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Wed, 23 Apr 2014 06:27:22 +0000

Sharing some snippets (mostly media coverage) from my campaign trail: Poll results pre-decided due to 10 years of bad governance, says Advani Press Trust of India | Apr 16, 2014 “In every election there are two adversaries, but it is not so this time. People have made up their mind after ten years’ bad governance and corruption (of UPA) before the polls …even before the results…all the people estimate that this poll is pre-decided” Vajpayee’s tenure best ever: LK Advani IANS | Apr 15, 2014 “Vajpayee’s tenure as PM was best ever,” Advani said addressing election meetings in Bihar’s Banka and Katihar parliamentary constituencies. Advani confident of BJP led NDA coming to power Press Trust of India | Apr 08, 2014 “There is no doubt among the people about whose government will come to power after the Lok Sabha polls and BJP and its allies are going to have an … Continue reading ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL

आइए, सारे सांसद सम्पूर्ण सैनिटेशन का अभियान चलाएं

Thu, 03 Apr 2014 12:22:26 +0000

सन् 2013 मे योजना आयोग ने राष्ट्रव्यापी सम्पूर्ण सैनिटेशन अभियान का आकलन अध्ययन किया था। इस अध्ययन में 27 राज्यों के 11519 घरों का सर्वेक्षण किया गया था यानी यह एक विस्तृत सर्वेक्षण था। इस अध्ययन का सर्वाधिक सदमा पहुंचाने वाला एक निष्कर्ष यह है कि सभी ग्रामीण परिवारों का 72.63 प्रतिशत हिस्सा अभी भी ‘खुले में परिवार शौच‘ करता है – इसका अर्थ यह है कि वे झाड़ियों, रेलवे ट्रैक या


Wed, 02 Apr 2014 06:51:00 +0000

In 2013 the Planning Commission did an Evaluation Study on a countrywide campaign undertaken for Total Sanitation. This study covered 11519 house-holds across 27 states which meant quite a comprehensive survey. One of the most shocking conclusions drawn by this survey was that 72.63 per cent of all rural households practice ‘open defecation’ – which means that they relieve themselves behind the bushes, on railway tracks, wherever they feel is fine.   Hindol Sengupta’s book on the basis of which I wrote my last blog has commented :   “How does it help if people are shitting in toilets rather than under the fine open skies listening to birds chirping?  The survey has an answer.