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I'm Possible

Updated: 2018-03-05T12:41:23.117-08:00


Valentines day!


YAY! my valentine was very sad because i only took a packet of chocolates from my refrigerator for him!



#1 my mom is back from US! i'm gonna gain so so so much weight with all these!

actually, i didn't want to blog. but some meanie asked me to blog :( isn't that a torture? :P
oh, but this meanie right, he's quite nice. mayb the nicest of all. because,

he gave me the best christmas gift ever ! :D


he kinda surprised me! because i didn't know he could be so sweet ( by the way he gave it to me) HAHAHAHAHA . don't kill me!
i shall surprise you too!



finally, the end of showcase. hahaha

i really wish the weather could be more predictable.

i hope i can improve my piano skills bit by bit everyday.

finals are soon. hopefully i won't be lazy. i wanna nail every single paper! HAHAHAHAHA

can't wait for the next sem.

sociology, american civili, american popular music, english 2 and moral studies. here i come! (:



i always ask myself.
do i deserve all this. it always feels like, i'm the one who's all alone.
when i needed someone, i can't have who i want. the one supposed to be there for me, is going way too far away from me.
though i'm used to it, but i still feel it all the time.
sometimes, you just don't know how much i need you.

what if I die


me and alicia had this very weird conversation in the car last week. she told me her scerets and said, some people must really know my secrets. what if i die. nobody truly know what happened.
then i told her, my blog is like my personal journal. but the reason that i hardly share things in my blog because, oh shit happens when it's too public. my blog were dead for long, one of the reasons is to keep readers away.

just had my muet test. and i was surprised that my college KD's campus is quiteee nice. we were kinda jakun that we kept taking pictures. that happened on the 13th of oct.
(image) (image)
(image) the walk way, nice place for dating.
(image) there's a pool out of no where.
swimming pool.

(image) and it looks like a hotel inside. lol
and the IT floor looks like a hospital. haha

mahesh, melody, denise and I were in the first group. :( and how was it, it was very bad for me.
i think i just lost the chance of getting band 4 (pass). even the first sentence, i said it wrongly.
and i really thank aaron daniel for sending us back to college. oh not forgetting lunch before that. ha. i had marketing midterms at 12. we were kinda late for the paper. and i went to the wrong examination hall. at first, i was kinda depressed because of muet. and thn, i after i took my marketing paper, i was really happy and excited ( somehow ) ahah. i was like WTF OMG. i didn't study and i can still answer the paper!

(image) MELODY.

i watched THE SWITCH and the movie was all about sperm. lol .
i went to sungai long the next day with gary and i finally know how to play the violin!



i really hope i was appreciated.

we can try


i know things aren't quite like what they used to be .
oh and i can't wait long . it hurts too bad .



it was quite a normal day for me on my 18th . i went to piano/college as usual. and play comp at home . but at least, i had a surprise in the BBQ party . (: and it was nice meeting new people there . (:


he was sweet right ? YEAH I KNOW ! HAHAH .

thanks everyone for the night .

and thanks everyone for all the wishes ! (:

happy birthday mom , dad


it was my mom's birthday yesterday . me and my bro planned to surprise her . after drama, i called my brother up . and we went to get the cake and went to put it in my uncle's place . ha and we woke our dear cousin up . and she made a card for my mom ! (: so sweeeet of herr .my cousin's just wake up face . hahagreentea from RT pastry .the lady ruined the cake :(sang birthday songs . and thank you to my uncle for helping me up with my new netbook . (: and thanks for all the trouble . hahah we went home around 9 . my pet sister and aunty florence bought us cake too ! hah its abit too much for us . so i drove to aunty florence house to deliver few slices of cake .cake from my pet sister (:don't you agree? RT pastry have nice and yummy cake . they look great .sceret recipe cake from Aunty Florence.and i just wished my dad happy birthday hours ago . and he said , he'll celebrate with us again when we go out . hopefully NO MORE CAKES hahahaha .OH AND I HAVE MY NEW BABY . haha on my moms birthday . haha .it looks like a typical BLACK HP netbook anyway . (:HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, DAD . (:[...]

one Night


i think the amount of my pain receptors has increase. since i'm feeling more pain lately. things seems to be alright, to you. but it wasn't. how i wish you could eventually know how i feel. at least realize what i've been going through. i did alot for you. eventho you kept saying that you've given me alot. honestly, i can't feel it. i'm really sorry. but sometimes i still wonder, am i just someone that seems alot to you, but i'm actually nothing? I almost cried this afternoon, i teared actually, if u didn't notice. And now, sigh. things that i do, you just don't seem to know.

Oh well, and this might be funny. because if u happen to read this, i think you don't even know that this is actually for you.

oh well.


i am done with my midterm . it was FREAKING HARD . it was more like finals anyway . i think i'm gonna be very disappointed with i get my result . even if i'm free now . i have too many things to do . and i don't know where to start .

1. informative speech
2. persuasive speech ( i haven't started at all )
3. psychology presentation with alicia
4. quiz for public speaking
5. quiz for psychology. * which actually kills
6. AND start studying for finals !

other than that.

1. practice practice practice
2. clean my room (which gonna take me at least 1 day)

and ohhey Hewson ! (:



i don't care anymore . and you'll know what i'll do when i don't care about anything .

hello public speaking and psychology


i just got back from retreat camp last sunday . fun and knowledgeable is the words to be described . i learned alot more about life . thanks Chia Wei for organizing this differently (: i now know how to live my life . trying to practice it at least ? we had fun, we were hyper and we were emotional . haha i will remember what i've learned . definitely . (:

do check out Beat Groovers inc. on facebook ! the dance crew that i danced with lately . i've learned alot of steps . and had alot of fun with them .

baking (:


i finished my sem last friday . sat for my finals for basic composition . well , it was alright overall . hope i can get an A . or at least a pass . since pass is at least a 70%.went for dance class after the paper . ended at 2pm and tiff was waiting for me at home to bake .i'm sorry i was late . and yeah we baked . i was sorta my first time baking . the main reason is because i wanted to bake for jeremy . ha but at least we had fun , right right tiff ? and it was delicious . ahhahbeforeduringafter . (:went to take my stuffs since i'm staying over . and had dinner at her place . thanks aunty julia for those delicious dishes . (:rice added with some japanese thing . hahall of us . without eechinee chin (:we played uno attack after dinner . i was happy that my uno attack is still working after years for not touching it . hope we could hangout soon again :( like mayb a trip . or just staying over like that . (: i love all of them ! (: (:i woke up around 6am + the next morning . since eechin left early since she is leaving to malacca . i went home around 7am . slept thru the whole morning when i got home . i was really tired .jeremy woke me up around 1130 and asked me to join him and his cousin for lunch.picked me up around 12+ and we went kfc . since michelle wanted to have that .jeremy fetched me back home and we went to the curve around 3pm . on that friday night . tiff was actually suggesting to go to genting . hah . but eventually we didnt change our plan . so it was just me, tiff, rach, jyun, lichin, joseph, jeremy , jeremy's cousin with her friend . we wanted to go to see whats there in the flea market . since they have it every weekends . but basically we just went window shopping and dinner .we had our dinner at The apartment . it took some time for the waiter to find out seats . since we have quite alot of people . and he brought us to the bathroom since their restaurant is based on the apartment . ahahrach and lichin . saw those paips? toilet rolls ?wee .joseph . (:love. since i wanted michelle in the picture . jeremy took this =.=these are some of food . (:i ate baked fish for dinner . the drinks there were really expensive . a glass of coke cost more than 8 bucks .busy , and great day . (:[...]



this is late. but i really enjoyed playing futsal last thursday. it was supposed to be like a junior - senior friendly match . but the team was imbalanced . so we just picked our team . (: i am proud to say that i scored th first goal tho ! HAHAHA .
i sucked badly but i had fun fooling around lol .


all of us . but only few of us played.

i've been playing alot of basketball . hope to lose some weight as i think my robie is growing bigger . LOL
i'm stressing alot whenever my piano class is coming . :( i need to practice real hard . trinity exam byk hard .

today was the last lesson i had with my english lecturer ms parimala. and finals is tmr ! hope i can score 28 out of 30 for my essay . the rest just let me score full kay . (:
i want an A. ACE i mean . not just a pass . i wanna get at least 95% !!!! LOL mayb too high . ok at least give me 90% an A will do . and i'll love the world (:

(image) (image)

Ee Wei's 21st


the birthday cake (:went to ioi mall to shop for Ee Wei's present with my mom .and of course , since it have been kinda long since i go shopping with my mom . i shopped for myself too . haha . well, went around noon since my mom had her car serviced . came back around 5 and went there around 6.30 . Kimberly picked us up around 6.30pm . and we were the first few to arrive .the indian chinese settings .a part of the food .benji (:it's more like a hanging out session . or you can call if a gathering for all of us . i have no doubt that everyone enjoyed ourself (:[...]

Evelyn's 18th


i finally completed my final draft ! but now i have to deal with my presentation on thursday . :( SIGH .

well we had a surprise for Evelyn. since her birthday is this coming thursday . (:
and she was so blur and she didn't realize and asked " who's birthday is it ? " hah .
it's funny in a way .
the birthday girl

hope you were happy today . (: thanks for being the supportive one in the class .
and i wish you an early happy birthday .
may you be well and happy always . (:

Mother's Day


i slept around 4am on the saturday . so i woke up really late the next day .
i told my mom that i'm paying for lunch today . and she was like " i ate already ~ " :(
well i can't do anything since my mom is such a small eater .

lunch at sceret recipe .
(image) my mom . (:

(image) my cordon bleu .

i don't know how to pay for her since she didn't eat anything . all she ordered was just a mushroom soup and a orange apricot . and i'm the one eating . after lunch, went to buy mother's day cake with my god sister . (: and we got a pandan cake from RT pastry .
dinner in puchong . with my aunts and my cousin .

(image) we're so sweet right :P

this is what is famous there . ha the paper wrapped chicken .

chit chatted while waiting for food with the cousin . and surprisingly it was just 6 girls in my table. hah and sorry i didn't really take pictures . mayb next time ? (:

Simone (:


random but i like ! (: hahahfriday night around 9 .it was pretty random and i just asked my mom ."mom let's go for lok lok . "she was like " sure i'll go get the keys . " and i didn't know my mom will agree straight . hahahbut unfortunately it didnt open . :( so we and my mom decided to go to secret recipe for supper . but there was alot of people and it's too feeling for a supper . so ! at the end we went for yong tau fu . haha . first time , for supper .actually on saturday , me kwan yong justin wanted to go for japanese buffet . late treat for the birthday boy justin , but justin went Penang . so i didn't have plans on the morning/afternoon.i spent an afternoon in simone's. was really happy to see her . we haven't met each other for REALLY long . and i had a terrible ulcer. :(simone !my sister !well, she's my pet sister . we talked about alot of random things . and i promised her to bring her to the space today . =.= yeah like it's gonna happen . hah . oh well , i called mom to buy me mcd's nuggets . haven't been eating nuggets after so long .met up with regina in the ktm station . and we went to klang sama sama . Kuan Wei picked us up from the klang station (: and veky in the car . making alot of noise . all of us kinda drove kuan wei's manual car . except for reg , she's still young . (: and we went to Wai Yee's place . (:ophelia, niro, me and reg .reg, me and kuan wei in wai yee'swe went to Klang aeron for dinner . dinner at pasta mania . Chia wei haven't eaten there , not even once . and we wanted to watch a late movie . but the earliest one available was only on 1155pm . so we didn't get to watch .ChiaWei fetched me and reg back to Subang . and we went to snow flakes ss15 before going home . there's only me , ophelia , chia wei and reg . it was quite a great time eventho people were quite dead and sleepy . haha . reached home around 1am tho . (: and ,HAPPY MOTHER's DAY mom ! iLy[...]



went to redbox with tiff rach and kok fei . (: took alot of pictures. so just let the pics talkLunch at BBQ plaza.kok fei was high .rach too ! ahahlove you guys (:check out my facebook for more pictures . (: am too lazy to upload .[...]

Day with Alireza and Iskender


went to college like just any other day . mom actually asked me to wake up early so we can go for breakfast in mcd before college . but i was too lazy and sleepy . :(college was normal . and teacher gave out our mid term result . me and melody was freaking out seriously . but we did fine . went pyramid .tiff said iskender was like " WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU ? " haha . they arrived there early .we took cab to pyramid and we went for lunch (:RachelAlireza .Lunch in Nando's. (:meet iskender .(:we were walking around and decided to go for bowling . haha .Loser , Fucker , Sucker . LOLJeremy trying to post . :Pthe "sweet" Rach and Alireza . jealous hahahwent for pool after bowling . i had a great time .(: more pics on DSLR .thanks for today,the best friends .boyf , iskender and alireza . (:[...]

pan mee !


woke up early this morning . and i was really lazy . i was practically online with my phone for more than a hour on my bed .my dad called me for breakfast . and did some house work after that . * i'm such a good child .went lunch with Jeremy HAHAHA . (his family members call him jeremy anyways) i was the only one eating . he had his lunch before meeting up with me . we went to jojo kitchen'shis driving is safe . but it's too fast for me , sometimes . haha hot and spicy pan mee !fried dumplingLOLi take alot of pictures lately . madness =.=us (:i look retarded . hehehehe he thought me how to play pool . and we went back after that . had great times (:and jeremy if you see this .you better go to check your eyes ! :([...]

Iron Man 2


went to one utama with David and his friend . we wanted to go to Tropicana City actually . but his friend hasn't been to 1U . so yeah . we showed him how 1u is like . haha . it was quite a bad traffic when we went there . we arrived there around 245pm . and it was a hard time looking for parking . we went straight to GSC cinemas for ironman's ticket . 30 minutes long queue !
me and David were actually very hungry . ha we went to some Penang restaurant for late lunch .

i fell asleep in the beginning ! seriously . but it was a good movie .
rushed back and caught in the jam again .

ShinL was waiting in my house as we're supposed to go for dinner . wanted to ask my bro to drop us to Parade, Nando's but he was rushing .
eventually . we went to Siorpino Pizza's for dinner with my mom . (:

(image) Pizza with chicken slice on top :D

(image) baked BBQ chicken wings .

Baked lasagna :D

dinner was yummy but it was too much for just three of us , shinling my mom and I .
sent shinL to the ktm . hope she had a great time in subang . :D
she's going back to serve the country this sunday .
gonna miss her :(
and hope she enjoy in NS !


Genting trip


i'm starting to write the title for every post . after 200 posts . haha .

anyways . 17-18th camp , and yet i still went to genting on the 19th . it was actually my first time to genting .
but it sucks tht i had to go college early in the morning . when i entered the class . everyone gave me a blur look . esp YeeSan , she was like " why are you here ? thought you going genting ? " ha , i'm going only after college . rushing back straight .
as planned , i met up with ming hong in summit and kok fei came and pick us up . thanks to him anyway! (:

went to the ktm and we waited for 45 minutes for the train ! thank god it didn't delay if not we'll miss the bus at 2pm . met Joanne in the train . it has been a long time since i talked to her tho . met all of them near the bus since it's just 10 minutes before our bus .

me , chingpei, carman, wilson, fui and minghong in the bus . played my phone game awhile with the music on and reached genting after an hour . i didn't know it was that fast . it was quite crowed at the cable car station tho .

i went for snow world , theme pack . rock climbing, bowling and many more . but it was quite a bad weather . we didn't get to go for the theme park . :( but it was a great time overall .

and that was 5% of my genting trip . go to my facebook and check out the pictures . (:

Earth Day Camp


should i take photography or movie for the next semester ?anyways , went for my first camp of college last weekend . 17th and 18th .went there around 8 in the morning . i only packed on that morning itself . ha . started the journey around 9am . seeing all the seniors with small bag . i thought " WA why is all the seniors having small bags and ask us to bring so many things ? they bully us ? " ha . i wasn't serious about that . but it was actually an inside joke .waiting in the lobby .in the bus.Aaron took our seat .March intake girls . from left Kayley, Melody, Me, Evelyn and Rekha .it was a very happening bus i can say . nobody sat thru the journey . everyone was walking around the bus . eating bananas, playing cards and yada yada . more over when we were about to reach , there's some election going on . very heavy traffic and we were stuck in the jam for more thn an hour . people in the bus had fun waving to the people outside . haha .Martin and I . applying sunblock.on the way in .waiting for instuctions .setting up tents .on the way to the water fall .games at the waterfall .group picture .we reached the waterfall after 30-45 minutes . it was very tiring . we need to pass thru the river around 5 or 6 times . Melody's slipper flow with the river when we were crossing the river . it was really very slippery on the rock . oh well , she was bare footed throughout the last kilometers . everyone was playing with the water . jumping down from the top . since it was very cold . just to play save . me, yaalini and melody sat down and enjoy looking at them .spot us ?dinner time !we had fish balls, sausages, mash mellows , chicken wing for BBQ !Aaron !its just for photography purposes .everyone gather and we sang a birthday song for rachel .played some games before sleeping .friends ! (:melody (:me and melody chit chatted til late at night . and we woke up quite early because we realize our tent was leaking . everyone was complaining about their tents . it was raining . that's why .morning .we hang around on the river before going back .last group picture .everyone was sleeping on the way back . too tired for anything . and we went to summit for lunch when we arrived .it was a good time hanging out with college people . can know the seniors more and get closer to each other .this was my first time trekking (other than NS), it was a good experience . (:[...]