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"Our world is a conflicted, stress-filled place. On 'Seeking Utopia' you'll find images and words of beauty that will surely make you think, lift your spirits, give you hope, or even bring a smile."

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Big Wave Riding Is Not For Me.


To ride such a wave is very brave,

Its power is immense, you must be tense

And prepared to die, however, your elation must be really high.

The wave blocks out the sky, you shake your head, ask yourself why?

Up and down your board you run, the water overhead weighs tonnes.

Will this be it? Is my exciting life over, will my body be found in bits...

Such an endeavor is not for me. I have too much respect for and fear of the sea!

Sail Away To Happiness!


Sailing is a magical, wonderful thing,

The boat comes alive when heeling.

Best is there's no noise to drive you mad,

Though being seasick is really bad.

I lived on a yacht for many years,

When I sold it, there were many tears!

I recall that adventure during what was my prime,

It seems like days ago, yet it's a distant time!

Never again will I rove across heaving seas.

The wind in my face and the spray flying free!

Your Home Is Your Castle!


People in our world live in various places

Some don't want to show their faces.

Others want to show just what they've got

For a few it seems to be quite a lot.

If only things could be evened out,

Our world would be happier, no doubt!

So Helpless, So Innocent!


This baby laughs, this baby cries

To survive this world, it must be wise

May those who love it,  be truly blessed

And give it joy, a happy home, is best.

For what it eventually grows up to be,

Is a mirror of its parents, don't you see?

Rainbows Herald Hope


In a world that often seems to have no hope,

We too often feel with life we cannot cope.

Don't fume and shout but smile and whistle,

Look high and low, touch a struggling thistle.

For our conflicted world is an amazing place

But too often we miss its beauty and grace!

Peace Is Possible


Peace can be achieved but we need to change our thinking,

About issues like race, revenge, warring and believing.

Working together will achieve what endless war never will,

A world based on equality and love rather than the urge to kill.

Happy People.


Surround yourself with happy people, ones who laugh at life,

They will help you limit the blues, the ones that bring you strife.

Make time each day to have a laugh, perhaps watch a comedy.

It's very therapeutic for your soul, if you do it, you'll surely see!



Snow changes the world, makes it softer, more appealing,

In Luxembourg things are no different, snow can be revealing.

Soundlessly it falls, each flake turning geometry on its head.

The best place to be is snuggling under covers, deep in bed.




Rain in Prague, what a wonderful scene,

Glistening drops, what do they mean?

Life for earth, if they're not too extreme,

But floods and death? We're not so keen.




Strangers with umbrellas walk quickly on a busy street.

Under the drifting rain, how many of them feel complete?

What if they spoke to those others, made a full confession?

Would peace result, understanding, or just a silly impression?

Small Can Be Beautiful!



In the human world, big is often what commands our attention.

But don't forget the little creatures, who rarely get a mention.

This hummingbird drinking from a flower: is it not perfection?



Some say that each human is always alone,

Some say we have sins which must be atoned,

Some say there are Kings who should be dethroned.

The sayers are many: it's as if they've been cloned!




Happiness is often elusive, fleeting.

Like life.

Ganges: River Of Life And Death


I have been to the Ganges several times. I have watched the burning of the bodies while, close by, the bathers bathe and cattle wander.

India is a place of colour, of vibrancy and laughter, of poverty and struggle, of contradictions. It is a must place to visit!

A Cascade



Life is a cascade, one in which we're made

To be a part of a soft gurgling flow at the start.

Then it gets faster, we are no longer the master.

We hold our breath; suddenly we become aware of death.

Then the flow ceases. In a tranquil pool, finally there's peace.




Under the sea are creatures landlubbers can't see,

Fabulous things to amaze the likes of you and me.

All you need are flippers, snorkel and a well fitting mask

And near weightless, you glide like a fish having a bask!

I have done a lot of snorkeling over coral reefs. It's the most amazing experience, one that everyone should try at least once in their life.

Once you do it, you'll be hooked!




Our life is filled with constant noise,

It's hard to handle with lots of poise.

Sometimes I just want quiet peace.

When I find it, I'll sign a lease!

As I get older, I welcome quiet more and more. The endless clamor of this world is debilitating and mobile phones have made it worse, much worse.




Somethings are able to be

Lonely, just like this tree.

If you're anything like me,

Being lonely is too scary.

Humans, in the main, don't like being lonely. We are social animals who do best when we are surrounded by loving family and friends.

If you see a lonely person, why not say, "Hello." It doesn't cost a lot and a small chat might just make their day. Buying them a cup of coffee might be a priceless gift.




Do you love to watch the rain?

Soft or heavy, it creates no pain.

The noise it makes is so sublime,

I seem to lose all sense of time.

I especially love to hear the rain on my corrugated iron roof. The soft drumming fills my body with peace and, as a bonus, the water tanks with water. Without rain, we humans would not exist yet, too often, we curse it.

We humans are ungrateful creatures sometimes!



These words are the most spoken across the whole world,

But how long is it before, "I Hate You," at a lover is hurled?

Love is what most people yearn for yet, for many, it seems to be hard to find. Perhaps we expect too much. Perhaps we have been fed unrealistic and unachievable dreams by silly Hollywood movies and romance novels.

Hopefully the waves of life will not wash away your love.



A hug only costs a jot,

But it surely means a lot!

All humans need love and one way to express love is in a hug. Why don't you make it a daily routine to hug everyone you love when you come into contact with them or when they come home?

They might return the favour with interest!



Even cats know how to smile,

You should try it for a while.

It's really not that hard to do.

Who'll be the winner? You!

Make sure you make time to smile and laugh each day. It's good medicine for the spirit as well as the body. And it's very contagious too.

Serene Images


Though I'm a dedicated atheist, I have found the image of Buddha helpful in making me feel serene. I have several statues of Buddha in my garden.

I don't know how it works, whether it's the face with the closed eyes, whether it's my knowledge of the commonsense philosophy of Buddhism, whether it's the experiences I have had while traveling in Buddhist countries, I know not! It doesn't really matter.

Keep your eyes peeled for images that make you feel serene and surround yourself with them.

You'll be glad you did.

Is Your Life Like This?



The world is full of hate and strife,

Whether you're child, man or wife.

But peace exists, it can be found.

Start looking while your mind is sound.



Life catches us in its web

And keep us there until

Everything has been bled.

Only then are we shed.