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Part 'History of', part showcase, part bitch fest... a place for those interested in the fine art of the comp and storyboard - especially as they are used in advertising

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The Batman


Super quick Batman painting to shake off the rust of not doing any artwork in about 3 months.

Superman v Flash


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Here's my own version of the race between Superman and The Flash!

How to use 3D software to create storyboard video tutorial


Hi, i just finished making video tutorial about how to use 3D software to create basic image for our storyboard, and here is the youtube link  hope you like it..

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Honda CBR Storyboard


Where is everybody? So, here i go again...




Okay, it's been a long while since I last posted.  Here are some boards I did in the form a a storyboard to screen comparison.


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Latest Color Storyboard


Here are 2 of my latest full color storyboard. Hopefully will get some overseas job by posting here... again.

Some of my latest storyboard panels


Sorry I can't show the whole panel because of confidentiality, but these are just some of the storyboard stuff that I usually do these days!



Arne is right, haven't seen any new postings in a while.  I'll be the first to admit, that 2013 has not been a good year and Im a bit frustrated with the industry right now, but anyways...Here are some boards I did a few weeks back and I was pretty happy with them.



wow... is it just me... or did this place completely die out?
guess the problem of most storyboard artists might be the fact, that you can't show your work until you already don't like it anymore...
so here is just one frame and a sketch of another one... from an ad-storyboard done a view months ago..
can't say much more about it..
well.. usually i don't work that "clean"... but on the other hand... i like drawing women!



                                              warming up...



                                          warming up!



                                              watercolor sketch



                                                 ... warming up:)

Drawing object in 3D software


Hi.. long time no posting.. :) i have storyboard project about watch and chocolate, and because the watch have more then 1 frames to draw, so i decide to make that object with 3d software, and render it with toon shader. i found it very helpful.

and when i have to draw glas, and chocolate, the 3d model help me to see the angle and composition. but i just use the outline, and color it manualy in PS. here is the example:



"soccer player complaining, and judge trying to explain that it was not a foul!"

Spidey from the heart


Here are a couple of my latest artworks that I did not do for money, but for the love of my craft.

I'll post more storyboards soon.  Til then, enjoy everyone and more power!



I decided to take you alls advice, and totally ditched the ninja idea, Im trying to sell more of my strengths. Thank you so much for your feedback! This is my next postcard I'll be sending out.....Thoughts, comments are always welcome. Thanks again!(image)



My version of the upcoming TV series, The Ultimate Spider Man


Just thought of posting my latest artwork, which started off as a 'doodle' on animation paper, that eventually became a finished artwork!

I had so much fun working on this!


Some sequential art to mix things up alittle....I hope it's cool with you guys.


Rough Pencils by: Alex C. Ragsac
Inks by: Joma Santiago

I know this site is for storyboards only, but with your kind indulgence, I hope you won't mind me sharing some of the sequential art pieces I have worked on for a comic book tryout.

I have to give props to my good friend, Alex Ragsac for providing me with some of his original rough pencil drawings. It really inspired me to try my hand in doing 'inks' on top of his work.

I had fun working on them, and this is a great way to practice my personal inking style.

Working with the Clients


When I begin a project, I like to start with a loose thumbnail. After the client has decided the direction of the project, I create a series of small thumbnails. These helps by fleshing out the imagery in my head and eliminating compositional elements that are not working. During this thumbnail process I also research as much as I can on the subject and collect a good amount of reference relating to it. Once I find a sketch that is working, I begin to push in the values. I feel that a composition relies heavily on the develop of the drawing. Here I can explore the drawing in more detail and tighten areas up with the aid of good reference. Ultimately, I try to stay loose while always looking for ways to push the drama of a piece through values. I really enjoy creating a strong drawing before I go anywhere. That drawing becomes an anchor for me, holding my whole progression together. In the end, what is most paramount is telling a good story throughout that process.[...]

Quick Doodle to sharpen my drawing muscles.


I did these quick doodles of my daughters while I was talking to a client on Skype. Strangely, this is how I focus on both my conversation and my drawing.

Again, drawing for love, and not for money.



Drawing for FUN!