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China needs caution in drive to up gold reserves

2011-08-28 15:38:03

&$&$Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online &$&$ According to data on every country's gold reserves recently issued by World Gold Council (WGC), the United States’ gold reserves are 8,133.5 tons, accounting for 26.49 percent of the world’s total, and the Untied States is still the largest gold reserve country. China’s gold reserves are a little more than 1,054 tons, ranking sixth in the world. Although China's gold reserve is not less in quantity, it accounts for only ...

Beidou satellite launch marks first of many 2011 space missions

2011-08-29 20:09:56

The high-density launch missions of China's aerospace industry in 2011 began with the successful launch of the eighth Beidou navigation satellite. In 2011, China will implement more than 20 launch missions, such as the Tiangong-1, Shenzhou-8 and the Beidou navigation project, according to plans. According to sources, China is expected to carry out more than 100 space launches during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Wu Dong, director of the Navigation Project Office under the China Aerospace ...