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Updated: 2018-01-03T14:36:30-08:00


Trump celebrates his (very expensive) tax cuts for himself and his rich golfing buddies


Remember how Trump sold the Republicans' $1.5 trillion-deficit-creating tax cut plan as a boon for the middle class that was going to create jobs and raise wages? That was in September, when he told congressional lawmakers at the White House...

What is the GOP goal? A return to the "gilded age" (or worse)


When right-wing Roy Moore said that the time when America was great was during slavery, he revealed something key to the current GOP members of Congress and state legislatures--their primary goal is to return to a time when owners of...

GOP Congress: my (wealthy) donors made me do it


The GOP's tax-complicating, deficit-increasing, wealthy-subsidizing, Arctic destroying, Health Care damaging, $1.5 trillion tax "reform" package is unpopular with most Americans, destructive to the government's ability to fund needed programs from disease prevention to FEMA to basic research to needed infrastructure...

Do GOP House and Senate reps even know what they voted for?


The House passed the awful "tax complication bill of 2017" on Tuesday. The Senate had to make a few changes because it didn't comply with the Byrd rules, and then will presumably pass it today. It'll go back to the...

The text of the GOP tax complication legislation


The Republicans, after holding one sham "public hearing" on their conference bill (without any text released) have on late Friday released the text of their (Republicans only) agreed-upon final bill that will be put to a House and Senate vote...

The GOP Tax Bill Disses the Working Class


Here's something about the GOP House and the GOP Senate: they each passed tax bills (supposed to come out in a "conference" agreement sometime today) that diss the United States' working class taxpayers. White or black, Christian or Jew or...

The Republican Party's Heartlessness--the Casualty Loss Provision of the purported "tax reform" legislation


The GOP is cruising towards passage of its class warfare tax legislation that continues the long trend of Republican tax policy to redistribute upwards to the very rich. The legislation, however, is supported by a small minority of the American...

Hope Lives: Pressing Collins and Corker and Flake on Tax Bill


The Republicans' proposed tax legislation--whether the House or Senate version--is despicable. It will exacerbate the already devastating income and wealth inequality in this country, leave the federal government without adequate funds for real infrastructure and social safety net needs, and...

The Utterly Terrible GOP Tax "Reform" Scam


The Republicans in the House and Senate continue on their downhill rush to pass their so-called "tax reform" plan before the holiday break. It's a mad rush to nowhere, a corrupt process of "please the oligarch" that will cause a...

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's Forked Tongue on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy


Shortly before the inauguration, Steve Mnuchin discussed the incoming administration's tax plans and announced the Mnuchin Rule--that "[a]ny reductions we have in upper-income taxes will be offset by less deductions so that there will be no absolute tax cut for...