looking at all these quilts from the 1800's is definitely a good motivator.

(image) (image)
juxtaposed to all the historic quilts are modern quilts. although i didn't surely enjoy seeing a quilt dated 200 hundred years old sitting next to a quilt dating 2 years old, i still enjoyed seeing the ideas behind modern quilters. the one below is by Caren Garfen, who takes a strong feminist approach to quilting.

there is a lot to look at at this Quilts exhibition at the V&A. i highly recommend it for a lazy leisurely day, and don't forget to get some tea and cake with it in the courtyard.

Quilts is open til the 4th of July
iphone photographs by me

stripe a go go


hanneli is one of my favorite go-to's for street style inspiration. she posted this one just today and reminded me of some striped shorts i also own. the photograph got me excited to break mine out for some warm sunshine in the summer.

photo by hanneli

everything vintage or secondhand

"I Got Nailed in Sweden"


Feels like I've been sitting around all day today waiting for Mr. UPS man. I've drooled over these shoes for a little under a year now and never could decide on a style/color that I would love forever. Three weeks ago I finally decided and they were happily shipped over from beautiful Sweden.

These shoes are very happy to have a new loving home. I would like to thank Linda from Swedish Hasbeens for letting me know when to buy them and thank you Mom for listening to me rant about them way too many times to count.

Peep Toe Super High in Nature
Swedish Hasbeens

cats with bow ties


i bet quite a few people already own this dress, seeing as the print is almost an exact copy of a Miu Miu SS10 print. but then, that's why i love it. it's affordable, fresh, and fun. i barely ever buy anything at zara... but how can you say no to cats in bow ties?

drop-waist dress: zara

robot gear


it's no surprise that i'm obsessed with robots. mainly old tin toy robots. i even did a project on it last year in my fashion class. it doesn't help that i've been seeing cute robot housewares everywhere - i just want to collect them all!a robot sits on a ledge in my room.first off, i've had my eye on these mugs for ages. i first saw them in a cute shop here in Amsterdam, and then they followed me to Magma in Covent Garden.these amazing mugs are designed by Big Tomato Company. you can get them straight off hereand then i was browsing homewares on ( i do) and stumbled upon these little buggers:robot salt and pepper shakers! a must. you can get them here.last but not least, the same shop i first spotted the mugs in have been selling these robot USB sticks for awhile. sadly, i can't justify forking up the 30 euro to purchase one. but then i found them on this website (cheesy, but on sale for $25!)this is really only the beginning of the awesome robot stuff i find. i'll keep updating if i stumble upon anything else (and please let me know if you see any cool robot stuff!)[...]

nowhere boy


yesterday afternoon i ventured to the Tuschinski with mom and sister to see a post-queens day film. we picked Nowhere Boy, a fairly recent film focused around John Lennon's days before the Beatles.going to the Tuschinski is always a treat. built in the 1920's, it's quite the place to see a movie. the combination of architectural styles creates a beautiful yet dark atmosphere when you step into the lobby. there's nothing like an old theater to get you in a comfortable movie-watching mood.lights in the tuschinskii've always been a huge Beatles junkie. i think my obsession started around the age of 13, and continued for a solid two years. Beatles round the clock. it was the only thing i listened to. i wanted to learn the guitar. i wanted to visit Liverpool (..and i did). i wanted to live in the 60's just to witness their beginnings in real-time. now, everyone has their favorite Beatle. mine was definitely George. but John came in to a close second. i knew little of his bringing up before we walked into the theater... and in the end it was a truly touching story.the cinematography alone is enough to watch the film. i was excited to hear it was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, one of my favorite artists.the costumes, music, and warmth of the movie really make it worth seeing. i know i'll for sure be going to see it again sometime of the film from of the tuschinski by me[...]

koninginnedag en amsterdam


queens day in amsterdam. april everythingparty boatsbeercheap no-tax junkendless ear-blasting euro-musicridiculous hatsdrunkhappinesscrowdsloempiafriendsto some, this may seem like an unusual holiday. but it's the unusual ones that are always the best.while some choose to start getting obliterated at 10 o'clock in the morning, i woke up casually and wandered the negen straatjes met mom. i've never bought anything on queens day that i absolutely loved, but this one was different. there were some great vintage dresses out and about as well as some fantastic hats! (i snagged two.) can't wait to wear them in the sunshine.later i met up with one of best friends, riet. we dangled outside her window on the weteringschans, ate delicious focaccia, and drank some heineken (in true queens day fashion).photos by me[...]

Ooh Child


my dad has the most immense record collection i've ever seen. when i was younger, we would sit for hours just going through them, him playing all his favorite songs and telling me the memories that go along with them.

while we went through countless records, i will always remember this one specifically. valerie carter: just a stone's throw away. the album cover was enough to make me fall in love with it. and then i heard her voice. oh, that voice.

on another note, i'm packing to jet over to amsterdam this afternoon. in need of some serious mom-cooked food and a couple of beers while celebrating koninginnedag tomorrow.

ooh child, things are gonna get easier
ooh child, things will be brighter.
valerie carter



in all truth i haven't picked up a drawing pencil in a long time. and it's one of those things- once you stop for awhile, it takes that much more motivation to start again (cough, gym, cough). i forgot how soothing drawing can be.. just sort of forgetting the world around you. and it's just you, the pencil, and paper. instant mind therapy.

end of days at Sketchbook


Yesterday was my last official day at Sketchbook Magazine. I must say, I've never met so many amazing people in one place. The motivation, dedication, and love that goes into the magazine and pop-up shop is unbelievable, and I really can't wait to see Sketchbook grow into the name it deserves. I'm sad to leave but university work is so important to me right now and working at Sketchbook really is a full-time job.

I'll be posting some of what I learned there and some of what I worked on another time. For now, back to uni work!

photo by me.

dan in real life


You know why we have lighthouses? They keep boats safe and they help us from crashing into rocks because when you're out there and you're being tossed back and forth by those big dark waves and you think you'll never feel land again and you that you could just split into a million pieces and just sink down all the way down into the deep, it's the light that keeps us on course. It's the light.

i really enjoy this film. the first time i watched it, it was blah. the second time, much better. it's strange seeing steve carell out of his typical humorous element. but strangely refreshing.

dan in real life.

PETER JENSEN sample sale!!


Incredibly excited about this. I hope they have some great stuff (and i hope it's not expensive!) Peter Jensen makes me week at the knees. Work experience please??