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ooops...sorry, angellface333 (tricia)...i misunder...


ooops...sorry, angellface333 (tricia)...i misunderstood. i actually agree with all YOU just said. ;) thought that was kathleen typing again under a different sign-in name. ;) sorry about that. love how you worded that! so very true.

p.s. now if the church would just follow that...


p.s. now if the church would just follow that...

kathy, exactly. i actually think that we are in t...


kathy, exactly. i actually think that we are in total agreement now that things have been more clarified by both of us. completely agree with all you just true.

Kathleen Sopp... I just want to touch on a few thi...


Kathleen Sopp...
I just want to touch on a few things you stated in your reply. We are called to judge sin. God makes it very clear in the Bible. Also, this blog is pertaining to Christians, not non Christians. If I am living in sin and it is destroying me and those I love, you bet I want someone to come to me and help me see things clearly. You see when you are living in sin you are being lied to constantly by the enemy and its hard to see things for what they are. The biggest thing I wanted to touch on is the subject of "leaving the judgement for God on judgement day" comment. Let me first say that I agree with leading by example. That aside, we can speak for God because he is very clear about who he is in the bible. The bible is very black and white. If you have friends who do not know the Lord, sitting back and leaving the judgement for judgement day is really harsh and sad to me. At that point it will be too late and you will have done nothing? I agree that bible thumping and telling them they are going to hell isn't the answer, but we are called to be fishers of men and not just leave it. I just wanted to clarify these things.

I don't feel there was any "language"...


I don't feel there was any "language" in this post, only true expressions of what Michawn was feeling in as tasteful a way as possible. She is upset and in my opinion understandably so. Props to you, for sharing what God has layed on your heart, even when it is such a controversial subject, even to Christians! I'm right there with ya Sista:)

The language is offensive.


The language is offensive.

Michawn: As frustrating as it is to see someone ...



As frustrating as it is to see someone headed down the wrong path, I do not believe 'rebuking' them is the answer.

On this one, I have to side with Aunt Ann. I believe it is our job to lead by example and inspire others to follow the good. I do not pretend to be anywhere near the student of the bible that you are, but I do know that one of the ten commandments is 'thou shall not judge'. To me that says that judgement is the right of the Lord and will take place on judgement day. How can you rebuke, if you have not judged one to be wrong? In explanation... a hot topic of today is same sex relationships. In my interpretation of the bible I do not believe that God would approve, but I can not speak for God and neither can you. Are you saying that I should approach my friends in same sex relationships and tell them what they are doing is wrong in the eyes of the lord and if they do not change their ways I believe they will not be going to heaven? I ask is this not judgement? I believe that it is not my place. They will be judged on judgement day by the Lord. I believe like your Aunt Ann that by leading by example you achieve more than casting yourself as a 'holier than thou judge of righteousness'. I feel that approach is not only wrong in the eyes of the lord but by common sense. It is a repellent, where as tolerance and love are more likely to bring one into the very place that they need to be to hear the words of the lord and hopefully make decisions that will lead them back into his arms on judgement day. It is often the very person who needs to hear the word that feels shamed and shunned by the church and therefore never steps through the doors of a church or bible study to hear the words that may lead them in the right direction.

In summary, i think if you have a friend that you feel needs to be rebuked, I think the answer is to envelope them in your arms,show them love and tolerance while leading by example. Take them to church with you, show them they are welcome and allow god's word to be heard, let them make their own decisions (that is why we are here) and leave the judgements and rebuking for the Lord on judgment day. My prayers are with you.