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Preview: SadieKate's Crafts and Such

Ramblings of SadieKate

This is where I ramble on about all sorts of things - mostly knitting related but also other things such as names, the news, books, dvds, television, etc. Also, I love to do reviews and giveaways!

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lots of photos



apparently to post a photo anywhere you need an url. well, then, i'll just upload lots of photos and voila - urls!!

Great Giveaway!


I'd like to tell y'all about a great giveaway over at I've followed this blog for a year or so now and it's a really nice knitting blog, you'll want to follow,too!
Lena is giving away a copy of her new pattern, Nouveau Bohemia, plus a gorgeous skein of Madelinetosh 80/10/10 MCN Worsted in Bloomsbury. Isn't it gorgeous? And the hat(s) pattern is gorgeous,too. You'll definitely want to enter this one!

Doctor Who swap questions


This post is mainly for anyone in the Doctor Who swap who doesn't want to search through a thousand posts for the current questions. And no, we're not quite up to a thousand but we will be soon!Favorite DoctorFavorite CompanionFavorite MasterFavorite EpisodeWhat do I love about the series?If you had to pick one thing as an Icon for the series, what would it be? The TARDIS? A dalek? The Scarf?Favorite Threat/Non-ThreatUK DVD’s okay?What memorabilia do you have?Cutest villainsHottest creature on (and beyond) earthWhat monster/villain/character would you not want to receive?What was your first Who experience?How do you feel about receiving used (vintage) books?If you could see a DW episode set in any historical period/event, what would you choose?Homemade treats?old vs. new preference?What episode(s) scares you the most? favorite fibersWhich yarn weight would you prefer, lace weight, fingering weight or sport weight?What kind of item would you like to make with above mentioned yarn? Any specific pattern? Or just a special kind of item like a shawl, socks etc?Would you like spinnable fiber? Or handspun yarn?Which episodes make you cry?What’s your theory about River Song’s identity?What is your favorite Doctor Who related pattern or project someone has made on Ravelry?Would anyone like to receive a Doctor Who fanmix?If you could (realistically) get any Doctor Who memorabilia from your spoiler what would it be?Any fiber allergies?Do you wear jewelry?If so, what kind? (i.e. earrings, bracelets, necklaces) Do you have any jewelry allergies?Tasty treats/candy?Chocolate? If so, white, milk, or dark? What about fillings/flavorings?Allergies?would you mind anything made of acrylic?what type of bag would like eg project bag or small book bagHow is are your favorites/queued organized?Handwriting on items? Yes or No?Songs for ‘shipping vids?Would you like socks?What size are your feet?Do you sew or are in need of a sewing kit type thing? Do you prefer New Who or Classic Who, or either? Are you willing to Ship internationally/Do you have shipping preferences? Please list your allergies Do you smoke? Do you have pets? If so, what kind? Do you own any Dr.Who episodes? If so, which ones? Would you prefer one handmade item that takes quite a while to make, or would you prefer several handmade items that probably take the same amount or more time to make when the craft time is added up? Do you own any DW soundtracks? Would you like to? If you carry a container in your purse, what does that container contain? Pills, gum/mints, tea bags, phone, glasses?Direct from our Mod - Who is your favorite Doctor and why? What are your favorite things about Dr. Who (the actors, the writing, the time-travel, the drama, the comedy…)? Which is cooler: Bowties, fez’s, or ridiculous scarves? Who do you think would win in a death-match: Daleks against cybermen? Five against Ten? What do you think would be the most epic Dr. Who death-match? Can you tell I am struggling to come up with questions that you chatty Who-ers haven’t already asked? Do you knit or crochet or spin? What projects do you like to make? What kinds of items do you like to receive? What kinds of items do you not like to receive? Is there anything that must NOT be in your package? Favorite color(s)? Favorite fiber(s)? What snacks do you like? What post # in the Wish List thread is yours (if you don’t have one…go fix that now!)? Is there anyone in this swap you have swapped with before or that you live with/can’t hide secret projects from/are currently in a blood feud with and simply cannot spoil? Anything else your spoiler should know about you and your interests? Have you read the rules? How many times? ;) Do you understand that you will need to meet check in requirements, and that missing check-ins can result in your being removed from the swap and placed on our blacklist? Do you understand that in a swap this size, I can’t track many exceptions to the rules, and that you may be asked to bow[...]

Times Are Tuff: Nella's ONEder Fund and the National Down Syndrome...


Times Are Tuff: Nella's ONEder Fund and the National Down Syndrome...:
This is a link from my friend's mom. Remember the pink and white sweater I made? That was for Addison, who has Down Syndrome, and this is a fundraiser that Arlene is blogging about. The goal is 30,000 dollars for the National Down Syndrome Society, which will help lots of of children with Down Syndrome. Kelle Hampton is very close to her goal, coming in with 26,480, so please help if you can! Thanks!

2011 Girl of the Year®, Kanani Akina doll giveaway


Yes, you read the title correctly - it's an American girl doll giveaway!!! Well, not here, you'll have to go over here to enter! The winner will receive the 2011 doll of the year, Kanani!

Yarn Giveaway


While browsing the many forums on Ravelry I found this awesome giveaway! It ends January 7th at 9 PM EST. Two lucky winners will get either a skein of Marr Haven Merino/Rambouillet Wool in a fabulous shade of perky blue and white or a skein of Stonehedge Fiber Mill's 'Almost Handspun' Wool/Alpaca in a natural shade. Awesome!



I had nearly forgotten about reviewing the totally awesome Yum-O! Bakeware 5-Piece Bakeware Set I received from CSN's

I received it about a month or so ago, but luckily they sent a reminder so here is my review:

This is the BEST bakeset you will ever buy. It is totally worth the $49.99 price tag in my opinion!
It's durable, but not too heavy and has really nice orange grippers on the sides so it is easy to handle. It's very easy to clean as it is non stick and boy, do they ever mean it when they say non stick - NOTHING sticks to it! Not brownies, not cornbread, not chicken, nothing! It cools quickly, which is important when you are baking with little ones.
This set would make a fantastic Christmas present for any baker in your life. I have used every pan in the set for numerous baked foods including brownies, chicken, cornbread, cake, potatoes, cookies etc. It doesn't burn the foods - unless the timer has gone off and no one has bothered to tell you :) - and I have yet to find something that sticks to it! It is recommended you do not soak these pans, they are dishwasher safe but you cannot use those little detergent tabs on them, the tabs will scratch off the finish.
I use these pans all the time and just love them for everything! If you'd like a set and you know you do, click here to order!

slight correction


Apparently, I'm wrong about the spelling of Kenzi's name on NCIS LA. My brother informs me it is Kensi. I have actually seen it both ways on the official site though. I think he might be right, Kensi seems to be more prevalent. Oh, well, pronounced the same anyway.
And because I have nothing to post, that's it for the night :)

fanfiction ramblings


I've been trying to write a NCIS LA fanfic for the past couple weeks. I had a really good beginning and several pages written and then my brother had to go and borrow my notebook. He lost it of course. The consequent rewrites just haven't been the same. Maybe I should just try another fanfic or something. I had a pretty good storyline - I hadn't seen this one before. Well, actually, no, someone recently put up a similar one but mine is way better. For one thing, I can spell, use proper grammar and I actually know how to write. Sometimes people really really shouldn't write! I never tell them that though unless they make some kind of gigantic mistake concerning the characters. G's name is just that, G, he has no actual name! And yes, it ought to be capitalized. Seriously, doesn't anyone pay attention anymore? If you are going to write a fanfiction based on a tv show, at least get the spellings of the names right! I can't tell you how many people spell Kenzi wrong. Yes, there are several different spellings, that's true but only one in the case is correct! People annoy me.....



I have just begun a new series of books called the Zion Chronicles. They are by Bodie Thoene who has been a favorite writer of mine for several years. Some of her books are difficult to read because of the subject matter but you come away from the book with a new understanding of that particular time because they are so well researched.
The Zion Chronicles are not as difficult to read as her other series. This one is set in the late 1940s, during the early days of Israel. I've only read the first book and I'm hoping the library has the rest but I'm not sure they do - the library tends to not have the whole series of most books. I do have an Amazon gift card though.... I could just buy them!
Has anyone else read these books? What's your opinion?
Yes, I could make this post longer but, I'm kind of tired and I'm racing the clock to get this done before midnight!

Testing, testing!


I am thinking of doing some test knitting. The only real problem with it is that I have a hard time following patterns. It isn't that I don't understand them or can't follow directions, it's more I'll start thinking, "hey, what if I did this instead, what would it look like?" Or "What about doing that stitch instead of this one?" and etc.
This could be problematic if I decide to do any. I've looked at a few things that people have asked to be test knitted and for the most part I haven't had the right yarn. Also, truthfully, if I'm going to put that much time and effort into something, I'd like to be able to keep it and some folks want the item. So, I can't keep it and I don't always get paid. That's not worth it to me, sorry.
For those who do pay, they generally want someone who can do fancy work or really fast work and I can do neither. Well, I can do fancy, I'm willing to learn, but it won't necessarily be done when they want it! I can also do fast when I really want to, like a few weeks back I challenged myself to finish an entire sock in a week and I did it. I was even sick at the time! However, I still haven't finished it's mate so maybe that learning 2 at a time thing is something I should SERIOUSLY look into!

To Spin or not to Spin


I want to learn to spin. I really do except it's going to cost a bare minimum of twenty bucks to learn how. And what if I hate it? That's twenty bucks I could have spent on yarn!
I have done some research into it and thought I'd start with a spindle because A, I know where to buy one and B, they're not terribly expensive, around $10-$15 usually. Spinning wheels cost a couple hundred or more and I've no idea where to get one anyway.
Roving isn't hard to get either, I know lots places to get it - Knitpicks is the cheapest but that's for the bare yarn. I do know a few people on Ravelry who sell roving though.
Still, going to cost some money. Is it worth it or not?

Mittens Part Two


I got interrupted during my last post so here is the other half:

6. Long knitted gloves with cables How elegant are these? Long nearly elbow length and cables - easy to make and super comfy,too!

7. Sideways Gloves These have a unique construction using short rows and garter stitch. An quick knit and one that is also easy to take along with you since it is small and fits easily into a project bag.

8. Elegant Arm Warmers These are fingerless but so pretty I just had to include them! They're based after a 1950s pattern and use cables.

9. Fun Fur Gloves Again, fingerless but I know I have quite a few balls of Fun Fur and similar yarns in my stash and I'm always looking for a way to use it. This would be an excellent way, maybe even make them longer so they're like evening gloves and give them as a present to a little girl for Christmas. Most little girls like dress up!

10. Woodsie Gloves The third fingerless mitts but I really like these because the cuff is so long over the fingers. Plus you can fold it over if you'd like. And they're "manly" enough you could make them for a guy too!

So, that ends my mittens series such as it was. What shall I do tomorrow?



It has been quite chilly the past few days, dropping down to the low 30s at night and the high 50s during the day. Just last week it was in the 70s and 80s! I've been pulling out my handknits like my fingerless gloves (made from my "Fruity Oat Bar" yarn from the Firefly swap) and my rainbow skull hat (from the Pirate swap). But the problem with fingerless gloves - my fingers are still cold! So I did a search on Ravelry and found some really nice mitten patterns.
1.Vinterblomster mittens These are colorwork gloves and very pretty. The pattern comes in English and Norwegian.
2. Egyptian Mittens These are another colorwork pattern, a bit more traditional. It only comes in Finnish but the chart represents every stitch and so shouldn't be too hard to follow if you can read charts.
3. Classic Mittens These are the typical gloves that are easy to make up since there is no fingers to knit on tiny needles. Also easy to customize with stripes, a pattern, whatever
4. Baby Mittens These are super cute to make if you've a small baby! Plus they don't take much yarn so you can easily make a pair out of leftover yarn.
5. Yarn Harlot Thrummed Mittens The new "hot" thing seems to be thrummed mittens and these are from the Yarn Harlot - one of my favorite knitting people!



Today is my sister Hannah's birthday. She is nine years old already! She's almost as tall as me,too!
Generally, she celebrates in her birthday in the summer for a couple different reasons. 1, everyone else has a July birthday (except for me, Benjamin and Andrew) and 2, that's when our grandparents visit. So she likes to have her party with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa usually takes them all out to lunch, buys them ice cream, then we go home and open their presents. They enjoy having their grandparents around for the party.
This year for her 9th birthday we baked a chocolate cake and made frosting - the first frosting I've ever made that didn't look like glaze! Then Mom decorated it with lollipops and smarties. 9 of each :) Parker has a friend sleeping over so it was a bit more of a party with a friend here.
I intend to make Hannah a pair of fingerless gloves but they're not meant for her birthday exactly, just because I owe her a pair since I made Bekah some. Hannah tells me she wants black, I'll have to see if I have enough black anywhere to do a pair in. Mostly, I like bright, bold or jewel colors in yarn, I don't have much black or brown or the like. We'll just have to see!
Happy Birthday, Miss Hannah!!

New kitty!!


Today we got a new kitten! Her name is Amber and she seems to be around 4 months old. Her previous owner was going to take her to the pound :( Well, we just can't have that can we?? So she came home to us. Surprisingly, she is doing well enough against the onslaught of five little kids. I believe she is hiding under the couch now LOL Our other two cats spend all day under a bed or the couch and come out after bedtime - Amber will learn soon enough to do the same.
Amber is a black and brown tiger with a long tail, quite different then our other kitten Bridget who is black, brown, and white calico and a bob tail! They are about the same age tho. It will be interesting to see how they grow up together.
Our older cat, ha, she is is really only about eight months old, is Rainbow and it's fun to watch her with Bridget - she hasn't really interacted much with Amber yet. The girls fight every night and it's comical to watch especially when Rainbow is done fighting, she just lays her arms across Bridget and watches the baby squirm. Like, haha, I'm bigger then you and I win!
I don't believe Amber's paws have touched the carpet since we brought her home - every kid in the house keeps carrying her around! They just love kitties!

My Day


Yesterday was all cold and rainy all day long. Seriously, the rain never let up once. Today's weather was cold and grey. Some rain, not even half as much as yesterday.
So, I had to get up early to go to the dentist. So, I'm dragging myself out of my nice warm bed - it's cold outside after all - and he calls and tells me that he's closing the office today because of a death. Well, for him, that must suck but for me? I get to go back to bed!
Then, after everyone got up, the baby wants to go for a walk. In the cold. So, I have to find shoes, socks, jackets, etc. While doing this I found my sewing needle! Yay! So now I can make the velvet project bag for my swap partner that should've been done a week ago. It doesn't have to go out yet, I plan on mailing December 1, that'll give it plenty of time to reach its destination.
We went to the library. We live in small town, the new books are often old books before they get here. But today, I found a new James Patterson called Don't Blink. I believe it is actually a few months old but whatever, I haven't read it. Yay!
We made lunch, made brownies, ate the brownies. Got a good new brownie recipe out of a Rachael Ray magazine but it didn't turn out quite right this time, I don't know why. Then the mail came. I love getting mail especially when it includes A BRAND NEW KNITPICKS CATALOG!
Fun, fun, fun. I spent a lot of time going thru it. I think I'd like to try some colorwork with the Palette yarn - the ornament kit looks fantastic and not too hard. They also have some really nice new sock patterns that be great to work up. No new yarns this time around but in the spring there will be.
Well, pretty good day for me. What about you?

Sock Yarn


I bought some Stroll yarn from Knitpicks for my birthday in May. I really like it. The yarn I chose is from the Multi line - called Meadow. It's purple, green, and brown. It's really rather funny, one sock striped perfectly and the second one did not even though I got an entire sock and the leg of the second sock out of one skein. I have tiny feet :)
It was quite easy to work with. I was using Magic Loop and it was my first time using that particular method. Now I think I prefer it over DPNs but both are good to know. It did not split or untwist while I was knitting, which is a good thing! Some of the cheaper sock yarns will do that.
I've been wearing the socks since July or August and they have held up well enough. You can wash and dry the socks, which is why I chose this yarn, I don't want to handwash socks (but I do have an awesome merino/alpaca that a friend hand dyed for me with "Kaylee" colors that I can't wait to use!).
My only real problem with it is the yarn relaxes. My socks no longer fit exactly like they did when I first made them. I asked about this on Ravelry, since the socks had stretched and sometimes it is hard to wear with them with shoes, and apparently with Stroll you should make your socks a bit small to start with because the yarn stretches. Also, you should machine dry instead of letting them hang to dry like I was at first.
Really, for the money, you can't get better sock yarn! I really want to try their Stroll HandPainted, they just came out with some really beautiful and bright colorways that I'd love to have. Also, Gloss Sock sounds just wonderful - it is a merino/silk blend that I bet feels great on the feet. Imagination has some great colorways, that's a merino/alpaca blend that I've heard is like heaven. Haven't tried it for myself yet though. I really want to use the Felici yarn,too!
Stroll is a great yarn to use for all sorts of things, not just socks. Sweaters, shawls, hats, it's a good all purpose yarn :)



I've decided to join NaBloPoMo. Don't know what that is? It's National Blog Posting Month! It's similar to the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Basically, you blog every day and during November this gives you an entry to win a prize,too. You want more info? Click HERE. I've also added a button on the side, that is hopefully linked like it should be.
If you don't have a blog you can also blog on their site as opposed to signing up for a blogger, wordpress, or livejournal blog. I used to have a livejournal but decided to leave because 1, I wasn't able to post the way I wanted to, and 2, they changed their logo to be more gay friendly. Seriously, they did. It was a rainbow and they were going on and on about gay marriage. That's not the sort of thing I wanted on my blog so I left. If you don't mind that, it really wasn't a bad blogging community, I did like how it had communities and forums to chat in.
Sometimes, there is a blogging theme of the month. This month's theme is that there is no theme!
Well, that's my first post for November! The dinner buzzer is going off, so I'm going to go check on it :)

Toe Up Heels


I've been working on my first pair of toe up socks. Wait, that's not right exactly, I did start another pair but had to frog them because the pattern was just too big for my foot. So this is the first pair that is actually gonna be finished. My goal is Sunday, since I started them last Sunday, I want to see if I can complete one sock in a week. However, I have a cold and that is slowing me down!
Anyway, I received a skein of Colinette Jitterbug yarn in a swap and I've wanted to try this yarn for some time now so I was really excited about it! After looking at project pictures of the yarn, I have colorway Mardi Gras, I decided a pattern was just going to be obscured by the bright colors and crazy pooling. That and I don't play well with patterns, especially sock patterns LOL Basically my socks are going to be plain vanilla but with ribbing along the top of the foot, hopefully this will keep them on better as I have problems with socks, storebought or handknit sliding down in my boots and that is very annoying!
Doing the toe up wasn't difficult, I cast on using the instructions from my previous toe up socks, the difference being these are magic loop as I've found I prefer it to DPNs. I've had no problem with the foot but the heel is confounding me!
So I turned to the internet (I've only one sock book and one pattern in it is toe up, that's it!). I could do an afterthought heel but that seemed a bit more work then I wanted to do. I discovered a few different ways of doing the heel but I didn't seem to like most of them (anything that involves x + y = z is evil).
These are the ones I liked best:
Wendy Johnson's toe up sock pattern She's written many sock books so she really knows her stuff! I like her pattern but it involves wrap and turn and I don't have a good track record with that - i.e. my sisters' doll slings that still aren't done.
This site lists several different links to other toe up formulas on the net. Quite handy since it led me to:
Fleegle's Blog This is the one that makes the most sense to me. No wrap and turn, no algebra, just basically a gusset. Gussets, I'm good at! I understand them, I know how to knit them, and it isn't that difficult either! I guess really this isn't a short row heel like I'd originally looked up but it works for me and I understand the instructions, double whammy there :)
Any other good toe up heel instructions out there that I didn't find or list? I'd like to try two at a time toe up next!

Time for a Change


I like to blog, I really do. The problem is sometimes I don't want to talk about knitting. So, I've decided to change the blog a bit. I still will talk about knitting - it is why I started the blog after all - but I'm also going to include other things like book/tv/dvd reviews, my ramblings about the coolest names, giveaways (hopefully. Anyone wanna host one?), and maybe some reviews like the upcoming CSN review (No, I did not forget about that - it's coming later this week). Also, anything else I feel like talking about!
I hope my followers understand this move and still like to follow :) Thanks!

The least popular girls name: Zyriel, 5 of them!
The most popular : Isabella ,22067 of them last year!

The least popular boys name : Zyvion, 5 of them
Most popular : Jacob, 20858 of them last year!



Okay, I LOVE knitting socks. They're my favorite thing to knit plus sock yarn is so versatile - you can use it for all sorts of things from socks to hats to shawls. So, when I got the Interweave Magazine e newsletter today I was thrilled to see it all about their new sock magazine. Now, no where in the newsletter does it mention that you have to pay for it. So I click on the link. They want $14.97 for ONE issue??!! Whoa, hold on there! That's a heck of a lot of money for three patterns! You can buy a frigging book on Amazon for that much money, with a lot more patterns in it.
For example -
1. Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd $12.89
2. The Sock Knitter's Workshop: Everything Knitters Need to Knit Socks Beautifully by Ewa Jostes $13.59
3. Knitting The Perfect Pair: Secrets To Great Socks by Dorothy T Ratigan $4.22 (WOW!!!!)
4. Socks - Socks - Socks: 70 Winning Patterns from Knitter's Magazine Contest by Elaine Rowley $14.96 (same price yes, but 70 patterns compared to 3)
5. The Sock Knitter's Workshop: Everything Knitters Need to Knit Socks Beautifully by Ewa Jostes and Stephanie van der Linden $13.59

Even better, most of those, and I didn't even list half as many sock books as there is, are CHEAPER then the ONE issue of Sockupied! Hmm, what is a better bargain then?

Autumn Knits


I live in Texas. This means actual winter doesn't start until January but fall is already beginning - the leaves are starting to turn and fall and it drops into the 70s at night (yes, I know that isn't cold in the slightest but compared to the over 100 temps it's been, it is quite nice!). I grew up in Florida so it is fun to see fall and winter because in FL there is one season - summer. It does get cool there and occasionally even goes down to the 50s but usually it is not very cold. One thing I have learned about living here, well, knitting! I learned to knit when I was thirteen, about twelve years ago, but it was an on/off kind of thing because knitted items are not really needed in FL. But here, I knit at least a dozen hats each winter, socks, fingerless gloves (storebought are two for 1.50, I can't make them that cheap but they're too short, so I layer them with the fingerless ones), scarves, a few sweaters and slippers. Nice warm things!! I get cold easily so I wear a lot of knitted items! I thought I'd share some of my favorite autumn patterns. Inspiration for me to get up off my butt and knit them and inspiration for you because everyone needs new patterns :) I get a lot of nice patterns from I don't usually make them because so many seem too complicated but I did make (almost finished!) an Annis shawl! I like this pattern called Falling Leaves. i think I'm going to use it for a Halloween knitalong my sock knitting group is doing. If I actually follow the pattern anyway - I have this tendency to just go off and do my own thing. One of these days, I'm going to submit a pattern to Knitpicks IDP program, hopefully. If I can ever write one down well enough for people to understand! This Clapotis is super popular and can be altered to be made into a stole. Generally, I try to stay away from the super popular patterns but this one is really cute and I can see the potential of a scarf that can also double as a stole, keeps you extra warm that way! This hat is perfect for fall, one, it's named Foliage and it'd look great worked in fall colors! Dig out those reds, oranges, yellows and browns! I've been looking for a good sweater pattern for me lately. I've made four sweaters so far - two baby sweaters and two little girl sweaters. I think it is now time for make myself one! I particularly like this one called Mr Greenjeans. It's casual but not too casual, you could wear it running errands or out to dinner. It does have some basic cabling which I've never done but it claims it is simple! You could even, if you wear a medium, make it for just $16 if you buy Knitpicks Woold of the Andes! Wow, now that's a bargain - you can't even find a really nice wool sweater for that price! This wrap is really pretty - Muir by Rosemary Hill. It's named for California Bay Laurel trees in Muir Woods in northern California. And what better symbol of fall then a tree? I seem to have a thing for cabled sweaters because I also really love the sweater by Jennifer Lippman-Bruno. I particularly like it because it has longer sleeves that fall over the hands - not exactly practical but a feature I love anyway :) This is a really trendy style - the peacoat! This is the Saity pattern with princess seams and peacoat styling. I don't know if I'd have the patience to knit this but it looks really nice! I truly love the Victoria cardigan in Knitty First Fall 2010. It wouldn't be[...]



I've been knitting for about ten years now and I've learned a few things about needles.
One, I prefer wooden. Especially since I have the tendency to leave my knitting on the floor next to my bed - in the winter those metal needles are COLD! So, I prefer wooden or plastic if they're chunky needles.
Two, I like the shorter needles. Around ten inches, I think they are. The fourteen inch needles just seem too long for me. I do have a lot of fourteen inch needles though, all metal!, so I end up using them anyway :) But I do have several pairs of bamboo needles in ten inch length and I love them!
Three, circular needles are easier then straights. You can't lose one of the pair, the project can't come off as easily, and you can straighten your work right on the cable without taking it off the needle so you can see exactly how big something will be - can't do that when it is all scrunched up on a straight!
Four, my favorite needles of all are the Knitpicks Harmonys. I have a set of DPNs for sock knitting from that line. First off, they're only 5 inches long LOVE THAT!! The typical DPN is eight inches - way too long in my opinion. Secondly, they've got this grippy thing going on so my stitches aren't all over the place, but they're also slick and pointy which is great for sock yarn!
Five, plastic needles are easily broken especially the smaller sizes. If it is smaller then a US 8, and plastic, it'll be broken! I had a set of plastic DPNs in a US 4, hmmm, I think I've one or two of them left LOL

What are your favorite needles and why?