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My IOTA Website


Updated: 2018-03-06T11:25:15.592+03:00


I'm still kicking around.....


Well .... I am still kicking around...
I'm still very busy with my business but i can find some free time also for the hobby .
I've mailed today a bunch of QSL Cards direct , and still sending cards for QSO's i've logged for the last 5 months .
My QSO's Statistics can be shown above (by Winlog32) .
I Just do not have time for Website updates any longer.
Many thanks to all those who sent me QSL's back by direct !
At the top is my new QSL Card design made by GlobalQSL Service .
73 , Shalom !

"Israel 60" Award


The IARC is honored to announce the special operation commemorating 60 years of The Israel Amateur Radio Club and 60 years of independence , during January-October 2008.
Click on the photo above and see all info about the special activity and award information .
[ Info provided on 4Z4TL's website ] .

IOTA NA-194 & 205 by VE3LYC & G3OCA



Hi guys,
Please note that myself/VE3LYC and Ken/G3OCA will activate Finger Hill Is. (NA-194) and Paul Is. (NA-205) between July 30 and August 4 . We intend to operate for three days from each island, with two stations on the air from 6 to 40 m, CW and SSB. These island groups have only been activated once, 14 and 13 years ago, respectively. Since only 6-7% of the IOTA members have them confirmed, both groups are on the most wanted list. Islands have been checked and confirmed to satisfy IOTA activation criteria by the IOTA Program Manager. Callsigns will be VE3LYC/VO2 (Cezar) and VO2/G3OCA (Ken) . QSL via VE3LYC, direct or by the bureau (G/GM/GW/GI stations can confirm via G3OCA).
GL and 73,
Cezar, VE3LYC
The following info have been sent to me by an email from Cezar and posted here with a permit :
We will activate NA-194 and 205 between July 31 and August 5 . These two IOTA's have been activated only once , 14 and 13 years ago . They are located in a rather inhospitable environment and it will likely take a very long time before another team will venture over there . Our intention is to travel to two islands : Finger Hill Is. (NA-194) and Paul Is. (NA-205) and operate from each island for 3 days . Both islands have been checked by the IOTA Program Manager and confirmed match the IOTA criteria . For both islands we chose to use the services of a professional guide with assistant . This is due to the presence of marine and land wildlife that requires a careful logistical planning and safety precautions during the operation . Polar and black bears are both common in the area . Although we expect that polar bears will be up north at the time of our trip , all measures will be taken to ensure a safe operation . We will travel to Paul Is. with guides and Inuit boatmen .
The trip to Finger Hill Is., however, is logistically much more complicated . It is too far from our base to be reached by small boats . It will take a large vessel at least 12 hours to get there . This raises several issues . First , there aren't really any commercial vessels there . Second , the area is well known for a rapid change in weather conditions , which could take a toll on the operation schedule . Third , open sea conditions in the region can create some serious landing problems . Taken into account all the aspects concerned , we decided to travel by helicopter .
There will be two rides : first, our guide and his assistant will be put on the island. They will secure the area and make camp. Once the area is secured, the helicopter will take us in, with all the radio equipment.
At this time all plane tickets have been purchased and we paid 50% of the actual expedition costs. The rest must be versed by the end of April. We will be prepared to operate around the clock or as much as the propagation conditions will permit with two stations fully equiped .
I will have an IC7000 and Ken will have a TS50 , both running 100 w with wire verticals that can operate on all bands from 6 to 40 m.
Based on the current solar cycle conditions, I expect that the bands of traffic will be 17, 20, 30 and 40 m.
QSL is available via VE3LYC either directly or through the bureau . Needless to say, overall costs are pretty high, so any donation will be graciously appreciated.

[Tnx Gou/JA1QXY for map and Tnx Cezar for email and detailed info ] .

Chuginadak Island ,NEW IOTA NA-234


John /KE7V ,Yuri /N3QQ and Yuri /UA9OBA will activate from Chuginadak Island , IOTA NA-234 , Islands of Four Mountains Group , NEW IOTA .
The DXpedition will be operated between July 21 and July 27 and the call sign will be KL7DX .
[ Tnx ] .
For more information click on the banner below :

Some NEW Antarctic bases rcvd !


Last week i received via the bureau a bunch of cards and i found 3 NEW Antarctic bases confirmed .
DP1ANF - Potter Cove -King George Island , WABA DL-07 .
HL8KSJ -King Sejong - King George Island , WABA HL-01 .
R1ANF/p -Ardley Island ,WABA LU-22 .
All IOTA AN-010 , Tnx a lot Nick /RK1PWA for new bases !
Click on the banner below and visit the W.A.P Website :

C50C ,IOTA AF-060 - QSL arrived



Last week i received in my mail box a QSL for the very short DXpedition C50C .
IOTA AF-060 , Bijol Island ,The Gambia Group .
IOTA Credit : 12.2 % .
Many thanks Branislav /OM2KY !
Click on the banner below to get more info about that DXpedition :

YE6P, IOTA OC-270 - Confirmed


Today i received via direct the QSL Card for YE6P .
IOTA OC-270 , Simeulue Island , Simeulue and Banyak Islands Group .
DXPedition 2006 .
IOTA Credit : 7.9 % .
Thanks a lot Kardi / YB1TC for the new IOTA ! 73 !

FK8HC - QSL Card arrived


Today i received the QSL Card for FK8HC .
IOTA OC-032 , QTH Noumea , main Island , New Caledonia Island Group .
IOTA Credit : 41.4 % .
QSO's on 20 and 15 metres , SSB Mode .
Thanks Bill / VK4FW ! 73 !

Happy birthday to my Weblogs !


I Just got back from work and realized that today my weblogs are celebrating a one year on the net !
I become very busy in the last few months , but still kicking around and can find a spare time for HF SWL'ing and QSL'ing ....
73 all and have a nice weekend !

p.s. We were just announced that tommorow the stormy WX will come again for a short visit , we are expecting for a heavy snow in the mountains and wild winds again ! :-(

Earthquake in Israel !


This is not an IOTA posting , BUT it is an actual and interesting news from today .
We had today an Earthquake in Israel at around 10:32 UTC , 2 times , 5.1 and 5.3 richter degrees , all is ok , in Lebanon was the center about 6 richter degrees , THAT was very scaring ! i was sitting on the chair at the 5th floor , listning on 20 metres band and for a moment i said to myself : "Oooh great ! what a big pile up " ! hihi.......i could feel the whole building moving ! SCARED !
No injuries or damages were reported ,but ppl were totally in panic !
That was the third and the strongest Earthquake this week in Israel !
The first was on Monday's night , i was sleeping in my sweet bed but i woke up with a big panic and a thought that some ghosts were coming to take me to the hell ! while my lady had a good sleep :-)
Is that a new generation of Earthquakes in the Middle-East ?
.......We are all holding on.... ;-)

P29K - QSL Card arrived


Today i receieved via the bureau a QSL Card for the P29K DXpedition .
IOTA OC-258 ,Kranket Island , Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands North Group .
IOTA Credit : 9.6 % .
QSO on 20 metres band , SSB mode .
Many thanks Tony /LZ1JZ for a NEW IOTA for me ! 73 !
Click on the banner below for the DXpedition website :

PA0ABM/P, IOTA EU-146 Confirmed


Today i received via the bureau a QSL Card from PA0ABM/P .
IOTA EU-146 , Schouwen Duiveland Island , Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province Group .
IOTA Credit : 34.8 % .
QSO on 20 metres band , SSB mode , IOTA Contest 2004 .
Thanks Wino /PA0ABM for the QSL Card ! 73 !

VK9WWI - QSL Card arrived


Today i received QSL Card for VK9WWI DXpedition , via mailbox .
IOTA OC-007 ,North Cay , Willis Islets .
IOTA Credit : 26.9 % .
20 Metres band , SSB Mode .
Thanks Tomi /HA7RY for a very nice QSL Card ! 73 !
Click on the banner below for the DXpedition pictures and story :
Note : Due a lack of time at the moment , only front sides were screened , if anyone got a doubt i got these cards he is welcome to email me !

BY1TX/4 ,IOTA AS-146 -QSL arrived


Last week i received by mail ,QSL Card for BY1TX/4 .
IOTA AS-146 ,ChangDao Island ,Shandong Province North East Group .
IOTA Credit : 14.5 % .
20 Metres band , SSB Mode .
Thanks Francisco/ EA7FTR ! 73 !

NF7E/KL7,IOTA NA-206 -QSL arrived


2 Weeks ago i received by mail , QSL Card for NF7E/KL7 .
IOTA NA-206 , Ushagat Island , Barren Islands Group .
IOTA Credit : 7.5 % .
20 Metres band , SSB Mode .
Thanks Bob / NF7E ! 73 !

Very busy but i am still kicking around...


Hello readersI've been very busy with my business for the last few weeks , and still got no stable internet connection at my new QTH , but i am still kicking around :-)Propagations were surely approved for the last few weeks and my new Dipole M/B antenna is doing a great job !Doing some statistics with the Winlog32 program , one can see that in January 2008 i logged more then 500 QSO's while in 2007 the most active month was ended with about 350 QSO's .I have done a statistic for my 2007 direct QSL ratio and i found that at this moment i got 76.8 % QSL's returned ratio ! i think it is a good ratio , thanks to all Managers !Also i have designed my new QSL Card , you can see the front side at the top of this post , thanks to GlobalQsl software and service .QSL Cards are coming thru bureau and direct eighter , need to find more time to screen and upload here....I had a HD crash 3 months ago and i lost some of my QSO's , i used a paper logs for about 3 months and 2 days ago i finished to transfer about 800 QSO's to the software, now running with a new HD...It was a shity work , but i am glad that it is done !For those QSL Managers that are reading this post , sorry about my delay in QSL'ing , due my HD crash i am starting to send my direct cards for December'07-February'08 just now , i will be happy to get a card back , thanks and 73 ! 73 to all ,Shalom !p.s. I Almost forgot , i've been very busy also with my RDA Chasing as well ! lot of new ones in the log this month ! I am still lazy with finalizing my RDA Application , have couple of hundreads confirmed already , but for the paper application i just can not find the right time , i hope to finish that task this year with at least 500 RDA's in the first application ,so , i started to send direct QSL's to Russia just to speed the RDA Score ;-)Мой друг, пожалуйста , пришлите мне ваши QSL! Спасибо , Eyran[...]

DL2AH DXpeditions - QSL's arrived



Last week i found in my mailbox 3 QSL Cards from Ulli/DL2AH for his Pacific DXpeditions .
ZL7/DL2AH , IOTA OC-038 , Chatham Islands Group .
IOTA Credit : 38.3 % .
ZK2AH , IOTA OC-040 ,Niue Island .
IOTA Credit : 34.1 % .
VK9ANH , IOTA OC-005 ,Norfolk Island .
IOTA Credit : 39.9 % .
Thanks a lot Ulli for nice cards !
73 und 55 !
Note : Due a lack of time at the moment , only front sides were screened , if anyone got a doubt i got these cards he is welcome to email me !

XR7W - a DXpedition report


Following this post , here is a DXpedition report from Zoli/HA1AG :Dear all ,Last Friday we successfully arrived to Caleta Tortel after abt 450 km driving ongravel roads on very mountainous terrain.We boarded our boat Jorge Montt and left for Wager Island.Due to the bad weather conditions in the Messier Channel we had to stay overnight in a protected bay.We arrived to Wager Island on Saturday noon.We quickly set up the antennas at the tideline and the pileups started.At around 1800 the rain started too and was followed by gale force winds. The tents were deformed by the wind and even the all weather proof tentscould not resist the sheer pressure of water and soon we were all soaked. Food,clothes, everything.In the meantime our boat sought protection from theelements in a protected bay in Byron Island. By 2000 local we lost contact with them too. We spent the rest of the night trying to operate, communicate with the CE Navy and protect ourselves from the rain and wind. At 9 AM we had to reduce operation to minimum to spare gasoline for emergency communication. At 1 PM we were told by the CE Navybase to leave the island immediately and seek refuge. I had a last frenetic houron 17m running EU at 5q/min rates under a piece of plastic hand keying on myknee and paper logging until the captain gave the final order to leave.At that moment we had 2400 QSOs from XR7W in the log. Crossing the channel again at thePeЯas Golf was horrifying.We got back to Tortel by 5AM Sunday morning. After obtaining the necessary documentation to Roger we left Tortel at 11AM.Everything was fine until 1930 when near to a small place called Bahia Murtaour rented/borrowed van slipped of the gravel road and hit a rock frontally andturned upside-down.The car was frontally damaged and we were first taken to anearby village called Rio Tranquillo which had a first aid outpost where ourinjuries were inspected and we were immediately sent to Coyhaique abt 200 kmaway in an ambulance car,the nearest place with a hospital.There we were inspected more thoroughly and xrayed.Vlad RV1CC was diagnosed with a broken left upper arm, Marco CE6TBN with cuts and bruises and a broken rib, Yuri RA0FU with cuts and me with a broken finger (not cw!), a broken riband am suffering from compression on the torax bone. The question this morningwas if Vlad had to be operated here or can be flown home to SPB.I feel very lucky to survive that accident and I hope we all get the fit-to-fly (sic!)clearance asap.Of course our first priority at the moment is to get out from Coyhaique.The damage in car, equipment and additional costs are estimated in excess of 11k euro.Some photos were taken, as soon as I will a bit more fit, I will publish them somewhere.If you can and want to contribute to lessen this damages please feel free to contact me via this email . ha1ag @ yahoo.comPlease feel free to circulate this info bulletin.This expedition took us to the most difficult places in non-Antarctic Chile andit frustrates me that we missed the very last step.73!Zoli CE7/HA1AG from Coyhaique, Chile .[...]

IOTA SWL 2007 Contest -Results


(image) The results for the IOTA SWL 2007 Contest have been published on the MDXC/SWL Page .
The IOTA SWL Contest is sponsored by the MDXC .
Many thanks to Achraf 3V4-002 for his publish , thanks to Dan Rolla , I1-12387
IOTA SWL Contest manager and to MDXC .
Last year i participated in the SSB 24-HOUR category , and scored at the 4th place for this category .
Hopefully , i hope to get more time on this year's contest , still , it was fun to take part in a contest , after almost 10 years i did not contested .
The Contest results can be found here (PDF Format) .

My other Contests Scores :
Holyland DX Contest 1998 -First place SWL in Israel (Cup ) .
SPDX Contest 1998 - 3rd place SWL in the world (Certificate ) .
RDA Contest 2007 -4th place SWL in the world (Trophy donor) .

XR7W - Chilean IOTA DXpeditions


Hello ,
Marco /CE6TBN, Zoli /HA1AG, Yuri / RA0FU and Vladimir /RV1CC is planning to operate from Ascension Island , IOTA SA-043 as XR7A between 2 and 6 February and from Wager Island IOTA SA-053 as XR7W between 9 and 12 February .
QSL via HA1AG .
During our Patagonian trip I am trying to update my travelblog
(depends on internet availability) .
The operators will focus on 30-40-20m bands .
Due to the high number of Expeditions being active in this timeframe we can not give exact operating freqeuncies .
We try to avoid VP6 QRM from SA-053 as much as possible .
Due to the weather situation around SA-053 delays are possible .
I hope to work you all , please spread the info .

Zoli / HA1AG .

Gulf of Tongking South Group , AS-185



Gulf of Tongking South Group , IOTA AS-185 ( New IOTA) is planned to be activated by Jack /F6BUM .
The plan is to be QRV from the following three Vietnam's Islands :
IOTA AS-185 between 20 March and 2 April (NewIOTA) Con Co Island . AS-128 Phu Quoc Island ,between 25 March 08Z- 28 March 06Z .
IOTA AS-130 , Dao Con Island between 29 Mar - 2 April .
The Call sign to be used is XV3M .
For more information click on the banner below :

HZ1MD/M - QSL Card arrived



It is about time to post here something....
Today i found in my mailbox the HZ1MD/M QSL Card !
IOTA AS-193 , Farasan Islands Group , NEW IOTA .
IOTA Credit : 0.0 % .
Pictures and DXpedition story can be found here .
Thanks Peter /PA2V for a NEW IOTA ! and thanks Mohamad for this DXpedition !
Salam a'leikum ! 73 !

3Y0X - QSL Card arrived



I recieved 3Y0X QSL Card .
IOTA AN-004 , Peter I Island .
Reference MN-08 for Antarctica award .
IOTA Credit : 23.9 % .
Thanks Robert /N2OO for this one !
Now i have both 3Y0C and 3Y0X Cards ! i hope to get soon the recent 3Y0E QSL Card !
Click on the banner below and check their website :

3D2NV/R - QSL Card arrived


I recieved 3D2NV/R QSL Card .
IOTA OC-060 , Rotuma Island .
IOTA Credit : 36.3 % .
Thanks Kit /JA1NVF for the QSL Card and for a new one !
I appreciate the direct way while i sent you a card via the bureau !
Sayounara , 73 !

RI1NU - QSL Card arrived



RI1NU QSL Card arrived .
Karelian Robinson Group Islands expeditions .
Devichiy Island , RR-20-23 .
RDA : KL-09 .
KIA reference 3-29 .
Many thanks Victor for the QSL !
And thanks for a new KIA Island !
Victor included a photo of the Island in the envelope :

Click on the banner below for the CQ Karelia website :