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Updated: 2018-03-18T19:13:25.824+08:00


It's a hard decision.


It took me a while, lot of thoughts and yet, I still can't believe it myself ...

It's time to say, Good Bye.






Where is my Cigarette?


Months ago, I left a box of Cigarette at the Kopitiam opposite my office where I usually go for Coffee and Smoke. Didn't bothered to go back that time coz I remember only about 4~5 sticks left in the box. The next morning, as usual when I visit the, the girl at the counter pass me RM0.50 change along with the box of cigarette I left there the day before. I took the cigarette and left the RM0.50 for tips.

Today, as usual I had coffee and smoke break at the Kopitiam, then I left the box of cigarette again. But this time I made a U-Turn coz the box of cigarette is BrandNew, well 1 stick I had along with the coffee. When I return to the shop, I saw a guy look at me while having his hand in is pocket with a cigarette box - look - alike object . So I thought:" Damm, got to get another box .... " . But what surprised me is that the Girl at the counter screw that guy and ask him to return the box of cigarette to me. Unwillingly the guy took out the box of cigarette from the right pocket of his apron, and another 2 sticks from his mate standing beside him. I took the box, left the '2 sticks' for them, and will never go back to the shop again.

Why want to be the same ?


Got this from another blog ...

(object) (embed)

Girl in tears :" Why am I different from others .... ? "
Old man : "Why do you have to be like others ? "

Think about it guys.

weeks too late


Got an email from Maxis this morning saying :

"The wait for Apple iPhone 3G is over!"


Apparently the mail is 2 weeks too late lah, niasing ...




The new iPod shuffle ... I just don't care, will get it as soon as it reach Malaysia.

Where is AhTak???!!!


No worries guys, I do have slot of things to share with you all like some picures I shoot during CNY, during jobs after CNY, and also my new toys I got recently : iPhone 3G. But I am just too busy for anything else other than fast fast finish edit the all the picturesand then submit to my clients.

Post uploaded with iPhone.kekeke

What about Win on Mac ?


"Eh, Tak. I want to get a Macbook but I will install a Windows XP on it, will it be as good as Macbook with Mac OS X ah ? "The answer will be NO, definite NO ! "But why ah ? I thought you all say Mac is good, no virus, no hang and more stable than a Windows ?"Yes and No to the above ...1. A Windows 2000,XP, XP SP1/2/3, VIsta, it's still a Windows, regardless what machine it's running on. Say for example. A WIndows XP running on Dell, Sony, Acer, IBM, bla bla ... It's still running having a Windows Operating System inside. So no difference running a Windows XP on a Mac machine or Dell machine. And I highly recommend you go and buy a Dell or what ever brand you like if you want to use Windows, dun go and pandai pandai buy a Macbook coz you like the look of it, then install a Windows XP and come ask me problem regarding Windows problem. That even a Apple Store dun have warranty, why ? Coz Windows is not part of Apple product. get it ? 2. Most of the Virus in the world now is Aimed to attach Windows Machine, coz it's security is the easiest to Hack/Implant Virus into it. Yes, there are Virus for Mac too,but compare the 'availability' and the 'harm' between Mac and Windows, it's really nothing for a Mac. You noticed there are many Mac users out there not using a Anti-Virus software, even if you do, that's to protect the Windows user's ass ... read more hereI still get Blue Screen running WinXP over VMWARE ....3. If you have a Mac-Windows machine, you will be in deep shit if you are having problem with you machine. If you send to Apple Store with staff like me ( most of them are, who hate Windows, alot ), they won't even layan you with a very Valid Reason, " The machine is Running on a Windows OS, which is not under the Warranty and we are not trained to serviced such machine " or if you have friends who are good in Windows, they might just say ( if they malas want to do ) : " Wah, Mac machine wow, I dunno how to use lah, send back to Apple Store to fix lah ~~~ " . You get what I mean ?4. AhTak will no longer entertain, help, consult, give discount to anyone who wants to get a Mac, coz I am no longer working in a Apple Store, so, why should I ? Unless ofcoz I am in a good mood to help out good friends. OFF TOPIC a little: I just got a MSN message few days ago saying :" Tak, can I get discount buying a Mac from you ah ? I want cheap cheap Mac lah ~~~ "guess what I replied :" Wah lao eh, you ah. Got thing want ask for help only will look for me one lah, I leaf the company 2 years ago loh ~~~ ".... and that 'friend' of mine disconnected and havent see him till now.5. Reason for dun want to recommend friends/family/relatives/fellow photographers to get a Mac coz I dun want to take the responsibility to 'take care' of those people. Coz they will buy the Mac from any of the Apple Store out there, then ofcoz the money goes to the shop which they bought the machine from. And then comes to me when they are having trouble with the Machine, for some reason I dunno why, they just dun want to go back to the shop or make a call back to the shop to ask for assistant. Why should I waste time for things I that I wont/will never get anything from ? Why not I take more picture and edit more pictures nicely so I get more Wedding jobs ? For people who wants to get a New computer, don't even bother asking your friends around for opinion. Coz they will ask you get a Dell for the price, Sony for the Look, Mac for Style, Acer for more free gifts, or maybe HP or Compaq coz they are using. And if you are interested of getting a Mac, then just go to any of the Apple Shop around town to ask for a Demo on how to use a Mac, what's the different, how MSN/Office/Internet works in a Mac, ask the Shop Assistance all the questions you have on your mind. They are paid for doing that, not the friends around you. Okay !? Class dismiss ....[...]

Lunar in Chap Go Meh


If you have missed this last night ~




CLick on Image above to visit site

Updated my website with a few Gallery, with Weddings that I attended passed weeks to months ago ...

2 more Weddings to shoot before going back Sabah for CNY ... and another ROM iin Lahad Datu 3 days before CNY. Gam Ba Teh !!!

New Gallery:UP


Click on image to go Gallery

With New Toy under heavy usage and testing, totally fall into it ... what's next ? D700 ? 85mm f1.4 ?



Previous Job, in Serdang ... Share share with you guys ...

(object) (embed)
Ching Yen & Yet Li from ahtak on Vimeo.

The Wedding was documented with the latest toy. Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VR. Surprisingly I have the VR ( Vibration Reduction ) off at most time, maybe I dun like the noisy lens shift which function is to counter handshake, but anyway ... The range is just fine for me to work with, long range tele for places/situation I can't go near, some bokeh effects, low light condition, even still life/wedding details shoot. Totally amazed by the image quality, sharpness and the contrast by the lens. No joke, will not be buying any third party lens, after using the second Nikkor f2.8 zoom lens, worth every $$$ spend on it ...

Merry Christmas !!!


Some picked of my fav Xmas songs, maybe same songs by different Artist ... This year I think started abit late for Xmas songs ... anyway ... :

jingle Bells: A very nice Jazz Version

(object) (embed)

All I want for Xmas, is You : Mariah Carey

(object) (embed)

The Christmas Song: Nat King Cole

(object) (embed)

Michael Bublé - White Christmas

(object) (embed)

聖誕樹 : 麥兜

(object) (embed)

Merry Christmas ~~~~

Wedding Jobs, update with pictures !


Well ... been busy busy busy funding for my camera bag ... Share with you guys what I have be doing for the passed month ...

Andrew's Wedding, thanks to Lei for recommending me to Ivan then recommend to Andrew .. Thanks !


In between is Eric's wedding, thanks Sandy for recommendation ~~~


Toy List: Update


After so long of wishing, dreaming, working hard ...


Will out it in action next coming weekend for a wedding shoot for Alvin in Pahang. Let's see how's the result....

Rush:For:Something Else


Huh .... Take some time off office work and get my blog updated, enuff of people bugging me already, I am serious ...

Last week has been a hectic and rushful week for me, so rush that I think it's more than a-month-of-workload compare to my Jun~Sept schedule ... Come, let's see how rush it is ...

05.12.08 - Friday
. Andrew's Wedding Day shoot - 6AM~ 4PM.
. Japanese Food Menu shoot - 4:45PM~5:30PM.
. Kenny's company dinner shoot - 630PM~11PM.
. Get packed for next day journey to Singapore.

06.12.08 - Saturday
. Bus took off at 10AM, take rest and filtering shoots on the bus, and sleep awhile.
. Reach Singapore at 4:15PM, buy a PrePaid SingTel, call everyone .
. Meet uncle for dinner till 8PM
. Meet Eric with Chris and Sandy for final briefing on Eric's wedding program.

07.12.08 - Sunday - Eric's Big Day
. Reach Hotel and start shooting ... - 6AM ~ 2:30PM.
. Short Break in Starbucks, prepare slideshow. - till 5PM.
. Get my clips transfer to a Windows XP Laptop - Almost forever, yes, I still have Windows.
. Cocktail till Dinner ends, then supper and a few cans with Eric till Midnight.
. Reach my Uncle's place around 1:30AM, fast fast sleep liao loh ... Tired almost dying ...

08.12.08 - Monday
. Woke up 7AM, get myself to CleMenTi to meet SeeFei.
. Breakfast with SeeFei and he kindly send me to Vivo City. - 8AM ~930AM
. 10AM. On the Bus, filter and edit pictures for Andrews wedding dinner, right after I reached KL.
. 4PM. Reached 1U and spend RM9 for Taxi, just less than 10mins ride.
. 630PM. Reached Federal Hotel and start shooting till 11PM.

I really Wish Santa Claus can give me a big present for Xmas ... I have been working hard ler, and I promise I will keep it that way ... : )

Busy ... Very busy ...


December 2008 Schedule:

: Andrew's Wedding in the Morning.
: Kenny's Company at Night.

: Reaching Singapore at 1PM.

: Eric's Wedding. Whole day.

: Andrew's Wedding Dinner.

: Photokaki 4th Anniversary gathering

: Alvin's Wedding. Whole Day.

: Xmas !!! Dinner With my Love one.

: Maybe some Model shoots.

Busy .....

Shopping list:
. 1TB HDD, getting this afternoon.
. Ikea office Table and Chair, before December.
. Nikkor 70-200VR, right after collect pending payment.
. New phone, if I have left over from payment...

Maybe a Credit Card ... Maybe ... Those things of the shelf are just toooooo tempting ... kekekeke

Ideal VS Rice Bowl


Had a great chat with a friend over MSN days ago, about "Shooting what we want and shooting what the clients want".

Sometimes I get compliments on pictures, but at the same time the picture might not fit other's taste ... If can be very extreme such as .. " Wow !!! Great Job AhTak !!! I love the shoot !! " or " Hmm ... the picture not nice ler, just my 2cent " ....

But ofcoz all the comments means alot to me, coz from there I know what I should keep and what I should pay extra attention to. So guys, keep my comments area filled up ~~~ !!!

PS: Had a shoot last night, enjoy ~~~



Oh ~


Oh, so busy ...
Oh, so tired ...
Oh, so filled ...
Oh, so happy ...
Oh, so can't wait already ...

Been really bust for the passed since I last update, soon will be more busy in Dec, will be going around where and there for wedding jobs and some event jobs ... wish me luck on Xmas present for myself ~

Rising Sun



Picture taken when I as on the way to Sepang last Sunday, 7AM. A fun job to take as I have the chance to look at so many 'Expensive' cars and have the opportunity to have a Lap in Sepang, with a Pro racer driving an E230 Avangrade.

Ofcoz enjoyed myself while standing under the hot hot sun to document the event ... and some Panning Shoot.

(image) >

Ubuntu on a Mac



Looks cool ~~~ Hasn't been 'using' anything other than Mac for years ... let's see ....

Elaine Kang "Concert Of Love" Live Charity Concert


Was shooting for Elaine's Charity Concert in Genting last Sunday. First time shooting concert with a super heavy lens ( Thanks my friend for the lens, a AF-S 300mm f2.8 ), so .....

And her name is Elain Kang, not Kong as put in the picture, got the PS Action wrong and forgot to update ... Please forgive my stupid mistake.


Really enjoyed the show both shooting and the songs. I even almost forgot to take picture while she is singing '一樣的月光‘!

For Sabah, I Do


Good News for Sabahan !!!

Since both MAS and AirAsia are doing LowRate AirFare from KL <-> KK. I take the chance to do a GREAT Promotion only for Sabahan. Really feel like go back for some shoot and get to releks abit...

Click on the following for more info !


FOC Rules !!!


Still remember the first Wedding I ever documented after I have my D70 is my Friend's Sister's Wedding. Not too long after I got the SLR and Flash. Then my friend ask me if it's ok to be the Photographer for his sister's Wedding, ofcoz no problem lah ! Since I can be there and help out, also can practice a little bit of Wedding Photography. I have asked my friend to get some Pro to document the stuff, coz I dun want to ruin the Wedding by having lousy pictures for the couple's Memory, but ... :" Aiyah, you take good enuff lah, Photographer very Expensive lah ~~~" Well, what can I say ?Anyway ...I thought it was easy, but I swear, it's not as easy as you and I have thought. Just bring camera and shoot shot here and there ? No ..... Hell no ... Carrying all the Gears running around for nice angles, got to push all the other friends or relatives that also want to document the wedding with Point and Shoot Camera, got to think very hard about lighting, to flash or not to flash, got to always be around the couples to capture those face expressions, laughters, sweet smiles, and capture all the attendees as well. Oh Yah, not forgetting to gather and arrange everyone for that 'oh-so-boring' group picture. It's Not Easy ... But I was enjoying the whole thing ~ Why don't ask your friends or relatives that have a SLR to Photograph? Why pay for Pro ? Let me tell you why...Your Friend or Relatives also want to enjoy the Wedding Ceremony, if he is carrying his camera around, he/she won't be enjoying it AT ALL. As like me, I dun even have time to smoke during Morning session, and no chance to eat during Wedding dinner, let alone ' Enjoy ' the Wedding. You dun want your friend half way eating then you go and ask him stop, and go take picture for you and other friends, or half way eating then need to stop and prepare/wait for your March-In right? I guess you yourself won't be happy if someone else do that to you right ? Give RM200 to attend a Wedding, then have no time to eat the food and drink, also have to run Up and Down Here and There to take picture for everyone. He/She won't say no if you ask for favor, but have you thought about what Friend is all about ? Making use of his Passion and Talent ?Picture Quality is another thing. I don't think Friend/Relatives will bring Full Gear to attend your wedding, or maybe his full gear cost lest than 1 piece of Pro lens that a Fulltime Photographer have. I saw some newbies even bring Entry Level Camera and Budget Lens for paid job, WTF ? Let me show you the difference...Fulltime Photographer:D300 or D700 or D3, staring from RM5500 .Nikkor 17-55 or Nikkor 24-70 , around RM5500.Nikkor 80-200 or 70-200, starting RM3500.SB800 or SB900, starting from RM1500.Cheapest Setup for Fulltime Photographer: RM12,500 worth of gear.Newbies/Beginner/Friend/Relative:D40/D80/D90 , starting from RM1899.Kit Lens that comes with the camere. FOC.Might not even have external Flash ...So you might have a Photographer with RM1899 worth of gear. I let you do the compare. RM12,500 VS RM1899 . Some might say :" Camera Not Important mah, Skill more important ~ "I must agree with the above statement. But how to shoot in Low Light condition ( indoor/dinner ) if the ISO control no good ? How to bounce Flash for softlight so Face Oil dun come out ? How to create shallow DOF for Creative/Mood Shoot ? WB not correct and everyone come out either Strawberry/Orange/Banana color on the face ? Ofcoz skills are more im[...]



Let's see ... here will the Jobs Booked so far,

7~9 Nov : Mercedes Event in Sepang.
15 Nov : Joe's Wedding in Kampar.
7 Dec : Eric's Wedding in Singapore
20 Dec : Alvin's Wedding in Pahang

11 Jan : Xiao Min's Wedding in Singapore, but hasn't confirmed. :(
16 Jan : Anne's Wedding in KL.
XX Mar : Carmen's Brother's Wedding in KL

Thanks to everyone who have recommended me to their friend's, relatives, colleagues as Wedding Photographer and am so Glad that most of them do like my pictures. Just incase you all forgot or dunno yet, I DO Shoot for Wedding, at very reasonable pricing ~ Please let more of your friends or relatives or colleagues know about me ok ?


Pictures are updated in my site from time to time, job to job, will really appreciate all the recommendation.

Also ah, am thinking about giving out Personal Portraits Photography Services. What do you guys think ah ? About market, pricing, what should be in the package or stuff, coz I really no idea how to do it.