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Somethings Gotta Go

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For years I blogged at  I took a couple years off so I could focus on figuring out homeschooling.  We've found a rhythm now with homeschooling and I thought this site would be a fun fresh start.  But, I really really miss MY blog so....I'm back at it! This time a little less family journalism and a little more projects, crafty projects, fun deals, a bit of family stuff...and such...we'll see where the conversation goes...visit me at  I'll be expecting you!!!!

Memorize Psalm 100


Our sweet friends challenged their Sunday School class last year to memorize Psalm 100 by reciting the passage 100 times by Thanksgiving!  We joined them last year and as a family memorized Psalm 100, too.
The campaign has spread and this year, the children's ministry at our church is providing families with tools to take home to help with the memorization process.  During family worship on Sunday, the kids were reminded that their parents have lots on their minds, so they can be the biggest resource for their parents in helping the entire family learn the passage!
Today is October 5th and Thanksgiving is just 50 days away...if you want to join our family this year, start today and between now and November 24th, together as a family repeat aloud Psalm 100 together twice a day!!!    
I found the above poster available in a free pdf file if you'd like to print out a graphic to help your family keep Psalm 100...visible through Thanksgiving!  Here's the link to Starlight Writer if you'd like to visit...seems like a sweet blog.

Moore Wisdom


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="400">
 I have several mentors, but Beth Moore is one of my favorite!  Her love for the Word of God, her vulnerability of how much she needs the Cross and Jesus, and the way she submits herself before God in humbleness on her knees has combined to guide me in areas of my life that I never knew needed growth!  
Having spent hours in bible study with Beth, it was AWESOME to see her face to face!  There was laughter and tears as Beth covered every spectrum of emotion so genuinely!  The worship was INCREDIBLE!  Her emphasis was 'We were created for good company!'  Sitting closely to my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, I was reminded what a huge blessing it is that God not only gave me my wonderful husband, but also had an precious gift for me in his family!

Halloween Wreath


I love Thrifty Decor Chick's blog and after seeing this on her site I had to try it myself!  I used a 40% coupon on Hobby Lobby's website (just showed them the coupon on my iPhone and they gave me my discount).  Love that!  12 inch styrofoam wreath - $2.39 with coupon.Target has black duct tape for $3ish at Target.  And I grabbed candy corns at the same time...a large package was $2.  I grabbed 2 bags which was perfect, an extra half of a bag was left to give us a sugar high!My trusty hot glue was my mom's years ago.  I inherited (forever borrowed) it in college.  As long as you make sure each row the candy corn flips the opposite direction, its all good.  How long did it take!?!?  The length of one good Gigi and Me phone conversation!  Finish with a quick coat of polyurethane - I found some in our garage...then let it dry for about an hour.  We're ready for Trick or Treaters![...]

Cub Scouts Popcorn


Following church, Brady spent some time raising funds for his troop.  It was so cute to watch him introduce himself and ask for business as cars pulled over to contribute.  I LOVE that our neighbors were so generous with their time and money for my little cub scout!!!  

If you'd like to purchase popcorn, call or email Brady, via me!
I, Brady, promise
To do my DUTY to GOD
And my Country
To HELP other people, and
To OBEY the LAW of the Pack

Sunday PAPER: Paper Dudes


Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!This was our 4th week as 1st grade boys' Sunday school teachers.  Good times.  ice breaker - checkmusic - checkopen bible - check (all 14 of them)"God's Word is always true and everything in it really happened!"lesson - checkprayer - checkclosing activity - checkpaper folding activity - CHECK!!!parent pick up - checkWe're starting to find our groove with the kids.  Although, their energy totally needs to be bottled and sold!!!  Since the topic was serving others, one major emphasis for the boys was caring for others.  Paper Dudes became our folding project.  This will take you back!  I'll include some pictures below so you can try this at home with your little dudes and dudettes!FIRST: Fold the paper in half, length-wise.  Use the fold line to cut the paper into two equal sheets.  You'll  just need one of the sheets.SECOND: Fold the sheet in half width-wise until corners meet. Crease and then open up and use middle line to guide the paper into an accordion shape, with four equal parts. Now draw the dude or dudette on the paper.  Cut around the sketch, being sure to leave the hands intact...NO CUTS ALONG EDGE OF HANDS!  THIRD: Open and you'll have four friends to color and appreciate.  Hopefully a good reminder Joseph and how he was loving to his brothers even after they were cruel to him because he knew that wherever he had gone, God had been with him!!![...]

Plans for My Pumpkins


The weather is finally starting to cool down...following way too many days in the triple digits this summer!  So many triple digits that we set a new record...that's not the kind of record I ever want to set again!  Along with the changing of seasons, it's time to mark the calendar with our family's favorite outings and work on my to do list!!!  In high school, I use to laugh at one of my mom's friends for saying that she'd just go crazy without her calendar...I have become calendar is my best friend!

  • State Fair Over Texas
  • Niece's Birthday
  • Pumpkin Patch in the Evening
  • Carve Pumpkins
  • Chili Cooking Contest 
  • Family Camping Trip (?)
    • Garage Sale or Goodwill - Still Not Sure
    • Prune and Pull Shrubs in Front Yard
    • Bake Pumpkin Yummies
    • Find Last Few Halloween Costume Accessories
    • Pick Out Christmas Card Outfits for the Family
    • Schedule Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

    A Little Charm



    Only Character





    FINALLY it happened!  After many attempts by our realtor to lower our price, after tons of no shows and tons of showings where we left the house so the prospective buyer could look (snoop) around, after countless times of being told, "it only takes one," after Halloween, Thanksgiving, Bennett's birthday, Christmas, New Years, and finally with Spring...the one walked through the door!The doorbell rang.  For some reason, this time, I couldn't get us and our stuff in the car fast enough.  I opened the door and the realtor explained who he was while I over-talked him at a ratmillion miles a minute...excuses for not getting out of his way sooner!A little delay on my part, his words that I was speaking over...finally were absorbed.  "Please stay, I'm just the buying agent and I would love to hear about your house and your neighborhood."  What!?!  Now I had the other side of worries...does he know what he's saying!?!?  I have THREE kids that are going to be answering right beside me...and would there answers scare him away!?!?  I stayed, enjoyed a visit with a realtor that could see the updates in our home and appreciated them one after another.  It was an instant connection.  He explained that he had a buyer living overseas in the military and they had hired him to be their buying select the house for them to buy...sight unseen!I would NEVER be able to trust a stranger to buy a house for me.  TOTAL CRAZY for a type A person!!!  However, we couldn't have been more thankful for this wonderful realtor that sold our home for nearly what we were a market that had begun to slump!!!  Pack it up...move it out...somethings gotta go!!![...]

    Sitting On It


    ...for six long months.Most people have either gone through selling a house or will go through it at some point...and when you do, let me know so I can empathize with you!  And by empathize I mean for both you and for your family...they'll have to live with you!  I know what it's like to attempt maintaining perfection while surrounded by total completely contradicts the harmony we all truly want in our home...but the sick side of me kind of liked the insane expectations I was permitted to keep during those long six months....I know sick, right!WINTERTEXAS SNOW BOOTSMINI-SNOWSISTERHere are my tips if your house is currently on the market currently!  During the painful process of showings...Keep a laundry basket in the family room that you can use to pile the left out toys and then throw that basket into the car with you when you leave during a no-warning showing.  Have a can of lysol so you can spray throughout the house as you walk out the door for a fresh smell when the potential buyer explores your home (I've heard freshly baked cookies is great, too...but remember I'm trying to keep in those skinny jeans).[...]

    Little Too Settled


    After four years of living in (and working on) our beautiful two story home with the most precious neighbors EVER....FRONT OF HOUSEDINING ROOM PIANO ROOMKITCHENKITCHEN NOOK KITCHEN DESKFAMILY ROOMMASTER BEDROOMMASTER BATHROOMBEDROOM 2BEDROOM 2HALL BATHROOMBEDROOM 4OFFICE CLOSETSCHOOL ROOMBACKYARD...we got the itch formore projects a one story rancherbeing closer to towna neighborhood with more treeswooden floors throughout our homea house with more character and charm[...]

    Sunday PAPER: House


    Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!This was our 3rd week to be the First grade boys' Sunday school teachers.  Good times.  ice breaker - checkmusic - checkbible reading - checklesson - checkprayer - checkclosing activity - checkpaper folding activity - CHECK!!!parent pick up - checkThis week, we put the paper out of sight of the boys and when we were ready, we grabbed enough for each boy to have one sheet!  Then Lonnie lead the class in an origami lesson.  In keeping with the lesson on 'WORKERS' and in theme with our ice breaker where Lonnie brought his tool belt and let the boys practice drilling screws in a board...our first in our new series of paper folding was a HOUSE...which they put a lot of effort into coloring and drawing the bricks and roof!  Time went like clockwork.  No puzzled looks by those passing by and the children were well mannered when the next teachers arrived.  SUCCESS!Here's the link for those who want to impress their own kids or calm their boys (at least for a few minutes).  ORIGAMI HOUSE[...]

    Somethings Gotta Go


    This blog will hopefully motivate me to purge this house's ugly..because there's a lot of somethings gotta go at this address!   Somethings gotta stay though, I'll include some of my favorite things, too.

    Since orgainzation is my passion, I'll fill you in with tips on decluttering,how we save money, and our monthly menu so we don't end up splitting fajitas for one at Pappasito's every meal (although I maybe could go for that)!   Speaking of eating out, I'll let you know my thoughts on maintaining healthy so my skinny jeans fit...I'm no expert, but I have a few thoughts!

    I'll also post a little bit about party planning because we gotta keep life fun, too!  And as a homeschool mommy, I'm with my kids all day long, I may throw in a little about that, too!  We'll just have to see where the conversation goes, right!!!

    So without further adieu...

    Welcome to Our Home!
    (Front Door's Gotta Go.)

    Blog Story


    I started this blog a few years back when I finally decided it was time to shed the baby belly pounds, the accountability online was great!  Never would I have imagined that the blog's title would have tons more significance then my overflowing muffin-top a few years later!  Somethings Gotta Go is totally where we are right now...and for more reasons then me hearing my baby holler "all done with my poopie" four times a day! 

    Simplifying life has become a recurrent theme as we have moved into a house that pretty much needs to be gutted shortly followed by thousands of pharmaceutical reps being restructured out of a job, my hubby being one of the unlucky.  My hubby landed on his feet a few weeks later with the pursuit of a new career, investment banking, aka six months of tests, each required to maintain employment, huge goals and the excitement of straight commission, and a few more tests. I'm a little bit type A in personality so I can't say going with the flow is simple for me, but every big change holds the opportunity for big growth.  So, whether or not that growth is monetary, I'm choosing to let the growth opportunity spill all over me! 


    Sunday PAPER: Airplane


    Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!

    This was our 2nd week to be the first grade boys' sunday school teachers.  Good times.  
    • ice breaker - check
    • music - check
    • bible reading - check
    • lesson - check
    • prayer - oops, remember next week
    • closing activity - check
    • parent pick up - NOT YET!
    Once again, boys began grabbing stacks of paper from the supplies area and folding this way and that....airplanes began flying from every corner of the room....lots aimed at me!  No biggie, right.  Boys have energy - I have two of them, I understand!  We should have known by week two not to have easy access to the paper.  OOPS - when people passing by peeked into our classroom at peak chaos! They looked shocked!  Even BIGGER OOPS -  when the next sunday school teachers came in to relieve us for the second week in a row to total chaos!  Especially since that was really the only criteria we were given, please make sure the children are working on a quiet activity during the teacher transition period.  Hmmm, need SOLUTION for next week!



    A spread of flags grace the lawn of Memorial Circle at Texas Tech. The flags represent each life lost in the September 11th attacks. (Zach Long/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)
    Ten years ago, my mother-in-law and I had flown to Phoenix to attend a baby shower for my sister-in-law and help with the last touches on my nephew's nursery. Lonnie called early on the 11th and told us to turn on our television.  He stayed on the line but was speechless.  As our eyes watched in disbelief and horror we too were completely speechless.  Several days layer, in high alert, the airports reopened, and we were able to return home.  And just like the rest of the nation, we had a renewed passion to pursue what was truly important in life.  This year Monika, Nici and I were all together again and as Nici and I traveled back home on 9-11, the first leg of the trip neither of us had much to say as we listened to a sermon over the radio and reflected on the amazing miracles that happened in the midst of terror! 
    width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> A documentary called, The Cross and the Towers follows the rescue effort after the towers fell. Many of the responders witnessed miracles that almost couldn't be explained.  One rescuer said, “In the midst of the darkness, God’s light shown through.” 

    Sunday PAPER


    Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!

    This was our FIRST week to be the 1st grade boys' sunday school teachers.  Good times.  
    • ice breaker - check
    • music - check
    • bible reading - check
    • lesson - check
    • prayer - check
    • closing activity - check
    • parent pick up - NOT YET!
    Boys began grabbing stacks of paper from the supplies area and folding this way and that....airplanes began flying from every corner of the room....lots aimed at me!  No biggie, right.  Boys have energy, right.  I have two of them, I understand!  Lesson learned, we'll try to stretch the above activities a bit and maybe add an additional!

    My Favorite Salad


    Feast or famine, right!?!? No posts forever and now here I go posting like its an obsession or something!

    I had to share my favorite salad with you (thanks Ali for the recommendation). For those of you that have a nearby ChickFilA (sorry Michawn, not sure that includes you), go there and order the Southwest Chicken Salad with Light Italian dressing! Its 4 Weight Watcher points and speaking about obsessions, I'm passionate about this salad! Combine it with a small diet lemonade and you have the most perfect treat ever! (I didn't say it was cheap, I'm always shocked at how pricey ChickFilA is...I think the salad is $5 and the drink a bit over $1). Like I said, a fun treat!

    Aimee's 18th - 19th Week's Update


    Well, last week I got onto the scale and was up .8 pounds (oops). I knew that the fine dining would catch up! Guess I'll be more purposeful in eating choices! I'm fine if I don't loose more weight, but definitely don't want to gain weight!

    And, now to this week...I'm happy to share that I'm back down 1.0 pounds (that's 0.2 pound less than my previous post). I'm pretty sure I was bloated --- how embarrassing to type that! I do feel lots better eating more at home now.

    I think that I'm probably finished with my weight loss, but I plan to post somewhat consistently during all of 2008 as somewhat of an accountability to stick with what I've begun! I can't believe that this has been my lifestyle for almost 6 months now!?!? Isn't that crazy! I can't believe that I use to weight 17.2 pounds more!

    My neighbor, Brandi and I recently talked about going on morning walks together for some heart exercise...I need to start going to bed earlier so I can make that happen!

    Aimee's 15th - 17th Week's Update


    I meant to post regularly, but with all my celebrating and then Lonnie's travels --- I'm forever behind! I'm at a standstill with weight. No gain/no loss. Which I'm REAL thankful for the hold on weight considering all the eating out and desserts that I've enjoyed over the last two weeks! You know the saying, a moment on the lips...a lifetime on the hips (or actually the belly for this girl). I think that my appetite has changed since back in January when I started this weight loss adventure! I've had lots of sweets and treats but I think the amount is not anything compared to how I use to indulge! I need to refocus my eating habits again...the junk I've eaten lately has been giving me lots of belly good, right!?!

    New Shoes!



    ***The first pair, the one's from Target, I'm not sure they fit my feet quite right. I love them though so I'm just contemplating! Tiffany looks super cute in them!!! We'll see!??!

    Aimee's 14th Week Update


    I guess my body is still in loss mode. This morning when I weighed in, I had lost another 1.2 pounds. Again, I was real surprised. This puts me down a total of 17.0 pounds. If this continues I may have to lower my birthday goal weight!?!? I guess that or celebrate with a HUGE piece of cake!?!

    Last week I did a little unmentionable shopping and did find going to Nordstrom's very helpful. They are very thorough in helping you find the right bra! Lonnie and the kids were there with me and I thought the kids would want to go explore...NOPE! They rotated taking turns hanging out with mom and the Nordstrom's lady in the dressing room. I have to say, Bennett would be my first pick to take with me should I take on this endeavor again, which I don't plan on it...that was a lot of work! Brady kept telling me that he liked those "Glasses" too. Or oops, I'm sitting on your "Glasses, Sorry 'bout that Mommy!" Where he got that bras are called glasses I'll never know!?!? Oh my! Belle had the sillies and I think drove the elderly lady helping us CRAZY! Belle kept trying on my bra and giggling uncontrollably! After walking around for a while, two kids at a time, Lonnie came to the intimate apparel section once again to check on me. I think the lady wanted me to try all the possibilities on again, but I had to let her know I had made my decision in a rather firm tone so I could make it up to the register and on my way to our next store. Seriously, I think I tried on bras for an hour and a half straight! Quite a marathon!

    Thankfully I know the panties I like so I headed straight for Gap after the bra marathon and was in and out within like 2 minutes! I just needed a size smaller because the fabric was bunching under my clothes.

    A couple days later, while Belle was at school I found a new pair of shoes at DSW and I like them a whole lot. They look Brighton-ish, even my super stylish friend Stephanie that LOVES Brighton stuff and I think I'll ask for the same pair of earrings that she got for her birthday from Brighton because they are so cute. Oops, that was a tangent! Anyways Stephanie thought my cute new shoes were Brighton. Now I think I need some more casual, everyday black shoes. I'll copy my other adorable friend Tiffany that said the other day at brunch that she found hers at Target, they are real cute and I can't wait to slip my foot into the same ones! Wonder if my troops want to do that today?!?! Nah, I already promised them we'll do school and they're rearing to go! Thankfully its almost the weekend and I bet I can sneak away and snatch them up before they are sold out...they're that cute!

    Maybe I'll add pictures of my shoes to this post later today!?!? Fun idea!?!

    Aimee's 13th Week Update


    So this week I lost just under a pound...0.8. That puts me at a total of 15.8 pounds lost. Over the next 2 1/2 weeks perhaps my body will drop 1.9 more and put me at my total goal weight for my birthday!?! That'd be fun!!! I'm just going to stick with my healthy eating habits and will let my body determine if it needs to lose more. I don't want to do anything extreme that I can't keep up with ~ that's the reason I've never dieted before ~ fear that my body's metabolism would start expecting something and the repercussions of not keeping up with it would end me at a higher weight then when I began this journey. Granted, I'm not a scientist nor a researcher so I have no evidence to back my theory!

    In other news, we went to On the Border as a family and split the Chocolate Empanada Dessert (had a freebie coupon). The kids and Lonnie were digging in, smiling, licking the spoon, dish and their lips because evidently it was incredible! I refrained. Lonnie didn't understand until yesterday how I could have such self control. I don't...I'm just treated to other sweets! I continue to be obsessed with the Smart One Ice Cream Sundaes in Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough varieties! They are crazy good! I have one just about every day, topped with about a half a cup of cool whip!!! Seriously, I'm hooked! I will be begging my grandkids to bring me these when I'm in a nursing home they're that good! I think with cool whip its 3 points which isn't bad at all! And it keeps me on track...well worth the $1.50ish/2 that they cost at Target!

    That leads me to two other thoughts...1. Who's leaving the freezer door open at Target and making these things defrost, get all mix up and yucky, then refreezes them!?!? Seriously this month its been about every other package. I have them in my freezer too and one of these days I'm taking them all back to exchange them...and I might even open up the new packages while I'm there to ensure I'm not getting freezer burnt dessert! 2. Which is better? Cool Whip that's Fat-Free or Cool Whip that's Light!?!? They are the same number of points (0 for a good sized serving), but I switch off each time because I can't determine which tastes better!?!? Any opinions!?!?

    Aimee's 12th Week Update


    Can you believe it, I'm posting on my official weigh in date! It was a very FUN scale reading! I'm down the entire 15 pounds I set out to loose! Weird! I'm down 1 pound this week! A total of 15.0 pounds loss over the last 12 weeks! I'm loving the loss although I think I only hope to loose 2.7 pounds...and hopefully that can happen by my birthday, April 27!?!

    The funniest thing about this weight loss is the places that weight drops! Today I realized my shoes are fitting differently...yep, they're too big! I think I've lost some of the chub on my feet! Now if that's not strange, I don't know what is! Do you think I can talk Lonnie into some major clothes money for my birthday!?!? That and all the other things on my wish list!??! Hmm, I better start thinking about that...afterall, my birthday is only 3 1/2 weeks away! Yippee!