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Don't Be A Hero

Updated: 2018-03-06T13:04:12.836-08:00


"said it once before but it bears repeating now"


Let's be honest; I haven't been the world's best blogger thus far. Granted, trying to do something with fashion while not having a photographer as I have been isn't too easy. So what I've decided to do is try this once again under much much better circumstances.I got to thinking after this shoot with my good friend Kirk of Live Art Media and with many other incredibly talented friends in

"the sound of gunfire, off in the distance, I'm getting used to it now"


My last post I left you having just come out of surgery to reconstruct my left 5th metatarsal, an injury that left me lame for several months and cost me my job. You know when you go back and read something you'd written in a bad mood and it feels so angsty and stupid? Well on this second read, that post still didn't. What I wrote may seem dramatic, but I feel like it's necessary to tell you all

"so give me your hand and let jump out the window"


"so give me you hand and lets jump out the window" by Don't Be A Hero featuring Rick Owens tops I am living in Shin lyrics. This year so far has been the oddest mess of surprisingly messy, yet handleable tragedies, and it's not even may. So far I have been kicked out, fired, dumped, blackmailed, ignored, and slandered, all while being homeless, losing my best friend, and waiting on baited

"and a message comin from my eyes says leave it alone"


All Photography by Faith Martin of Real People Photography Topshop vest, Ray Ban Aviators, Vintage shorts, United Arrows Jacket, American Apparel acid wash shirt, Frye boots, Don't Be A Hero Jewelry Faith's Clothing by Urban Outfitters I've been working on a few things, all massively distracting and keeping me away from the epic bloggers out there. But I'm about to free up a bit (well,

"come on hide your lovers underneath the covers"


All Photography by Faith Martin of Real People Photography Vintage Scarves, Ellen Tracy Blazer, Forever 21 Boots, American Apparel Sweatshirt, Bozzolo Shirt, Random Brand That I'll Look Up The Name Of Later skirt, Don't Be A Hero Jewelry Faith's Clothing by Urban Outfitters It's been ages. Shocker. Faith's work is incredible, more of her epicness to come once my life doesn't sound

"draw those flames that burn before him, now he's gonna find a fight"


It's been an inexplicable past few months. This aint the half of it. Worn: Rachel's Mirror Wayfarers, Bozzolo Thermal crew neck, Thrfited Hane's tank, Don't Be A Hero necklaces, La Dama Knit Rosary, destroyed Forever 21 Jeans, Ray Ban Aviator's, Vintage peacoat.

"this is what love is for, to be out of place, gorgeous and alone, face to face"


I sent this photo to Le Love a while back, but seeing it again this morning going through the much neglected blog roll, and I now feel it's hardly romantic. instead, it's exactly the opposite. talking to a friend the other day and I realized that so many of us are like these two, blind but tangible, hardly paying attention to what is real but instead so focused on trying to feel the other,

"too young to fall asleep, too cynical to speak"


but sleep and speak I did. upstairs with the gentlemen, too much ketchup, talk of manly Calvin Klein model-looking guys riding small bikes, walked under concrete bridges, hit on by drunk 50-year-old ponytailed men, witnessed amp first aid attempts, posed on the couch, laugh imitation, lighters as bottle openers, feathered fedoras + polyester art, blurred accidental photographic

"and I've heard the sound from my cousin's bed, the hiss of the train at the railway head, always the summers are slipping away"


these hills are still golden to match the weather, but I once again have further responsibilities instead of the air-conditioned lumbering eunni that occupies me when available to not be so responsible-- forgetting the taste of the freeingly-oppressive heat outside and what it makes you want. the intro lecture to Postmodernist Fiction tonight has promised me and my similarly lit-obsessed friend

"and yes, she's a system and the plan, so devising. let's go!"


finally got some summer in there. Kirsten (I Can't Make You Love Me) and I ran around like fools the other day. She stole my shorts. I drank her iced passion tea. We traded shoes we already own in mismatched sizes when the correct sizes were back at home in each others' closest. no damage done to k's converse, but my sandals are now a little too big. finally got my camera remote

"Res ipsa loquitur. Let the good times roll. " -Hunter S. Tompson


terribly impractical for my triple digit summers here with the patent leather and thick scarf. in fact, the necklace and rings would even be too stuffy, not to mention the makeup trying desperately to find some Thompson-esque summer activities, but so far just inconveniently scheduled classes and work hours, dead car batteries, and crumbling copies of Gravity's Rainbow or any other literary

"in the sun, in the sun I feel as one"


summer, when I am actually experiencing it and not classes or work, makes me feel like a little kid again, running around and doing anything to keep my energy from building and reaching those inhuman heights so many kids specialize in, especially when coped up in a fine restaurant. the above is my dream bike which I can imagine myself wearing in properly with years of childish exploits only

"down below those dandy clothes you're just a shade too white"


american apparel tri-blend tank, don't be a hero and vintage jewelry, vintage sweatermy beast (i.e. golden retriever) Sambeloved gray converseamerican apparel tri-blend tank and raglan sweatshirt, topshop chrome shortsyeah, I am actually alive. hard to believe, I know. I've just been insanely busy so I figured I had to give you a little heads up with that last post to let you know that I was

"we're just a million little gods causin' rain storms turnin' every good thing to rust. I guess we'll just have to adjust"


You Might Find Yourself Not a fun last couple of weeks, most of which has felt like what this guy must feel like, jumping off a building with the assurance that something is there to catch you. I live up in the mountains near Tahoe and I've got the best seat in the house, Sierras lit up any time of day just to my left, but peace comes hard in the middle of an impossible availability I can't

"oh, I'll break them down, no mercy shown, heaven knows, its got to be this time"


photo from Dirty Little Style Whore yay for blogger procrastination, right? I love this photo. sometimes you just need a day like this where even the gods are looking at your ass. the essay/finals/hellscape status is as follows: 4essays down, 4 to go. 0 finals down, 4 to go. 2 counselors down, 0 to go. the only comfort sometimes is knowing that every other student in the world is as burdened

a little late in the game but...



"you should be happier now with no one to pray to or would you love to break your knees from begging and praying?"


blonder, yet this time it actually turned out the way I wanted to, which I didn't think was coiffure-istically possible. I know, right?hey, like how I actually took the shades off for this one? this is proof that I'm human, not terminator, so enjoy it while you can because summer's pretty much here and those wayfarers aren't leaving my face for the schedule is as such: 8

"rythym, you have it or you don't, that's a fallacy"


I've designed a pair of shoes. but the jackasses at zazzle wont freaking allow them to be public. I am the only one that can buy a pair, which is pretty useless if you ask me. gawd fucking dammit. anyway, my store icon to the left now leads to my zazzle store that just has a couple of tees in it, they wouldn't let me do the same thing with the tees as I did with the shoes, so they're very

"turning us into fire, turning us into monsters, it's all desire, it's all desire, it's all desire"


here are a few things I've purchases recently. so I'm assuming this would be one of those "recent purchases" posts? am I doing it alright so far, I'm so concerned seriously, if you've gotten this far and not realized I'm the most sarcastic person this side of the Mississippi, turn back now. that part wasn't as much. so I got this United Arrows jacket from Lulu and googled it the

"a neon light that split the night and touched the sound of silence"


picture by Todd H. Page used with permission Tomorrow is the Day of Silence, a in respect and support of the silence the gay lesbian bisexual and trans-gendered community has been forced to endure with the intolerant attitude still so prevalent with so many people. Although I have no classes and cannot show my support to my fellow pupils, I instead am ending all communication for the day via

"mother I lost it all on the fear of the lord I was given"


I really aught to stop doing this in direct sunlight so I'm not forced to wear shades in every post and then maybe I'll look like a person and not a terminator.How do you like the processing here? Each is a little different, but all essentially upping the "shadow" "contrast" and "fade color" settings on iPhoto, just varying degrees.Also got a black pair of these pants, which came with these

"why don't you all fade away don't try and dig what we all say"


This is from the street artist QuestionMarc and I fucking love it. Even though I do Twitter (Tweet? Or is Twitter a verb? I just don't know). Ironic street art just is what makes my heart beat, I swear. I saw a Banksy on Google first when I was like thirteen and it's been my only real rebellious side ever since. Well, that and being a liberal. I know that this blog has been a little far off

"leave all your lovin, your longing behind, you can't carry it with you if you want to survive"


Too many people think all of California looks like Disneyland or some other movie set. We all walk around in full makeup, lines memorized, ready to tantrum if our Starbucks hasn't been delivered by the time we reach our trailer. We exist only in Rodeo Drive and Sunset Blvd, glittering beaches and sparkling weather, earthquakes and scripted drama. But I am a third generation Californian and

"no one on the corner has swagger like us"


  Kostas Murkudis A/W 09 Collection Title unrelated. Or so completely related, it'll blow your mind. You decide. I'm pretty much going to post in courier from now on, such a bitchin font. Wish I could speak in it. Found this epicness this morning on TrendLand, and I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love. Appeals to the minimalist in me that dies every time it sees my room. I leave in the morning



Source : So photobucket still hates me as you can see, the new cycle starts on the 27th so the pics will come back then, but in the mean time they wont let me do the trial pay thing that everyone suggested, so oh well. I've put all the outfit posts on different acounts so that'll probably help a bit. Speaking of which, I'm sorry about the heinous lack of outfit posts, my