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i AM alWIZ hErE fOr U

u're my only love1

Updated: 2018-03-06T07:59:14.025+08:00




Wow, been a year I've not drop in anything here. Probably it already been ignore by me with such busy work life. I couldn't believe that I've actually started working and it's been a year plus. just past so fast and time flies just like water flow. With such busy life probably get us forget what we have actually used to do and wanted to do. 

Looking back the past post in this blog really brought back lots of memories especially with the love one. But even so, things did not become better, the relationship did not disclose. I really do feel bad to him, as the time we been together for so long and appreciated him with the inclusive heart on me. Every time when sis asked about us, whether can we make it up, I don't know how to answer and i am not sure what i suppose to do regarding on this matter. As long as Mom is still around, she will not agree to accept him as my bf. Sigh.....Speechless



从year 3到现在extend












finals is coming..and is just next week,but somehow i dun have the mood to study,because there's no accompany?or my heart is not here..when everyone is not free and not around..i understand that i shouldn't be back here so early..and should stay longer,so i dun need to stay here alone..but i know myself even im alone i need push n force myself to touch the book, i stay wih baby longer i can totally throw all of it behind..!!It sound im escaping but im when im at baby hse..a place where i can totally left everything behind..doing nothin,relaxing while lying on bed..sleep as much as i can without any bother..therefore, i choose to come back..atleast i can face the true..i still need to sit for finals..

YEE SOOK YAN,dun think so much..get the mood and go study..this is what u need n should do now..






This sem break,did not been too out dated on catching movies..from the day back till now catch up few movies..not much just 2-3 2 movies with baby,1 is devil at 1u together with baby,hui wen,Yvonne and her 2 another frens..then another was the chen zhen only watch with the bram mall..!!Then, the movie the hole is with mq, chin yee and chris at pyramid..pirahna watch as dvd with all cousins..had another movie detective dee with sis and km..and 2 cousin


3rd year anniversary~10.10.10


Past 2 days did not end up happily with baby on phone..i thought of cancel the date with him,but some how is our,just move on..then, ask sis to bring me out so I can hang out with baby for our day..!!Km (sis’s bf) came to pick us up around 11 something,then headed to ss2 italian restaurant for brunch..while waiting for baby to pick me the same time,I took some food as they ordered..!! After baby reached, then he head to papa rich where nearby his house for lunch..through out eating and in the car we did not talk..till when back to his house for some rest,then only started talking..and back to normal with him..i know how much he love me and mean a lot to him as well..i really know and feel it too..ya=D,We wanted to have some rest but unfortunately we couldn’t..just because of me..keep on kacau-ing him,bully him and sayang him as well..haha^^ *baby, I know you don’t mind want rite?hehe…love u so muchThen, alarm rang once at 3pm..then drag n drag and about 3.30 plus..then we finally move out butt out and went to the mines..!!this is the first time baby going shopping look for jeans that mum complaining to sis that 1 of my I decided to look for jeans..went shop by shop,and finally found 1 but got problem with tat stupid pocket,then went some other places but I just think not worth for the price..go to the highest floor to look for phone,baby wane get himself another phone after his w580i KO adi..and he bought Samsung champ..a nice cute phone..Thought of continue walking but need to meet sis at 9.30..scared to enough time to have out steamboat for dinner..therefore, went steamboat..only continue walking at jusco..had a great dinner with baby..the steamboat is nice..=)beforeAfterThen,went jusco for another around shopping..but end up I still dint get myself anything..and baby got himself a least at the end is still worth..have a great day..not forge to say happy anniversary my baby..muak..>3[...]

Cheong k at neway,subang


Sis purposely take off day to go cheong k with me..can’t wait to sing, sing, sing..till the max..suppose go lunch with mum and sis..then uncle called for lunch then I join uncle for lunch at kl..some where for pork mee nice..and tasty..yummy!!then, ask sis to pick me from uncle hse..cousin sis and bro joined as well..1st time going cheong k with them..andrew sort of can sing..but jin did not sing that day..whole day sitting there.. and eat..haha,we sang till 6.45pm..then the people there stop the system..about 4 hours,consider not bad adi..!!Then,send jin n andrew back..and sis need to ready to go for km’s aunt birthday..dinner,and me had maggie as my dinner..after so long not eating..=)..had a fun


Outing with frens~2.10.10


Went pyramid with chin yee, mq and chris today,luckily chin yee came to fetch me or else I also cant get to go out with them..!! after reached, went and buy movies tickets~the hole..then been to bbq plaza for lunch…then,we walked around..and chin yee say go play some games since we have about an hour before the movie start..!!For the movie the hole, as the comment just normal..nothin much..just things that u scared of will come to u believe..hahaha…anyhow,is just a movie..later on,chin yee say go dinner..i did not had my dinner with them..but just sort of accompany..=)..even just s simple outing..but quite long dint met chin yee..she did not change much..just like the past..still ki sial..1..hahaha..


Weekend with families~ 2/10-3/10


Saturday night, had bbq at 2nd uncle house, all came even aunt and cousin sis~ying is here together wit her bf..that was the first time meeting her bf..and been about 10 years dint meet her already,kinda look abit different..consider fully families gathering..ler=)..happy happy..


Sunday, went breakfast~dim sum at seapark..then 1st uncle sent cousin sis~hui xian to bangsar station to take bus back Singapore before back to 2nd uncle house and others headed back to 2nd uncle house at ss2..drag and drag..only decide and willing to move our butt up to sri kembangan look for land..planning to buy land to build house..well,I guess is still in planning..whose knows it might happen..right?hehehe…after that, we went IOI mall..had a small 2 singlet and mum also get 2 shirt for herself..then cousin sisi~jin..she finally bought singlet..hahaha=D,cant wait to see her wearing on it..!!when tea time at the the tarik place..about 6 then went dinner at the place kinrara..not sure the place name..that about the day..quite happy to go outing with families..^^…had a great day..



I really nice to back home with mummy’s care, everything got mummy to get ready for me, so good, just sometimes she might be a little sensitive,,just hopefully everything will be alright at home..!!These few days did not do anything,been staying at home watching dramas..tml is Saturday,2nd uncle house will be having bbq..sort of a belated birthday party for cousin sis~jin and families gathering as well..=D,guess mum will gonna be damn busy tml..and I sure need to help out some part..[...]

End of semester~holiday..=)


Last paper~trm..finally all 5 papers are not sure I can pass through it..but wish I scared n worry..!!between baby came to picked me up to back kl and fetch along Yvonne and hui happy,though that day he was at my hostel,he pissed me off..but after all I know he loves me..then,I cool down myself..When reached kl,dropped von and hui wen back to von hse, then we headed back to baby hse..and baby and his mum shocked me when they quarrel..really duno how to react..during the time, after that stay beside baby to comfort him..seeing him sad,I also feel the pain..hmmm,just hope it wont happen again..and he can understand what his mum did is for his own good as well as try to let go the u baby,muakz>3 that night went movie~devil at 1u with hui wen and yvonne..and yvonne's fren join as well..That movie was just normal..but even like a horror!!Another date with baby on monday..went bram mall at kepong..had our lunch at wong kok,then sing k and movie~the legend of fist-chen zhen..=D..had a great day,thanks my love.. *baby,I know is hard for u to do so,but I believe u will try to let go..and look for the future k..miss u so muchmy belated bday gift from baby..=) [...]

This year birthday,final coming


This year is my 21th birthday..but I dint get to celebrate with baby on the actual..he was at Redang during my bday and I was back to well..I supposed to go redang with baby,unfortunately I was home and that time mum will be at,too bad..sigh!!Anway, I had my Kampar gang to celebrate with me with my sick look,hahaha..though is not any special and only few of them..but really appreciate a lot..haha,guess what,I had a better cake this year compare to last year..thanks a lot^^,hehe..even though dint have celebration with baby,but I still get present from baby..and im ~waiting~ Hmmm..duno what baby giving me as exciting..hoping the day come faster.. Well,when birthday is the same time,final is coming as well..sigh,just hate it when come to the end of the semester..need to sit for the final,that alwiz make me worried the most..!!pray hard this semester goes smooth..i still get to continue with ptptn..please god...~pray~ [...]

22nd august~sis birthday


This week back kl..purposely for sis..cause is her invited me for sis surprise party but I did not make it..not I cant get to go just I dun wanna go..!!Maybe im niggard.. but the way he said about me,is really pissed me what he’s the bf I care…I’ll still respect sis..but him,will depend on my mood of the day..Anyway,get sis a bday present~ the twilight storybook-break dawn(if not mistaken),then I thought I can actually met sis on her actual day..but then she told me that she got time limit..well,fine that..n it spoiled my mood that day..dun wanna care about it anymore..n just slept over..ish..................Whatever then..!!!Go enjoy whatever u’re happy with…I wont be bother…[...]

Baby’s convo+pd trip,7-8/8/10


Is month of august, and for me is week 10 ler, another 1 month then will be my final fast!!But before it come to the time, is my time to meet up baby..for his convocation and pd trip, this time is 2 day 1 night trip and only both of us..hehe=D,..went kl on Thursday night, baby asked me to accompany him to rawang on Friday but coz I wanna stay to do my assignment, even im not at Kampar but work must be done..before I go pd and back Kampar!!..On the Saturday, baby went to college first for preparation then around 2 something, me and his mum arrive his college and see him going up stage to accept the certificate. Though is not degree convo but is still proud to see baby’s grad..muakz, after its done then we headed to pd o,had a great time there with nice and enjoy..thanks my love1..

Mass comm prom night~27/7/10


Went to prom night yesterday with Cathy,Hui Wen,Theresa and Yvonne..quite many of utarian went for the prom night that organized by mass comm. Society..Big V, Small V and Kueng Tak Involve in the committee,So..guess why all of us give support I guess..haha,Overall was quite okay just some performance were bored..i was quite impress with the Indian dance performance..realize that Indians really can shake a matter girls or guys..not bad..then,there were this dance once of this girl wore a short dress..then while she dance the dress keep going up and guess what.the panty show up..look so terrible o..If im the the girl,for sure feel embarrassing that happen to show the panty and its on stage..oh gosh…!!They invited a local singer~lin kah jun to perform and may lim to be the mc of it..Anyway,congratez to them that the event is successful..=)[...]

Meet up time with my sam baby~16-21.07.10


Is time to meet up with baby ler..happy happy,though every 2 or 3 weeks will go his place but meeting him is always make me happy..!!This time,taking train with cathy cause she going kl too to celebrate her bf birthday as well..then the gang also going kl to shop for the up coming mass comm prom night..clothes..haha=D,I also meeting sis as well to get the dress from her..^^..!!At baby’s hse did not have much things to do beside sleep sleep and sleep..haha=D,shound like a pig..but I admit when I at his house,I really can sleep damn a lot..dunno why, just allow me to sleep as much as I can..shiok!!Then did went to jusco to shop my got shocked and ask why I always need to shop for bras..hahah,cant help lol..bra not enough to wear sure need to buy lah..and whose ask gals need to wear cham..!! up with baby just to reduce my miss toward him..and after back Kampar regain the miss I could meet him another time..yoohoo..=)

10-11.07.10,cameron trip with friends


Back from trip, it was nice..last sem went Cameron with baby,this time went with was quite a nice trip..though the day we reach rain..but at night was fine..the next days weather was quite good..been to the brinjang pasar tani..the old boh tea,tanah rata starbucks..!!Lack of time,so we do not been to much place..but overall still okay ar..hehe=D,coming week going baby’s place…hehe,waiting to meet him..miss so much




Phew..finally everything ended..can let myself cool down abit..before the mid term comes..!!So,tml going Cameron with the gang-hui wen, Yvonne, big v ,small v and keung tak..but due to this trip, me n baby seem not happie with it..mayb is my own problem..i also not sure..haiz!!but anyhow,everything get to be fine..and next week then going kl to baby’s hse..that he wish so much..^^,then need to congrate baby that he got the job that he interviewed..and he say I might only start after meeting me next week..o!!Very soon I will get back to busy day again..then final and holiday..woohoo..waiting the time to come..faster come ler…hmmmmm,now need to pack my stuff for tml..=)..

Unlucky day


Haiz,these 2 days really ‘hak zai’..yesterday call delivery the food so salty..then went to class..still okay..but till multimedia class end then reach home wanna download the alien that soh send me..but line so super slow..then went to hui wen’s adi..but dunno why cant make it properly then went to yvonne’s hse..luckily got her to help us..if not..also duno how..!!Then,reach outside went to wings for dinner..but damn it men..the food come so slow..from hungry till not hungry and become cham..then the food I ate so salty again..ishh..!!!geram betul..and luckily still gt abit luck..allow me to print my things 1st before the pendrive corrupted..or else I also sure cant get to hand up the asg..ler..phew..but make me cant send the asg to class rap on time.. but somehow send check..he seem dint receive..then I need to rush to lab and download it again..argg…why this happen to me..the worst part was just now,done the tutorial question wanted to go class..mana tau, the stupid lab computer cant plug pendrive duno wat administrator..then dint install printer,some more wanna open my mail n send so I can go other computer open..but the mail cant run..also duno what happen to me..when the bad will go…good luck can come..haiz…stop happen this kind of thing lah…tiring leh..!!!!

End of week 5


End of week 5 week gt 3 asg due..and 1 mock up..i suppose doing asg now..but I have no idea how to do my alien for multimedia tool asg2..not sure whether the two-way asymmetrical theory can use for trm asg1..and fro crisis..our part seem okay but the stupid groupmate..till now still haven send me his part..really ‘gik sei’!!!what to do…anyone can help me..??so stress….

I so wish to run away from all the asg and stay beside baby..doing nothing..just like last week..slp all day as I wan..out of class,out of asg…can return to me this kind of life..why study make us stress…cant it be simply..aiyo..!!wish week 6 can end faster..all asg and presentation end gt time to rest..before it continue those up coming once…

Last weekend


Last week supposing meet up with baby, however uncle organized a family bbq dinner therefore I decided to go back home than go baby’s place..i know baby were so sad and maybe is my fault too did not ‘tam’ back my love1..and he got so pissed off..till we got quarrel and those days at home v did not text each other..!!So, this week I went to his place and meet up with him..take night train to kl..

On that night was not so quarrel again..till the next day only get better..maybe everytime when last for some time not meeting up..then fight will happen..really dislike it..but is there any way to overcome it?!!but everytime I meet up with baby im not regret..but it only tell me how much I miss him..and release all my love and miss to him..muakz>3…hehehe=)..

190610~bbq@father's day



sushi making day+fries..^^



day b4 back kampar..


Friday was Wesak day,therefore dad did not work and mum ask to go supermarket with her so i can choose what i still need to bring back kampar..So,first went Subang Carrefour follow by Kelana Jaya Giant...Before head back home drop by at caring pharmacy at sea get my facial..unfortunately its rain heavily and cause us wet a little..!!Then, night went tropicana city with sis and cousin sis..and i get 2 another 2 unlucky cant find short sad..Then, went ktz at ss2 to have dessert..!!I order mango Loh and cousin order strawberry Loh..then sis have something else rather than had Loh..Suddenly think of eating mash potato then sis get km to make for us and therefore i decided to stay at cousin place..!!=)..went home and take some stuff then sis back to cousin house to had her shower and v went km house at kota damansara..if not mistaken..haha..when back,sis let me drive back..i know i drive quite slow..but enjoy..guess need to start driving when go baby house and during train the driving Lohstrawberry Lohcousin sis~jinSaturday,3 of us again to went shopping..then went to have korean food that i haven try b4 and sis say there's a nice place of korean food at kota she ask km..along and 4 of us..had lunch at the restaurant name ~ arisu..!! was not that bad as i thought..guess will have another time if got chance..its not a bad try..thanks sis..!!there are more doll at the side but only take 2 of it..Then v headed to search for the media channel for mum..since she's bored at home get her that so she can watch drama..that i have download..from sis..!!beside, i also get a pendrive myself and 1 for mum..easier to function that the whole hdd..hehe,then we went snowflake at subang to have very nice..but just when we having the dessert it was haevy rain outside..make us so cold..eating with ice..haha..but like it..^^..cooling..and shiok..!!I need to get printer v back to pj and go digital mall..been so long dint go there adi..and back there seem so weird..but anyhow..i get what i want..then okay adi o..gona stay another night so need to back home to make sure im totally done packing and get some stuff to cousin,sis drop cousin sis back home and back to our own house to pick me for dinner..and we went ss2 'long sifu if not mistaken..hehe..the food so so shanghai food.. i like this the most..*wee*This is not my type..'zhu cheong fun'this is like kueyteow..kinda special..[...]