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Preview: Jose Sinclair Art Museum

José Sinclair Art Museum

A gallery of my artwork: paintings, drawings, assemblages

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Cube [acrylic on masonite] I was in the middle of working on this in the UGA art studio, when Bill Paul,  director of the Ga Museum of Art, came in - I was sitting in a chair looking at it, and he asked who did it - I said "I don't know, I was  just admiring it" - he said it was the best painting he'd seen in the  student studio in five years, so I admitted I was working on it. He

Machine: Odyssey Drypoint Etching


Machine: Odyssey (variation IV) [Drypoint etching, artist's proof] A sketch based on a painting by Raphael became this drypoint etching which in turn became a 5x7 foot wall painting

Jane McGowen as Greta Garbo


Jane McGowen as Greta Garbo [pencil on paper] My girlfriend at the time looked enough like Garbo to give me the idea for this combination portrait

Test Pattern


Test Pattern [pencil on watercolor paper] This was intended to be a watercolor painting, but I never went back and painted over the drawing

Street People II


Street People II, Athens, Ga. [ink on paper] When I talked to these guys, they had the same story: Lost their job, the wife left with the kids, they were now homeless and penniless This was an era well before "corporate outsourcing" of American jobs to Asia, and massive layoffs, short-term profits for long-term destruction of the nation

Tree Bark


Tree Bark [watercolor on gray paper]

Pharmacy Building Glass Repair


U of Ga Pharmacy Building Glass Repair [pencil on paper] Someone doing demolition on the street below with dynamite managed to blow out all the windows in this facing corridor of the Univ. of Georgia's pharmacy building - the entire corridor  was filled with thick, heavy glass shards when we got there

Sunset on Monterey Bay


Sunset on Monterey Bay [oil pastel on paper] Private Collection

Machine XXII: Temple


Machine XXII: Temple [acrylic on canvas] Private Collection

Fisherman's Wharf Boats


Fisherman's Wharf Boats, San Francisco [pastel on brown paper] from a photograph by Charlton D. McMillan

Cell Series: Rain


Cell Series: Rain [watercolor on paper]



Machine II [acrylic on masonite] private collection my personal favorite of the early part of this series

Machine VI: Waiting


Machine VI: Waiting [acrylic on masonite] Private collection

Cell Series, Number 2


Cell Series: Number 2 [oil pastel] As far as I can tell, this was the second in this series that started with tree cell slides in botany class in college. The series was my most popular, most are gone, either sold or given as gifts.

Shadows in the Woods


Shadows in the Woods pastel on paper

The Little House I Used to Live In


The Little House I Used to Live In [watercolor on paper] Private collection Aplogies to Frank Zappa for stealing his song title

Gilley at the Rizzer


Gilley At the Rizzer [pencil on paper] private collection

Machine XIV: Spring


Machine XIV: Spring [acrylic on masonite] Private Collection

Machine I: Selecting Machine


Machine I: Selecting Machine [acrylic on masonite, 18 x 24"] Georgia Museum of Art



Machine X (untitled) [acrylic on masonite]

Machine XV


Machine XV (untitled) [acrylic on masonite]

Temple of Zeus


Temple of Zeus Acrylics on masonite, box framed (24 x 32")...$2500 This one took a month and remains one of my favorites; it's hung in my living rooms since I painted it in 1972. To me, it represents both the order and chaos in the universe, and how some things may look reasonable but they turn out to be nothing but illusion, and pass. Often when I painted something like this, I had no

Wupatki Indian Ruins


Wupatki Indian Ruins pencil on paper.....[Not For Sale] Some of the Native American ruins in the southwest were estimated to be cities housing thousands, like Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, which was thought to be a domed city holding 5000 people. This one in Arizona was merely a castle sized building with maybe 30-50 rooms. It's now being turned into a beautiful sculpture by wind, water, and time

New Orleans Levee


New Orleans Levee watercolor...$1000 I was there for Mardi Gras, and many people camped out along the levee here. The boat in the distance was for people who could afford to take a luxury liner to New Orleans for four days, they slept on the boat. One night it fell below freezing, and the best churches opened their doors for sleeping, so I then slept in the cathedral near Plaza de Armas. This

Cell Series 2000 #1


Cell Series 2000 #1, watercolor pen Unframed (shrinkwrapped)...$500 I've never worked with watercolor pens before, maybe because they didn't exist. I thought I'd give them a try and was surprised by the vibrant colors. I started drawing cells from microscopes in botany class in college. The first was pine tree cells, most of the rest were imaginary. I imagine them having an autonomous life,