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Days Before My 25th


As always, I'll be like a kid whenever my birthday comes near. But sadly this year I don't see it coming nor feeling it.

At least it happened before the actual day.

It was indeed a great experience for me these past few days. I won't be sorrow, instead I'm glad. I'm glad that I've seen the true colors and the level of my existence in you.




Just need a place to


Fuck My Life!


(image) WARNING: This post contains multiple languages of words that you might not heard before or even seen it in any dictionary exist in the world!

Life SUCKS 2.0!!! After my worst accident (so far), life seems got from worse to WORST! I remember I was once known to be a family man to all my friends. Personally I'm a strong believer in Family Comes First term. I always say this, "You touch my familia, I hunt you down". But guess what, harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi! Fucktards in my family have just gone from retard to fucktard! Cut short the family feud story, I'm concluding this by saying I'm outta this house and don't fuck with me no more! Well, I will definitely go back for my younger siblings one day before they got mind fucked by all the fucktards at home! Naff said, fuck you all.

Working life has been great (Thank God). This is the only thing going smoothly at the moment. Darynne left us. We would certainly miss her sohainess and krazeeness but we do wish her ALL THE BEST in her new agency. Melissa, Godfey and I teamed up to good teamwork. Still it could be better if Darynne is part of the team as well. Bossman no longer that stress as business starts flowing in. InsyaAllah we gonna drive PEX to the next level.

Generally, life could be better in many other ways, but still it's at the suckiest level that I've ever experienced! It's seriously as fucked up as sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga lagi. It's like Tsunami comes together with Hurricane at the same time. To all haters out there, you know who you are. Stop pissing there you shit head fuck ass bitches, you want a piece of me? Come get some. If I ever get to know you bitch behind my back again, I'll personally make sure even your mom regret giving birth to a slut like you!

My recovery are all good at the moment. All wound are healing well and scars are turning up for more collection on my body. Kinda miss the moment where I can get free flow of Pattadine. XD

Love life? Could have been better I guess. Regret? No comment! All I can say is...... FML!

Cheerios mother fuckers! FML,FYL!

*Apology for all the vulgar words, it's my blog, so do I look like I give a fuck?

Another side of the Wall


Its been a while since I penned something here, it's me, I'm back. Nothing much, same old me, with the same arrogant face and attitude. Sadly to say it would be another emo post of mine. Life has been so fucked up recently (apology for my rough language). Life, family, career, friendship, relationship???

Things has been going on like a roller coaster for me, went up so high that I've forgotten myself, lost control and ended falling deep under. Stupid, silly, useless... I've brand myself with all these words day after day. Doesn't seems to help either.

As what I've always said, nobody knows what it's like to be Wallace Yeoh. As the title of this post, you may see me smiling and LMAO but do you really know what's behind me?

Filled with pain, backstabbing, sabotage, harsh words, lies, younameIgotit!

Glad enough to have few friends who are supportive enough at this moment that would still never gave up on me, trust me, I almost gave up on myself and it was you guys that really makes me to hang on. Thank you. Love you guys.

One thing I'm really glad at the moment would be the long lastingness of my smilling mask, really wondered how long could that really last. With all these shits and mind fucking shits going on, seriously I'm at the edge of everything already. Neaver thought I would post this up publicly, but I only can thought of my blog, somewhere I could release all out, somewhere people who really cares about me would understand me more, somewhere I can speakout without someone talking back. Yea, I'm in emo mode, in fact, I've been in this mode for quite some while.

FML? I really wish I could fucked it once and for all and I could live in peace after that.

Enough of mind fucking, soul weaking, body torturing moments for me. Dear Lord, though I don't have any religion, if you're listening. I'm begging you to FML once and for all. Thanks dawg!




Another surgery


Wallace up to date (21st June 2010)


Oh well, it's been a while since I last posted something here. Since I got another 2 hours to spare before going to venue for set up.Life has been full of ups and downs recently. Many new experiences and still haunted by past memories. Let's start one at a time:WorkI love my job, something I would love to learn more and something that I enjoy doing yet I still can make some money from it. Like what I always tell myself and all my friends, it's not about the salary or benefits to be the decision of accepting a job, it's about how much you enjoy your job. Imagine if you're doing something you like everyday and yet you're making some money from it.I joint an events company called People Experience, with the maestro behind it, Mr Jess Ross. A nice guy to work for and a lot to learn from him. Great experiences I managed to learn from him so far, I'll keep good experiences to improve myself and bad ones to remind myself for not repeating it again. I'm also blessed with colleagues that I love to work with. Darynne, Joe, Kent, Nallan and Adrian. It's been fantastic experience working with all these beautiful people.I was given the opportunity to handle a big client's project, it was kind of scary at the beginning but yet again it was a good experience for me to learn and good for my portfolio for the future too.You guys may see it like I have a wonderful working life, NAH!!! It was actually very superbly tiring and pressure from every directions. Met a lot of monkeys and get to see many sides of people and how people would just turn to you give a slap on your face. Yeah, it is that fucked up, but I never let pressure and negative elements pull me down. The more negative things come to me, the stronger I shall be to be a better man. Bring it on Mutha Fuckas. You give me shit, I'll make sure it would be on your face someday.LifeI quit college for the sake of to make sure I don't get too pissed off and burn down the whole college (chill chill, if any fire catches on TARC, NOT ME!!!). It was a shocking decision which I hurt a lot of people that I love. My family, and all my buddies. Seriously, I thank you guys for all your concern and non stop trying to stop me from quitting, but to be honest, I seriously had enough of all college dramas. Lecture halls, classes, lecturers, college mates and (sorry to say this) fucked up management. Of course I don't meant everyone, but as above mentioned, if you think you are one of them, OH HELL YEAH YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!Many asked about my love life, I'm single now, but not ready for any relationship yet. So, stop asking me to go out with your this this that that girl friend that just broke up or desperate for someone or any sort of funny cases. I would really love to enjoy my current life. So thanks but no thanks.Things were not looking good at home, this this that that happened, happening and I'm expecting it would happen again. Oh well, no matter what I still love my family as much as I always do. No matter how fucked up it is, I believe I could make some difference for everyone. Tears non-stop falling every time this topic pop-up in my mind, this would be the first time I says something about my family publicly. If you want to know more, well the answer is NO MORE. I can handle it and I won't be crying in front of you guys.Friends, made new friends mainly from work. Too many to list out all of them, but thank God, all of them are good and treat me well. Love you guys.Football - My right knee is recovering well after the surgery, though I still experience stiffness time by time, but it's getting better day by day. Performance wise, am getting better too. Gained quite a lot of weight after surgery, but I'm working on it now. Hopefully the money I'm paying Celebrity Fitness would turn me to celebrity like Brad Pitt and not FatMan Scoop.Guess that's all for now, have no more ideas what else to crap, feel free to leave a comment. Oh ya, m[...]

The Beginning of a New Chapter of My Life....


to be continued...

21st January 2010


1st post of the year.


Cheers MuthaFuckas!!!

Scream All Out



It's a fucked up world


(object) (embed)

It's a fucked up world, what a fucked up place,
Everybody's judged by their fucked up face,
Fucked up dreams, fucked up life,
Fucked up kid, with a fucked up knife,
Fucked up moms, and fucked up dads,
Thats a fucked up cop, with a fucked up badge,
Fucked up job, with fucked up pay,
Fucked up boss, is a fucked up day,
Fucked up breast, fucked up lies,
All my niggas, in the biggest, got the facs of life .



After hiding myself in Penang for the past few days, lots of thoughts came in and out. I thought of lots of stuffs, talk to few people, and take a GOOD rest after those hectic moments. Guess good foods helps to clear up your mind. LoL.

After lots of thinking and planning, I've decided to stay at TARC and do what I came back to do. Since I joined APR mainly because of Events Management, so I guess I shall never let those small pressure kick me off that easily. Thanks to all supportive comments from my fellow mates, you guys seriously plays a major role in my decision making. And not to forget Mr C. Never ever cross my mind that you'll read that post. I was just crapping and releasing everything thru this site. Haha. Paiseh ah for all the 'not so polite' words.

I learnt something from this lesson, "When you have a GOAL, just go for it, no hesitation, no turning back and F off those losers who tries to stop you". My raise me up with this quote, "Never be afraid of falling down, just remember to stand up and fight what you've lost". Guess I can't dissapoint the most important woman in my life's education.

Tomorrow, errr... I mean later we gonna have this post mortem meeting with the agency. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, without and hair pulling or cursing around. Enough of drama and faking-it. Hopefully with their 'experience', they can at least point out something more relevant to our event. No point talking bout personal stuffs. Pro sikit la beb...

My boss used to say, "Never argue with a fool, cause he'll bring you down and beat you with his experience of being a fool at that level". Kenny and I love this so much that we use it everytime we met a fool talking fool language to us. Hahahaha... The quote was real headshot. For my version, "Without fools the rest of us could not succeed". So the lesson is, In order to fight back those losers (a.k.a FOOLS), instead use their fool-ness to improve yourself. If you fight back that makes you no difference with them as a FOOL. The moral is to learn from a FOOL in order not to be like them. Haha.

Sorry if Ive created panic to anyone. I know I sound so pussy complaining everything to everyone. Haha. Blogging a real good way to RELEASE!!! Haha. Release as in releasing stress not release that release ok? LoL. 5 hours of sleep, 4 hours of driving back to KL. Nite all. Cheers. Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka. Im BACK yo....

I Screwed


It was a hectic day, full of surprises. Good and Bad. This is like a KO punch in my face. Complaints from here and there. Top, bottom, left, right, internal and even EXTERNAL. Yea, its all definitely the 'effect' of SOS Earth. All I want is to make sure SOS Earth is capable of at least match Movie-ing Ahead and TLC. APR under Josephine and Cherry did a great job on their respective event. I just dont want APR to lose their credibility of handling events after I lead them. SOS Earth was a success as what everyone can see, but it's like a nice, clean and comfortable jamban but all the pipes underneath it are actually stucked and jammed. I've did my best, give all out I can and what I thought I did was for the sake of the event, but end up BACKFIRE.Yet again, I was fucked by OTHER department's members because of their miscommunication with their leaders. What The Fuck do you guys want? God Damn It, for FUCK sake why can't all these assholes think outside of the box? It's just a minor problem and yet it was like everything to them. I was so close (SO FUCKING CLOSE) to give those assholes a slap on their face. The leaders, all of us, work our ass off for all of you guys and yet just because a small minor shit you guys take it like the World is ending. We are humans too, we have the same level education as you guys. If you yourself can assure you won't be doing the same thing, why don't you guys take the job at the beginning? Why must you talk cock all the time? If you can't do shit besides talking cock, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP and hide under your grandma's skirt.The best of all, I got complaits from the EXTERNAL. Boy, they really know how to act. Learn a lesson from this event, people sometimes can be over-creative of what they do. Or should I say Whenever one is in trouble, the best solution is to throw a black sheep to cover the shit. Never judge a book by it's cover. Sometimes I do really agree with this. Just seriously very dissapointed with all those so called experienced people. Speechless.Maybe it's all my fault. Face problem. Anger management. Maybe I don't even deserved to lead as no matter what I'm still an outsider. Seems like the word "I'm Arrogant" will forever stick on my face. Fuck it. Everything is just out of my control. A wise man used to say, "To solve a problem, start by asking yourself, what you did wrong". So I guess before I counter back anything its better if I improve myself.All I'm having in my mind is to switch to another college or maybe continue with my career. Finally, I do gave up. Sometimes, its good to surrender. No more "I want to win because I dont want to lose" spirit, its just fading away. no more Together Everyone Achieves More semangat in me. Everyone is busy saving their own ass and pointing each other. Maybe thats PR, maybe thats just my assumption. Maybe?? Maybe all this while I gave it all out for SOS Earth was something wrong? Maybe?? Anything will always be a MAYBE??As what I've posted in my Fb few days back, it is human's nature to be Greedy. Maybe my quote was right. My faith for all this is fading away day by day. I thought I could fix it but seems like I just can't make it. Maybe switching to HELP with my mates would be a better way. Sometimes giving up earlier is better than being defeated worse at the end. I admit I'm a failure in this. I just can't take it anymore. Life is getting hectic day by day, time by time. I don't see any true friends anymore.Fuck all this, I screwed my friendship, I screwed my life yet again, I SCREWED MYSELF.[...]

Adv: S.O.S Earth


11th & 12th August 2009 TAR College Main Campus Hall 0930 - 1700SOS Earth is an college event by the Advance Diploma in Public Relations, Year 1 students of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur Main Campus in collaboration with the students of Advance Diploma in Advertising, Year 2 as the Creative Agency. The objective of the event is to educate the youth especially TARCian about environmental conservation. There are 5 main elements which will be covered by this event:ForestLand & Natural ResourcesOceanRiverAirto be continue.......[...]

Is it worth it?


It's 6.30am in the morning, can't sleep and the blogging feel just got in. So blog sajalah.Life has been tough recently, I did so much yet I was still treated like a fool. This is the most stressful moment in my life, so far. Every I woke up and I ask myself why am I doing this? Is this worth it? Everyday kena fu*k, diu, kan, diao, kongkek, taruh and you name it, and I've been F inside out upside down. Life after my injury was devastating.Many kind of faces I get to see daily, many types of characteristic, and many "kind" of human I would face everyday. Who's the Good ones and Who's the Evil ones. I just can't see it. I hate to say this publicly but I have to admit, I miss my Diploma mates. We are like family, share the same views and everyone seems to work together nicely.I thought I would be happy after being elected as the Course Rep and one of the Leader, but what is the use of being a leader yet people are "shooting" from behind? Talking cock about you just because you're not in the same batch as them. And yeah, thats the kind of world I'm living with everyday.I experienced a funny guy came to me and told me that, "I have a lot of contacts you know? I know alot of things that happens around, you think I don't know, I actually does know a lot". I was like WTF is wrong with this guy? Save your contacts and grandma stories with your Mom. I'm not a place for you to talk cock.My ex-boss used to say, " Never argue with a fool cos he'll bring you down to his level and beat you with his experince of being a fool at that level". Nice quote Jess. *clap*I get to know lots of funny people after joining APR. Some are pure jokers which is real funny and some are pure PITA (Pain in the ASS). Get to know few new good friends and kinda a lot of enemies. LoL. Maybe my "get to know a new friend is better than getting an enemy" theory doesn't seems to work anymore. I'm making more enemies compared to friends. WOW!!!! I'm like Johnny Depp now, The Public Enemy. "It is easy to be brave from a safe distance". That's my message to all those @55#0|3 that thinks they are so good.My fast and BAD temper seems to be coming back, I get frustrated and emo easily. I promised to changed my bad temper but sometimes things are getting out of hands. Sometimes there really are monkeys that really push me to the limit. I felt like slapping those GDMFs. I try to be as lenient as I can. I respect everyone's decision and opinion. But who's respecting me? The lenient I am the higher they climb up my head, and some even shit on my head. Is it really my leadership skills are that bad? Seriously this is the first time in my life I'm saying this. What on earth is hapening to me?ARGHHH!!!! Nothing seems to be right. Whatever I do there will always be something wrong somewhere. All I want is get things done, I was Fu*ked because of someone else's mistakes. Seriously I'm really tired of all this. Felt like switching to HELP, hopefully they can HELP me from all this rubbish.It's 7 already, leaders' meeting at 8. I just hate weekdays. All I'm hoping now is get back to the field ASAP, the place where I belongs to. December 12th is my MERDEKA day, hopefully my knee conditions is OK, this week is the 4th week I skipped physio. Sacrifise so much for being treated like a rubbish. Is it worth it?[...]

3rd & 4th day: Standing Tall Days


My first step after 10days.This is the design of the Physio centre, colorful leh.This is what we call a 21yo guy learning how to walk.Im back on da ground.Doughnut on the board.My dinner: Fish & Chip. Haha.These pictures are suppose to be at the bottom of this post. Haha. Can't drag it down, Blogspot something wrong!!!Basically, these two days is exactly like replay. The only difference is my gf is with at 3rd day and she's not with me the whole day today. I ask her not to come today because she herself also fall sick due to the hot weather and not enough rest when taking care of me. Yet again, I causing trouble to her again. Sorry dear.As for the title, YEAH!!! I'm standing back on my feet. My physiotherapist push me to the limit because I told him that I want to recover the express way. I wanna get back to KL end of this month and go for my Advanced Diploma and hopefully get a post in the committee and the event. The routine for both days is kinda torturing and it's damn painful. But I'm pushing to the MAX because I must make sure in this 6 months I must fully recover and get back on the pitch.They increase everything in my routine. One of it, which is my least pleasant with is the IT Machine. This machine generates small amounts of electricity and both positive and negative patch were stick to my thigh muscle to build back the muscle because I've not using my right leg for almost 10 days. So they increase from normal 35Hz to 55Hz. My whole thigh like can move by itself. Haha. Thats not the best thing, that best part is, even after the physio routine, when I get back to my bed in my ward, once in a while out of nowhere, my thigh will pull by itself. It feels like 'someone' or 'something' cubit my thigh suddenly. 1st few times I was kinda freaky cause you know la, I'm in hospital, then online online halfway like got something cubit your leg. Haha. You freak out or not? Then, today 3 of my roommates balik kampung at noon. Left me and an Acheh apek. The story of this guy is, he had surgery somewhere inside his cheek, maybe he's trying to PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE. Then because of the surgery, he can't talk,eat,drink or even spit. So, the whole day, freaking day and night and especially midnight. He'll moan like a cow being tied outside of masjid during Hari Raya Korban waiting to be slaughter. Niama, damn freaking loud you know. I didn't sleep well last night. But I kesian him also, so I didn't did anything sohai on him. Felt like wanna tape his mouth and pull out his feeding tube, but kesian him la. Haha.Doctor told me I can be discharge anytime I like, woohoo!!! But because of I fell in love with this place and the Internet connection speed, I decided not to discharge tomorrow. Haha. Jk Jk. Because I wanna push my recovery faster, so I wanna stay here so that I can attend the physio session twice a day. Kinda tired but I know I won't regret it. And insurance gonna pay all of my payment here. Haha. I got crutches made in Germany, the same used by Cristiano Ronaldo and I ask the doc to bill it in my insurance. Haha. Sorry MAA.[...]

2nd Day of my knee surgery @ Island Hospital


6.00am: Due to painfulness yang teramat sangat sangat, I press the nurse bell for the 1st time. The nurse came in, 3 of them, all Indian(not trying to be racist) ask what I want. I'm in so much pain that I can't even talk then I just point at my knee. "Sakit ah? Kaki sakit ah?". I just nod my head, Then 3 of them without checking whats wrong just walk out and the next minute the pharmacist came in giving me pain killer pill. Niama, I thought at least one of them will help me to shift my leg cause I can't move it myself yet. *pooofffff* macam ninja, pharmacist gone also. Leaving me alone in pain, then I wanna press the bell again, see see the bell drop on the floor. Arghhh, I was so pissed off. Wanted to call my gf and mom but don't wanna make the worry, so just sit the in pain waiting if there is any nurse come in. About 5minutes later a Chinese nurse came in, shes the head of night shift. I manage to call her then she came to me and ask what happened? I told her my right leg hurts, then she massage for me, she say cause I didn't move for to whole day thats why my leg is in so much pain. Its like the whole leg on fire, I'm serious about it. Thankfully the head of nurse came in, if not I confirm GG. Haha. The pain killer starts to take effect and I manage to sit up and now I'm so damn hungry. Haha.Here is the diagram which I edited to show what actually happened to my knee, Surprisingly Tiger Woods had the same surgery in June, 2008. The sirgery is called double bundle, which was introduced to the ortho line by Tiger Woods doctor. So basically Tiger Woods is the 1st person to have the surgery (previously they only had single bundle).I torn my ACL and meniscus (yellow box). So in order to reconstruct back my ACL, doctor take one ligament each from my patellar tendon, both my left and right knee and reconstrust it as my new ACL. (All of our ligament consists of two ligament that curled together).Basically, today whole day pergi sini sana the whole hospital. Both my legs can't move yet. Haiz, damn stress.Morning: Around 9.00am after breakfast the wheelchair guy came, I ask him,"Mana pergi?". He replied,"X-ray lepas tu physio". So I try to move down to get on the wheelchair, mana tau once I try to lift my leg, niama, pain like f*ck lidat. Then the guy have to help me to lift my legs then lift me to sit on the wheelchair. Then my gf called, saying that my mom and her reach at the lift lobby. One of the lift spoilt. KNN CCB lift. Then I meet them at the lobby, mom left in a short while, my gf teman me to the X-ray room. At first I thought just an ordinary X-ray, mana tau reach the Ultrasound, check if my leg got pregnant not. Haha. I took like 5minutes to get up to the bed. Radiologist came in, scan, blood flow all clear. Then 2nd destination, bone X-ray. By the time I cure my legs I'll be dead because of radiation. Haha. 3rd round, don't know what vein scan, something like ultrasound also. Really GG.After all the scan I need to wait for the wheelchair guy to come, my legs that time kau kau pain due to climb up and down all the X-ray bed. He came about 20minutes after the X-ray department contact him. MCB I damn dulan that time. When he came, he push me to my next destination, I-sports (physiotherapy department). Torture time, all the staffs there were in the Operating Teater yesterday to see the doctor perform. Haha. I guess all of them has already seen my DRAGON cause Im not wearing any undergarment that time. Haiz, I'm not clean anymore. Haha. The pictures will show what exactly happened in I-sports today.After the physio session, out of sudden I was shivering like crazy, at first I thought I got[...]

1st day of my knee surgery @ Island Hospital


I was admitted to Island Hospital, Penang today (11th May 2009) at around 3.00pm. Earlier in the morning my mom took my MRI and X-ray result to our family doctor and he recommend us to Island Hospital to see Dr. Aaron Lim. Kononya the best Orthopaedic & Sports Surgeon in Penang. So we reach the hospital aroud 1.00pm and straight to Dr.A's clinic. Cilaka, his clinic is exactly like a sports centre. It's actually his clinic + physiotherapy area but the whole place is like a colourful gym. Haha. And best of all, the place has it's own name iSport Centre. Cun leh. Haha. I was like WOW!!! when I reach there, then the meet up with the so call best orto in Penang. When we step into his clinic, niama, I've never been into such clinic before, it's like a richman's bedroom with old school Chinese design. Damn a lot of Made in China stuffs. All classic shits. Haha. As he check my knee and few stretches, he turn and say, "You damaged you ACL and meniscus". And I told him that Ya, I know that cause it's written there in the MRI report and he turn and say, "Oh, you did your MRI scan d?". This guy Godlike man, can know what happened even before he sees the MRI film. Haha. Memang 5star. After that he said that there's only one solution, which is my worst nightmare, SURGERY!!! And the price is 20k++. My mom's face turned to the WTF face. Haha. Then no choice have to agree with it and he says, "Ok, then your surgery I put you in tomorrow la". I was like Sai Em Sai so fast ah. Haha. Then he put me to a physio session after that, and guess what is my physio routine. Haha. I was told to play football with Nintendo Wii. I'm in love with this place. Haha. After the physio session I was brought to my room, all room fully vacant so I have to wait and end up they only manage to get me a 5 bedded room which I have to face some other farting and volcano breathing dudes. Haiz. So far no complaint yet about this hospital, rate it 5star. Haha. And the wireless connection here is extremely fast. Haha. It's 12.45am now and I'm still kinda worry about my surgery tomorrow which is scheduled at 1.30pm. Will update again time by time tomorrow. Wish my luck and pray for me. Here it is, 12th of May 2009. The day has come and I shall face my destiny. Haha.6.00am: Drug time. A nurse give me like 6-7 tablets of pills. No idea what is it for, Telan je la. Back to zzz.8.00am: A nurse wake me up so that they could change the bed sheet. *arghhhh*9.00am: Doc came and told me to go for another physiotherapy session before the op and the lab people will come over and take my blood for the op usage later. O.o I never donate blood before in my life and now kena liao, donate back to myself.10.00am: The lab guy came and push me to the lab. At first they took a lil amount of my blood. Then after they check that sample to make sure my haemoglobin is enough to take out 200ml of blood for the later surgery usage.That's my 1st time giving out so much blood.10.45am: On the way to the physio area, fully packed. Have to wait for my turn. Mom and Ling is on their way. Did some physiotherapy routine until I fell asleep. Haha. Too bad today got no Wii to play. Haha. Lube + a stick? Haha.Trying to extract out my skills. XD11.30am: Mom and Ling reach, I'm not that scare anymore, but feel kinda dizzy cause earlier they took 200ml of blood from my body and I haven't ate anything since morning. So kinda hangover lidat.1.00pm: Back to my hotel room to prepare for the op. Have to change to the Op shirt which kau kau expose my lovely ass. Haha. Whole body weak like hell. Then here comes my BMW bed which gonna fetch me to the Operat[...]

My Vacation in Tawakal Hospital


Day 1After being admitted in the midnight into Tawakal Hospital, the whole freaking night was uneasy for me, negative thoughts keep flying and popping out from my head. And the asshole beside me keep on farting and another asthma guy breathing and coughing like volcano. Switch on my laptop, but don't know what to do with it, and end up sleeping at around 5.00am. Mana tau, 7.30am, the nurse came in to check out our blood pressure and body temperature. After struggling a while, I manage to fall back to sleep, 8.30am, mak cik kantin came in to serve food. Niama, the people in this hospital so damn discipline leh. Haha. But I tell you, the food here, damn nice (to see). All the bowls, plates, cups and etc wrap nicely with wrapping plastic. BUT, the taste, OMFG, I rather eat at TARC canteen 2 for the whole month. Haha. Then comes the doc, a nerd looking 40s guy, came in with a nice smile and good manners. I act polite and ask him whats wrong with my knee, he replied, "So far the swell is kinda serious, so we can't do anything yet. So, I ask physio to put ice pack to reduce the swell and I'll come back to you". Within seconds, *poooffff* GONE!!! I don't even got a chance to ask another question. I control that time, maybe not as serious as I think so that fella slumber jer. Noon, my teamates and fewof my friends came to visit. Kena fuck by Ah Khang cause without me they don't have goalkeeper anymore. Haha.Day 2As usual, breakfast serves at 8.30am sharp. Woke up at that time which I'm kinda not used to it. After breakfast, comes the doc again. I thought he'll do something or something to tell me, but end up. Same shit. It's like repeating what he's saying previous day. Niama, I dulan liao this time, then I straight away ask him, what exactly is wrong with my knee? He says," Errmmm... Nothing serious la, so far still swelling we can't do anything yet (MCB I know la swelling at least you touch my knee or send me to some scanning to confirm ma)". Then I lagi dulan that time, I ask him do I need a MRI scan? He replied,"Errr... MRI ah? Ok also ah. It depends on whether our hospital wanna pay for the cost 1st or not cause MRI scan is expensive(CBK, just because I'm under insurance? Worst also I pay la. KNN CCB)". Then I insist to have the MRI scan and he say up to me. Then *pooooffff* GONE!!! yet again. Then his nurse came back and say my MRI scan is tomorrow at Sentosa Medical Centre (which also means, you stay in our hotel 1 more night so that we can slaughter you more). That time I kau kau dulan and I called my mom and tell her this COCK doctor can't do shit. She say she'll come over tomorrow with my dad to fetch me back Penang for treatment. So I just sohai sohai need to waste another day there. Then the usual timetable and routine in hospital, lunch@12.00pm, high tea@3.00pm, and best of all dinner@6.30pm. By 9pm I'm hungry again. Haha. Thankfully my gf was there the whole day to share my boredom. Feel bad for her, ask her to balik she insist to stay there.Day 3After breakfast, I'm preparing to go for the MRI scan which the nurse told me last night that they'll fetch me there at 9.00am sharp. The nurse only came to me at 9.45am and she said," You are going for the MRI scan rite? Fast, late already". Diu Nia Seng, I've been waiting for 45minutes and she came in like as if I'm the one who is late. KNN CCB again. I was sent to Sentosa Medical Centre by ambulance, 1st time. kinda creapy inside. Haha. Tell you, the driver memang 5star. Fast, Furious & Freaky. Upon reaching there, SMC is 10times better than Tawakal. Nice building and facilities with[...]

Darkest Day In My Life


Well, didn't know that I'll start blogging because of this. I just don't know how to say it out, I guess this is the best way. May, 5th 2009, is the officially the darkest day in my life, a tragic that might affect my football life forever or maybe I just have to forget about this game. What actually happened was, I was playing with all my mates, the usual weekly futsal match. That night was the 'farewell' game for this semester because the next day most of us will be going back to our hometown. Didn't know that it end up to farewell for me. Here is the story, around 10-15minutes into the game I was knocked down by Allen 0n the knee. I was defending and he's attacking for the opponent side. I didn't noticed that he was behind me that time, as the ball flew past me, I turn my body and within seconds, Allen came from behind and BANG!!! His whole body landed on my right knee. I can hear like fire cracker inside my knee. I scream as I never scream that loud before. Laying on the floor can't even feel my right leg. The rest of the lads don't really bother me at all, which kinda pissed me off. I keep on screaming like a pussy for about 2-3minutes then only Lucan came to me and ask, "Are you ok?" I told him, "My leg is gone". Allen stood up and came to me and after that only all of the others started to come to me. I told them this time is FOR REAL!!! cause I never ever experienced such pain in my life and I can't fucking feel my right leg (below knee). At that time, I thought that I've dislocate my knee.After few minutes of making out with the futsal floor, all of them except Noel, Lucan and Allen continue to whack the ball as if nothing happened. Then Noel, Lucan, Allen, and Fat Jason carry me out of the court. I just lay on the bench and tears started to flow out from my eyes. In my mind that time, "That is it Wallace Yeoh, you are no longer a footballer". I told Lucan to send me to the hospital, and I have to be carried out to the car. Allen and Lucan fetch me to Tawakal Hospital. Upon reaching there, as usual, Accident&Emergency entrance and wheelchair yet again. It's like deja vu to my previous admission there (food poisoning). Waited there for like 20minutes for the radiologist because after midnight they work on call only. X-ray man came, took 2 pictures of my knee and when he pass me the result I ask him, "Is it bad?" He replied, "Bone perfect, BUT ligament kinda big problem". I was like OMFG!!! Confirm GG this time, I told myself. then push me out again to the A&E bed. Which the doctor came, touch my knee for the 1st time, then she said, "Your bone all OK, joint got problem lah boy. I admit you in 1st then tomorrow I pass to Ortopaedic". Then a male nurse came to me and say,"Ok, sekarang saya mau cucuk u" (o.O i was like MCB, fuck off). Then I ask what is the jab for, he says it's pain killer and I ask if can don't cucuk ah, cause I hate injection, especially in the ass. He says,"Tak bolehlah boy, nanti malam nie you sakit susah lah" (inner meaning, if you don't take this jab we can't charge you drugs on midnight rate). I gave up and say CINCAI lah.Lucan and Allen went to settle my admission procedure, and I have to wait at the creapy area alone with an asthma guy beside breathing like Godzilla. I try to contact my family that time but no one answer, all of them were sleeping untill I called my elder bro, which he was also halfway sleeping and I ask him to call my uncle(my insurance agent) and see whether will the insurance company cover sports injury, and my uncle too at that time zZzZzZzz.Lucan a[...]



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