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".....but it's a dry heat"

Published: 2011-03-06T21:49:20-08:00


Is this thing still on?


Just testing the old blog. Since you stopped by, some links: Mozilla Web Applications Web Apps are applications that run on any device, and can be distributed through any store or directly by the developer. The future of Javascript (as...

New language features in JDK 7


Here's a nice overview of new language features coming in JDK 7. Good stuff but nothing most other popular languages haven't had for years. Add type inference and you could have: ages = {"Arthur" : 42}; ArthursAge = ages["Arthur"]; with...

ECMAScript 5 is official


IBM voted "no" due to lack of decimal arithmetic support. The rest of the planet voted "yes" except for Intel, who didn't have take enough time to review IP issues. The two thirds necessary to approve the spec was achieved...

Javascript: SS and otherwise.


Javascript was standardized as Ecmascript but retains it's own identity as the implementation in Firefox. Javascript is Ecmascript compliant but has extensions that may or may not be standardized in future Ecmascript versions. Firefox currently implements Javascript 1.8.1 which is...

Google Wave Protocol coming to the Eclipse Comunication Framework


This will make it easy for Eclipse and/or any Equinox, RCP, or RAP-based application to interoperate with other Google Wave applications. Google Wave and ECF

Google Wave - a personal communication and collaboration application and platform


Google announced a personal communication and collaboration application today called Wave. It is also a platform for collaborative applications. Here's some links: O'Reilly's post Live Notes from the announcement Screenshot Update: Google Wave Protocol Google Wave Federation Architecture

Innovation killers


I recently read an article that resonated with me titled "Killing Innovation with Corner Cases and Consensus". Key point: A corner case is an objection that may be: technically reasonable may have a probability of occurring its probability of occurring...

Miss Lotusphere? Try Impact 09.


This is too funny (Lotusphere, South Park): Come to IBM Impact 2009 in Beautiful Las Vegas, May 3 - 8

Mind blowing browser based UI/App builder


Check out Atlas from 280 North. Watch the video. Then have a look at 280 Slides, a Keynote clone built on the underlying Cappuccino platform. Awesome. Just awesome.

On the future of Lotusscript


There's a lot of noise flying around about the future of Lotusscript (again). Here's my take. Lotusscript the language as implemented by the Lotusscript compiler has been near-dead for years. NOT dead in the sense that it will be removed...