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Preview: Comments for Radio Amateurs of Canada

Comments for Radio Amateurs of Canada

Canada's National Amateur Radio Society

Last Build Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 17:24:18 +0000


Comment on QRP Campout by Mike Goldstein VE3GFN

Sun, 29 Aug 2010 12:20:05 +0000

Peter, a pleasure to meet and talk with you yesterday at the CCO barbeque! These things are fun, if for no other reason than to meet those folks with whom you've had radio or email comms, but never met ... or can't recall meeting! I ran into at least three guys yesterday who I hadn't laid eyes on in the past 30 years or so ... they had changed shape, or colour, or both (guess I have, as well!). T'was fun to meet Garry Hammond as well (he claims we met before, but I don't remember so doing!), after years of reading his column in TCA. Keep up the good work - long live hands on in vehicles! 73 Mike VE3GFN

Comment on The Future of RAC and Amateur Radio by Some “Good News” from RAC « VA3QV’s Weblog

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 20:23:13 +0000

[...] I would ask you to remember the post on the RAC Blog and yesterdays post it was mentioned that the Monthly Executive Teleconference occured.  Just for the heck of it I [...]

Comment on Bob replies… by geoff bawden

Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:40:52 +0000

Hello Bob During tha last BoD in the spring there was a periodic blog during the course of the meeting. I cannot say whether that was the first time... this time around we will add Q/A during/after the meeting. I notice that you have an Ottawa QTH .. I am happy to talk to you in person while I am there. An executive member very recently suggested frequent electronic "Town Hall" meetings with me, Directors, whoever, to talk to members. I haven't any detailed knowledge of the logistics and technology [or expense] but we will be looking into that. Take care Geoff VE4BAW President and Chair

Comment on The Magnificent Seven by VA3QV

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 16:55:11 +0000

My comments about the Lack of Communications from the Directors was aimed at the 2010 Transformational Process. I would like them to acknowledge whats going on and whats being said and then let us know what they are going to do to fix the problem. Nothing (to the best of my knowledge) can be achieved without the approval of the board... I have never had a problem communicating with my specific director... Thanks for you comments as well 73bob

Comment on Part 12 – The Man In The Mirror by Sean Welsh VE3OZ

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 20:40:59 +0000

It seems to me that we keep looking south for guidance. The "ARRL" has been mentioned in many exchanges on this board - but has anyone looked at the success of the Radio Society of Great Britan (RSGB) and why their model works? According to their site, the UK boasts 72000 amateur radio operators and growth of around 15000 over the last 10 years. The RSGB has a very informative web site, a successful publication department, and a well attended convention yearly. Just curious if we should be looking "across the pond" versus "across the border". Good luck to all involved! 73 Sean VE3OZ

Comment on Part 12 – The Man In The Mirror by Bob Cooke VE3BDB

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 15:26:19 +0000

I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would not wish to embrace whole-heartedly an apparently well thought-out strategy. What possible rational objection can there be to it? If there is a legitmate reason for not at least TRYING it, let's hear that reason. Please! What's wrong with the suggested plan? Or, could the reason actually be that the plan didn't originate from those who are elected to shepherd the corporation and therefore some faces are red and some noses are out of joint? What is going on? Keeping RAC members and the Amateur Radio community at-large in the dark serves no useful purpose at all. It well may serve a personal purpose in some minds, but it's highly questionable if it is one useful to the organisation. If this view is in error then please, let's hear the explanation and a detailed description of what the president, board and executive are doing on behalf of us members to fix what's broken. Canadian Amateurs need an advocate organisation led by thoughtful, energetic, approachable, imaginative and open leaders, not faceless schemers who sit in the shadows. Believe me, Amateur Radio in this country will suffer if the RAC goes under. And that possbility is quickly becoming a probability. Positve action is needed NOW, not idle banter, self-serving proclamations or empty promises. Lead, follow or get out of the way. Take a look in the mirror. Into which category does each of us fit? 73 Bob VE3BDB

Comment on Monday Morning Musings by geoff bawden

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 14:08:45 +0000

Hello Dave These are all very good questions ... and frankly the answer that I will give will be honest but not satisfactory .. for no good reason a series of constitutional changes [some of significance such as you bring up above] were not processed in a timely fashion. [I told you that it wouldn't be satisfactory] but all proposed changes including the most recent from the Halifax AGM will be submitted to Canada for approval very shortly. Any constitutional change requires approval by the Minister. Presumably this is pro forma. Or to be more specific .. yes, we are proceeding to ensure that the Deputy Director position is implemented. Thanks for your comments by the way. Yes, RAC cannot exist in some mysterious space outside the members. Geoff ve4baw President and Chair

Comment on Visions or Memories by Mike Goldstein VE3GFN

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:35:05 +0000

Can you tell me what progress is being made, in changing the "no hands on " rules for radio hams while driving in Ontario? Time is passing! 73 Mike VE3GFN

Comment on Monday Morning Musings by Dave Hayes VE3JX

Mon, 23 Aug 2010 15:45:18 +0000

Greetings all, I have a question to do with Directors of the Radio Amateurs of Canada. According to the Minutes of RAC’s 14th Annual General Meeting on September 1st, 2007, A new position was created within the RAC organization. The position is known as “Deputy Director”. The motion involved was recorded by then-Secretary Sue Cooke, VE3SUH, as below: “Moved by Len Morgan, VE9MY, seconded by Joe Parkinson, VE3JG, that a modification to the Constitution of RAC be added as follows: Each Director of RAC is authorized to appoint one Deputy Director from among RAC members residing in their region, to serve at the pleasure of the Director. Deputy Directors may attend all RAC Board meetings and teleconferences as observers at their own expense. In the event that a Director is unable to attend a Board meeting, that Director may authorize his or her Deputy Director to attend and vote the Director’s proxy on any matter before the Board. Motion Carried.” From conversations I had at the time with RAC management, it was a similar concept to the “Vice Director” position that ARRL has. The VD is an elected position whereas the DD was to be an appointed one. The avoidance of it being an elected one was based on practical grounds; it was hard to get anyone running for Director positions let alone DD’s. As well, the creation of this position was to be revenue neutral for RAC; if an elected position, it could require the expense of a mail ballot where one may not have been required for an acclaimed Director. However, from my observations, it appears that this position has never been utilized in any Region. Therefore, my question(s): Did this motion ever become official? (It looks so from the minutes.) Was it rescinded sometime after? Is there a reason that it was never implemented? If it was used, where? These are not meant to be criticizing questions. I just wanted to know their answers. All the same, it appears to me that this could be a valuable position for a Director to utilize. There is much work involved in the administration of a Region, and it seems that having a Deputy Director would help share the load; take some of the weight off the elected Director for that Region. It would also provide an experienced backup in case the Director has to suddenly leave office, or is just unable to attend a meeting of the Board. Have a great day all! Cheers, Dave Hayes VE3JX.

Comment on Transforming RAC – Parts 8 and 9 by Dave Hayes VE3JX

Sun, 22 Aug 2010 15:18:57 +0000

I'd just like to say a few words about our Ontario NorthEast Director. (NOTE: Dave asked that we include Bill Unger VE3XT's name and call here - Peter) The experience of one poster was that Bill never responded to any messages he had sent. My experience has been the opposite. I was newsletter editor for our local club for 3 years. When Bill became our Director, I made contact with him, offering to publish anything he wanted to say WRT RAC. Every month, Bill produced (& still produces) a monthly report for us. We were updated continuously on all affairs of RAC including the monthly teleconference BoD meetings. Bill has been an excellent Director in communicating with his Region. Hopefully, all club newsletter editors have taken advantage of his reports. In short, he is what we expect a Director to be in keeping us all informed and requesting our input. Thank you, Bill. Cheers, Dave Hayes VE3JX