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Preview: The Houses of Healing

The Houses of Healing

The hands of the king are the hands of a healer.

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Birth Story: The Long Slow Build and Next Best Things


When we found out that my mom's babies were all right on time or a few days early, Jesse & I joked about having a May Day baby. "Wouldn't it be cool to have the first baby on the board at the Birthing Inn?" When the contractions hit hard around 11.30 PM on April 30th, I thought that we might just have our May Day baby. I decided not to wake Jesse up unless the contractions got closer together.I sat on the birthing ball we had borrowed from some friends of ours for a while, but every time a contraction hit that I had to breathe through, I would shiver uncontrollably. I just couldn't get warm. I remembered reading or hearing something about water helping with back labor and, since most of my contractions were in my back, I decided to draw a hot bath. It did ease the pain and it helped me get warm. Once I had stopped shivering long enough to think, I started to worry that there was something wrong.I got out of the tub to try to do some research in my awesome book from the Mayo Clinic. I started shivering again almost instantly. I managed to flip through a few chapters, but I couldn't find anything. I finally shivered my way to the bedroom to wake Jesse up to come look for me. He was very groggy but managed to stumble back across the house with me as I got back in the warm water to get the shivering under control.He couldn't find anything. Not in the book. Not online. I decided to call the midwife just to be sure that nothing was wrong. I felt bad waking her up (it was now 2.30 or so in the morning of May 1st), but I wanted to make sure that we didn't need to go to the hospital for some kind of monitoring.She was baffled. She'd never heard of anything like this. She said that as long as I wasn't running a fever or feeling nauseaus, we were probably fine. She advised me to try to get some more sleep.I had Jesse pile more blankets on the bed & crawled into bed with my cat. There's no better heater than a purring cat. At least I think so.I woke up in the morning and the contractions had completely fizzled out. Sigh. I guess I'm not getting a May Day baby after all. Which, to a certain extent, I was actually fine with, I had packed that Saturday full and wasn't sure I wanted to try to do all of that while dealing with back labor.Fast forward to 12 AM Mother's Day (May 8). I had been sleeping and was woken up by more back labor. Jesse was still up working on his guitar (it's a long story, you'd have to ask him). I came out to the kitchen and asked for water. That's the first thing the midwives ask, so I wanted to make sure I had two bottles down before I called or anything. Jesse was watching me breathe and shiver and he said, "I think this is it. I think we're going to have our baby."These contractions didn't feel any different than the last set, so I was decidedly not as optimistic. I decided to get in the tub again. It's a little hazy, but I think I took two baths through the course of the night and drank lots of water. Since the contractions never settled down into a pattern or got closer together than about 10 minutes, we decided to go back to bed. Somewhere in here I lost my mucous plug & decided to call first thing Monday morning to get an appointment to get my cervix checked.I woke up still having contractions about 10 to 20 minutes apart. We decided to skip church to get some extra sleep and finally got ourselves up to meet my family for Mother's Day lunch at our favorite Mongolian grill. We laughed with my mom about how surreal it would be to have a baby on Mother's day.We came back home & took a nap. We figured if we were in labor, it would be best to sleep as much as we could. When we woke up, I wanted to take a walk "in nature" for Mother's Day. Start a tradition, baby or no baby. We looked online & discovered that our metro parks system maintains several nature parks within the city limits. We decided to go check out Snake Lake Nature Reserve. The Nature Center was closed for the weekend, but the trails were open. We walked for almost a mile. [...]

34 Week Maternity Shoot


We had our maternity photos taken by the lovely and super talented Stacy Wagoner.We went down to Point Defiance park here in Tacoma & had the shoot in front of the pagoda and the Asian garden. A couple of weeks later, the pagoda was burned by an arsonist. We may have gotten some of the last photos in its original state.Without further ado, here are some of our favorite shots.This one is me being a goofy Aspergian: "Can I pat him on the head?" Stacy, laughing: "Sure."The rain finally let up long enough to get some awesome reflection shots.[...]

Confessions of a Vulcan Mama


"But it's not logical, Jim." - Spock

I hate emotions. They're not logical. Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions. Ergo, I hate being pregnant.

Okay, okay. "Hate" is a little strong.

But I do strongly prefer the consistency of logic to the changeability of emotion. In the span of minutes, I can swing from excited to scared to happy to grumpy to sad to downright angry.

I wish I had been more consistent about blogging through the journey of pregnancy, but I've been so tired that it hasn't been a high priority. It doesn't bother me much, I just wish I'd had more energy. (Don't we all?)

A lot of women enjoy pregnancy immensely. I am not one of them. I am blogging so that, if you're like me, you know you're not alone.

Live long and prosper.

PS. Eventually these posts will move over to a blog devoted to parenting, once DLH & I decide on a domain & get the blog set up. Ah, the downsides to having two geeks in a marriage... It takes a lot more work to get anything set up. :D

32 Weeks: You must be getting excited...


(This was written almost 2 weeks ago. Things are slightly better now.)

... Actually, at the moment, no, I'm not.

If you're only interested in the happy moments of pregnancy, please stop reading now.

This last weekend was rather emotional for both DLH & I. Given our shared proclivity towards black humor, we have jokingly referred to it as early-onset post-partum depression. While neither of us thinks that this is that serious, the emotional adjustment has been rather difficult of late. DLH has been irritable and quick-tempered and I have been alternatively weepy and grumpy.

We realized that we have a long way to go still in just learning to take care of ourselves, let alone adding Panda to the mix. This has led to some "What the heck were we thinking? We're not ready for this!" emotions and conversations. (Are you ever? I don't think so.)

On Saturday morning, as we were heading out to a wedding of all places, I stated, "I don't want to have a baby any more." DLH lovingly responded, "I think you do. Anyway, it's a little late for that now." My emotions have dulled into a state of resigned ambivilence since then. This baby is coming whether I think I'm ready or not, so I'm going to try to make the best of it.

But, if I don't seem all that excited this week, it's because I'm not.

Gender Neutrality and Why It's Important to Us


Over the course of the last few months, I (Amy) have had several conversations with friends and family about our decision to not find out the gender of Panda. The responses have ranged from "That's awesome!" to "How am I going to shop for you if I don't know the gender?" Since Panda's arrival is nearly upon us, I felt like it was important to talk about what we mean by gender neutrality and why we're serious about it.

  • What we don't mean

    1. That we want to dress Panda in ugly or impractical clothing.
    2. That we will never dress Panda in gender specific clothing.
    3. That we will switch to gender specific clothing once Panda arrives. (The exception to this is one or two dress outfits. We hope to dress her in colors and patterns that will complement her skin tone & hair/eye color. If she inherits our coloring, this probably means rich, saturated hues and darker neutrals. Neither of which lend themselves to gender specificity.
  • What we do mean
    1. That we don't want to reinforce gender stereotypes. We ourselves do not fit neatly into the gender stereotypes and we do not want to force or reinforce those stereotypes on Panda.
    2. That we want Panda's clothing to be practical for her development.
      [T]he infant needs to be comfortable when lying in a prone position. This means that her clothes must be free of big buttons, bows and other ornamentation...Appropriate clothing for the infant allows her to get her knees under her, push off, scoot and crawl, just as soon as coordination and muscle strength make these actions possible. On her upper body, the infant wears layered clothing: a soft cotton undershirt and, if needed, a long-sleeve cotton shirt as well as a lightweight wool sweater buttoned up the back. Her cloth cotton diaper should...[allow] the legs to come closer together for freer forward movement...For the rest of her dress, the infant has bare legs with booties or socks with ankles just tight enough to stay on her feet. If she is going to be on a chafing surface such as a rough carpet or stone patio, she may need a pair of cotton leggings for protection. – Lillard and Jessen, Montessori From the Start
    3. That we want to recycle as much of Panda's wardrobe as possible for the next baby. The more of her wardrobe that is gender neutral, the more will be able to be passed on, no matter what gender her sibling(s) are.
  • What we need from you, our friends and family
    1. Support for our decisions, from how we dress Panda to how we choose to raise her.
    2. Other gear for Panda besides clothing. We are the first in our family to give birth, and we have no hand-me-downs. We desperately need diapers, swaddling blankets, wetbags and other essentials. Especially the diapers. The start up cost of cloth diapering is quite high and assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. If you are unsure of what is needed, we have a registry.
Examples of gender neutral clothing we already have

Football and How It's Helping Our Marriage


Over the last few weeks, I have been surprised to find myself in several long conversations about football with my husband. For those of you who didn't know, I'm the sports fan in our family and football has previously been about as interesting to him as a day at Bellevue Square. (Actually, he'd probably enjoy that more.)

He decided that since I'm not going to stop liking football, he should at least learn enough about it to be able to talk about it with me. And boy, did he ever. I suddenly found myself debating merits of quarterbacks, the differences in defense schemes and potential strategies for opposing teams in upcoming games. He took the time to research and became so well versed in the analytics of the game, that I actually found myself having to research to keep up with him.

This is not the only subject that he has done this with, just the most recent. I remember on one trip to the mall, coming out of the dressing room and asking him what he thought. He thought for a minute and then asked, "When you ask me that, what are you looking for?" Which then led to a discussion of fit, style, and generally what I look for in an outfit when a girlfriend asks me for my opinion.

Now ladies, before you go running off to show this to your husband/SO, ask yourself what you have taken the time to learn that is important to him.

For the last five years, I have asked a lot of questions about guitars, amps and recording gear. I can now explain (somewhat) the difference between Strats & Les Pauls. I can tell you that my husband likes PRS guitars, but can't stand their pickups, so if he ever bought one, the first thing he would do is swap out the pickups. I can tell you that he typically prefers the tone of a tube amp to a solid state (and that he's a fan of Trainers and Voxes). I still get lost in the technical details sometimes, but have enough of an understanding to keep from tuning out once he starts talking shop with other guitar players.

Learning about each other, and your likes, dislikes and passions is a life-long pursuit. And, who knows, you may end up actually liking to watch football, if you're willing to give it a try.



We have made our decisions about who our loan officer & real estate agent will be.

We will be meeting with our real estate agent tomorrow to start walking through houses. Yay!

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet


We awe hunting howses...

Hubby & I started the serious house hunt this week. We're kind of testing the waters online and will be interviewing real estate agents over the next week. We hope to be actually walking through potentials here very soon.

Our lease is up and we have to move out of our apartment on the 30th of September. Chances are good that we will not have closed by then, so it'll be back to Mom & Dad's for a while. Should be an adventure, what with baby sis moving back in, too. Two years ago, the family in the house went from 7-8 to 3, when we all moved out. In a couple weeks, it'll go from 3-6. Guess it's back to scheduling our showers, eh?

We are very excited about the prospect of owning a home. About being able to change things we don't like. When you rent, ya just kinda gotta live with what's there. >_<

I'm hoping to maybe keep a blog history of this journey, but most of those kinds of ambitions have failed miserably, so we'll just have to see what happens.

We're Buying a Freaking House


No, we're not sure where just yet. After looking at our options and the current housing market, we decided that there's no time like the present to jump into home-ownership. So, we now have to bed out of our apartment by the end of September. We're in the process of talking to a couple loan officers to to find out what kind of budget we're looking at. And then we have a couple of real estate agents that we'll be talking to about homes in the area.

Started packing this weekend.

Talk about crazy.



I have been "loaned" from the call center to the internet department for a while. The call center is working on setting up a Web Support desk and so needed to train some of the agents one the back end of the website. The internet team has some larger projects coming up that they needed help with. So... Here I am. It's been fun to be out of the call center.

I have been having a blast being back in a technical environment. When you work with non-techies, it's easy to think that you're the only geek in the world. But not so. If you can believe it, I have actually met someone who is a bigger LOTR fan than either Jesse or I. It's crazy.

One of the biggest changes about being over on the internet team is that I don't have to account for every second of my day. As long as I'm here on time and the work gets done, it's pretty relaxed. It's WONderful.

Jesse's physics class comes to a close on Thursday. After this, he will not have to take a class during the summer ever again. That will be wonderful to be able to have the summers off without the stress level we've been carrying.

In other news, we passed out 2nd anniversary on Monday. I can't believe it's been two years already. It's crazy.

Still Alive...


...It's been so long since either of us posted anything, I just wanted to make sure y'all knew.

I got the job at World Vision and have been working here for just about 4 months now. It's not my favorite job in the world, but, seriously, who actually likes working a call center? However, I do love working for World Vision and am excited about some other opportunities that may be coming my way. It's such a blessing to come into work everyday and know that I am truly making a difference for someone around the world.

Jesse is in the middle of Summer quarter at GRCC, taking Physics 201 - Calculus Based Physics. In the fall, he will be starting at UW Tacoma to begin his core course work for his Bachelor's degree in Computing and Software Systems. He will be in the program for three years and then only God knows where he'll end up. We're both hoping he can land a job at Microsoft Game Studios (ie. Bungie), because that would just rock.

We are looking into the possibility of buying our first home within the next 18 months or so. We're looking into houses in Tacoma and also condos here around Federal Way so we can be close to work.

That's about all the news. With both of us working full-time, we're pretty busy and tired most of the time. So I'll sign off here, as Kip would say, "Peace out."

Job Search Update


I had an interview with World Vision for the call center.

Should know by the beginning of next week whether or not I got the job by the beginning of next week. I think my chance are pretty good, but we'll just have to see what happens.

Christmas Tree


We finally got to decorate our tree last night. We WERE planning to do it Thursday night, but the power went out and didn't come back until sometime yesterday. So, here it is!

Hubsend hanging lights on our tree.(image)
And this is him being cute. :-D(image)
He is putting the star on... It's a long reach because we only have a step stool, and the tree is nine feet tall.
We've made a tradition of buying a new ornament every year. This is last year's ornament.(image)
And this is our ornament from this year.
All done!(image)

Christmas Decorations


I hung these lights in our front window. As far as I can tell, we're the only ones with lights up.(image)
Our little tree from last year. On Saturday, we are going to get a real tree. I am super excited about it. This will be our first year with a real tree. It's a little more exciting since my family has switched to a fake tree. :-(
Our stocking are hung by the chimney with care... :-D
(image) I'll post some more pictures when we get our tree and get it decorated.

Our Poor Car


So, yeah...

A while back I knocked the passenger side mirror off. It's a long story, but it involves big orange construction barrels closing a lane that wasn't marked to be closed. (image) So yeah...

Then, on Monday, I had a flat. Then I went to help some people from my church clean out a house that had been flooded.

And on the way home from that, I got rear-ended. Grr....

To top it all off: Now it is dead. We think it's the alternator. So, I am now carless the day before I'm supposed to be driving down to Portland to go to Nightstrike and hang out with some friends. Totally sucks. My parents have an extra car, but Mom said that they're not driving right now cause there's something wrong with it. And my friend's family is being really super dumb and not letting her take HER car to Portland. (image) So yeah, it really sucks. I WILL figure something out. I WILL come to Portland. I promise.

The Only Constant is Change


We have been in the process of moving into an apartment in Federal Way. We found a totally cute apartment complex, Fox Run, up there. We are completely out of the old apartment in Puyallup and turned our keys in yesterday.

We don't have our internet set up yet, so I'm stealing a few minutes here at work to update. We should have it set up soon (Comcast is working on it). We have some, but not many pictures of the move that I hope to get up here soon after our internet is reconnected.

We absolutely love our new apartment. It's much, MUCH bigger than our last one, which means that we will be able to have more than two people over at a time. When we had all our furniture in the old apartment, four people was about the max number we could have in there at a time. On Saturday (the 26th) we had 14-15 people in our new apartment helping us move and eat pizza, our stuff was every where, and it didn't feel crowded at all. It was wonderful.

We are look forward to being able to have people over to hang out (and play with Jesse's xboxes) as soon as we are slightly more settled.

Jesse has been at WV for a month now. It's seems crazy that he's actually been there that long.

I am quitting my job as a contract office worker and preparing to jump into the world of freelance Web design. OK, so I'm really sort of easing my way into it. My last day at my current employer is September 15. Then, I am hoping to get a part-time job at a nearby Starbucks (there are 10 within a 5 mile radius). In the time I am not working, I hope to hone my design skills and keep my house clean. Both of which are nearly impossible when working full time. I hope to start a blog about my adventures in the design world when I get going. I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

So changes are happening again (still) for the Carrigan family. :-)

Happy Anniversary to Us!



We have already been married for a year. I can't even believe how fast it's gone. One year ago today, we went from two people with seperate lives to two people with one life. It's wild how that changes things. As a single person, you don't really have to think about how your taste (or lack thereof) in music, food, clothing, decorating, etc., will affect anyone else. If they don't like it, well, they don't have to deal with it. Not so in a marriage. Your life becomes someone else's life too, and things have to adjust to fit. Or, in some cases, go out the window altogether.

This year, we've been through 4 job changes, 2 moves (well, one is coming up), 2 car purchases, 1 car breakin, 1 car accident, 1 stolen car, 1 apartment flooding, and all the little things that fill in the details of daily life. It's been kind of nuts, really. And this was just the first year!

I'm looking forward to growing old and gray with Amy. I think we will probably be a very cute old couple someday. :) I love her more than I thought it was possible to love another human being, and I'm thankful that God worked things out for us (I certainly couldn't have planned it).

So here's to us. Here's to our family, our children (someday), our home, our life together. Thank you, Father, for letting us live as a picture of Christ and the church, and give us grace to live it well.

Equal Opportunity Satire


Hi everyone. I thought I would post something a little lighter than usual. I know that some of you have PCs, some have Macs, and I'm sure that several of you have iPods. I also know that some of you are gamers. Here is some fun for all of you.

First, for the Mac users a little video that imagines what would happen if Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging.

And then, for you PC users and gamers, a dig at the Apple "Switch" ad campaign. You'll remember these when you see it.

Remember to enjoy in moderation.

First Day at World Vision


Well, here I am. Pretty weird to be here, after spending a year working in the same place, doing the same thing. Now I'm in a different place, doing a completely different thing. Check out the last post about World Vision (entitled "Whoa! (Part 2)") to find out more about how this happened. I'm excited. So far, it's been a fairly easy, nonchalant day. Also, I don't know a whole lot yet, so there isn't much I can do that's useful other than learn.

Just thought I'd pop on and say hello. By the by, please go to Chris and Jenni's site to find out how you can help them in their time of need if you haven't already. You'll find details there.

Thank you, Father, that their family is safe and they are well. Take care of their needs and walk with them through this time.

Whoa! (Part 2)


We have a friend named Tad who works at World Vision (the big Christian relief organization) as a recruiter. Last September, he talked to me about a job in their information technology department as a helpdesk person--essentially, the person who gets a call if a computer is not working. There were two positions open, and I was #3. (Kind of like a bronze medal, only not as cool.)

So I've been working at Group Health Cooperative for a year. It's a good job, in so many ways. Really, so far it's the best job I've ever had. I like the work that I do (mostly) and I like the people I work with. I had kind of settled into my routine, gone back to school, all this sort of thing.

Well, last week Tad called. "Hey," he said, "Remember Eric Ness, the guy you met at the interview last year? He asked me the other day 'Whatever happened to Jesse?' I told him that you were working at Group Health still, as far as I knew. He told me, 'Well, we have a position opening up and I'd like to have him come in for an interview.' So he asked me if I could get ahold of you."

That interview was almost a year ago! How did he remember me? Well, I went in for the interview on Friday. It just so happened one of the ladies who was conducting the interview is married to a doctor that I worked with at the Puyallup clinic. The interview went well, but I didn't feel like I had hit a home run or anything. Actually, when I went to work after,
I felt a little silly. "What, did you think they would just hand you the job on a silver platter?" I thought. I kind of figured that it would go the same as last time, except maybe this time I would be #2. (As a euphemism, this is considerably worse than #1. By the way, when you say you have to go #1, how does everyone know what you mean? It's like we all know, but no one ever said anything, no memo went out, etc. But I digress.)

Anyway, that afternoon Eric called. "Okay," he said, "here's the deal. We need someone to start on July 17th. How much notice would you have to give your current job?"

"I have to give 2 weeks notice," I said.

"Okay," he said, "we were going to have everyone come back in for a second interview. But not even counting my evaluation, since I already talked to you before, you scored higher than any of the other candidates. So we're prepared to offer you the position if you can give notice, but I absolutely have to know by the end of the day."

So I talked to Amy, who said "Why not?!", put in my notice at Group Health, and accepted the position at World Vision. I felt almost an equal mixture of excitement and sadness, because I will be leaving people that I really enjoy working with. They were all pretty surprised, since I hadn't even been looking (this whole process took 1 week), but they were all excited for me and sad I would be leaving. It's nice to be enjoyed.

So, God went and changed our plans again. We had a well thought-out, clear, precise plan for moving, school, and work. Apparently it wasn't the right plan. :) He's taking good care of us.

Whoa! (Part 1)


Long time no see. A couple of REALLY cool things happened recently. Amy filled you in on the car, I think.

I had my final on June 15th for my precalculus class. That was a very difficult class for me, and I didn't do particularly well on the tests. Failed a couple, actually. However, I did extremely well in the homework and a project we did, and so I wasn't really doing too badly--a low B, which is not bad if you're me and you're taking precalculus.

My instructor's policy is that if you do poorly on the final, it won't hurt your grade. It basically gets thrown out. If you do well, however, it will help you. Not a bad deal, all things considered. So I studied hard for it.

On the day of the final, I went in and breezed through most of the questions. (It was multiple choice, but that doesn't really make a precalculus final a whole lot easier.) There were a few I had to work a little harder on. The last one I sat messing with for about half an hour (no exaggeration). It was a very simple triangle problem, and it SHOULD have been really easy. But try as I might, I couldn't get any of the answers provided.

By this time, I was the only one left, and asked my instructor, "Do you want this answer exactly?"

"Yeah," he said.

"Well, it isn't here," I told him.

"Sure it is," he replied.

"Not possible," I said.

Finally he agreed to look over my work, and asked me why I had used a certain method to solve the problem. Then he indicated what the correct answer was according to the key. So, that was it.

I went home in a terrible funk. Amy was all ready to celebrate, and I just wanted to stay in bed all day the next day. Before we went to bed, I decided to check my email, and lo and behold, there was an email from my instructor with the simple subject line, "You were right":

"I am sorry, but I missed another error on your copy of the exam. The answer should have been 8 square root 3. You had the highest score of the class getting 27 out of 30 right. You also get 5 bonus points for catching the error allowing every one else to have the question dropped. ...

Sorry to have caused so much stress on your last day. Nice job overall and good luck on your educational journey."

This is for a guy (me) who always said he didn't understand math and didn't like math. I'm almost ready to cry again, because I cried when I read that. Partly I felt vindicated, but mostly it was from a a feeling of gratitude for what Jesus has done for me to take me this far. I ended up getting a 3.5 (roughly an A-) for the course.

This post is getting really long, so I'll get to the other thing in a little while.

German Engineering in da Haus... Jah


As of today, the Carrigans are the proud owners of a 2001 VW Jetta.  It is Baltic Pearl Metallic (teal-green) and has 22,800 miles on it.  The 2.0 liter engine packs a pretty good punch.

We asked God to lead us to the right car and this is the one he led us to.  Therefore, its name shall be Samuel, because God heard our prayers. (See 1 Samuel 1:20)

If we pick up a digital camera soon, you can stay tuned for pictures.  If not, you'll have to have us over for dinner, or hang out over coffee, so that you can see it. ;-D

Love you all!  And thank you so much to all of you who prayed for us during this interesting time!!

Jesse and Amy

The Carrigans' Horrible Awful Terrible No-Good Day


So yesterday, I stayed home from work because I was very sick. I hate being sick, especially when that means that I have stay at home, in bed, in the dark, all by myself. So the day started off bad and got worse.

Around noon, I woke up to see that I had missed a call from my hubby. I called him back and found out the insurance company had totalled out our car. Which was a major let down after yesterday, them telling us that they might not have to. Fortunately, Hondas keep their value and we're getting almost all of our money back. We'll end up owing a couple hundred on it, but that'll be pretty easy to pay off.

Then, my mom called to let me know that Hannah, my dog, was really, really sick and that she was taking her to the vet to see if they could figure out what was wrong with her and decide if she needed to be put to sleep. I was sick and couldn't even drive out to the vet to see her.

Mom called back a couple hours later and said that the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and they were going to put her to sleep. I cried. She hasn't really been *my* dog for the last few years, but still...

Then my husband had to go to school and take a test so he couldn't even come home and be with me. When he DID get home he was all bummed out because he doesn't think he did very well on the test, due to all the distractions of the last few weeks.

The insurance company was only going to give us the rental car for another five days, but through begging and pleading, we managed to get it until the 30th. Which means that we have less than two weeks to find a new car. Grr.

I'll end this post with a few pics...


I'm going to miss that dog...


And I'm going to miss this car...


Hopefully, I'll get one of these (Mistubishi Lancer)

2000 Civic, anyone?


Jesse talked to the insurance adjuster yesterday and got a little more information about the state of our car.

Wheels and tires are gone. Stereo system is gone. Steering wheel and column gone.

Other than that it doesn't sound like anything else is missing, and there's no structural damage. So they should be able to fix it.

Which is kind of nice cause that means that we don't have to go car shopping again, just six months after the last time.



For those of you who haven't heard through the grapevine yet...

Thursday morning Jesse got up to go to work (I was going to *finally* get my name legally changed so I was sleeping in), I heard him leave and then about 30 seconds later he came back in. He threw his shoes and bag, and I knew something was up.

He came into the bedroom and says, "The car is gone." In absolute shock and confusion, I asked, "The Honda?" "Yeah."

I got up and looked out the window, and sure enough. The car was not where we had parked it the night before.

So Jesse called the police, the insurance and the apartment complex. It was 7.30 and the only people he actually got ahold of were the police.

So, now, not only had our car been broken into and hit in a parking lot, it has been stolen. All within three weeks.

The Tacoma police called Puyallup saying they had found a car matching the description and plate number of ours. So they went and positively IDed it. It was ours.

The officer who has been working with us called to say that the wheels and tires were gone and the interior was "pretty well stripped". We're still not sure exactly what that means. We'll probably find out tomorrow (Monday).

So yeah... This week has been a little wierd to say the least. :-P