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Todd Snyder - All Comments


RE: MVC or MVP Pattern – Whats the difference?

Thu, 03 Oct 2013 11:32:32 GMT

very nice dude....

i have also found one good example here


Use MVC Pattern To Create Very Basic Shopping Cart - Android Example


RE: Slides & Code Examples for IASA Talk (April 15)

Mon, 13 May 2013 14:22:44 GMT

Hi Todd,

Thank you for this past weekend’s presentation on using jquery mobile for mobile development. We currently distribute a mobile app for android and iphones/ipad using jscript an appcelerator. I was intrigued to learn about jquery mobile and the possibility of adapting our solution to this technology. One major todo is to release a windows phone version of our application.

My question is about getting access to device features such as the camera and a phone’s contact list from jquery mobile application. I understand from your presentation the use of phonegap as a bridge component between these native device features and the jquery mobile jscript of the application is an option. I am not entirely familiar with the deployment and usage of phonegap. Our current application for android and iphone uses appcelerator to emit native phone applications. Then the native application is submitted to their respective stores for delivery to our users. Is this the same sequence for phonegap?

On of the more intriguing concepts, was to avoid getting wrapped with apple store, google play, or microsoft’s store with distribution of the application. Ideally not having to deal with a native installed footprint on the phone and simply having using navigate to an html5 web app using jquery mobile would be great. But our app does require camera and contact access.  Do you know of any web based only installed solution that we could consider for our mobile application?

Thank you again for the presentation and your time.

Patrick Neborg


RE: MVC or MVP Pattern – Whats the difference?

Sun, 20 Mar 2011 09:35:39 GMT

the most good artical i have read.

your way to write is excellent.



RE: MVC or MVP Pattern – Whats the difference?

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:27:43 GMT

Great article.

Going back and forth between Windows and OS X programming I've been looking at whether I should use the MVC pattern in my Windows development or drink the MVP Flavor-Aid.

I've only done a tiny bit of research but I think I'm going to stick with MVC on both platforms for now and here's why:

MVC completely isolates the business logic from the UI. In instances where the business logic needs to be dealt with first because I'm dealing with existing data I can do that. Or if I'm designing a new app I can jump right into brainstorming a UI to help me decide what kind of data will be needed. With a model first design I don't have to worry about presentation, with the UI brainstorming I can concentrate on what a user wants to do.

Most of all if I want to change my presentation layer I don't have to start all over again. It seems to me in MVP the presentation layer is the focus and is strongly coupled with what you can do with the data, despite the whole "loosely coupled" claim. I only have to add more controllers if I want to add more functionality to my model.

Even though it's often shown as a triangle MVC is really a layered design. The model is at the bottom and is agnostic about everything else. The controller sits on top of one or more models and is agnostic about anything that uses its methods. Then finally at the top have the presentation layer that rests on one or more controllers and their associated models.

In MVC no layer knows about what's above it, which is just good OOP design, while in MVP the middle layer, the presenter, has to know about who is going to use it, which seems like bad OOP design to me.

And finally using test driven design seems a LOT easier with MVC than MVP.

I've only just begun researching the MVP pattern though so I'm willing to hear why and when it should be used.

Thanks again for the article. It helped me clarify the differences and come to a decision.


RE: Pomegranate (SharePoint) Exemplar Has Been Launched

Mon, 16 Nov 2009 14:55:29 GMT


We tried to setup pomegranate but we have serious problems.

Our system has the following versions:

1. Windows 2003, IIS6, .net 3.5 SP1, MSDEV 2008 SP1

2. Infragistics 9.2

We followed the exact instructions about installing Pomegranate (we actually did it twice) and we have the following problems :

1. When we try to add AgentSummaryWebPart we get "This Infragistics control requires a ScriptManager object on the page in order to operate correctly"

2. When we try to add QuoteToBindWebPart we get a popup window (MessageBox)


Windows Internet Explorer


Unable to add selected web part(s).

QuoteToBindWebPart: That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers.




Please help us !