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Castilho e Quental: Reflexões sobre a actual questão litteraria


Author: Augusto Malheiro Dias

Language: Portugues

Published: 1866

Ephemera Critica


or plain truths about current literature

Author: John Churton Collins

Language: English

Published: 1902

It is time for some one to speak out. When we compare the condition and prospects of Science in all its branches, its organization, its standards, its aims, its representatives with those of Literature, how deplorable and how humiliating is the contrast! In the one we see an ordered realm, in the other mere chaos. The one, serious, strenuous, progressive, is displaying an energy as wonderful in what it has accomplished as in what it promises to accomplish; the other, without soul, without conscience, without nerve, aimless, listless and decadent, appears to be stagnating, almost entirely, into the monopoly of those who are bent on futilizing and degrading it.

Dante. An essay.


To which is added a translation of De Monarchia.

Author: R.W. Church

Language: English

Published: 1879



An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn

Author: R.W. Chambers

Language: English

Published: 1921

The Home Life of Poe



Author: Susan Archer Weiss

Language: English

Published: 1907

It is always tempting to peep behind the scenes of a poet's workshop. Such a peep is afforded us in recollections of Poe by Mrs. Susan Archer Weiss, one of the few surviving friends of the author of what is regarded by many as the greatest American poem. To his biographer, it is true, Poe is not clothed in a mantle of mystery and romance; she has seen him in his frolicsome moods; she has also seen him in the sordid embarrassments of poverty and of drink. It takes a poet's eye and intellectual subtlety"To trace under the common thing the hidden grace,"and the lady whose chief distinction it is to have been on intimate terms with Poe is neither poetic nor subtle. She tells us that Poe's child-bride, the lovely Virginia Clemm, was not the delicate creature we have fancied, but a plump little girl, with the undeveloped mind of a child who had never read half his poems. And "The Raven," perhaps the New World's most celebrated single contribution to literature, is marred in her mind by imperfections because its author, in a hypercritical moment, revealed its "knotty points" to her and asked her advice in the matter.

The Life-Work of Flaubert


From the Russian of Merejowski

Author: Dmitry Sergeyevich Merezhkovsky

Language: English

Oscar Wilde: Art and Morality


A Defence of ''The Picture of Dorian Gray''

Author: Stuart Mason

Language: English

Published: 1908

What the public calls an unhealthy novel is always a beautiful and healthy work of art.

Pamela Censured



Author: Anonymous

Language: English

Published: 1741

While we now feel certain that Henry Fielding wrote Shamela, the author of Pamela Censured has eluded us. Though both works attack Pamela on moral grounds and incidentally make unflattering comments about Colley Cibber, their literary methods differ so greatly that it is impossible to tell whether or not Shamela influenced Pamela Censured to any extent.

Oscar Wilde: Art and Morality


A Defence of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'

Author: Stuart Mason

Language: English

Published: 1908

On the whole, an artist in England gains something by being attacked. His individuality is intensified. He becomes more completely himself. Of course, the attacks are very gross, very impertinent, and very contemptible. But then no artist expects grace from the vulgar mind, or style from the suburban intellect.

The Welsh and Their Literature


from The London Quarterly Review, January 1861, American Edition

Author: George Borrow

Language: English

Published: 1861

Flaubert und die Herkunft des modernen Romans


Author: Heinrich Mann

Language: German

Custom and Myth


New Edition

Author: Andrew Lang

Language: English

Published: 1893

Nervosos, Lymphaticos e Sanguineos


Author: Alberto Augusto de Almeida Pimentel

Language: Portugues

Published: 1872

Young's Night Thoughts


With Life, Critical Dissertation and Explanatory Notes

Author: Edward Young

Language: English

Published: 1853

A Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope



Author: Colley Cibber

Language: English

Published: 1742

Stevenson's Perfect Virtues


As Exemplified by Leigh Hunt

Author: Luther Albertus Brewer

Language: English

Published: 1922




Author: Carl Van Vechten

Language: English

Published: 1917

Guelfos e Gibelinos


Tentativa critica sobre a actual polemica litteraria

Author: Eduardo Augusto Vidal

Language: Portugues

Published: 1866

The Future of English Poetry


Author: Edmund Gosse

Language: English

Published: 1913



Being Essays on Sundry Aesthetical Questions

Author: Vernon Lee

Language: English

Published: 1887

"Vernon Lee writes well about poetry, better upon painting and sculpture, and best upon music. The essay on 'Cherubino' is the finest in the book, and is a perfect gem in its way."--St. James's Gazette

Why a National Literature Cannot Flourish in the United States of North America



Author: Joseph Rocchietti

Language: English

Published: 1845

Histoire littéraire d'Italie


Tome troisième

Author: Pierre-Louis Ginguené

Language: French

Modern Painters, Volume IV


Of Mountain Beauty

Author: John Ruskin

Language: English

Published: 1873

El Superhombre



y otras novedades

Author: Juan Valera

Language: Spanish

Published: 1903

Contemporary Russian Novelists



Author: Serge Persky

Language: English

Published: 1912

The principal aim of this book is to give the reader a good general knowledge of Russian literature as it is to-day. The author, Serge Persky, has subordinated purely critical material, because he wants his readers to form their own judgments and criticize for themselves. The element of literary criticism is not, however, by any means entirely lacking.

English Critical Essays


Nineteenth Century

Author: Edmund David Jones

Language: English

Published: 1916

Critical Remarks on Sir Charles Grandison, Clarissa, and Pamela (1754)


Author: Anonymous

Language: English

Published: 1754

Hazlitt on English Literature


An Introduction to the Appreciation of Literature

Author: Jacob Zeitlin

Language: English

Published: 1913

Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3


Author: Isaac Disraeli

Language: English

Walt Whitman


Yesterday and Today

Author: Henry Eduard Legler

Language: English

Published: 1916