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Lou Rosenfeld on information architecture and user experience.

Published: 2015-01-26T16:16:07-05:00






What does instructional video mean for publishers?


Did you think that publishers were in the business of figuring out books? Hah! Well, you're only partially right. I'm feeling pretty good about Rosenfeld Media's books these days. What's keeping me up at night is instructional video. Partially because...

The Benefits of a Train Wreck


Want to make an information architect squirm? Just ask this simple question: "Show me an example of good information architecture." Chances are we'll stammer, mumble something about good IA being invisible IA, and slink away. It doesn't have to...

Putting my money where my mouth is


(Boy, I don't blog much these days, do I?) For those of you following, the Information Architecture Institute—which I co-founded with Christina Wodtke over ten years ago—is going through more existential angst than usual. The topic of the institute's future...

Homecoming month


I've been looking forward to this month for quite a while. I'll be taking two trips—one to Ann Arbor, the other to Moscow—and both involve crossing a fair bit of time as well as space. The trip to Moscow happens...

What have I been up to lately?


Mostly getting this off the ground. And damn, I'm excited. In many respects, it marries Rosenfeld Media, the publishing house, with what I've been doing as a solo consultant/teacher for most of the past twelve years. I think there's something...

Meet me in Toronto, Minneapolis, or... Moscow?


Fall is around the corner, and that means workshops. Rosenfeld Media's UX workshop roadshow will visit NYC October 10-12, Minneapolis November 12-14, and Toronto November 28-30. You'd think I'd be teaching in NYC, given that it's where I live, but...

Response to "An open letter to the User Experience Community"


(This is a letter, received via email June 6, 2012, from the president of the newly-minted User Experience Professionals' Association, sent to who knows how many people. My responses are interspersed in italics.) Hello to members of the user experience...

It's been a while


Yes, too long. Just some quick updates on what I've been up to in 2012: Been teaching my Adaptable Information Architecture workshop; last one of the spring is May 23 in NYC (and, yes, still some seats open). Planning more...

Meet me (and friends) in Mountain View and NYC


The never-ending Rosenfeld Media UX Workshops tour continues! I'll be teaching my pragmatic approach to information architecture at 500 Startups in Mountain View (March 5); I'll be joined there by Luke Wroblewski (Web Form Design, March 6) and Steve Krug...

Upcoming UIE seminar on information architecture


I'm frustrated. I've taught my full day workshops probably seventy times over the past decade. I've increasingly downplayed what I call "top-down navigation"—you know, main pages, site hierarchies, and the such—in favor of the other two hugely more important areas...

Updated site search analytics deck


Just presented this one at the Web 2.0 Expo this morning. As part of my program of continual improvement in presentation creation, I've beefed up the practical stuff. Hope you find it useful: Site Search Analytics: 8 things you can...

Closing the Findability Gap: 8 better practices from Information Architecture


This is the closest thing I've done to a big picture "what IA is good for and where it's going" talk in a very long while. Hope you find it useful: Closing the Findability Gap: 8 better practices from information...

Thinking of writing a book?


Just got asked for the Nth time by a colleague for advice on whether or not they should write a book. Figured I should share my advice, or at least capture it here so I can point folks to it...