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Home School Dad

A nontraditional approach to a traditional home schooling family

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Checking in


I haven't posted here for quite a while.  But 2 things have changed over the past year that I wanted to share here just in case anyone still stops by.

One:  We started homeschooling again

This is on a more limited basis.  My youngest graduated from high school last Spring and My son is a sophomore at a local high school.  Our schedule has allowed us to homeschool our youngest.  We are using the same online curriculum that bunny girl (our oldest) used her Freshman year in high school.  She and I are back in our old co-op again, and she volunteers at a local public school once a week running the school store. 

Two: I am writing again.

When I went back to full-time employment 5 years ago my writing became more sporadic.  I realized it is such a big part of who I am, that I really can't give it up entirely.  To that end, I have started a new blog 

Not sure how much time, I will devote to my writing but I do feel better when I am putting words on a page or on screen.

A to Z Challenge Simulpost C


YBD: Your Basic Dave: C is for Captain America: Superheroes A to Z C is for Captain America Full Name: Steve Rogers Captain America Comics #1 (1941) Notable Team Affilia...

A to Z Challenge Simulpost B


Superheroes A to Z
B is for Beast

Full Name Hank McCoy
First Appearance X-Men #1 1963
Notable team affiliations: X-men,Avengers and Defenders

As I mentioned yesterday, I did not choose the obvious choice for a superhero that begins with the letter b.  To show how obvious it is I filmed this impromptu piece with my family.

   allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480"> 

Bisquick Man notwithstanding, Batman seems to be the obvious choice for superhero today.  If you know anything about me, know this - my choices are not obvious.

I like Beast because he brings humor and pathos to situations sorely in need of it.  Besides that "Oh my stars and garters" is one of the best superhero catchphrases ever.

But wait a second did my wife really guess Barney b4  she guessed man.  Let's see about that ...

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480">nd
For more A to Z blogging click here.

A to Z Challenge Simulpost A


Today is the beginning of A to Z challenge 2016.  This is the first time I am participating from YBD as YBD hardly existed last April.  My theme is the one I planned to use at HSD this year.  The theme is comic book characters.A is for AlfredFull Name:  Alfred PennyworthOccupation:  Wayne Family Butler and aide to BatmanFirst Appearance:  Batman #16 (1943)Cover from first appearance of AlfredI chose Alfred rather than a hero for several reasons.  Antman and Atom kind of cancel each other out and I have never been a big fan of aquaman.  Alfred is what my Father-in-law used to call a secret hero, the character in a show that is the glue that holds everything together.  I am also including him here as I am not including his employer tomorrow.  Batman is one of the mainstays of comicbook lore and since I am not featuring him tomorrow, I am going out of my way to make room for other members of the "Batman Family" in my list.For more A to Z blogging click here.ADDED BONUS.A few years ago my kids absolutely fell in love with the book Super Hero ABC by BobMcLeodClick on the image to get the book from Amazon.As I run through the letter of the alphabet I will try to show pages from this fine book as well[...]

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal


A week from today all the fun begins at Blogging from A to Z.

This past Monday I was supposed to reveal my theme, but I did not quite get to it.  My theme this year will be Superheroes.

I will go through A to Z with 26 characters from superhero comics.  I will have 13 from the DC universe and 13 from Marvel.  I still plan on reverting back to my Home School Dad blog on May 1st so I will be simulposting all of them there.

To check out other themes for those taking the challenge click here.

See you on April 1st, it should be Super!

Statement by Dr. Ben Carson on Leaving the Presidential Campaign Trail


I was looking forward to voting for Ben Carson later this month in the Illinois primary.  He dropped out of the race last week.  Here is the statement he made regarding dropping out.  The entire statement can be found here.I have lived a blessed life and achieved more success than I ever dreamed was possible. Running for President was never on my bucket list, and when I was drafted by a grassroots movement asking me to do so, it was not a decision that I made lightly and saw as an act of service. However, I believed that my values, life experience and common sense solutions put me in a position to help get our nation back on track for the sake of our children and grandchildren. This grueling endeavor would not have been worth it for any other reason.When I began exploring a run for President as a private citizen detached from the political class, I had neither a political team nor a national network of wealthy donors standing by waiting to support me.We had to build a grassroots campaign from scratch by reaching out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and through every means possible, resulting in indisputable success. This movement consistently outraised the entire Republican field, got onto every ballot and built a 50-state, bricks-and-mortar campaign infrastructure to share my story, values and solutions. It was an historic feat, and I’ll be forever grateful to my team and my incredible supporters, financial and otherwise, from all corners of America, on behalf of the best interests of the American people.I hope my presence added a measure of civility to the race, raised issues that would not otherwise have been discussed and had an overall positive impact. While our political efforts must come to a close, gratefully, the grassroots movement that has given new voice to “We the People” and inspired millions will continue. I may be departing the campaign trail, but I will not be departing the scene.  Instead, for the rest of my life, I will continue to work tirelessly to do everything I can to save America for the next generation. I will be working on a number of initiatives, including serving as honorary chair of My Faith Votes, a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing the 25 million Evangelicals who didn't vote in the last election. The twin pillars of faith and family are under attack, and I will endeavor to strengthen our nation by preserving them both.I have committed to not endorse a specific individual, but rather “We the People.” Though many today are making decisions based on fear and anger, I trust their judgment to logically examine the candidates and make the right decision by looking at:whether they have demonstrated significant accomplishments over their lives and careers; if they have ideas that are clear and policies that are easy to find; how they treat their family and others, as that is how they will lead the country; what they have done to improve the lives of Americans; the people they are with, what they are saying and how they collaborate with others; their ethics, because what America needs is “Trickle-down ethics.” Conservatives should not be embarrassed by capitalism, but must couple it with compassion, to lift people out of a culture of dependency and provide ladders of opportunity for all Americans to be a part of the fabric of society.People need to understand this is a most important election, in which we are deciding whether we allow the government to dictate our rights and take care of our needs, or whether individuals will rise up and take responsibility in an atmosphere of opportunity for all.The bottom line is, “We the People” are the ones making the decisions; but in order to do that, we must become active and informed, not manipulated by the political classes and media.Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for P[...]

Work for your next position


9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron, March 02, 2016 Via @GoComics: One of the many great comics you can read for free at! Follow us for giveaways & giggles.

Also posted at YBD #YBD=HSD

News Flash: Cats Love Bacon


Two weeks ago I started posting comic strips from Go Comics each Saturday.  I call it Saturday Funnies.  The Go Comics Blog has a feature called Meet Your Creator.  The most recent installment is about Georgia Dunn the creator of Breaking Cat News.  I was really moved by the article and checked her strip out.  Here is a strip from earlier this week.

Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn, February 15, 2016 Via @GoComics: One of the many great comics you can read for free at! Follow us for giveaways & giggles.

Also posted at YBD #YBD=HSD

Beggars Can be Choosers



Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, February 20, 2016 Via @GoComics: One of the many great comics you can read for free at! Follow us for giveaways & giggles.

What Republicans need to know if they want my vote in November


Six Word Saturday

My Six:

I'll never vote for Donald Trump.

Let me bullet point it for you.

  •  Back in August of last year I ranked the 17 republican candidates for president. the Donald came in 17th.  
  • The only reason why he comes in 6th now is that 11 of the candidates have since dropped out of the race.One of the 16 other candidates was a pro choice republican.  I am on the record of stating that I would never again vote for a pro-choice republican.  I would be hundreds of times more likely to vote for that candidate than Trump

  • I don't hate Trump.  I just don't trust him.
  • I don't trust anyones whose go to answer is I'll be great at it.
  • I don't hate Trump.  I just don't respect him.
  • I cant respect anyone whose answer to those who disagree with him is to deride them.
  • I get very upset when any of the other candidates when trying to frame the discussion back to Republican versus Democrat state that any republican candidate would be better than Obama, Sanders or Clinton.
  • It only takes watching 1 debate (and I have watched all but 1 of them) to see that Trump does not have the character to lead this country.
  • When he is booed which is often. He assumes  The people booing are wrong.
  • In the last debate he took a pot shot at Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who had been out of the race for some time.  When booed he attributed it to donors who back Jeb Bush.  The truth is he was attacking Graham in a debate in South Carolina, a week before the primary there.  
  • I feel there are many people like me who will never vote for Trump.  
  • But I am afraid there are more people who are willing to go along with who ever secures the nomination.
  • I will not be among them.

For more six word saturday click here.

Also posted at YBD #YBD=HSD

The Pac Man Special



Frank & Ernest by Thaves, February 13, 2016 Via @GoComics:

 One of the many great comics you can read for free at! Follow us for giveaways & giggles.

Also posted at YBD #YBD=HSD

Songs from my cassette collection Volume I


It has been a while since I have participated in Six Word Saturday at Show My Face.  So I have two for the price of one.  We Bought a Jeep on MondayIt has a working cassette player.We have not owned a cassette player for sometime and once I noticed that we now did.  I pulled out my 200 or so cassettes from under my bed and have started listening to them again.  I forgot about a lot of the music down there and have decided to post lyrics from songs occasionaly here and if possible videos of said songs at Dave Out Loud.  Today's song comes from Steve Scott a poet/musician whose 1983 album love in the western world contained this gem.This Sad Music The whales are dying now,hurling themselves upon the beachesblack dice reckoned under the sun's watchful gaze There's sweat on the preacher's browas he talks about damnation.The whales are in love with no oneThey wanted to die without explanation He mops his brow and quotes Malcolm Muggeridgeon - quote -"the collapse of western civilization"- end quote -and the book he waves in the airis as black as whaleskin He urges people to "make their decision"and the whales have made their decision An awful silence surrounds themLike a ruined castle they liestill, passive, beyond explanations Beads of sweat on the preacher's browlike small clear animals clinging to a rock faceor like tiny transparent whalesflinging themselves from the boiling seas of his eyesinto a slow, certain dying The sad music in their brains, a piper's lamentfrom that old castle in the mist-thickened night "FIFTEEN THOUSAND CINEMAS ACROSS THIS LAND,DEPICTING EVERY SEXUAL ACT KNOWN TOTHE HUMAN IMAGINATION!" shouts the preacher His voice is a door slamming shutthe sea's noise is a vast intake of breatha gesture in a room to break the silencenow the whales have broken the silence They are the color of the preacher's harsh words The white foam rushes to embrace themlike mother and fatherThe whales do not want to know, and now There are people sprawled on the beacheschained together by "HUMAN IMAGINATION"All the music has bled out of them,drained from the ends of their fingerssplashed from the loudspeakers of their wallets And at the end of the service, people walk forwardPerhaps it is "the collapse of western civilization"that moves themor the sad music of their slow, certain dyingthat guides their feet And at the end of this poema strange light comes off the bodies of the whalesgathering up the shadows like driftwoodand splashing them against the far walls you would think the shadows would makethe words there hard to readHowever, I find it's at a time like thisI see the writing clearest of all (c) Steve Scott 1983Click here to watch the video at Dave Out Loud.Click here for more Six Word Saturday Also posted at Home School Dad #HSD=YBD[...]

I have decided


I left this blog behind last year because our family was no longer home educating.  And I started a new blog YBD: Your Basic Dave

What I have noticed is despite the fact that I am never here, I get much more traffic here than at my new place.  So I have decided to just do a name change on this blog to YBD and start posting here again.

I have already signed up for the A to Z Challenge at YBD so, I will just continue posting there until 5-1.  But going forward.  I will post all content simulpost if you will here and at YBD.

Summer Book Review: Persuasion


I am not the voracious reader that my wife is.  I like books and I have lots of them.  Most of which, I accumulated we got married.  I just don't usually spend as much time reading as she does.  Each  summer, I try to read more than I usually do and as I've tried here before, I will try to review each book I finish this Summer.

Today's Review

Persuasion by Jane Austen

My experience when it comes to reading a book adaption of a movie I have seen or seeing a movie version of a book I have read is generally the same.  I tend to like the version which  I have read or seen first better than the one I've experienced second.  This is not necessarily the Case with Jane Austen's Persuasion.

I really enjoy the film Persuasion and have just recently finished the novel.  I am a big  fan of Austen's works generally through the medium of film.  I found that the reading of Persuasion really enhanced my appreciation of the film.  Much of the dialogue in the movie is pulled verbatim from the book.  The only difference being that it was adapted into dialogue from exposition in the original source.  This task is done artfully by the filmmakers and removes any need of a voiceover narration which would have hampered the cinematic presentation.

On the other hand,  a reading of Persuasion gave me new insights and understanding of her characters some that I had grown to love and others I had learned to disdain in my multiple viewings.  Mary, for example, is a much worse sister to Anne on paper than celluloid.  If you have seen the film, you know that is quite an achievement.  There is also more to like about Captain Wentworth, Mrs. Smith and even Lady Russell.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially those fond of any Austen work in print or pixel.

Next Time: Post of the Week

You can find this post at both Home School Dad and Your Basic Dave where I am posting concurrently over the summer.

Friday Fragments: Donut Edition


Today is National Donut Day.  It is  on the first Friday of June each year. For Friday Fragments at   Half Past Kissing Time I will share some fragments of donuts with you. Fragment 1.  Donut History Did you ever wonder what donuts have to do with the salvation army?  This short video explains... allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459">Fragment 2:   Donut MusicAbout 20 years ago, I wrote a song that is not specifically about donuts but chronicles a relationship that takes place at a Krispy Kreme.  I called it the wall of glaze as a tribute to the glaze waterfall that engulfs the donuts on the donut assembly line there. Here are the lyricsThe Wall of Glaze  Lyrics by Dave RollerMusic by Jeff Half Dozen (actually Jeff Six, but half dozen has a more donut themed approach)It was our first dateOn a Friday nightShe got a blueberry donut and a medium SpriteShe looked so good and I stood amazedThat I could lose my heart at the wall of glaze.At the Krispy KremeAt the Wall of GlazeJust a memory of my younger daysOf how she looked so goodAnd how I stood amazedThat I could lose my heartAt The Wall of GlazeEnd of senior yearGoing separate waysI was off to the armyHer to the college daysWe promised to write every weekIt would be like we never went awayHow we cried and cried at The Wall of GlazeAt the Krispy KremeAt The Wall of GlazeJust a memory of my younger daysOf how we promised to write every weekLike we never went awayBut the tears fell like rainAt The Wall of GlazeWell you know the storyLeft a boy came back a manAnd I wrote her in my lettersThings I still don't understandOh my love for her just grew and grewI was longing for that dayWhen I'd ask for her hand at The Wall of GlazeSo on a Friday nightGot down on my kneesPut a ring on her fingerSaid will you marry me pleaseShe said I'm sorryBut you were just a passing phaseAnd she broke my heart at The Wall of GlazeAt the Krispy KremeAt The Wall of GlazeIt's the end of the storyNot the starting pageI put a ring on her fingerShe said "Boy, you're just a phase"And she broke my heart at The Wall of GlazeNow I sit aloneOn a Friday nightWith a blueberry donutAnd it don't feel rightI know I shouldn't be hereBut I feel trapped in a cageSince she broke my heart at The Wall of GlazeAt the Krispy KremeCalled The Wall of GlazeJust a memoryOf my younger daysI know I shouldn't be hereI feel trapped in a cagesince I lost my heart, since she broke my heart, now that we're apartAt The Wall of Glaze.Fragment 3 Free DonutsThe aforementioned Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts today.  Dunkin Donuts was giving away 1 free donut if you bought a drink, which was fine if you were getting a drink.  If you were not all the drinks cost more than one donut so it would not have been worth the trip. We did not get any free donuts today, but you can enter here to win free donuts a year from Entenmanns.For more Friday Fragments click here. Next Time: Summer Book ReviewYou can find this post at both Home School Dad and Your Basic Dave where I am posting concurrently over the summer. [...]

HSD Rewind:Because they're nouns


This summer is the last summer I will be posting here at Home School Dad, as I announced yesterday.  So over this summer I will be reposting  at HSD and YBD some of the previous posts.  This was one of the first posts I did back in 2009 . . .

Home School Dad: Because they're nouns....: A noun is a person, place, or thing!

Next Time: Summer Book Review

The New Switcheroo


Wow!  I just looked back at some of my earliest content on this blog, and I've been here since 2009!  Yep, I wrote The Old Switcheroo 6.5 years ago, give or take, and now I'm here to tell you of a new switcheroo.  I am actually going to close this blog down.  I have started a new blog and will be doing my posting there going forward.

That is a pretty big switcheroo, but it is not the one I am referring to in the title.  The switcheroo in other title refers to the reason why I am changing blogs. That reason is because it would be really weird to have a blog called Home School Dad, when I am no longer one.

Now of course, I have not been the main teacher of our homeschool since May of 2013.  As of last Friday, we are no longer a homeschooling family.  All of our kids will be returning to public school next year.  I say returning because each of them has completed 1 year there in the past.  Spider droid will be finishing middle school at the same school he did 6th grade 2 years ago.  Wolfina will be going to 4th grade at a different school than she did 2nd grade, at , as she has qualified for an advanced program.     Bunny Girl has the hardest transition as she hasn't been to public school since 1/2 day kindergarten in 2004 -2005.  She  moves from IBHS (Izola Becker Home School) to BHS
(Barrington High School) for her Junior year.  I guess there is no I in public school.

So why the new switcheroo?  Because Amy's part time position at her school has been eliminated and she has taken a full-time position.  This means we have the desire for home education but lack the requisite personnel. We became aware of this a few months ago and we explored many avenues on how best to approach the 2015-2016 school year and beyond and for at least the next 2 years.  We
decided that we were being directed to change the educational direction of our family.

We told our kids a few  weeks ago and they each had different reactions.  All in all the 5 of us are moving tot his new chapter in our lives by God's grace.  Which led me to my initial dilemma, how how can I continue to blog at Home School Dad, If I am not in fact a home school dad?  It would be a very water buffalo situation and we really don't want to go there.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459">

So here is the plan, blog-wise I will keep HSD  up for the rest of the summer, and I have also started a new blog Called YBD: Your Basic Dave.    During this transition, I will put up my posts in both places. I know I probably could just switch names of this blog, but I would rather just start a new chapter in my life in a new blog.

Over the next few weeks I will be reposting some old HSD content as well as finalizing the look at YBD.

Thanks for taking time to read this.  Please keep our family in prayer that Goe would  direct  us and give us  a vision for what lies ahead.

Next time: A return to nouns

Post of the Week


I just read an excellent post  entitled when you're a Christian but not a virgin.  It is about virginity, the loss of virginity, forgiveness and hope. As the father of 2 daughters and one son who are in their teen years or quickly approaching their teen years I was really glad to see such good instruction that I could pass along to them,  So,  Raquel, of  It's Raquel ,  thanks for writing such  a fine post and congratulations on being. post of the week

Announcement coming June 1st


We interrupt your Memorial Day to tell you that there are changes coming to this blog starting June 1st.  I know, I know, I should probably just tell you now.  But it's like the old joke goes ...

How do you keep a blog reader in suspense?

I'll tell you June 1st.

Post of the weekFlorida!


This week's post of the week comes from my daughter. I know that seems like a little bit of nepotism. I was on the same trip as she was and took all of the pictures and still found her post interesting.

Wolfina's Secrets: Florida!: Last week I went to Florida and had a great time.  I went to Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Downtown Disney), Seaworld, Cl...

Post of the week is ontime. Wow, I did that.


For the first time since I started Post of the week, I have turned one in a timely fashion.  The goal for Post of the week is for me to read the accumulated posts on my blogroll for a given week and choose one as the post of the week.

It is not necessarily the best post, just the one that is most significant to me. 

 This week we sold all our copies of Mystery of History at a curriculum sale.  This was a gutwrenching thing for me.  I taught the kids volumes I and II myself and Amy taught III this year.  It is a fabulous curriculum but due to other considerations we chose to sell them.  

Then Laurie Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit comes out with a great review of the product and some thoughts on comments regarding the resource.  It easily became the Post of the week.  

Now that I have put two posts of the week together in a timely fashion, I hope to make it an everyday Sunday afternoon thing.  Time will tell.

The nounsense is over


My A to Z Challenge  theme was nouns.

A noun is a person, place or thing.

My people were:

Allen Levi
Dave Ramsey
Frank Thomas
Hank Aaron
King Tut
Minnie Minoso
Paul  Konerko
Jimmy Stewart
Bob Wallace

My Places were

Comiskey Park

My Things were
Giraffe Poop
Jack & Diane

I enjoyed my time doing a to z blogging.

Here are three things I learned.

1) It is a lot easier to do a to z blogging as a full time home school dad than it is working outside the home.

2) I tried to do two blogs at the same time and had to give up on my  baseball one at U.

3)  Blogging here everyday for a month has gotten me more psyched for blogging than I have been in 2.5 years.  I am actually planning on participating next year in 3 blogs but have already picked my themes and hope to be much more prepared then I was this year.

I am sorry it took me a few weeks to post my thoughts.  But i went to Florida for 1 week right after this ended and it's taken me about a week to get back in the swing of things.

Speaking of road trips I am participating in the a to z road trip .  For more info click here.

Friday Fragments @ Half Past Kissing Time


Here are today's fragments . . .

Trix are for the bathroom?

 I was at Target today and went into the Men's bathroom.  The bathroom smelled exactly like Trix cereal.   I have been noticing this for a few years.  Many bathrooms smell like this but especially Target.  I  have been wanting to post about it  for quite a while.  It is perfect for Friday fragments, because I could not imagine ever writing an entire post about bathrooms that remind me of cereal I ate as a kid.  In fact, I can hardly believe I've written a pargagraph about it.

Saint John the Evangelist

While I was in the  Trix smelling bathroom, I picked up  a religuous tract that had been left in one of the stalls.  It seemed to be left there for the purpose of distribution.  Now, I have handed my share of tracts out in my life.  I know this is not method I would use.  My critics would say, hey it worked, you picked it up.  Christians are supposed to display the aroma of Christ.  Trix or worse bathroom smells are definitely not the aroma I would want to compare my Savior to.

Milking Robotics for all it's worth.

Tomorrow is the big day,  Spider Droid's FLL Robotics Tournament.  His team has been working so hard to get ready for this day.  The theme of this yearsis Food Factor and his team has been working on a solution to prevent the spoiling of milk.  One of the things I love about F.L.L is their Core Values.  The core value I like best is: What we discover is more important than what we win.  So, while the tournament is a culmination of several months of work and research, their season has already been succesful no matter where they finish.

Hof Trip Day 1


I just came home from a trip with one of my kids.  Before I get into it.  Let me tell you about  a trip my son and I took last year.On Thursday 7/23 SD and I drove to  New York for the primary purpose of going to Baseball Hall of Fame.  We left home at 4 a.m.  and drove out of Illinois  into and out of Indiana and breakfasted in Michigan.We ate at Cracker BarrelAfter breakfast we headed towards the border and at 11:30 a.m. central drove into Canada. We drove a few more hours and stopped for lunch at A&W which are more like the A&W's I remember as a kid and not like the few still in Illinois.We started a root beer trend that continued on the trip.I got excited when I saw the above sign and even more excited when we saw the below sight.Overmeric the past year, I have been writing a limerick each day.  I will share at the end of each post that day's limerick.Setting 3:40 a.m. alarmDoes my sleeping a great deal of harmBut gives vacay great startAnd sure played a big partEnding day at Niagara with charm.[...]

GoodArticle on the Culture of Dating


Kudos to the matriarch of a local home schooling family who alerted me about an article by Bryana Johnson in The College Conservative via Facebook.