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stareternity photography

Updated: 2018-03-07T00:53:36.779+08:00


Happy New Year 2014


Sharing this sunrise of the 2014.

Dated 01.01.2014
Taken at Tan Jetty, one of the clan jetties in Penang. At the end of this Tan Jetty, there is a wodden bridge extended towards the sea, with a temple of MaZu built on sea.

Foreground: a boat-wreck made visible by the low tide on this new year which coincide with first day of the lunar month which had low tide at 6am/6pm and high tide at 12am/12pm.

More sunrise to come in this year.
Aim to get an ultra-wide-angle lens for better landscape photos this year.

Happy New Year again...



Bayon, originally uploaded by stareternity.

It's been 3 months since visited this magnificent kingdom of wonder.

Bayon Temple, built in quite recent era in the Khmer Empire history.

It's famous Bayon Faces appeared in every direction of every single pillars on the temple.

I'm glad that I'd able to visit this ancient temple. It is very well-preserved. This whole ancient monuments were once deep situated in the jungle until the French colonials found this jewel in the central region of Cambodia in 19th century. We can never imagine how they build all these stuffs back in the past, which makes this one of the wonders of the ancient era.

George Town World Heritage City


Tanjung, originally uploaded by stareternity.

View from Komtar 60th floor.

This part of George Town is exactly the area where Unesco Heritage Site is located. What you see now is consisted of both core zone and buffer zone of the heritage site.

Founded since 1786 by Captain Francis Light, the city is growing and now becoming an important city state in Northern Malaysia.

Penang, the Pearl of Orient, will never fail to amuse you when you slowing learn about the great long history of this small island. :)

I love Penang, do you?

George Town Penang


George Town, originally uploaded by stareternity.
Always wish to take photographs of aerial view of George Town.

Standing at the tallest building of the city, eyeing each direction of the city, it's wonderful. Beautiful city with long history, you will simply love to stay here.

George Town, Penang, since 1786. (image) (image)

Home Galaxy


Milky Way, originally uploaded by stareternity.
Milky Way - our home galaxy.

It's not easy to get a photo of celestial objects especially a beginner amateur photography enthusiast like me.

Golf course of my campus is a perfect spot to hunt for sky objects. However, Milky Way is visible to our naked eyes providing there is no light pollution..




Roasted Pig


Roasted Pig, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Yay~! Roasted Pig...

Roasted Pig is one of the major sacrifice offering made when praying Gods in Taoism.

Offerings 牲礼
1. Pig 烧猪 / 烧肉
2. Chicken 烧鸡 / 白斩鸡
3. Duck 烧鸭
4. Cuttlefish 鱿鱼干
5. Fish 煎鱼
Some will replace with noodles 黄面。

Big Offering requires all 5 items, whereas small offering requires the first 3 items.

You'll see these offerings during major God festivals (like today 9th day of 1st Chinese lunar month - Jade Emperor's birthday) or any major events such as 开年、头牙、尾牙。

It's a feast~!!!!



Air Well, originally uploaded by stareternity.

This is still one of my favourite black and white picture.

Air-well is one of the feature of architectural design in old shophouses in George Town, Penang. It provided ventilation and lighting to the inner house.

These houses now full of heritage value. Like the half-opened, half-closed wooden windows very much.

Bak Kut Teh


I write a post on this because I just simply love this composition.

Full of circles~ ^_^

Bak Kut Teh is a herbal soup with pork ingredients. Traditionally, it is being eaten as breakfast. Somehow, it's a rice meal, and therefore many places serve them during lunch or dinner.

This is from AhBiu Bak Kut Teh in Restoran Sin Kuang in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Thaipusam in Penang 2013 (1)


Thaipusam is an annual religious event, mainly celebrated by Tamil Hindus. Penang and Kuala Lumpur are the 2 locations in Malaysia which have great celebrations of this festival.I usually will attend if I can. Last time attending was in 2010. It's been 3 years.You'll see a chariot, carrying the Hindu God. The procession of the chariot takes place 1 day before the Thaipusam Day. 6.00am from Penang Street in George Town,  reaching Waterfall Temple near Botanical Garden at 12am.The Chariot - Thaipusam @ Penang, originally uploaded by stareternity.The Chariot is pulled by 2 cows. Cows are sacred animals in India. This is why you don't see Indians eating beef. The cows helped them a lot, ploughing the land and providing milks.  Thaipusam Sacred Cows, originally uploaded by stareternity.Another scenario you'll see is smashing coconuts. Lots of old cocounts are laid on the ground, waiting for the chariot to arrive. Then you'll see devotees smashing them on the ground~! Wish comes true!Thaipusam Coconuts, originally uploaded by stareternity.Thaipusam @ Penang, originally uploaded by stareternity.Then, you'll see lots of Chinese are there celebrating too. Malaysia is a place where multiracial multicultural community exists. Some of us do believe in Hindu Gods.Thaipusam @ Penang, originally uploaded by stareternity.Thaipusam @ Penang, originally uploaded by stareternity.That's all for now. More updates on Thaipusam coming soon. [...]

Pekan Cina @ Alor Setar


Happened to visit Alor Setar for the very first time last weekend. As usual, I will opt to visit the old buildings remained at the town.

Heritage means a lot to us nowadays. It reflects how the people lives in the past before vast development has been done.

However, Pekan Cina looks dull to me. There is not much people or should I say lack of crowd over there. It's not as lively as it used to be, I supposed. What left are those goods distributors and some old shops. Even food are less found over here.

Shadows of Pillars


Shadows of Pillars, originally uploaded by stareternity.

A wonderful morning in Penang.
A light source always leaves a shadow trail over something.
In this picture, it seems that all the shadows are originated from a single center-point. A spectrum.



Directions, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Directions cannot be lost even at a single moment. One must have it's own direction to go. Just as the Sun rises from the East and sets at the West. It's been so for everyday. 

House Facade


It's George Town Heritage Day soon.
07.07 annually.

Here's a picture of the facade of the old shophouses found in George Town.
Variety of architectural design of these houses were influenced by the colonization back then.



Street in Hatyai, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Seriously I missed Hatyai~!

1 day trip at Hatyai is seriously not enough for first time visitor like me. I don't really like shopping although people usually go there for shopping due to the cheap items. Instead, I prefer walking around alone with my camera, capturing wonderful moments and interesting subjects around.

Presenting picture is the street in front of the hotel, near the Central Mall and Lee Garden. Peaceful sky with busy road (the moment I took the picture, there were no cars! )

Flower on the tomb


Flower, originally uploaded by stareternity.

This is a flower which I picked up from the ground and placed it on a tombstone.

I was told that this flower named Frangipani, commonly found in cemetery. From my father, he said Bunga Kemboja, usually the Malays planted this at the cemetery.

I took this picture at Protestant Cemetery in Georgetown Penang where in this cemetery, many great men in the past were buried. They are Captain Francis Light, the founder of Penang island, Reverend Hutchings, the founder of Penang Free School, and many more.

This land shall be preserved eternally in remembrance of the early settlers who contributed a lot in development of Penang.

Flower, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Penang Air Itam Dam


Air Itam Dam, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Let me introduce you another nice place in Penang - the Air Itam Dam.

This dam was built for 4 years and it was completed at the year 1962. Officiated by the first governor of Penang, TYT Raja Tun Uda at 8th December 1962.

There is a path circulating the dam, which now most people jog and cycling along the path. Situated at the top of Kek Lok Si temple, however couldn't have a view of the temple from here. Instead, a spectacular view of the Georgetown can be seen.

This dam provides drinking water for Penangnites besides the dam in Teluk Bahang and Mengkuang Bukit Mertajam.

Back-lit Branches


Branches, originally uploaded by stareternity.

A random photograph taken last year.
This tree in my campus, is bald at all, caught my attention.

The leaves actually grow again in a week or two after this shot is made. Amazing nature!

Sunrise @ Chew Jetty


Today is a nice day!
Big yellow egg-yolk looking sun is rising above the horizon exactly at 7.08am.

Rushing to Chew Jetty after sending my brother to school at Balik Pulau, reaching there at 6.40am. The sky has entered the twilight zone.

After waiting for 20minutes, the sun finally appeared. The birth of the sun is very fast, lasted for 1 minute, making it even more valuable. =)

Goddess of Mercy Statue


Goddess of Mercy, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Hi, readers.

Introducing another specialty in Penang..
which is this Statue of the Goddess of Mercy, or the Statue of KuanYin.

Goddess of Mercy is a well-known Bodhisattva in the religion Buddhism.

It is located at the hilltop of Kek Lok Si temple in Air Itam. This bronze statue together with the octagon-shaped-shelter is completed in 2010.

During Chinese New Year, the night lights will be turned on, and this is the spectacular night view of the statue.

Welcome to Penang.

Penang Laksa


Penang Laksa, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Guess what?
I'm back in Penang now...

It's been 2 weeks since i stepped on this island after my 3rd year examination ends...
I'll be studying 4th year in September, which means I'm now having my holiday for 4months.

Well, speaking of Penang, the first thing you might possible thinking of is the above picture, the Penang Laksa.
What's so special about Penang Laksa?
Penang Laksa, or known as Assam Laksa in other states in Malaysia, is 1 of the best known food in Penang.

White rice-flour made noodles with sour-spicy tamarind (assam) fish soup, topped with various items such as cucumber, lettuce, onions, ginger flower, chillis & etc with a special sauce called, the shrimp paste which is the black in colour.

You can find lots of places selling this laksa in Penang. However, i recommend you try the ones selling in Balik Pulau, Farlim and Air Itam. =)

Welcome to Penang.

Last Day of School


Today is the last day of the pre-clinical studies of our medical course, as well as the dental course.
The dental students finally can say bye-bye to medical studies.
The last day of O&G block ends the Phase2 (Pre-clinical Studies).

Everyone is so happy about it !
However, this means exam is coming soon.
Selanjar 3 a.k.a. the term exam will commence at 13 February.
and The Professional Exam will be at 27 March.

Tonight I'm going back home. Yay! for Chinese New Year.
There is a week of study week prior to Selanjar 3 after CNY holiday, which means I get to extend my holiday until 11 Feb, 2 days before the exam starts. =)
Hopefully I can be disciplined enough to do revision.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

Panorama view of Sg.Nibong


Sorry for no updates for quite some time.
Had a quite busy moment these days.

Well, as most of you might have noticed my blog header had changed few weeks ago.
Added a picture, right?

The picture is a panorama picture of which composed from 4 pictures.
It is the view of Sg. Nibong together with the coastal highway which is now known as Lebuhraya Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu, in memory of the late Tun Dr. of his contribution of Penang & Malaysia as a whole.

Since I had my camera, I always wanted to take this picture, but always have no chance for it.
Finally, have my DSLR & being in Queens car-park at daytime.

I'm heading home in 2 weeks time. =)
CNY is coming soon. Happy Happy.!



Chingay, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Hello, it's end of year again..
How's your year of 2010 going?

Today I'm featuring Chingay in my blog.
Chingay is a traditional sports activity among the Chinese Community. I'm not sure whether is it originate from China or is it purely from Malaysia like the 24 seasons drum.

Chingay is all about big flags and big poles. Various stunts was performed with this flags & poles. Kicking to another person's head is common. Balancing the flag poles with head, forehead and even teeth is often performed. The receiver of the flag poles can be in any position, on a bicycle, motorcycle or even ladder and on a person's shoulder.

This is an annual event held in Penang. usually at the end-of-year. This marks the end of a year, usually. The Chingay competition is held at Esplanade, and the Chingay parade is from Padang Brown to Esplanade, together with lion dance and dragon dance parade.

Not forget to mention that tonight, in Penang, there are 5 places for countdown purposes. They are Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Straits Quay, Esplanade and Juru Auto-City.

I wish all of your a Happy New Year. All the best in 2011.
See you guys in Queens tonight.

(Picture EXIF: Canon EOS 450D, EF-S 18-55mm @ 18mm, f/3.5, 1/40sec, ISO-800.)

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Dear readers,

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.....^^
It's year-end festive season again!!

Wish you all Merry Christmas!

The above picture was taken at Straits Quay, a new retail mall developed in Seri Tanjung Pinang, a high-end residential area in Tanjung Tokong,Penang.

This bell is the wall decoration in the mall. I find it very nice, how do you think?

Wish everyone have a blessed and warm Christmas!

Canon EOS450D, EF-S 18-55mm @ 21mm, f/5.6, 1/15sec, ISO-800

Street in Georgetown


Traditional Street, originally uploaded by stareternity.

Hello folks, sorry for the long gap since last updates.
Bit busy with my academic over here..

Today features about this photo...
Street in Georgetown, Penang.

Penang has a very long history since the early settlement of British and various races of people on this very unique island.

Building in this area all are colonial style. What most important is, they are still maintained till now and Georgetown achieved World Heritage Award from UNESCO.

This street in the picture, Chulia Street. It is one of the earliest street settlement in Penang. The building are still well-maintain until now.

As you can see from the photo, the tram lines still exist till now although the tram service has stopped very long time ago.

Canon EOS 450D, EF-S 18-55mm @ 18mm, f/9, 1/100sec, ISO-100.