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Morning Sickness Remedies to Help You Better Enjoy Your Pregnancy


Are you experiencing morning sickness? Most expecting mothers go through morning sickness in varying degrees, from causing some discomfort to being downright troublesome. The good news is that it will usually pass after the first trimester and will not affect or threaten your baby. Until it passes, here are some morning sickness remedies and tips you can do:

• Avoid triggers. Although triggers vary from person to person, there are some triggers that pregnant women should generally look out for like flickering lights and flashing images. Pregnant women also become more prone to motion sickness especially with abrupt altitude changes such as in plane rides, travelling up or down mountain roads, and even elevator rides. Warm and stuffy places can also trigger nausea.

• Eat five or six small meals, rather than three large meals per day. Both full and empty stomach can trigger morning sickness. High-carbohydrates and low fat are the best foods tolerated by pregnant women, but some studies show that high- protein foods are more likely to ease the symptoms. Eat some crackers and rest for a few minutes before getting up in the morning.

• Eat bland foods. Rich and spicy food can irritate your digestive system. Bland, cold or room temperature food also have milder aroma.

• Stay hydrated. Ease morning sickness by drinking cold drinks. Carbonated drinks and teas can also help calm your nausea but you have to check the label and try to avoid caffeinated drinks. Try also ginger ale; this is also proven to be a very helpful alternative.

• Drink some lemonade. Lemons and anything citrus can help calm your stomach. Have a lemon drop, an orange juice, or grapefruit. See what works for you. You may also want to keep some lemon scented wipes on hand to breathe through when some smell is bothering you.

• Talk to your doctor. Your iron supplements and/or prenatal vitamin may be causing your morning sickness. But do not alter your supplement intake without first consulting your doctor. Vitamin B6 can also help. However be careful on daily dosages above 250mg because this may cause harmful effects in your body. If your morning sickness is causing severe dehydration, your doctor may also prescribe some medication.

Take it easy. Nausea can get worse if you’re tired and stressed. Your sense of smell and taste will be back to normal before you know it. In the meantime, try out these morning sickness remedies to help you better enjoy your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Remedies and FAQs


Morning sickness remedies are one of the most sought after solution by women during their pregnancy. But what really is morning sickness? It is a feeling of nausea and vomiting most pregnant women feel during the first few months of their pregnancy.    What causes it? The sudden increase in hormones is believed to be the most likely cause.   I feel nauseated throughout the day. Is it normal? Although it is often referred to as “morning sickness,” the feeling of nausea and vomiting can be experienced throughout the day or even in the evening.  But most women feel it during the morning hence the name “morning sickness.”   Until when will I feel this way? Morning sickness can be a big challenge for expecting moms especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy.  But don’t worry, most women will be able to adjust during the second trimester and the feeling will be totally before the fifth month.  But you have to remember that each woman is different and there really is no timeframe as to when you’ll start to feel better.   If morning sickness is normal, then it should not affect my baby, right? Morning sickness is a very common occurrence among pregnant women.  It should not affect you or your baby.  However, if you are beginning to dramatically reduce your weight (more than two pounds in one month) and you are losing a lot of fluids, then it is high time for you to see your doctor.   Where can I find natural morning sickness remedies? The good news is that you can actually find relief from morning sickness in your own home!  There really is no immediate miracle cure for morning sickness but you can try the following to relieve yourself from the inconvenience: Instead of eating three big meals a day, eat small amounts throughout the day.  Avoid fried, fatty, greasy, spicy, creamy meals  Eat more salad greens with vinaigrette dressing  Bland meals may not taste good but it will help you feel better (crackers, jellies, chicken broth, pretzels)  Avoid strong perfumes and colognes  The best person to ask for advice is still your doctor.  If you feel that your morning sickness is really unbearable, consult your doctor for proper treatment and relief.To find out effective solution visit morning sickness remedies.     [...]

Morning Sickness Facts and Relief


If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, chances are, you still get that feeling of nausea and vomiting. Although this is commonly referred to as morning sickness, it can happen at any time of the day or night. Do not worry about morning sickness too much because it is being experienced by approximately 80% of all pregnant women. By the end of the first trimester, you should be feeling better without any of the symptoms and you should be able to go about your work without any problems.

The cause of morning sickness is primarily because of hormonal imbalances of HCG (human chronic gonodotropin), estrogen and progesterone. Once they stabilize (by the end of the first trimester), the symptoms decrease and eventually disappear.

To help you go through the day, there are several proven and effective methods to reduce or alleviate the feeling of morning sickness. Listed below are some of them. Remember though that each pregnancy is different and the items below may or may not work in your case :

1. Eat less but often: Do not gobble up your food in one sitting. Eating three square meals a day is not recommended for most pregnant women experiencing morning sickness. You would be better off if you eat six to eight small meals a day.

2. Avoid the smell: Strong perfumes, colognes, spices and food condiments will only make your symptoms worse. Avoid these.

3. Keep a pack of crackers: Always have a pack of crackers ready for nibbling. Keep it beside your bed or inside your bag. Take a small bite whenever, wherever.

4. Other foods: If crackers are not appealing to you, you can try bagels, mints, bagels and pretzels.

5. Doctor recommended vitamins: Your doctor may have given you prenatal vitamins to help your body cope with your pregnancy. Make sure that you take your vitamins during your meals instead of taking them with an empty stomach.

Morning sickness is perfectly normal and should not be a cause for alarm unless you are already experiencing dehydration and sudden weight loss. In which case, you should already consult your doctor for medical treatment and relief.