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Stay At Home Job Ideas

There Are Many Paths To Becoming A Stay At Home Worker!

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If someone offered you the chance to become a stay-at-home worker, one who makes money from inside his/her cozy home, would you jump at the idea, or would you prefer to keep on getting up early every morning, fight through traffic to the get to the office, and slave away to profit some corporate entity other than yourself? Probably not.

Here you will find several different work at home job ideas for moms, dads, college students, retirees, and others!

Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing


We start with the BEST job opportunity! Internet Marketing (aka Affiliate Marketing) is incredibly addictive and can be incredibly profitable. Internet Marketing is one of the TOP stay at home job ideas because you build up a huge business from scratch and make very nice commissions years down the road based on work you do today and tomorrow. You can start as a complete NEWBIE and within days learn how to generate sales. While there is a huge learning curve, there are fanastic sources for learning how to be a successful internet marketer.

Some of the best ways to get started:

Wealthy Affiliate University is ranked the number one Internet Marketing training website. Thousands of members, hundreds of tutorials, a very active forum where your questions and queries are addressed by others, research tools and promotional tips are all included. I can not recommend Wealthy Affiliate University enough!!!

One Week Marketing is a simple-to-follow, wonderfully laid out program designed to turn a complete beginner into a profitable internet marketer. I (the desiger of this website), completely recommend this... it's brilliant, and pretty much holds your hand to the bank.

The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint Video Series is another fantastic, VERY USER-FRIENDLY source for learning Internet Marketing. Although Wealthy Affiliate University covers those same areas (and more), the The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint Video Series boasts of many hours of video tutorials where you will learn exactly how to get started. Another fantastic stay at home job idea resource.

Check out either Wealthy Affiliate University, One Week Marketing, or The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint Video Series for yourself by clicking on the links. Any of them will lead you to a very profitable stay at home career.

Get Paid To Fill In Online Surveys


No matter where you live in the world. No matter what background or education you have. No matter if you are married, single, retired, in school... NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, becoming a stay at home worker can be easy if you enjoy filling out surveys and giving your opinion on new products, ideas, or events.

You can get paid to fill out surveys that take you 5 to 10 minutes, and you can do them at ANY time of the day or night! You can get invited to join focus groups that pay over $100.00 for an hour of your time and earn cash just for giving YOUR OWN OPINIONS! Marketing companies want to know the thoughts of "normal people" before they invest heavily in a campaign to promote a particular product, so they hire people LIKE YOU to tell them what they should promote, and what they should ditch! It's a HUGE market, and can be as profitable as you want it to be!

I have researched and tried some of the programs myself, and the best survey company I have found is Paid Surveys. Filling out the surveys is fun, and knowing that I am helping select the products to be brought to the general public (AS WELL AS MAKING CASH WHILE SITTING ON MY COUCH WITH MY LAPTOP) is great! Click here to check out Paid Surveys and start earning right away!

Turn Your Photography Hobby Into A Profitable Business


(image) Everyone has a collection of digital photos now-a-days! Because digital cameras allow the photographer to take multiple and varied pictures of the same thing without it costing a penny to develop them, the quality of the photos we take continues to get better and better! If you have a collection of photos that are bright and colourful, in sharp focus, and have interesting composition, you can SELL those photos on stock photography sites and in other little-known places online!

You can make money with photography much easier than you could imagine. Check out Camera Dollars and see you can do for your bank account with a simple digital camera!

Want some other info about making money with photography? Visit by clicking the link.

Learn To Play The Stock Market


The term "playing the stock market" can strike fear into some, and fill others with anticipation and dreams of striking it rich quick. While both are possibilities, you CAN earn lovely profits online through The Dow Jones Never Lose Trade Program.
  • What if you were able to grab hold of the hidden trading methods that some traders are using to take profits from the Stock markets on a daily basis? Forget Indicators and trading guides!
  • (image) What if you were able to pinpoint trading opportunities with laser-guided accuracy and to trade the Stock market with total confidence!
  • What if you knew about the secret system that unknown millionaires use to beat the markets day in and day out?
  • What if you had a trading system so simple, yet so powerful, that anyone could use if to profit from the Stock market, even without experience?
FIND OUT HOW by clicking The Dow Jones Never Lose Trade, and starting earning huge profits from home!

Other Great Stay At Home Job Ideas


While above I have highlighted several ideas for making some extra cash or a full-time income at home, there are many, many more ways you can boost your bank account from the comfort of your home office or kitchen table. Here is a link list of some other programs that are hugely popular due to their ability to bring in a great income.

  • Legit Online Jobs: Learn how to make huge profits by learning to post ads for various companies. Be led by the hand from the very first step!
  • Maverick Money Makers: A RISK-FREE program, GUARANTEED to make you money, or a full refund no questions asked. Perfect for new-bies to internet savvy individuals.
  • Make Money Buying And Selling On Ebay: eBay is easily the most popular marketplace on the web. Hands down, this auction giant is the mother of online businesses and has helped shaped more than 900,000 successful stay-at-home entrepreneurs. Learn from an eBay millionaire just how to do it! 
  • Copy The Blueprint: The new "cutting-edge system" to internet millions where users make at least $346.00 each day working at home. The only resource needed? A computer and "cut and paste abilities".