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Since 1996 AirSign has been a leading provider of promoting businesses through nationwide aerial advertising via airplane banner towing and flying billboards.

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Aerial Advertising Can Put Your Message Above The Crowds On Memorial Day

Wed, 26 May 2010 20:23:00 +0000


Advertising is one of the best ways to make people understand the answer you would like to give to them. This is also an excellent way to express whatever information you would like to share. By making use of advertising resource, you definitely can spread your products to people in a more broader scope. This is in turn will make people realize their need as well as your alternative to such need.

Through the years, conducting business is like a craze to all people. Most are into investing things. Before, the scope of any product is limited to where your products can reach. It may be inside that area alone, to other areas or to that country only. That is probably satisfactory those times given that demands of people are more than the resources available, therefore more people are acquiring in one supply.

Yet, this modern day, when associated with business, you cannot simply lag behind because for certain, you will definitely be left out and generate absolutely nothing. With plenty of clutter in the business community, many manufacturers into one standard merchandise, the first thing to do is to locate a great advantage among these rivals and sell your business good to a lot of people.

It is fairly convenient to state the need to promote your business well to a lot of people. Still, if subjected to such battle, one will understand how intricate it is to actually sell yourself properly. People frequently select brands or suppliers that are the top in the market, can offer the full and best solution to their demands and can be conveniently accessed.

One technique for your offerings to be known is via advertisements. But just like a clutter in providers, there is also an overwhelming resource of promotions that people will regard like a common view. One thing to make an edge again in promotions is to have the promotional tool that is unique and catchy in the eyes of many.

One successful promotional device currently is aerial advertising. This is very effective because it can catch a more substantial scope of people and it is cheap. Pay out begins from the moment the airplane launched right until it landed. Your ads will be tagged along these planes and people below can easily see it.

Aerial advertising is efficient particularly when carried out around outdoor occasions or when a huge audience gathers. One excellent event is using aerial advertising around Memorial Day. It is because numerous people gather in parks or other outdoor areas to be with their relatives and families. When your aerial ad pass above, people in any area of the memorial - or any open location - will look up and see that you offer them a solution to what they need right that minute.

Hiring aerial advertising services over Memorial Day events is similar to any other crowd gatherings in the U.S. in that the aerial banners can definitely make your advertisement memorable to anyone viewing it. Whether promoting a product or service, the uniqueness of this advertising method will make it stick in people's minds and remember to take action.

AirSign has been providing attention grabbing aerial advertising over popular locations through their aerial advertising services since 1996. Call them at 888-645-3442 and ask them to fly your message. It will be remembered.

Capture Your Prospect's Attention at the Beach

Fri, 23 Apr 2010 06:46:00 +0000


Beaches are a great place to unwind and find serenity of the mind with its cool breeze and calm waters. But did you know that behind those sandy walks and blue water splashes is a place where every opportunity flocks? People find it appealing to gather on beaches hence, enabling them to do many good things. An opportunity to reunite with a long lost love or an opportunity to express and tell the people what you want to say. It is where you can think of almost anything in the world. That is a great opportunity for businesses to start promoting what they can offer to many people. It is when beach aerial advertising is versatile.

Beach aerial advertising is a unique advertising where a banner is attached at the tail of an airplane with specific messages of products offered as solution or personal thoughts of love, apology or appreciation. See a regular person on a hot day. A dry weather with thirsty throats and enticing cool waters creates many thoughts in the mind. What if I have some Suntan lotions to give me the perfect tan? Or a very cold ice cream or iced cola to satisfy my thirst? Or the right swimming tools would be perfect in those splashing waters. These needs are thought by a single person requiring a certain answer. What more to hundreds of people with similar needs at the same place and situation.

It is not enough to create a solution without the means to tell the whole world about it. Therefore, by promoting, people will know what you can give them. With all those overused, crowded forms of advertising, an eye-catching type can make your offer outshines competitors. Beach aerial advertising is an eye-catching promotion that easily charm people with its characteristic to place messages up in the air. This is among the greatest breakthrough since people like something unique and modern.

Beach aerial advertising not only works for promotion of products and services but also does best in expressing emotions and thoughts to a special someone. Picture a man desperate to tell his woman how much he loved her but cannot find the perfect words. He took the woman to one of the most romantic places in the world, the beach. The sound of the water splashing and the cool touch of the breeze make a perfect setting when a man looks in the eyes of his woman with a tiny box on one hand and a flying message of “Will you marry me?” The woman will say yes after a very romantic and perfect proposal by the man of her life.

Beach aerial advertising is about promoting your solution to people’s needs or expressing emotions in the most romantic and unique way. It is cost-efficient since only when the plane flies and landed will one pays for the advertisement. Beach aerial advertising offers you the best for less.

AirSign has been providing attention grabbing beach aerial advertising through their aerial advertising services over and around popular vacation destinations since 1996. Call them at 888-645-3442 and ask them to fly your message. It will not be forgotten.

Skywriting Achieves New Levels in Advertising

Fri, 16 Apr 2010 07:29:00 +0000


Skywriting is a technique that has been around for sometime now. This rooted from the fascination of the display from jet planes which emit smoke that would create an array of writings in the sky. This has then given birth to a lot more than just pure entertainment. This technique has paved its way the media circle wherein advertisement strengthened its appeal.

Skywriting is an aerial advertising service that can be witnessed during outdoor events that call for a celebration like sport shows, air shows, the holidays and just anytime vacation season. The success of this method always relied on the cooperation of the skill and technical make up of the pilot, as well as the aircraft that he would maneuver.

If you are wondering how much the total cost is of having to get your message across the horizon, then it would be best for you to look around for competitive rates as the prices actually range depending on the different factors involved. Also, you would want to take a look at the technical skills of the pilot and the crew that the companies hire and of course, the aircraft that they will be using, as well as other expenses.

Media people have taken great lengths and tried out skywriting as their main form of advertising. This is well because of the memory recall people have when they see these messages up in the air rather than looking through advertisements on posters, television commercials, and radio airways. This aerial advertisement surely attracts more people than the rest of the methods mentioned.

Skywriting would easily have an access to those crowds of people in open areas where they will find it will be easy to have their message sent across. Puffs of air, made from biodegradable substances in order to abide by environmental standards, are used by the jet to display the message which will be written in just a few seconds. After which, this message should last about 7 or 8 minutes, just large enough and long enough to catch any body’s attention.

What’s more good news about this form of media is that it is competitively within the range of cost or if you take a look at it per thousand, it is relatively cheaper. Imagine just surfing through a 30-second TV commercial. I bet you would be dismissing it easily rather than ponder on its content. A large message written in the sky viewed by a lot of people would definitely work.

The demographics of a certain market really plays a big role in advertising and skywriting makes it possible to touch base with a wider grasp of audience in different parts of a particular area and with a more diverse selection as compared to TV, radio and print ads.

This is something hip and new and a lot of people are gladly receiving it. Aside from the fact that people are more attracted to the aerial advertising options that this technique creates, it is less costly and would in fact cover a wider scope of audience than most ads.

Have you ever been drawn to look up at the sky and saw writings form from clouds in the air? This technique is called Skywriting. This is today’s way of catching a huge crowd’s attention among all the advertisements plastered on city walls, posts, and billboards.

NASCAR Racing Presents Targeted Crowds

Thu, 08 Apr 2010 05:14:00 +0000


Advertising is widely used all over the world. Almost everything heard by our ears or seen by our eyes are results of this vast promotional tactics. All businesses allot a certain budget just to promote their offers to the people. Since there are a number of people potential as buyers, any kind of business are finding ways to advertise, hence a clutter is created. Result of this ad clutter is making your products and services homogeneous with others and people cannot really see the difference. The secret is creating ways to make your products and services exceptional from the rest, therefore grabbing interest of the market and make you the number one brand.

Traditional advertising are widely used in any kinds of products and services. In local TV stations, commercials have greater number of times shown than that of the shows, as well as in local radio stations and newspapers. Why is it that important to advertise? By advertising, we promote our products to our potential target market that are unreachable. These traditional ways are very effective hence overcrowding is created.

So, what then are ways for people to keep in mind what we offer? With the advent of technology and inventing almost anything comes the trend of Aerial Advertising. An airplane tows your banner up in the air for any person to see below is the main idea of aerial advertising. It is very easy and inexpensive since you only have to pay from the time the airplane launched until it landed. If done in the right place and time, this kind of advertisement is very effective.

Having an event or special occasions makes these advertisements busy as bees. It is when a number of people gather in one place to enjoy one special day. The most popular event in the United States that can gather thousands is the NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing sponsored events. One of the biggest crowds is seen in his great event all over the world. By taking advantage of doing some aerial advertisement can gain much attention from the spectators below. Moreover, given that the NASCAR events gather much people, more people can then know of what you can offer them. Moreover, it is unique and new to the eyes of the people, thus it can strike them more and easily remembered.

To conclude, doing some promotions for your products and services will aid you to success. Knowing what technique is the best will even aid your better. It just needs to be done in the right place at the right time.

AirSign has been providing professional aerial advertising at racing events since 1996. Check the NASCAR calendar on their site for opportunities in the area you're interested in.

Aerial Ads Take Advantage of the Spring Break Audience

Wed, 03 Mar 2010 22:00:00 +0000

Every spring the beaches of Florida and Texas are the one-week residence of college students who are getting a break from the books. An estimated 2.5 to 3 million will be basking in the sun this year. They have money to spend now, and a potential to spend another $125-$130 billion dollars during the year. How that kind of money will be spent is yet to be determined, based on the skill of effective advertising aimed at them.

One of the most effective forms of advertising to these students is arial banner or billboard advertising. These ads are really quite simple. A company or individual hires a plane to pull a banner displaying their message. The banner could be as long as 70 feet and will usually contain contact information such as a phone number or webpage. (Billboard aerial ads are like highway billboards only they are flown over the people instead of people driving by.) Most merchants subscribe to a flight duration of one to two hours. Each pass allows about 17 seconds of viewing time. As the plane flies over the students for an hour, back and forth, how many times do you think they will see your ad? By the time an hour is up, your message will be imprinted in their brains.

Students are relaxing and mentally open during spring break week. It is a week of vacation and they have planned to spend money. Picture this: millions of students are lying on the beach when suddenly the drone of a plane overheard catches their attention. They look up and see your ad pulled behind the plane. Your company is immediately far ahead of the competition in reaching this market.

The types of things advertised include items students would buy back in college. On the other hand, many of the ads are for items they will need immediately, like ads for restaurants or clothing. What an opportunity to tap this market of impulsive buyers.

With the economy is shambles and unemployment high, many advertisers are cutting back. Instead, walk through the door of opportunity packed into one week. The spring break students aren’t thinking about the economy or even the future. They just want to have some fun, regardless of the cost. They are called by one tourism expert a “recession-proof” group because the students consider this a unique opportunity without a price tag!

Electronic communication makes it even better. One merchant says he has his phone number on the banner and, almost immediately, he is being texted with orders. Others use G3 networks to make Internet orders. The minimal cost of the banner ad is quickly paid for and the rest is profits.

Aerial ads have another advantage: they are timeless. You will pay the full cost for the banner ad this year. However, when spring break is over, you can store the banner and use it again next year. Or it could be used the next week at a different beach or sporting event. Though banners are large (70 ft by 7 ft), they are durable and long lasting.

Pessimists are cutting back on advertising because of the poor economy. But wise businesses will want to take advantage of the spring break students and, those who do, will probably make a sizeable profit through aerial advertising.

AirSign has been providing attention grabbing aerial ads through their aerial advertising services around hot vacation destinations since 1996. Call them at 888-645-3442 and ask them to fly your message. It will not be forgotten.

How to Pop the Question in a Unique Way

Thu, 11 Feb 2010 20:46:00 +0000

How did you pop the big question to your sweetheart? Probably it was not as unique as some of these ways. But if you haven’t asked her yet, perhaps this will give you some ideas on ways to do it uniquely! None of these ideas is too expensive and each would make the event memorable. If you like extreme sports, sky’s the limit for ideas. A couple reached the top of a mountain ready to ski down. Just as they were ready to begin, he proposed and she accepted. What a double rush they both experienced! Speaking of getting a rush, one sky diver proposed to his girlfriend in midair with a sign as they fell at 200 miles an hour. One game show contestant took advantage of the public nature of the show, then turned to the audience, and popped the question to his sweetheart. The audience starting clapping and, of course, she accepted. One man arranged for help from a movie theater. When the movie the couple was attending ended, a message flashed onto the scream, “Sarah, will you marry me? –Charlie”. Everyone clapped and, of course, after recovering from the shock, she affirmed his wishes. One man got his neighbors across the street in on it. On some cue, they turned their lights off and on, spelling out the proposal. Another girl was led to believe her boyfriend was miles away. She was participating in a scavenger hunt. The last thing to find happened to take her to his hiding place and when he shocked her by appearing, then fell to one knee and proposed.A bold girl got tired of waiting for her boyfriend to make the decision. So when they were on a date, she said, “Darling, you know if you would ask me to marry you, I’d say yes in a minute!” . If that seems a bit too bold, maybe you could just drop a hint or two, like, “If you need any money for a ring or anything, let me know,” or “I’ve been practicing saying my new last name after we’re married” Sam took his honey to a plush restaurant. She was pretty sure this would be the night he would propose but he didn’t even drop a hint during the meal. Finally when they were ready to leave, he asked for the check. There, on the bill tray sat the engagement ring. He took it, fell to his knees and turned her disappointment to joy.A creative man bought a book of love poems. After the few pages, he glued the rest together, then cut a heart shaped hole in the stack. She was touched by the first few poems but then turned the page and saw in the hole an engagement ring! Allowing time for shock to set in, he then took it and asked her the big question! Public media is a great way to propose effectively. How about taking out a full-page ad in a paper you are sure she will read. When she turns to that page, get on your knees with the ring. The ad provides a very romantic souvenir of the day. How about renting a billboard along a road she travels. If you can be in the car with her, have the ring handy; if not, try timing a call to her cell phone as she passes the display. You might even be standing by the road, pointing at it with a ring box in the other hand! An airplane is a great media for creative proposals. Have a firm sky write your proposal in the sky over an area where she will be Idea two: a banner ad would be more permanent, hiring a plane to pull the ad through the sky over a beach or place you know she will be. If possible, as she reads it, be handy with the ring.Marriage is an important step in life and should be entered with much thought. However, you can still use creativity in the means of asking to join her life to yours. Why don’t you do it in a way that you will both remember throughout your lifetimes together?AirSign has been providing creative skywriting and aerial banner messages around special occasions since 1996. Call them at 888-645-3442 and ask them to fly your message. It will be unforgettable.[...]

Advertising With Curiosity

Thu, 04 Feb 2010 14:07:00 +0000

We are painfully aware that we are bombarded with advertisements in every part of life. At a movie we see ads for more movies. TV shows get shorter as ads get longer. Along the street are billboards and shop signs. Newspapers and magazines are filled with appeals to get our money.

All this is a challenge to the advertisers for they must come up with a way to get over the mental block set up by consumers for self-protection. How can you get others to notice your ad among the thousands of others? One effective way of doing this is through building curiosity with sights and sounds.

Sounds often involve music. Many TV ads include some type of mood setting designed to make you at least watch the ad. Other types of sounds also build curiosity and attract attention. The Superman serials on TV in the 50’s were popular with kids partly because of the air sound as the hero landed or took off.

Visual anticipation is also used. A blanket over the newest model of a car builds curiosity. Women in ads sell more to both men and women than men do. Movie previews take a collage of clips to titillate the imagination and make people too curious about how it all falls together to miss the full show.

The double edged sword of both sound and sight will help raise an ad from the ignored to the noticed. By using both the ear gate and eye gate attention is more likely gained. Yet, if everyone does this, then your ad will remain indistinct.

Banner ads are unique in this way for they appeal to sight, sound, and they are the only ad around at the time. A long banner or a billboard trails behind an airplane over a large congregation of people. With no other ads in sight on a beach or music festival, the ad will have the full attention of the audience.

Imagine you are sitting on a beach, enjoying the sun when in the distance you hear the drone of an airplane. You have time and interest so you look up to check it out. Coming toward you is a single engine plane pulling a banner with a message written on it. Your curiosity rises. What does it say? You watch with anticipation until you can read the message and you probably do this several times in the 17 seconds it passes.

The plane disappears but in a few minutes it passes by again and you read it a second time. By the third time this happens you have the message memorized and after that, the sound of the plane along causes you to recite the message in your mind.

The advertiser has done his job. He has built the curiosity of you, the audience, used sounds and sights to present the message, and repeated it so that it is fixed in your memory. To top it off, the message faces no competitors. If the product or service is of use to you, he will be confident that when you need it, his name will be the one you choose.

Learn how AirSign has been leading the industry in providing innovative aerial advertising services since 1996. They have banner towing planes stationed across the States ready to fly your message over sporting events, holidays, vacation hot spots or just to that special someone.

Make Your Proposal Memorable with Aerial Banners

Wed, 27 Jan 2010 22:41:00 +0000

Tom and Jenny had been going together for six months and Tom was sure this was the girl with whom he wanted to spend his life. He was also sure she would say 'yes' to the big question but wanted to ask her in a spectacular way that would be remembered all their lives.

To do this, Tom hired an aerial advertising company to design and display a banner, reading, "Jenny, will you marry me? - Tom." His family had planned a reunion the second Saturday in July and that would be the perfect time to unveil his desire. The company handled everything, design, construction, and display of his message. When it flew overhead, Jenny wasn't the only one who was impressed!

You only celebrate your parents' 50th anniversary once, and the Williamson family managed to coordinate their busy schedules to be together for the special day. Memories were shared, songs were sung, favorite jokes were told, and the food was delicious. As a grand finale, at exactly 3:00 pm, the children took their parents to the back yard and looked up as a plane flew by towing an aerial billboard that read, "Dad and Mom Williamson, you are loved!" The entire community knew that was true.

What are a few dollars in light of the lasting memories a banner message will bring to your special day? Think of using an aerial message to recognize an honor, to celebrate a special birthday, or to welcome home someone has been gone for a long time. The investment itself would tell them and the whole community how much they mean to you.

When looking for a company to help you, don't confuse banner ads or aerial advertising with the banner ads on the computer. An aerial message is a full-length sentence or message pulled behind an airplane at a given location for a designated length of time; it is not an annoying frame that pops up on the screen. Banner ads are often seen at beaches or athletic events. The same company that provides these ads can help you with the banner message fitting for your occasion.

An aerial message as described above is simple. Think of a sentence or few words that would express what you want to convey. Then contact an aerial advertising company and present your idea. They will have suggestions to make it just right. The company will do all the work and fly the message where you want it displayed. In some areas more than one company has this service so investigate to find out what is right for you.

By the way, remember Tom and Jenny? Jenny's reply was, "Oh, Tom, I do love you but give me a week to think it over and talk with my parents, and I'll give you my answer then." Sure both Tom and his family were disappointed but they appreciated her mature approach to such an important decision. Little did he or they know what she was planning. The next Saturday, another banner flew overhead, right on time and at the right location. It read, "Yes! - Jenny"

AirSign has been providing customized banner towing services since 1996. Call them today at 888-645-3442 and have them fly an aerial banner that will make your special day unforgettable.

How Can Skywriting Boost Your Business?

Fri, 22 Jan 2010 22:38:00 +0000

The movie The Wizard of Oz, a smash hit when it came out in 1939, had a scene where the wicked witch wrote SURRENDER DOROTHY OR DIE in the sky with her broom. Ever since sky writing has fascinated people. (The witch's message was actually just special effects, produced in a 6 foot by 6 foot glass tank.) But sky writing goes back further than that. It was first tried in1922 in England. Advertisers began using skywriting at the same time but Pepsi-Cola made it famous, using skywriting from 1931 to 1953.Are the letters really formed by smoke? Yes, skywriting smoke is made by inserting paraffin oil into the exhaust of the plane. The oil vaporizes in the heat making an environmentally friendly white smoke that lingers in the air. Of course, the pilot only injects the oil into the exhaust when he is in a position to form part of a letter.How tall are the letters? A mile tall. How long is the message? Up to fifteen miles long. How long do the letters stay visible before drifting away? They last up to twenty minutes. What determines if the skywriting will be a success? First, the skill of the pilot. He must be really good at maneuvering the plane and knowing exactly where he is in terms of the message. Second, the size of the plane engine. It must be large enough to make the letters quickly, but it also must be hot enough to vaporize sufficient paraffin oil to make the smoke. That means the paraffin must reach 1500 degrees and to do this, some recommend 450 horsepower engines that are six times hotter than small planes.Besides these factors, there is the weather. The wind cannot exceed three to five miles per hour. The sky must be nearly clear for the white letters to be visible against the blue sky. Since wind speed may vary at different heights, the planes will fly anywhere from 7000 and 17000 feet. At these heights, the message is visible for thirty miles on either side. Cooler air temperature makes more smoke, but the air temperature cannot exceed 95 degrees. The best months for these conditions are September and October.How large is the message? It is usually four to six letters and it takes one to two minutes to form each letter. A shorter message is more likely to be visible at once. Why not make it longer? When a message is longer than this, it will take too long to form so that it is seen all at once. One remedy is to hire multiple pilots. The two or three pilots coordinate their maneuvers so that, as they work together, they will produce the message visible for the minutes before it drifts away.Think about this: the pilot is writing from the top, parallel to the earth though the message may seem to be vertical. Therefore the pilot must write the letters backwards from above so that they appear correctly to the readers below. The letters must also be uniform and in a straight line so that the message is attractive. This requires great piloting skills.This method of advertising is so novel that it almost demands to be read all the time the letters are forming. So what kind of people would benefit from hiring skywriting to get their message across? Skywriting has been used to advertise soft drinks, motion pictures, websites, political candidates, products, and so forth. One company says they skywrite fifty marriage proposals each year.What does all this cost? The cost depends on the company, and on the availability. For example, if you must fly in a skilled pilot from some distance, that will add significant cost to the adventure. But for local skywriting, count on starting around $1000 and look for a discount if you get more than one message or the same message multiple times.Skywriting advertising is just one of the aerial advertising services AirSign provides. Learn how AirSign has been leading the industry in providing this innovative advertising method since 1996.[...]

Steps for Getting Aerial Ads into the Air

Fri, 15 Jan 2010 21:52:00 +0000

Have you ever been at a large gathering somewhere, like a sporting event or a beach, and seen an airplane fly by pulling an announcement or an advertisement of some type? These ads or messages are called aerial advertising, and have proven to be an effective way to get a message out to a large group quickly.

So how do they get such a huge banner into the sky? If the banner were attached to the plane before it took off, this would cause two problems. First, the banner would drag across the runway and get damaged. Second, The drag of the huge banner would make it more difficult to get off the ground and this means the banner would drag even longer.

Getting the aerial ad into the sky takes a great deal of skill. But the huge success of banner advertising makes it worth the trouble. First, the airplane takes off with a device called a "grapnel hook" hanging in the window. The other end is attacked to the tail of the airplane by either rope or cable.

Once the airplane is airborne, the pilot releases the hook from his window and lets it fall. The hook falls below the plane and is ready for the next part. Meanwhile, on the ground the banner is folded up, but it has a lead pole attached to the front. A harness is attached to that and a pick up rope to that. Finally a loop of rope connected to the lead rope is draped between two poles about five or six feet off the ground.

Next the plane flies over the open area where the banner's loop is visible. As he passes low over the area, the hook dragging below the plane is designed to catch the loop, pulling the lead rope and then the banner into the air. The moment he reaches the pick up area, he pulls back on the stick and throttles the engine, making the plane soar upward at a steep angle. The hook snags the loop of rope, and pulls the banner up into the sky. If for some reason his hook misses, then he circles around and tries again.

How do they keep the banner straight and not acting like a spiraling kite? The bottom of the banner is weighted so that it is always down. The end of it also has tiny parachutes that keep it stretched out. Banners could be up to fifty letters long and when you consider the letters are seven feet tall, that is a long banner to pull! It takes skill and practice to do it just right.

When the pilot has completed his mission over the designated area, he will fly the banner back to the drop off place, fly low again, and, release the hook so the banner falls to the ground unharmed. This way it is reusable if that is appropriate.

Larger planes are able to actually pull the banner with them on takeoff without damaging it, but most single engine prop planes use the plan outlined above to get the banner into the air.
All this may seem like a lot of trouble, but the result is worth the effort. Thousands will see the banner, both at the event and on the way to and from it. The message will get out and people will be influenced by the message.

But not all aerial advertising companies are alike. Some simply take an order and contract it out. Since 1996, AirSign has been leading the industry by taking personal care of their customers using the best pilots, sharpest looking planes, and providing accountability for their work through free GPS tracking. Give them a call and find out what they can do for you!

Using Balloons in Aerial Advertising

Fri, 15 Jan 2010 19:14:00 +0000

Advertising in the sky has become a very successful means of getting a message across to a local group of people quickly. Usually a banner is pulled behind a single engine plane over a beach or sporting event. This huge exposure of a product, service, coming event or the like means more people are likely to investigate further.

Billboard ads are also flown over crowds of people. These can be as large as a roadside billboard but are much lighter. These aerial billboards are pulled by planes or even helicopters for helicopters can pull a greater weight. If the plane can handle it and the budget allows, some even pull a banner behind a billboard ad. It usually contains additional information like an address or webpage.

Helium balloons are also used to attract attention. When a giant balloon is seen attached to the ground by a banner, people will drive over to see where it leads. A newer form of aerial advertising is by hot air balloon, or blimp. It is possible to buy a blimp and have your company name put on the side. Goodyear has become famous doing this and their use of the blimp for others probably pays their expenses. However, this is very expensive and probably cost prohibitive to most companies.

Remote controlled balloons are a nice compromise, inexpensive but further off the ground than helium balloons. These balloons are heavier than air since they have to come down. Without the weight of a pilot, the balloon doesn't need to be as large to carry the ad.

These large balloons are propelled by a pusher prop attached to the rear of the balloon. The remote control unit determines the angle of the propeller, whether up, down, or turning. It actually resembles a slow moving model plane. When such a balloon displays an ad and is flown over a crowd of people, it will work much like a banner ad. The balloon can then be returned to the operator to be used again.

These balloons come in varying sizes, some starting at six feet and going to nearly twenty feet. They are not helium filled so preparing and launching them is simple. Of course, wind plays a factor with something so light and scheduled runs may need to be postponed.

How much would this type of advertising cost? A probably typical estimate for six foot balloons displaying a company sign or logo is about 1500 dollars. Larger sizes go from 4000 dollars for a thirteen foot, to 7000 dollars for a seventeen foot. Since a pilot is not needed for this type of ad, the owner can fly it any time he wants, that is, when the weather permits.

If you want to target your message effectively, it is time to get in touch with an aerial banner company and get it printed and into the air. It won't take long before your well planned message will be read by thousands and the result in sales will follow.

How Are Aerial Billboards Used in Advertising?

Wed, 13 Jan 2010 19:09:00 +0000

While traveling to Canada some years ago, I was struck by the absence of billboards along the roads. I guess it was against the law. Actually I missed them. Sure, too many can be obnoxious and an eyesore, but I found I rely on the information they present as I travel.

Of course, most billboards are huge signs pasted to a support on some rented piece of property like a farmer's field. The more people who travel that highway, the better. The billboard stands there, awaiting people traveling by to read the message. Now imagine this billboard flying into the air over some huge gathering of people. That is the essence of advertising with aerial billboards.

Aerial billboards are similar to roadside billboards but different in a number of ways as well. For example, the roadside billboard is fixed, being seen by moving people. Aerial billboards on the other hand, are moving while the people are stationary. Also, the roadside billboard is only noticed by those looking its way as they drive. The aerial billboard is read by virtually everyone who sees it because of the uniqueness of the display. The roadside billboard will be viewed by 100,000 people after a long time; the aerial billboard could be read by that many in a matter of minutes.

The aerial billboards are made of nylon. Some are painted and some are dyed with a sun inhibitor for protection. The billboard is not a banner but a banner is sometimes attached to the end of the billboard to give an additional message. Some billboards are as large as 50 feet tall and 100 feet long! The message on it may be a logo, the name of a product, photos, or just about anything a roadside billboard contains.

The billboard is weighted on the bottom so that it stays upright, and has a lead pole attached to the front. A bridle is attached to that and the bridle to a 250 feet long rope attached to the plane. To get the billboard into the air, the pilot must take off without it, then circle around and catch a loop of rope fastened to the tow rope. He catches it with a large hook attached to the rear of the plane. He immediately banks upward so the billboard is hoisted up and not dragged along the ground.

Of course, billboard advertising like this is dependent on the weather. Heavy winds could make it impossible for a small plane to pull such a resistance. Sometimes the banner cannot be added to the back of the billboard because of the drag. When the flight is over, the pilot is able to fly low and drop the billboard safely to the ground where it will be retrieved and stored for future use.

What is the difference between aerial banners and aerial billboards? The only real difference is the size and shape of the message trailing behind the plane. Clients might include restaurants, products, special events, congratulatory messages, wedding proposals, directions, information like a web page to get further details, special sales events, businesses, movie ads, and so on. Billboards display just about any brief message someone wants to get to the public in a hurry.

The cost for billboard or aerial ads varies with companies and locations. Generally you should plan on 0 to 0 an hour for towing time and 00 and up for the billboard or banner. If that seems like a lot of money, consider the revenue that the message will bring in as a result of thousands of people seeing your aerial advertising message in a single day.

How Does Aerial Advertising Compare to Traditional Forms?

Thu, 08 May 2008 20:36:00 +0000

The importance of advertising is plainly understood by most businesses. A significant part of their budget is devoted to it. If finances are tight, many try to build business through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers but that can take a while.

Alternative advertising methods include high cost radio or television ads, that might be targeted at a local community. However, too often people channel surf during the commercials and never even hear what is offered. Printed matter can be effective to reach a community but what percent ends up as wrapping for fish? Internet advertising is growing but may reach for a local business a much larger market than is useful.

One innovative idea which has soared in popularity in high density population areas is aerial advertising. Here's how it works. A firm is hired to make a large banner displaying a product or service message. They then fly over the area where many people are congregating, pulling the banner behind the plane. This works best when the sky is open, as at a beach, sporting event, concert, or parade. People look up at this distraction, read the ad and remember the product or service. Sound expensive? Actually aerial advertising is more cost effective than one might think.

For much less cost than other traditional advertising methods, aerial advertisers claim that their method reaches more people in a more effective way. Here's an example: One beach in Miami was advertised to and then, 30 minutes later, 2000 people were surveyed. The survey showed that 88% knew the ad had flown by, 79% recalled what the subject, and 67% could recall at least half of the exact message. Anyone would be hard pressed to say that printed ads, radio or TV could match that effectiveness at just five dollars per thousand people targeted. Those spending significant amounts of their budget on traditional advertising would do well to consider that they can reach as many people with less than half that budget using aerial advertising.

The noise of the plane overhead attracts the attention of the crowd and they look up. There, behind the plane, is a banner flapping in the wind and displaying a large, readable message, product, logo, or website. This naturally raises their curiosity and they want to know what it's all about. As the banner passes overhead, they are able to read it several times. Just the uniqueness of the delivery causes many to remember the product because it stands out from everything else that is fighting for their attention.

Concerns of air pollution caused by the plane can be put aside as this is much less than the amount of waste produced by discarded print advertisements reaching the same number of people. Comparatively, aerial advertising is much less invasive.

Interested in using the most cost effective and memorable means of mass advertising to promote your business? Consider the huge advantages of putting aerial advertising to work for you - especially with the rising problems of traffic gridlock on US roads which provide even more opportunities than ever to get your message in front of a captivated audience.