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First Qdoba Burrito


Here you go, Sue.

He enjoyed his first burrito. :)

The Little Guy's Room


I know it's a bit late, but I thought I'd post pictures of Miles' room. We wanted something bright and cheery, but also very much a boy's room. And here it is, folks.The crib with all the Ugly Dolls Miles has acquired so far.Each month we add one Ugly Doll to his collection.My brother was rocked to sleep in the chair when he was a baby.The Little Man gets many many hugs a day, so I think we're good. :)Just a few of the Ugly's.To the left, hang his hats on some hooks we found at Hobby Lobby.During his first few months, Miles really enjoyed being on his changing pad.He still enjoys his numbers. Looks like he may be a math guy.A friend made this for him.  Such a sweet memory collage.Just some prints we liked.Eventually, his books will go between these cute little dog bookends. Right now, they are being kept up high where he can't destroy them.We like how it turned out. And so does Miles. :)[...]

Four Years


May 3rd was our four year anniversary.We decided to celebrate by hitting up a Branson tourist stop...the Hollywood Wax Museum.Also attached to this attraction is a maze of mirrors and a mini golf course.We started with the golf.Little Man helping Dad.They had little golf clubs for the kiddos.Having a little fun.The end.Dustin won the game, but Miles came close. :)Next we checked out the wax museum.It was actually pretty well done. Here are a few shots. Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesMiles and Jeannie Nicolas CageIt was actually kinda creepy at times with all of these people staring at you.Little Man playing in "space." Maybe an astronaut someday?Finally, we made our way slowly and rather clumsily through the maze of mirrors. Who's that handsome boy in the mirror?Attempting a family pic in the mirrors.Whoa! Why we do look so goofy?We finished our night with dinner at Olive Garden.No pics of that unfortunately. But it was a good meal and a great ending to a fun day.It's been a good four years.[...]

Our Little Helper


Look who decided to help with the recycling!





we like hiking


On Sunday we went hiking with some friends.
It was a great time, despite the extreme heat.
Somehow, I only managed to get pics of these two guys. :)






New Tricks


I turned eight months old on Monday. To celebrate, Mom and I went to Walmart and I rode in the shopping cart for the first time. At first I wasn't really sure about it. But after a few minutes, I decided that I liked it.Look what else I'm doing now that I'm eight months old![...]

hiking with the new backpack


The days lately have been so nice around here.
We've had some temps in the 80's even.
Crazy for this time of year! I think we just skipped over spring weather.
Maybe we'll still get it.

The other day, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and explore a new trail we discovered recently. It's pretty much down the street from our house and quite convenient. The whole trail is about 4 miles or so. We just walked about three quarters of a mile in and then the same back out. Someday, when we have more time, we'll do the whole thing.

It was Diesel's first time hiking in a trail like that. She LOVED it!!
But it wore her completely out. She just slept the rest of the day.
Apparently, it also wore the little man out.




Whew!! It's exhausting sitting in this new comfy backpack, checkin' out nature and chilling with my Dad!!

seven months


It was definitely an adventure getting our seven month picture this week.We tried for quite some time to get him to smile AND look at the camera AND leave the cupcakes alone AND ignore the ugly dolls. It was fun!After trying for two days, we finally settled on this one. He's smiling and sort of looking the way of the camera. :)Here are some outtakes.We tried for awhile to get a good pic and then decided to take a break and try later.He started get smiley after we changed him into his PJs so Dustin attempted some more pics. Too bad we didn't have the cupcakes! :)Then the next day we tried again.[...]

We discovered the park.


Last week we went to the park..






almost six months


So it's been forever and a day since we've posted here.
Things are good with us. Miles is getting so big.
He's almost six months old. Can't believe it's been that long already!


Isn't he so handsome!?!
He's so much happier these days.


And I think Diesel and Miles are going to be great friends.
They're so sweet together.

Can't wait to see what the next six months have in store for us!



It's been a little over two months and time is just flying by. I look back and realize just how much the little guy has grown. It's kinda sad, actually. But I am loving each day...even the tough ones. I am finally feeling like we are finding a groove and things are flowing much more smoothly. He's starting to smile more and more. I love that! And I enjoy the comments I get when we're out and about. People just love babies and want to talk about them.

Here are a couple of pictures taken recently. He's so handsome!



Two Months!


Two months already. Seems like no time at all.

One Month



August 26th marked Miles' one month birthday.
Happy birthday little man!

Just a little update


So, it's been awhile and I keep promising Sue that I'll do better about keeping up with this. Sorry, Sue! There is so much going on in our lives right now. But here are a few things worth noting.

* Dustin has only three weeks left of residency!


*We close on our new house in Branson on Tuesday morning.


*Our current house is still on the market.

*Baby Rufus will be 32 weeks on Monday. He is about 4 pounds and 15 inches long.

*We got our diaper bag the other day. I love it and can't wait to start using it!

We're back!


So it's been forever and a day since this thing has been updated.
Sorry! It's not that we don't have things to talk about. We've actually been pretty busy around here lately. We're planning a move to Branson, Missouri. Dustin's finishing up paperwork and contract stuff related to graduating from residency and starting his new job in August or September. We're starting to think about getting our house ready to put on the market. AND we're planning the arrival of a new little baby in August.

We apparently like to group big events in our life together. Whew!
The next few months are going to seem like a whirlwind!

Diesel's pretty excited about being a big sister. She's already planning on giving as many doggy kisses as we'll let her and sneaking in some sister snuggle time. And she's really looking forward to stealing little bits of food and treats from the little bitty paws/fingers.

Here's a pic of the new little soon-to-be Tripp in case you're interested. It was taken at about 9 weeks old. We're 17 weeks now and should have a new pic soon.


Today is Diesel's birthday


Two years old! Still, just as cute as ever. :)
We went to Three Dog Bakery to get a special birthday treat.

"Mom, Can I please eat my birthday cookie?"

"It looks so good."

"Thanks, that was tasty."

"Can I have another one?"

And he says I'm a messy cook...


We were about to enjoy a nice mexican feast on Cinco de Mayo---deep fried tacos, strawberry mock pina coladas and tres leches cake.
Dustin grabbed the salsa and shook it, not realizing the lid wasn't completely secure.
I turned around to find salsa on the floor, cabinets, counter, refrigerator, walls and all over him.
While he stood there crying in pain from the salsa juices leaking into his eyes, I searched the house for the camera.
This picture had to be taken.

Oh My!


My favorite commercial on TV currently. Wait until the end...priceless.


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Trottin' on Turkey Day


So this post is kinda late. But here it is anyways.
I participated in my first 5K on Thanksgiving morning.
Dustin's Mom, Grandpa and I woke up early to run.
It was a chilly morning, in the 20's.
We had a good time though. I hope to do it again.

Here we are before the race.
"Do you like my hat?
No, I do not like your hat.
-Dr. Suess-

Our view at the beginning.
Over 6000 children, adults and dogs came to run/walk.

The finish line. We made it!!!

Cool Art



Liu Bolin, a young Beijing-based artist, has become know as the “invisible man” due to his ability to use his own body as an art material. The 36-year-old chameleon paints on himself, appearing to blend in with the backdrop.
A perfectionist, Bolin often works on a single photograph for up to 10 hours, shocking many passers-by when he finally moves. Bolin said his inspiration came from feeling like a social outcast.
“Some people call me the invisible man, but for me it’s what is not seen in a picture which is really what tells the story,” Mr Bolin told the UK’s Telegraph. “I experienced the dark side of society, without social relations, and had a feeling that no one cared about me, I felt myself unnecessary in this world. Mr Liu says his work is also a protest against the government, who shut down his art studio in 2005.

Look what I bought today!


(image) Purple Cauliflower.

What to do with it now, that is the question.
Anybody have any good cauliflower recipes or ideas?



Happy Birthdayto a sister who', pretty much, the coolest sister in the world![...]

Proud to be an Ozarkian :)


Last week I heard some exciting news about the good ol' Ozarks.
The Shoji Tabuji Theatre in Branson, won the coveted "America's Best Restroom"
plaque of recognition and secured its place in the "America's Best Restroom Hall of Fame. haha! Seriously! It's a real award. Here are some pictures.



Here's the website, if you're interested in reading more.
We're so proud! :) haha!



... our little Diesel turned 1.

(image) Though my family has owned dogs as long as I can remember, I've never made a big deal about a dog's birthday. Probably partly because I didn't know when any of our dogs were born. And honestly, I've always kinda laughed to myself at those people who celebrated this "special" day. But I've officially become one of "those people." :)
We celebrated by going to Andy's and getting ice cream.
She loves Andy's!
(image) (image)
Happy Birthday, Diesel!!!