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Preview: Gestational Diabetes Resources

Gestational Diabetes Resources

articles and thoughts on coping with gestational diabetes during and after pregnancy

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What Is Diabetes And How Can You Control It?


After eating, the food we eat is broken down into sugar(glucose) through the process of digestion. This sugar then enters thebloodstream so that it can be delivered throughout the body, where it iscalled blood sugar. Insulin, which helps metabolize blood sugar and is madein the pancreas, takes blood sugar from the bloodstream and delivers it intothe body's cells. This sugar provides energy to the

Can Tea Help With Diabetes?


Type II diabetes is one of today's most common healthconditions. As the rate of obesity has increased in this country,so has the incidence of diabetes. It's becoming more and moreimportant to understand how to prevent diabetes, as well as thebest ways to treat it if we discover that we're alreadyaffected. Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce orproperly use insulin, the hormone

Tips For Choosing A Blood Glucose Meter


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then you know that you are going tobe in for some changes in your life. Most of the time your diet and exerciseroutine will have to change to help keep your blood glucose levels undercontrol. Diabetes is not something that can be taken lightly, because it cancause quite a few medical problems and in the worst case even death. Thebest way to keep your blood

Are You Pregnant? How The First Stage Of Pregnancy Can Give You Warning Signs


Each year, a large number of women realize that they are pregnant. While alarge number of these pregnancies are planned, not all are. For that reason,there may come a time where you may end up wondering whether or not you arepregnant. When it comes to determining whether or not you are with child, you may wishto take a home pregnancy test or schedule an appointment with your primarycare physician

Do You Have Diabetes? The Importance Of Being Diagnosed


Diabetes is a disease that millions of Americans suffer from.Unfortunately, it isn't just any disease, it is a long-term disease. Thismeans almost all of the individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes willhave it for the remainder of their life. The good thing about diabetes isthat it can easily be managed. However, to be managed, you must first bediagnosed with the disease. When it comes to

Glutamine And It's Side Effects


Glutamine, one of the twenty special amino acids that have been encoded bythe standard genetic code, is also one of the most common amino acids thatoccur naturally in the human body. It makes up more than sixty percent ofthe skeletal muscle tissue, and is fuel for both the digestive tract and theimmune system, while also playing a pivotal role in responsibly conductingnitrogen to muscles around

Childhood Obesity - What Are The Risks?


Let's look at these risks in detail: Type II Diabetes - Diabetes is a serious condition that requires dietaryrestrictions, and oral or injectible insulin. Even with appropriate treatment, diabetes has long-term health risks thatinclude circulatory disease, an inability to heal from wounds and injuries,stress on the heart and pulmonary system, and even blindness, stroke andcoma. Diabetes in

Is It Possible To Control Your Diabetes With Nutritional Supplements?


Improper nutrition does contribute to the development of diabetes, butproper nutrition can be a powerful treatment for this disease. (1) Thisdisease is so closely related to diet and nutrition; scientists have studiedhow nutritional supplements can effectively treat diabetes. In researchingvitamin supplements, researchers have found that many vitamins and herbs caneffectively help lower blood

Exercise For Women


Unlike men, women have unique life reasons that can interfere with exercise.These include the birth of a child, marriage, single parenthood, a new job,divorce, overworking, job stress and returning to school. Time is a bigconsideration. After a day of work and childcare, most women prefer to spendtheir leisure time in socializing with family and friends, reading andwatching television, rather

Strength Training Benefits Women


If you're a woman considering the possibility of exercising regularly, youmay be wondering which type of fitness program is the most effective. Ihighly suggest that you give some serious thought to weight training. Thereare so many benefits to strength training regularly, particularly as yougrow older.By training with weights or weight resistance, you will reduce signs andsymptoms of numerous

Identify The Roots Of Type 1 Or Juvenile Diabetes Early


Juvenile diabetes or Type 1 diabetes is common among children.Every year, around 13,000 new cases of Juvenile diabetes are reported inAmerica. True to its name, it mostly attacks the children but adults as wellcome into its hold. In juvenile diabetes, shortage of supply of insulin and glucose builds up inthe bloodstream as cells are unable to use it. The body is unable to use theentire glucose

Diabetes: A Far Reaching Condition


Diabetes is a disease that affects a lot of people. It is where your bodyhas imbalanced blood sugar levels. This disease can lead to pain, injury,and in some cases death. However, you shouldn't be alarmed as there arecures for diabetes. As you eat food your body must break it down so that it can be absorbed andstored for daily activity. With diabetes the insulin that helps break downthe food and

Every Person Before Developing Type 2 Diabetes Almost Always Has Pre-diabetes


What is Pre-diabetes? This is a fact that before developing diabetesmellitus type 2, almost always that patient develops Pre-diabetes condition.Though we will not diagnose that person as diabetic, but if he or she willnot control his or her blood suger level, he will probably have diabetesmellitus in future.In pre-diabetes, blood sugar levels are in higher limits, but not yet highenough to be

What Is Zone Diet?


The Zone Diet is among one of the five popular diets of today.It was created by a researcher from MIT called Barry Sears. The diet isconcerned with maintaining a balance of proteins and carbohydrates therebykeeping insulin levels steady. Barry Sears theorized that obesity is caused mainly through insulinimbalance and he found that most diets recommended a program which was lowin fats and high in

Do You Have High Blood Pressure?


One of the riskiest medical conditions that often goes unnecessarilyundiagnosed is high blood pressure. Testing for high blood pressure andtreating it if this disease is diagnosed is relatively simple, but manypeople just do not regularly schedule check-ups or otherwise test theirblood pressure. Unfortunately, high blood pressure is the precursor to manyserious diseases and medical conditions,

5 Major Things You Need To Know About Cholesterol


All this time, people or professionals only talk about ways to lower yourcholesterol. But, have they really explained to you the significant detailsabout cholesterol that you need to know before trying to lower the level? If they haven't, these 5 basic facts about cholesterol are important foryou: 1. Cholesterol Levels There are actually five different ways that you can use in order to get

Does Birth Control Pills And Patches Risk Heart Patients?


How does the consumption of the birth control pills affect the risks of theheart diseases? It is always not a risk for the healthy and young women to consume the pillsleading to the birth control. Whereas in cases of women in the age group ofsay around thirty five years or more consumption of such pills increases theheart disease risks. Even in the case when the women posses either

Does Heart Diseases Concern Women?


Should there be any importance given to heart disease by women? The answer to this question is a simple yes. In America alone, one amongthree those who die of an heart disease is a woman.When compared to the death due to the cancers in the year 2003, two times asmuch as this the women died of either stroke and the heart diseases alsoknown as the cardiovascular disease together. This does not mean

Ultrasound And Other Mid-pregnancy Tests


With advances in technology, even if there was a problem with the prenataldevelopment of your baby, doctors are able to respond sooner. This is allmade possible due to technologies such as ultrasound. It is a commonmisconception that pregnancy testing takes place only once, at the beginningof your pregnancy. Nothing could be further from the truth - fromultrasounds to blood tests, you will be

Heart Disease First Aids


The three main initiatives to be taken by the heart disease victims 1.The weight must be normal Compared to an average person, the risks of the heart disease is much morein the overweight person. The victim needs to regularly check the BMI or theBody Mass Index itself to check the abnormalities in the weight. An exerciseof about half an hour on a regular basis throughout the week is

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


For many women-especially those who favor bikinis-stretch marks are more tobe dreaded than flabby thighs. Nevertheless, 90% of all women will developpink or reddish, slightly indented, sometimes itchy streaks on theirabdomen, hips and/or breasts, sometime during pregnancy. Stretch marks, alsocalled striae distensae, occur most frequently on the abdomen, but somewomen also get them on the breasts,

Prenatal Massage


Pains and aches are part and parcel of every pregnancy.Physical discomfort, muscular tensions, headaches, backaches, pains occurdue to increase in weight, shifting posture and hormone levels. Pre natalmassages aim to improve circulation, alleviate aches and pains, easesmuscular tensions and other pregnancy related symptoms, perking up expectantmother's mood and mental attitude. Stress related

Determining Your Baby Shower Guest List


Pregnancy is always an exciting time. You are busy thinking about a thousandthings - what sex the baby will be, what name to choose, how to decorate thenursery, etc. But, many of your friends probably have one thing at the topof their priority list - your baby shower. Baby showers are a great time toget together with friends and celebrate the upcoming birth and all theexcitement that goes with

How Effective Is Calcium And Weight Loss?


Do you want to stay fit and aiming for bone loss? If you are, you need tofollow a diet that will help you lose weight quickly but still prevent thesymptoms of osteoporosis. Calcium and weight loss is a good way to have adiet.Taking in the right amount of calcium will keep your bones healthy andstrong. Calcium and weight loss will also give you a healthy body at thesame time, have a low fat diet.

7 Rules that Guarantee Diet Success and Water


7 Rules that Guarantee Diet Success and Water As a personal trainer at Bally's Total Fitness in Philadelphia, I have come across a number of people that claim to either be unable to lose weight or unable to stick to their diets. I personally think there is no one that is unable to lose weight and that most people that can not seem to lose weight often need just a slight adjustment in how they