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about Decatur, GA (where Berkeley and Mayberry coexist)

Updated: 2011-12-08T17:55:38-05:00


Greater Decatur


A new site called "Greater Decatur" has emerged to be the organ for a "Greater Decatur" organization. The URL is The first posts have to do with the planned Walmart SuperCenter at Suburban Plaza.

11/2/2011 meeting to discuss Mini Wal*mart at Suburban Plaza


Rumors about this possibility have been circulating for some time, and surveyors have been spotted on the property. Now, the neighbors want to discuss how desirable/undesirable it is from their perspective. Since it is so close to Decatur, City of...

Trackside Tavern is hosting an adult Halloween party


If you prefer a venue where curse words are welcome and curtain hangers are not, the Trackside Tavern (on E. College, across the tracks from the old Depot) is your place in Decatur. While some o the customers may act...

Financial details on the failure of DFB


The bank was in far more trouble than any of us (outside those affiliated with it and their confidents) knew. See this report.

Decatur First Bank fails


Bad news. Our only locally owned bank has failed. But, if you have an account there, don't worry. Your money is safe. Carl tweeted that he saw a GBI guard there earlier today. Fidelity Bank Acquires Assets and Deposits of...

More #DecaturGA beer fest photos tonight


Audio of the Bumgardner-Goebel school board candidate debate


This is the audio of the hour long debate, for those who cannot view the videos in the previous two posts for technical reasons, or just prefer only audio: 20111009SchBdDebate You can link directly to this post with:

Video of Bumgardner-Goebel debate (Part 2 of 2)


Part 1 (embedded in the previous post) including Vicki Tuttle's welcome to the debate and introduction of moderator Geoff Koski, the opening and closing statements, answers to a question posed by Daniel G, a Senior at DHS, the closing statements,...