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Latest ASP.NET developer content from Developer Fusion

Updated: 2013-01-08T23:00:47.00Z


Herding Code 155 – Ward Bell on Single Page Applications and Breeze
On this episode of Herding Code, the guys talk to Ward Bell about single page applications and the Breeze project. Download / Listen: Herding Code 155 – Ward Bell on Single Page Applications and Breeze Show Notes: General SPA discussion Ward talks about how IdeaBlade has been building tools for w.

The Evolution of a Azure Web Application
Windows Azure Web Sites and Windows Azure Virtual Machine - learn what it means for you

Protecting your ASP.NET Web API using OAuth2 and the Windows Azure Access Control Service
The world in which we live evolves at a vast speed. Today, many applications on the Internet expose an API which can be consumed by everyone using a web browser or a mobile application on their smartphone or tablet. How would you build your API if you want these apps to be a full-fledged front-end to your service without compromising security? Maarten explains how.

Joining Microsoft with Taylor Mullen, Damian Edwards and Scott Hunter
With Scott Hanselman out this week Scott Hunter and Damian Edwards talk to a new developer on the ASP.NET team Taylor Mullen about how he interviewed and joined Microsoft.

Using HTML5 History in an ASP.NET MVC Site
Say that each time the user clicks on a menu item in your application, the entire page is refreshed. Not such a big deal if you have a high speed connection, but, if there is a lot of content on the page, this can be a problem. What we need is the ability to fill in the partial view of data and change around the styles on the page without refreshing the complete page. This is where the HTML5 History API comes in, and that’s what this article based on HTML5 for .NET Developers is all about.

An Introduction to testing with the Model-View-Presenter pattern for Web Forms Development
In this article, Ravi introduces the Model-View-Presenter pattern for Web Forms development, and how it compares to MVC. Then he demonstrates how to get started with it, by creating a page in a test-driven fashion

Steve Smith on ASP.NET MVC 4
Steve Smith gives us a preview of MVC 4 inside a Windows Phone emulator. Steve shows how to easily redirect mobile requests and how to use recipes as well as Async and Await keywords.

The HTML5 History API and ASP.NET MVC
The HTML 5 History API is one of the newer kids on the HTML 5 block. This article based on chapter 4 of HTML5 for .NET Developers shows you one way of getting history integrated with your .NET server-side web applications.

Critical security update for ASP.NET over holiday
Microsoft publishes out-of-band security update 3 days after Christmas

Damian Edwards explains The Realtime Web for ASP.NET with SignalR
Damian Edwards and David Fowler have created a jQuery client-side library and an ASP.NET back end that promises to make real-time persistent connections available to .NET programmers. Long-polling, Server-sent events and WebSockets. What does it all mean? Damian sets us straight.

Using NuGet Packages
NuGet is a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to pull in libraries, components, and most importantly their configuration into your visual studio project. In this article, based on chapter 5 of ASP.NET MVC 3 in Action, the authors discuss NuGet and show you how to use it to add functionality to a project.

Herding Code 123: Andreas Håkansson and Steven Robbins on NancyFx
On this episode, the guys talk to Andreas and Steven about Nancy, a lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .Net and Mono. Scott Koon asks why Nancy was developed and what are the problems going up against ASP.NET. Andreas explains Nancy is a lighter approach and

Billy Cravens Compares and Contrasts Cold Fusion and ASP.NET
After Richard made some (somewhat) disparaging remarks about Cold Fusion, Billy sent an email defending the platform. The outcome of that email discussion is this show - Carl and Richard get educated by Billy about what Cold Fusion is about. Cold Fusion goes back to 1995, and is still going stron.

Deploying An Azure Application
Following on from our look at the four main pieces of Windows Azure in “Introduction to Windows Azure”, John Mannix runs us through the development of an Azure application in C# and its deployment into the cloud.

Episode 61 - Accessibility Testing
In this week's episode of Coding QA, Mark and Jim sit down once again with fellow team member Clay Compton to discuss Accessibility testing. Clay's been in charge of this area for years on the ASP.NET team. Listen in as he shares his experience and discusses: 1. What does "accessible" me.

Building an HTML5 application with WebSharper Sitelets, Part 1
In this article, we're going to look at using WebSharper, a web development framework for .NET, to build a small web application from scratch that features an HTML5-based clock.

Nancy, Sinatra and the Explosion of .NET Micro Web Frameworks with Andreas Håkansson
Scott chats with open source developer Andreas Håkansson about his .NET micro web framework called Nancy which is inspired by a Ruby framework called Sinatra. Why do we need frameworks like this? What kinds of sites and services can they support and how do they related to ASP.NET?

Get a Glimpse inside your ASP.NET MVC applications
Tool gives developers deep dives inside how requests work

Episode 56 - Localization and Globalization
In this episode Mark and Jim discuss localization and globalization testing with resident expert Clay Compton.  Clay has been with the ASP.NET test team for over a decade and has a reputation for being an expert in these areas.  He covers why this testing is critical to an international product

How to migrate your ASP.NET site to the Azure cloud
Many developers might not realise just how straightfoward it is to migrate an ASP.NET website from a hosted server into the Azure cloud. We show you how.