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E-Fashion从新开张! 优惠优惠优惠!!!买上3件商品或以上就免邮免邮免邮!!!想卖衣服轻松的赚$$吗?不需要任何的本钱!只会赚钱!不会亏钱!店主正在聘请代理,请加店主的msn详谈~MM们请到相簿去看衣服哦~需要尺寸的话可以告诉哦^^相簿地址:注意:所有商品的价钱未包括邮费和面交费用,请自行添加Name: FionAddress: Bandar Mahkota Cheras seksyen 3 (这是我家地址,不是店)Msn/email: fion_weiling@live.comBlog: http://em0baby-fion.blogspot.comContact number:0162779770 (mm请说清楚你是谁,没有名字的sms一律不理会)资料很充足哦~mm不用怕我会跑掉 xD Maybank: Goon Wei Ling 112820034378(mm们汇款是记得核对名字是否正确哦~留下resit以免发生误会) mm可以选择邮寄或则面交Skynet: RM7 (以重量而定) Based on the weight需要签收Sign after receiving is needed如果没有在家,Posman隔天会再来哦Posman will come another day if nobody is there to receive面交Trading face to face:RM8地点Location: Cheras (Sungai Long, Cheras Perdana), Damansara(HELP University College), PJ(TOC,SS2)详情请跟店主详谈...For more information, Pls contact the owner...2件货品以上才接受面交哦~Trading condition is only accepted when u purchase 2 pieces and above 批发商也是有收取店主的邮费的所以比较贵,介意的mm可以使用邮寄哦 ♥ Rules ♥ # 本店不收东马的订单, 汇款过后才告诉店主你是东马的,只能退回一半的钱We are not shipping to East Malaysia. Please ensure that before you take order. We are just able to refund half of the payment.# mm请考虑清楚才下单,店主没有那么多时间一直帮你改订单Please think wisely before you make an order.# 下单过后,3天还没付清款项的mm,订单将会被删除Your order will be deleted if you didn't pay after 3 days.# mm记得把汇款的收据留着,以免产生误会哦Remember to keep your bank receipt to prevent any misunderstanding.# 一旦确认收到钱了,5天内mm就可以收到货品了(工作天)You are able to receive your goods within 5 days (weekdays)# 银行的机器只收RM10/RM50,余额我会放在包裹里Banking machine only accept RM 10 / RM 50 notes, we will send the balance together with the goods.# 如过mm所订购的货品缺货,会在下单后的3天内通知mmAny orders that are out of stock, will be inform within 3 days.#任何问题请在一星期内告知.Any problems please inform us within a week.#缺货的话,MM可以再选其他的货品. 否则店主将会发一样代替品给MMAny orders that are out of stock, you may choose another goods to replace. If not, I will send you a goods randomly for replacement.# 邮寄之前,店主都会检查货物,没有问题才会寄出Before mailing, we will double check the goods to ensure that no problems will occur.# 每架电脑荧幕显示器都不一样,难免会有差别,一切以实货为准~Every computer screen monitor is different, the difference is unavoidably.# 如衣服有异味,是厂商用特别的染料,mm们不用担心,冲洗即可Any smell of clothes are because of the special dye. # 不接受小小瑕疵就退货,瑕疵程度就由店主决定we do not accept any refund of goods for the slightly defection. Defection is considered by us.# 除非款式寄错了,不然不轻易接受退货we do not accept any requestment of returning goods, Unless the design of goods are sending wrong.# 一旦货品寄出了,店主不负责运送过程中的问题Once the goods have mailed out, the shop owner not responsibly to the problems in the ships process .# mm没收到货品的话,店主会帮你打去问,但不负责任何损失if you haven't receive the goods in 5 days, we will help you to check the parcel status, but we're not responsibly to the problems.# 请mm看清楚规则才下单哦~以免产生误会Please read the rules carefully before taking order.# mm可以不看规则~但是出了什么问题[...]