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On Our ‘To Do’ List: Punch the Internet

Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:27:08 +0000

There are days, man. So many days. via geek syndicate

Anime Director, Satoshi Kon ( 1963 – 2010 )

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 02:37:24 +0000

The universe remains an unfair ‘verse. We just learned of anime director Satoshi Kon‘s passing via Twitch. Satoshi Kon worked on several anime classics under Katsuhiro Otomo and Mamoru Oshii, but is most well-known for his own films released by Madhouse: “Perfect Blue”, “Millennium Actress”, “Tokyo Godfathers” and of course “Paprika”. He also made the […]

Trailer Tuesday: Studio Ghibli’s THE BORROWER ARRIETTY

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 00:45:33 +0000

Official Synopsis 14-year-old Arrietty and the rest of the Clock family live in peaceful anonymity as they make their own home from items “borrowed” from the house’s human inhabitants. However, life changes for the Clocks when a human boy discovers Arrietty. What We Learned: When you’re tiny, you need things. Those aren’t rats in your […]

Tuesday Tease: A Quick Glimpse into the SUPERNATURAL Anime

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 16:40:35 +0000

Synopsis The Winchester boys finally get a chance to fight demons without budgetary constraints. What We Learned: Thirty-four seconds is not enough. Why We’re Gonna Watch: SUPERNATURAL is a guilty pleasure. Watching what is essentially The Hardy Boys with Demons grow and flourish over the years has been a treat. It makes us wonder where […]

Tuesday Tease: Science Ninja Team GATCHAMAN Gears Up for 2011, Brings Trailer.

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 21:10:26 +0000

Official Synopsis In our darkest hour, one secret force will shine. What We Learned: It’s all about 2011(or 2012) for big animation projects isn’t it? Why We’re Gonna Watch: Full disclosure, we are not fans of Gatchaman. It’s just, not our thing, man. But we know a geek *cough*Duncan*cough* that might be interested in knowing […]

Tuesday Tease: Madhouse Produced Iron Man Anime Coming to @G4TV in 2011.

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 17:00:05 +0000

Official Synopsis In the Madhouse Iron Man series Tony Stark travels to Japan to unveil a new ARC reactor project and peace initiative. He announces his retirement and the mass production of a new Iron Man Dio armor, but is soon forced back into action as problems arise with the Dio armor. What We Learned: […]

First Trailer for SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK Hits Internet, Makes Life Worth Living

Tue, 06 Jul 2010 18:15:56 +0000

Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG Trailer (TAF 2010) – Funny video clips are a click away Official Synopsis In the future, Mankind has achieved a vast starfaring civilization, but is slowly and steadily succumbing to ennui or despair, often due to defeat and subjugation by a foreign invader. Rising against the general apathy, Harlock denies […]

SUPERNATURAL Anime is a Go, How Long Until Sam and Dean Fight “Naughty Tentacles”?

Fri, 02 Jul 2010 01:40:17 +0000

It’s Thursday and we’re missing Supernatural. Yuya Uchida (Soul Eater’s Dr. Franken Stein, Naruto Shippūden’s Rinji) will dub the role of Sam, while Hiroki Touchi (Trinity Blood’s Abel Nightroad, Bokurano’s Kokkpelli) will dub the role of Dean. Both actors dubbed these same roles for the live-action version in Japanese. Also, we haven’t talked anime in […]

From Japan: SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO Graces the Internet with Live-Action Trailer, Looks Cool

Tue, 29 Jun 2010 18:18:41 +0000

Official Synopsis The crew of the Space Battleship Yamato set out on a journey to the planet Iscandar to acquire a device that can heal the ravaged Earth. What We Learned: Anime connoisseurs in the USA call it Star Blazers. The Japanese know it from the 70s as Space Battleship Yamato. We’re calling it a […]

Tuesday Tease: GAIKING, See Power Armor as it Should Be

Tue, 18 May 2010 16:38:23 +0000

Holy Hideaki Anno! How did we miss this!? Proper trailer and information breakdown below the surface. What it is Matthew Gratzner, the guy involved with that UFO movie we mentioned back in January, is making the movie of the anime series Gaiking. A series that missed our childhood we’re sad to say. What We Learned […]