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and 4 makes 6

all about our family me, dre, alexa (6), jossy (5), asher (3) and Bram (4 months)

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the p & s is signed and we are moving at the end of january. so, in order to keep my mind off of the millions of things i need to do i have been baking!
the eggnog cranberry muffins are for dre...since he drinks about 20 gallons of eggnog during the christmas season. the cookies are chocolate crinkles....delicious!

some pictures


here are a few more pictures from danny![...]



i pride myself on the fact that my kids rarely get sick, and when they do they get over it so quickly. that doesn't seem to be the case lately. so, in order to make myself fell better i blame my kids constant sickness, runny noses, etc on the fact that alexa is now in school and getting germs from other kids. sounds good, right?!?!?

well we were with some friends last week and they had strep, but did not know it. when i woke up yesterday i felt terrible and decided to get checked out at the minute clinic. i had to be all brave (the kids were watching) and get a throat culture and i indeed had strep. so, the kids and i went straight to the pediatrician and even though they were symptom free, they also had strep. so, andre came home and came to my rescue.

now i am trying my hardest to feel better because we are seeing the CELTICS tonight!

it's official


our house is for sale!
so, if your looking for a great home in danvers...we have one for you!
we are going to miss our house because, we love it!
please pray that it will sell quickly and at a good price.

5 guys



we were eating at 5 guys the other night and on our sandwiches there were number stickers. it seemed sooo fitting to label the kiddos according to their birth order! they wore the stickers all night!

meet levi



he is actually almost 3 weeks old now, but there he is at 4 days. too cute. we love babies! congrats joe and angela!



the celtics start tonight and we couldn't be more excited around here.

trauma drama


(image) (image) well, we did it! terrible, terrible, terrible!
On the way to the dentist (i ended up being the one to take her) i started talking to her about how there are 2 reasons to go to the and work. she would be getting work. as i am explaining that it will feel like a shot then she won't feel anything tears starting streaming down her face. We stopped at walgreens and she got to choose whatever candy she wanted. i was not thinking at the time that she would not be able to eat it after...oops. so, we were getting out of the car at the dentist and she asked for prayer. what do you pray!?!? you know it's gonna hurt! they called us in the room and i laid in the chair with her in my lap and the dentist explained what she was going to do.
they did the numbing cream then the shot. wow, she can scream! we waited about 5 minutes and go some more shots and she screamed again. then the dentist starting wiggling them and she was screaming that she could feel it, so more shots. the dentist grabbed the pliers and just pulled them right out. there was more screaming then we left!
this morning she did say that it did not hurt after the first 'pinch' but she thought it was going to so she know just in case ;)
so, andre felt great compassion and gave her 5 dollars!
\today, she is very excited to be sooo big and not have her front two teeth!



monday we are scheduled to get alexa's 2 teeth pulled...
i will not be telling her until we get in the car to go.
and we decided no tooth anything..WE will take the credit and give her money for her teeth!
although, after getting teeth pulled she may need a special treat!



alexa has been complaining the last few days about her teeth hurting. i kept telling her i'd look, but kept forgetting. so today while brushing teeth she said they hurt. i looked and guess what i saw...2 permanent teeth growing behind her bottom front teeth! so weird and have never seen that before. she is very excited. i called the dentist and she said it was pretty normal and we are getting it all checked out on thursday.
alexa was so excited and has been telling everyone about it. the woman at the library asked her about the tooth fairy...she of course looked at the woman like she had 14 heads! so, we need to figure that out.



where does a nick name even come from?
we have tink (who has informed me that she is to be called alexa at school), jossy wossy and now we have pants (that would be asher). he has gone through several nicknames and responds to many variations of his name (including, ashy, ash, a-man, mansers, asherman). but pants has stuck and it is just too hilarious to say pants and have him turn around and look at you!



(image) someone asked me other day how i could have 3 consistently adorable children.
don't have the answer but i'm so glad i do!
i love all my kiddos and couldn't imagine life without any of them!
god is so good.

barnes and noble


while alexa was at school on friday, asher, joss and i went to barnes and noble. we started with a muffin then were off to the trains. when i was cleaning up the muffins asher started running away so i told him to stop and he did. there was an elderly lady sitting at the table next to him and said she was impressed and asked if i could do it again (?) i said sure and said a quick prayer asking god to help him obey this time. i told him to go (which he did) then to stop and thankfully he did. then we were on our way.

bye bye bug~


i think that nasty bug has left our house.
and...the kids didn't even get it.
yay for healthy eating and jesus!

happy birthday joss!


(image) today jossy is 4!
she keeps telling us stories about when she was 3...too funny!
our little jossy came out of the womb spirited and continues to be so. we love her so much and she brings so much joy and laughter to our house. with alexa is school, she is the big'gest' sister at our house 3 days a week and loves it. she is growing so big and smart and she loves jesus with all her heart!

jossy we love you and are so proud of you. we could not imagine our life without you! you are so perfect at being who god created you to be!

i will leave you with a joss story!
andre and i really want to replace our bath tub with a nice, big, jetted one. i was telling the girls about it and told them we needed to pray and ask god for the money. joss said, 'let's pray now' so we did. when we were done she said, 'okay, we prayed now let's go buy it!'. that obviously led to another discussion!

summer recap!


we had an incredibly busy and fun summer. it is too bad it had to end :(we started with a cowgirl party celebrating alexa's 5th birthday. we had so much fun and i even went away from the usual hamburger and hotdogs and made some pulled pork....yummm!andre and i went to martha's vineyard for a whole 3 days and 2 nights and it was awesome. we called in 'mental freedom'! we so needed it and were glad to get back to the kiddos.the 4th of july was fun! we were not sure if asher would enjoy the fireworks or be afraid. turned out he liked them and we had fun with friends and family.this is how we spent most of our the beach. i seriously do not know how people live far from the beach!and there was the big recital!! it was jossy's first recital and alexa was on old pro-this being her second recital :)they both did really great and absolutely love the spotlight....they get that from their father!we also went strawberry picking, hayride and all. it was soooo hot!mom mom mom came for a visit, which we always love! she celebrated her birthday while she was here.jossy was silly a lot this summer!asher learned to ride his bike (not the one in the picture). the poor kid only has a pink bike!we had a great visit with the dykes. they came for the weekend and we all had a blast!then there was storyland. we needed aunt cheryl to come to endeavor on that trip! so tiring but the kids loved it. we also hung out with micah. 4 cousins watching tv![...]



yes, i now have a school-aged child! i cannot believe it!

we struggled, prayed, talked and everything else about what do about school for alexa. in the end we knew to send her to a small christian school.

we absolutely love it! we love the small community feel and know that the teachers are dedicated to the children. we even had the opportunity to visit a chapel and it was so awesome to see all the children worshipping jesus together!

we are so looking forward to all alexa is going to learn! she is currently studying creation and sorting!



do you really believe that god delights in every detail of our lives?
after praying the other morning i asked the girls if god spoke anything to them. joss said, 'god said he loves our new fruit basket'

prayer life...


andre must have a great one because that is the only reason that i can think of that explains my love for the celtics.
i think i should try it on him for---cleaning his truck weekly---
(anyone can join me in this!)



i really am going to try and blog more!

my focus these days is to teach the girls about knowing jesus personally and to give them their own experiences with the presence of god. they are in god's presence a lot...but not always actively. i got my hands on an awesome teaching about raising prophetic children and it has challenged me!
i had been talking to the girls (more alexa) about the holy spirit and speaking in tongues. andre and i prayed for the girls to receive the gift of tongues but nothing really happened with it. so i just continued explaining it and talking about it and doing it for them to see.
one afternoon while the kids were napping i heard screaming so i ran upstairs and i heard the most incredible thing...alexa was speaking in tongues at the top of her lungs and worshipping. she was so excited and the best part was that i had nothing to do with it! jossy didn't quite have the same experience and i am not sure when it started but she also has a prayer language. cool, huh?
so, i am constantly asking god for ways to teach them to hear the voice of god and respond. we have had a few incredible and some really funny stories about god speaking to them that i'll share another day.



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lots of changes


there are lots of happenings around our house these days.

i am no longer working (outside of the house) which i am *very* happy about! there was grace for it for the 6 weeks i did it...but i really missed everyone!

i am no longer nursing asher...praise god! never been a fan of it, but did it. asher, however, is not at all happy and is currently working through his feelings :)

we are also praying about what to do with alexa for kindergarten in the fall! i cannot believe we are here already....time flies! one thing i have learned is that opinions are opinions. things i said that i'd never do, i have done! we are praying about the best plan for tinky.

in more exciting news i am going to be an aunt again...shout out to baby badolato who is A BOY! very exciting.



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