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Welcome to My World *OinkZ*

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved... -George Sand-

Updated: 2018-03-02T05:15:16.617+08:00


I'm still ALIVE...!!


So, i've been lazy....=pppp I've got too many backdated post in my draft box that i didn't publish (pssstt...they're not finish =p)

Been living the life for the past year....can't blame me for not blogging right?

Will try to get back in action soon...=)

Great Loss...


(image) Time flies and it has been 2 years since you've departed...but you'll always be missed dearly by all your beloved friends..



When you lose someone, they lose a person who loves them. But you ONLY lose a person who doesn't love you anymore...

Smitten by him!


I've been browsing a lot around YouTube lately and discovered an undiscovered talent. I finally found the 'Romeo' that can take me to somewhere we can be alone(in my room playing his video on youtube that is!)..hehehe! I've been watching his videos countless times a day (everyday!) and my colleagues are starting to think that i'm mad. Well, maybe madly in love with him? =pMichael Easterday did a great job on Taylor Swift's Love Story in man's version(i love to imagine that he's singing the song to me *pinch herself again!*). He's got a superb voice, sings and performs really well. Super love him!! Check him out...Love StoryHe did many cover songs by other artists as well. These are some of my favorites!When You Say Nothing At AllJust Got Started Loving YouThe DanceYou Found MeAnd this is his latest addition to his collection..Last CallHe's also got a natural talent of composing and writing his own songs. These songs are written and sung originally by him....Why Didn't I Kiss HerThink About ThatI would love to see him perform live in one of his gigs in Arizona. Maybe i'd stop by after visiting Janice in Las Vegas, Nevada? Gosh, desert after desert!! I'll definitely buy his album when he have one! Kudos to you Mike Easterday!!Haven't had enough of him? Search for measter17 to listen to more of his collections on YouTube. [...]



If you love beautiful music, check out the new arrangement by Jon Schmidt below. You won't regret!!

Love Story by Taylor Swift meets Viva La Vida by Coldplay

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p/s: Sarah has great taste!!

I browsed through YouTube and found a video of Taylor Swift performing Love Story live and i love the performance!!! Check it out yourself to find out why.....

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This has been my favourite song since last year and i've listened to it COUNTLESS times since then but i'm not even close to getting bored of it because i simply love this part of the song...

Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes

I love fairytales because it always ends with a happy ending. Wish life is like that too! *pinch herself to get back to reality*

This made my day..


I love making people look pretty/good. That's why i love my job. The satisfaction of seeing your clients happy is darn good. But when your work is appreciated, it's priceless....=)

Usually clients that are happy with our service will give us a heavy tip (trust me, it's really alot of money!!). But this is the first of my 4 working years that i'm recieving something different...

I did a haircut for the manager of BVLGARI today and this is a token of appreciation from her and it made my day!!


Just for Laughs


Little Red Ridinghood is walking in the woods and she sees a big, bad wolf behind a tree, She says:

'I see you wolf.'

Later she sees him behind some plants and repeats:

'I see you wolf.'

Later still, she find him behind a house and again repeats:

'I see you wolf.'

Finally the wolf replies:

'Good heavens! A wolf can't take a crap in peace in this woods anymore!'


There were three friends whoose names were Stupid, Nobody and No One. Stupid went to the police one day:
Help, help! Nobody fell in the well and No One is helping him!

The policemen answered:
Come on! Are you stupid?
Yes! Nice to meet you!

Happy or Not?


For the past few days, i have been doing things myself. I guess i was trying to get use to the life of being alone and lonely, just in case i end up being a spinster in my latter life. haha!! Yea, i know you guys must be thinking wtf! and why i am having this thought at such a 'young' age. Well, for me, i wouldn't think of myself as 'young' anymore. As what Britney would say, i'm not a girl, not yet a woman. But i guess i can safely say that i'm an adult now. You know, at my age, my parents are already married and had concieved me already. Your head its probably screaming to yourself saying this to me, 'This is the 21st century dude!! People DON'T get married at such young age anymore!!'. I guess the problem with me its that i've been stressing myself too much lately thinking if i will ever find myself a life companion. I've been trying to keep myself as busy as a bee to keep my mind off things. Some people genuinely enjoy their job and they like to spend their time working or they're just purely a workaholic. I guess i'm neither both. I would say that i enjoy my job, but i don't like to spend my time at work because i'm usually very free at work doing my own things like surfing the net, going for shopping, having lunch/tea with friends and etc. You don't call that working right? But sometimes, there's days that i'm unusually really busy at work which i really much prefer it to be that way. I'm earning by commission base, so busy = more money. Nowadays, regardless if i'm busy at work or not, i really hate it when i'm off work, it's the end of the day and it's time to go home. Everyday after work, i'll think of what i am gonna do later and knowing that i have trouble sleeping early every night really ticked me off. You see, I'm a thinker. I have too many things in my mind all the time when i'm off work, alone or during my free time. And that ticked me off too! I'd really like it if i can be at the salon 24/7 with lots of work and clients to service, so that i will not have the time to think at all. But in reality, we all know that, that is too much for a normal human being to endure. So, we'll just erase that part off.. So, i have been doing all sorts of things to keep myself really busy lately. On Monday, i had no choice but to work full day from 10am-9pm because i had a 10am appointment (WTF! I hate waking up early in the morning!!) By the end of the day, i was so mentally tired because i didn't have enough sleep the night before (what's new!). I left work about 8pm because there's no more clients and thought that i will hit the gym after. I went home, packed my gym bag and head to Pyramid. But when i reach the mall, i was procrastinating a little because i was feeling a little lazy. So, before i hit the gym, i was walking around the mall, directionless and ended in the MPH bookstore. I walked in the bookstore and automatically, i was heading to the self help book section and that felt a little weird. I was actually picking up books that are titled 'How to make yourself happy?', 'Wake up happy every morning', 'It's your choice to be happy'! WTF right? I started thinking to myself, 'WTF is wrong with you!! This is ridiculous!! Do you actually need to read a book to find ways to make yourself happy??'. Seriously, i have not been genuinely happy for quite awhile until i went for a holiday and when the holiday is over, everything is back to reality. All these while, i have been understating the statement of REALITY BITES! And now i know, they actually do!! Just as i realize that nothing is going to change the reality even if i read those books, i decided to drop everything and go straight to the gym. I was really pushing my limits doing cardio until i could feel my muscle pain/sore but still pushing myself to do further. The chances of hurting myself is really high, i know, but i just couldn't stop it beca[...]

Accident prone


Yesterday i met up with Chee Sun. We were deciding where we should go when Jeremy called to invite us to Phuture. Both of us weren't up for clubbing scene, so we decided to have a quiet evening.

The last time i saw Chee Sun was at his dad's funeral service and it has been quite awhile since we last catch up. We went to Soho KL because he has never been there before and i've only been there once to have dinner. Ended up at Michelangelo's M Bar and had a bottle of wine and a pint of guinness.

Talking our lives away and when they were closing, i went to visit the washroom for the last time. After using the toilet and wanted to make my exit, i tried to pull the door open and realized that it was stucked! I was getting a little panic and nervous that the door won't open, so i tried pulling it again and again with full force. When i finally managed to pull the door open, the door hit the left side of my face and cut my lips!!

I was in a little daze after all that happened and i sat back down at the toilet bowl waiting for the pain to ease off. That's when i realize my lips were bleeding as i can see my blood dripping down the floor. Chee Sun probably thought that i was drunk or vomitting in the cubicle because i could hear him shouting frantically for me from the outside (i was inside for quite awhile). Not wanting to shock him with the amount of blood on my lips, i quickly wipe out, went out and wash it off.

He totally had no clue to what had happened. We left and he dropped me home. I was really tired working the whole day, i showered and went straight to sleep after that.

When i woke up this morning, still lying on the bed lazing, i felt that my lip is a little swollen and was so dehydrated from the night before. I wet my lips and freaked out!! I felt a rough edge on my teeth with my tougue and jump out from my bed. Wanting to see how bad is the damage done, i quickly ran to the mirror. I didn't know i chipped my tooth as well from the door pulling incident!

For all these years, i always have an issue about my teeth. I don't have a nice and straight set of teeth and to top that up, i have dracula tooth. Both sides are longer and sharper and i really hate it!! When I was looking at the mirror at my chipped tooth, i smiled. Guess what!?!?!!?? I like it better now!! Haha!! It chipped off nicely (*phew* lucky for me..) and one of my dracula tooth is slightly shorter and its flat edged now!!

Now i have to get used to my new tooth.....heheheheheheh...........

Body Art


I got myself a new tattoo last January. It's something that i had in my mind for a couple of years ago but wasn't allowed to do it then.The idea of getting an ambigram tattoo came across me after reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (same author as The Da Vinci Code). I was really amazed by the ambigrams shown in the novel and i was actually studying how it managed to form into such manner. I find it really interesting simply because the words read the same upside down. I even tried creating an ambigram with some random words! It wasn't as easy as it seemed and mine came out a disaster, can barely read it..lolz..I decided to go with the word Angels & Demons, well, not because i like the novel..but because I'm a Gemini. Gemini is known to have split/double personality, so, what better word other than Angels & Demons to describe a Gemini? I was so sure of what i wanted to get, but didn't know where to have it strategically on my body. I thought that it will really look nice on the back of the neck, but i already had one there. My tattooist suggested that we could do it just right below of my old tattoo and we'll just have to alter the design a little to make 2 tattoos combined into one..My tattoist, Kong Meng and Me.I had my first tattoo when i was 19 done by him. Ever since then, i have been going back to him for more..=p I wouldn't say it's an addiction. I never have the feeling of wanting to get a tattoo done and just pick something random unless something caught my eyes and i really like it.Stencilled on my skin and the pain will begin...Abit nervous because i forgot how it felt has been 4 years since i last felt the needles peircing through my skin...The pain was probably 10% percent of what my heart feels..(I was heartbroken at that time, so nothing can be more painful than that!)Done!!It only took 1/2 hour to get this done. I super dig my new tattoo!! Love it!! Janice was with me when i was getting the tattoo, she saw it and loved it as well. So, she decided to the same (besties ma!). Eli actually wanted to do it too, but she knows that Jeremy won't like the idea. So, she was just there watching us...although very tempted..heheeh!! She said it is unfair that both us of are getting the same one without her (she felt left out). But obviously she knows that it didn't matter if she have it or not, because that's not gonna be a barrier in our friendship..My Babes.. *Eli*Janice*Me*Janice had to call her boyfriend from Malaysia all the way to Vegas just to inform him that she's getting a new tattoo. But hey, i didn't influence her alright!! She really liked it and that's why she wants to do it!! Luckily her boyfriend didn't have much opinion about it...(bet he hates me!)Actually our tattoo its slightly different because i've altered mine. Below is Janice's Angels & Demons. Only the outline done. See, it reads the same after rotating 180 degrees.. Same same but different =pAfter getting our tattoo done, Janice wanted to have Thai food for dinner. Both of us have fresh wounds, so we can't have seafood at all. Too bad for Janice because her favourite was seafood. We were so careful about the food selection..The ambigram is created by the brilliant John Langdon. .-------------------------------------------------------------------------And now, I'm thinking of a new tattoo to add into my collection of body art. Still a little confuse on which to do, so i don't mind some opinions or suggestions... I had this idea of having an anklet tattoo for a few years already, but due to some circumstances, i wasn't allowed to have more than i already had, but now i can have as much as i want! So here are some images that i googled online that i like..I like this! But i don't think it'll be a good idea for me to have the cross as a charm because i[...]

I'm in love...


Most people doesn't believe in love at first sight, but i'm not one of them. I've encountered it a few times before, regardless it's people or material wise. It's just a feeling of how much you need to have it when you see it. You'll be in a vulnerable state by the temptations of how good it looks, feels, character, personality, and etc...Actually i've been in love with it for quite sometime ago, but the fact that i just got a new one, i can't just leave the old one for the one that i just fell in love with. You can't blame a sentimental person for it right?!?But now, i guess it's about time for me to ditch the old one after it had crashed and failed on me! Finally, let me introduce you my new baby!!..............Excited for me leh??..............My very own Toshiba Protege!!Nice hor!!!Perfect color to match my iPhone!!It looks so much more seductive in the dark!! Totally absolutely in love with it!!Hot and Sexy!!! *beams*Initially, i wanted to get the one in pink, but the price was ridiculously expensive by MYR700 with specs that are slightly better. So, i thought i'll just get the white one instead since it's also one of my favourite color...I actually bought it 1 day before i went Bangkok. Can you imagine parting with your new found love only after a day and not see and feel them for the next couple of days??!?! I missed it so much while i was having my holiday but luckily i have other things to distract me over there..=pOne of the best purchase of the year that i'll never regret. Have to thank Ian for convincing me for hours until i buy it...haha!I'm so in love (i have so much love to offer but i do not have MY Romeo yet so i'm giving it all to my baby first!) with my new baby and i can blog more productively because now i do not have an excuse not to blog more frequent!!Damn, i've been spending too much last month!! iPhone, notebook and Bangkok!! Have to work hard already...=([...]

Chinese New Year 2009


I was feeling damn sick the whole day because all my colleagues are sick. All of us got infected by 2 inconsiderate colleagues who was so freaking sick for the whole week and refused to take MC and come to work instead to spread viruses and bacterias! I was down with fever, cough, cold, migraine and joint pains. I only decided to leave work after working half day because i was having conjunctivitis and i know that it's infectious (apparently i got that from Nick according to Curt). My left eye ball felt so fiery as if it was gonna burst! Was bed ridden for a couple of hours and feeling much better now (thanks for your concern, haha!). And since i'm free and have nothing else better to do, i think it's about time to write up my late posts. I have a dozen of them in my drafts! OMG!! Chill la..more to come ok? ------------------------------------------------------------- Chinese New Year was 2 months back, so i realised that this is a super late post. I can barely remember what i did then..craps!! Here are some pictures and videos that reminds me of what i did..1 day before Chinese New Year, i bought Yee Sang to 'lou sang' with my colleagues. After all these years of 'lou sang', i have no idea why are we doing it for (yeah! i know!! so much for being a Chinese!!). So i asked my colleagues why is it a custom to 'lou sang', and apparently you need to wish for what you want and you have to say it out loud while 'lou sanging' to have your wishes granted.So, as i was saying my wishes out loud, all of my colleagues started laughing at me. Partly it's because of my oh-soooooo-damn-fluent Cantonese and also at my wishes. Just to kill your curiosity of wanting to know what i had asked for, I was wishing that i'll be slimmer, grow taller (i need some height so i can be an air stewardess and fly around the world for a few years for free! =P) and also waiting for my Prince Charming to come along, so that i can get married soon! (Don't judge ok! Its always my dream to start a family young and i love being commited. It keeps me striving for better things in life and having something to look forward to everyday).Yee Sang that i bought from Sakae SushiThis is the first Lou Sang event for the year in the pantry of my working place. It is said that the higher you 'lou', your wishes would be granted. So far, my wishes have yet to come true..=(Finished work at 4pm and went home to get ready for the Family Reunion dinner. We went to a restaurant called the Super Tanker (some sort like that if i remember clearly) somewhere in Damansara.The night appeared to be quite tense for almost everyone of us because of some unwanted event that happened to me and my cousin's life. My uncle who was sitting beside of me, kept asking me why didn't i bring my boyfriend for the dinner (he was totally clueless that he had already went to UK for studies and also he didn't know that we're not together anymore). My parents didn't dare say a word about it as i avoiding the question. In the end, I told him that i'm single now and yet he still didn't understand until my Aunt told him that we have broken up.I was trying so hard to contain the tears from streaming down my face because i was watching my Aunt and grandmother getting all emotional about what they were discussing. Argh!! So much for having a happy reunion dinner!! (note: all of this happened 2 months back, so i have no problems talking about it, now that i'm over it!)Since it wasn't a great night and i was too emotionally distracted till i forgot to snap some pictures during the dinner. Damn!After dinner, me and my cousin and a group of friends decided that we'll have our own reunion at Republic for drinks. My cousin, Eng Soon had introduced us to a couple of drinking games which was[...]

Happy Birthday Pui Geet!!


Helped Kenny buy a cake for the birthday girl in the afternoon and met up with everyone at Republic counting down to Pui Geet's quarter century old. Check out the cute cake that cost a bomb!Happy 25th Birthday Pui Geet!!*big sloppy kiss for you* Ian couldn't make it last night, so he asked me to buy her a birthday flaming on his behalf..*Curt*Arness*Me*Adeline*Darren*Jeremy*Elinaty*Pui Geet*Kenny**Arness*Curt*Nick* *Me*Pui Geet*Elinaty*Adeline* *Me*Pui Geet*Adeline**Pui Geet*Me*I guess this year's birthday would be a very memorable one for her because Kenny had put it a lot of effort to make it a special one for sweet right? Damn! When's my turn?!? hAHA!! And and to forget that Adeline is here to celebrate her birthday too, after so many years..Have a blast and enjoy your day babes!! I'll see you again tonight for second round!! =) I Love You!!! xoxo[...]

2 weeks ago..


Remember my 20/3/2009 post about me getting all excited?I was too damn lazy to update my blog for the past 2 weeks..By the way, the reason why i was getting so damn excited was because of this..... Loving it in WHITE!!Finally i got my freaking gadget that i have waited for ages!!!Ian was nice enough to come all the way to Pavilion to pick me up to collect my phone at KLCC that day. Maxis was having the launch for the iPhone and i was suppose to collect it there because i've already did the pre-booking for the phone a week before the launch. I thought the collection would be quick, but then it took me about an hour to get everything done before i could leave. They needed to unlock the phone and it took quite awhile doing it. Poor Ian had to wait alone for me. (Few days before i get my phone, Ian kept telling me he wants to be the first person to recieve a message from my new phone because of his KIASUNESS! And so he asked and he shall recieve..) We were suppose to go to Republic after that for Solomon's Birthday and his surprise proposal to Celyn, but decided that we were too hungry already. Had a quick dinner in KLCC and then went to Republic after that. We were 10 minutes too late to witness the cake cutting and the proposal!! =( Argh!! But it's okay because Curt managed to capture the moment...=) Happy 33rd Birthday Solomon!!Nice cake right?? Its his favourite football team Manchester United's jersey color. How thoughtful of Celyn! *Me*Solomon*After cutting the cake, Solomon made a speech thanking Celyn for all these years they've been together and got down on his knees...awwww.... And obviously with watery eyes, Celyn said YES!!The newly engaged couple..Me with Solomon and CelynThe engagement ring..Popping the champange to celebrate their future new life together...=)Congratulations to Solomon and Celyn!![...]

Shop, Eat and Party!!


2nd annual Bangkok trip was actually planned 1/2 year ago with my girlfriends Mun Yee, Joyce and Sarah. But due to circumstances, all of them couldn't make it for the trip. I was so looking forward to the trip mainly because shopping there is AWWEEESOME and i thought i had to pass this trip 'cos everyone backed out. Coincidentally, a friend was gonna go there at the same time as i was suppose to go with his other friends. He was nice enough to ask if i would join them. Com'on!! Who could've resist when he was going with other 2 girlfriends and planning to bring them around for shopping...=))...WOohOOO...We stayed at I-Residence,Silom. I highly recommend this boutique hotel to anyone who is going to Bangkok simply because it's new, cheap, clean. The rooms are very cozy, and the LCD TV in the room will make it up to the small room =) I wouldn't hesitate to go back to the same hotel for my next visit.Hotel lobby at the I-ResidenceDay 1On the way to Platinum Mall in a tuk-tukIan the great (great 'cos he carried all out shopping bags throughout the trip =p).Half-time at the Swensen'sAfter about 1 1/2 hours of shoppingContinued shopping after Swensen's and more bags...We were having a chat in the plane on the way to Bangkok and i was telling Ian that i'm gonna shop till i drop. Ian said he would love to experience shopping with me and see how much i could shop in a day. After a whole day of shopping in Platinum, this is what he have to buy...A huge carry bag to stuff all my shopping bags in it so that it'll make it easier for him to carry. And he said that he's totally 'impressed' (bet that's sarcasm!) by the way i shop and he couldn't imagine carrying all 3 girls shopping bag after they arrive the 2nd day.I booked dinner for us at Breeze in the State Tower Hotel to show my appreciation and gratitude to him for inviting me to this trip and for being my shopping companion (more like slave..actually..lolz). I actually wanted to book us for Sirocco because i've been there the last year and thought it was pretty good, but unfortunately it was fully booked on that day. It's just too bad and i thought we might as well give Breeze a try but Sirocco's view and food is much better than Breeze.All dressed up for dinnerOur fusion Chinese/Thai fine foodThe view from the restaurant was amazing and it was kinda weird having a romantic dinner with a friend. Anyhow, we enjoyed ourselves indulging in a bottle of white wine and food. The total bill came up to 8000+ Baht (equivalent to MYR800+) for the both of us. Ian the great (again!) paid for it when i went to the loo. It was suppose to be my treat but he said he wouldn't let me pay it and asked me to spend it on shopping. Great ain't he?Cam-whoring at the restaurantThere was this club in town, Bed Supper Club that people were talking about and i wanted to check it out. The last trip i actually went there but the bouncers denied my entry because i was wearing flip-flops. We were too lazy to walk back to the hotel to change into my dancing shoes so we didn't go back. Finally managed to get in this time around. Since there isn't a party to party with, there's a cam-whoring session going on. I liked all the pictures and couldn't decide a few, so, i uploaded most of it...=pStarted the night with a glass of cocktail (some Bailey's mixed)Then a shot of tequila....And a bottle of Vodka...*swt*Some funny glasses the waiter was wearing and we borrowed it to take a snapDay 2Had Thai steamboat for lunch. Too much for the 2 of us...While waiting for Lynette and Rachel's arrival......Walked around Paragon and i saw this super huge Crocs that i couldn't resist not to put it on..And finally Lynette reache[...]






The day has finally arrived.....woohoooo!!!!!!!!!


Good Night!


Went for company's annual dinner and an after party at Ministry of Sound. Met up with a friend in Jaya 33 at Vintry after that, to have a wine.

It was really a comfortable and meaningful night. Had a good night and never occurred to me that a friend that you've only known for merely 2 weeks could be so understanding about my life.

I don't know why it is so easy for me to pour out to you, but i thank you for listening to me for hours and just to let you know that it really meant a lot to me...



I'm so excitedddd!!!! 2 days to go...hurry hurry!!!

Fruit for Thoughts


I find this article a very good reminder to appreciate friendship, relationship. Always be truthful to yourself. 'Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'----------------------------------------A sharp tongue can cut your own throat. ---------------------------------------- If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn't oversleep. ---------------------------------------- Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. ---------------------------------------- The best vitamin for making friends..... B1. ----------------------------------------The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. ---------------------------------------- The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge.. ---------------------------------------- One thing you can give and still your word. ---------------------------------------- You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself. ---------------------------------------- If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished. ---------------------------------------- One thing you can't recycle is wasted time. ---------------------------------------- Ideas won't work unless 'You' do.---------------------------------------- Your mind is like a functions only when open.. ---------------------------------------- The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice. ---------------------------------------- The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too late to become what you might have been. ---------------------------------------- Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right.. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If! You get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it change's your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. ---------------------------------------- Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we've let them fly away. Sometimes we are so caught up in who's right and who's wrong that we forget what's right and wrong. Sometimes we just don't realize what real friendship means until it is too late. I don't want to let that happen so I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. ---------------------------------------- "Hope is a light diet, but very stimulating."Simple words to get through the day...[...]

My Day


Yesterday was my first day going to the gym ever since 5-7 years ago. I had a hardcore excersize routine for 1 1/2 hours. Was doing cardio all the way! Almost fainted after the first 20 minutes running on the treadmill. I think the last time i actually excersize was at high school for Physical Education classes.Was trying on all sorts of cardio machines which i find some are pretty interesting. It actually felt quite great after mean dripping sweat. I thought i could go home and get my beauty sleep because it was dead tiring, but i actually felt much more fresher than before all the excersizes. Argh!! Don't know how else to make myself sleep earlier..And i gotta wake up at 8.30am today because i promised Adrian (fondly known as "Ah Leng", you'll understand why i call him that when you take a look at the picture below) that i was gonna help him to be his model for his make-up exam. It's bad enough that i'm not a morning person, and now i couldn't sleep early and get enough rest to last through the day.It's not surprising that i was late this morning! I was suppose to meet him at Mid Valley by 10am, but i only woke up at 9.45am after he called me to check if i was reaching soon. Damn!! Took a quick shower after that and rushed and reached there at 10.20am. Luckily the examiner wasn't piss *phew*.Today was the first time Adrian do a make-up on me, so i didn't know what to expect. But it turned out pretty well...=) I was happy with it! But most importantly his examiner was happy with it too!Adrian the Make-up artist/HairstylistNow you understand why i call him "Ah Leng" right? He's such a pretty boy!! People can easily mistaken him for a girl, if he were to dress up like girl..hehe!He looked so serious that i need to snap a picture of him! Never seen him concentrating on something so much before.After finish doing the make-up, we went for lunch at Delicious and catch up abit because it was quite awhile since we last met and have a chat.*Adrian*Me*The make-up i'm wearing was done by him. If you girls admire his work and want to get a make over done by him, there's a Estee Lauder Model Search roadshow coming up soon. He'll be participating the roadshow, so, make him your make-up artist!Ahh....lastly, the perk for being his model...I get this perfume by Estee Lauder, Emerald Dream as a token of appreciation from the company. WoohOOo!! It's limited edition and you can only purchase it in the airport. They don't sell it over the counter anymore *ngeks*After 'snake' for 3 hours of working time, i had to get my ass back to work until 9.00pm!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wanted to go to the driving range today, but everyone had their own plan. Ignoring the pain on my thighs, i hit the gym again today. Did a quick cardio and went for sauna, took a shower and went for a movie.And i watched..... It was highly recommended by friends who have watched this movie. And it was darn good! Nice and touching story. I was drowning with my own tears by the end of the movie, just like Pui Geet..lolz.Go watch it!-------------------------------------------------------------------------St. Partick's Day is tomorrow...and it's Shamrock time!!p/s: i'm forgotten..[...]

Mandy's Marriage Registration -030309-


Mandy, my colleague, manicurist and friend marks the beginning of her new life with her husband on the 3rd of March 2009.I was so freaking tired because the night before i went to the driving range and hit 200 balls. If that wasn't enough, i was craving for Guinness draught after the game! So, i went and had a couple of pints before heading home for rest. When i reach home, it was already 2+am. Damn!!I was suppose to wake up at 6.30am in the morning because Somnus was suppose to pick me up at 7am to do her make-up.Mandy woke me up at 6.30am and i had to force myself up to get ready and dress up. Somnus only pick me up at 8am. He was stuck in the jam for 1 hour from USJ 1 to Sunway. wtf!?!?! We only reach Mandy's place in Kepong at 9.30am. Omg!! The ride it's as if we're from KL heading down to Ipoh. We're suppose to reach the temple at 11am but the 3 of us was so hungry, we decided to have breakfast before going back to her place to do her make-up. Obviously we know that we're definitely running late already, so, we had a quick breakfast and went over to her house so that Somnus could help her do her make-up.We reached the temple at 11.15am and got a queue number. I was surprised by how things work there. It's my first time attending marriage registration, so i was pretty shocked.While waiting for their turn....The happy bride!It only takes you 5 minutes to be husband and wife!! I mean, it's just like a Vegas drive-thru wedding! *lolz*We went into a room, and a lady came into the room and asked the bride, groom and 2 witness to pass around the marrige certificate for everyone to sign.And after everyone signed the marriage certificate, the lady took out a book and did her ching-chong-ching-chong which i can hardly listen to a word she was saying. Duh!! It was in Mandarin, and obviously i can't understand the language, but it was impossible to understand her at all, even the simplest one. I swear all i could hear is ching-chong-ching-chong!!Mandy was so touched and she started to tear the 'Tears of Joy'But basically, the ching-chong-ching-chong she said were the vows and the important questions, do you Ken, take this lady, Mandy, to be your lovely wedded wife?? And vice versa. And at that moment, i don't know why, i was tearing as well...*swt*. I mean, it was such an emotional moment, when it comes to the 'I DO'. I felt so happy for them! They were so sure that they were each other's life happiness and to be spending your life with someone you love and who loves you's so touching.The couple exchanging their union bandand they're officially husband and wife..Congratulations to the newly wed!!*Somnus*Ken*Mandy*Me**Me*Mandy**Me*Mandy*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Last 2 weeks, Mandy gave me a pamphlet showcasing a property in Subang Jaya. It was a studio duplex condo, Subang SoHo at SS19. I was really interested in it and since it was about time to get myself a property, the 4 of us decided that we should go and have a look at the show unit and enquire some details about the property at the sales gallery.When i first step into the show unit, i totally and absolutely fell in love with it. It was darn pretty! It's simple and unique design, made the place felt so comfortable.Check out the show unit here.The price was quite reasonable i would say because it is located in Subang. If you want a fully furnished unit, it would be an additional of MYR20,000 and your unit would be a pl[...]

Guess who's back?


Yey!!!! Adeline is back!!!

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