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Published: 2015-08-18T12:00:22+01:00


The Wisdom of Elizabeth I on Jeremy Corbyn


It's a long time since we've had an article from any columnist providing quite such a superb, albeit unintentional, exemplification as did Yasmin Alibihai- Brown in her Independent column of 17th August of the futility of engaging in arguments about whether a given politician/columnist/commentator "is antisemitic" or not. Alibhai-Brown sets out to demonstrate why it's utterly wrong to call British Labour Party lead candidate Jeremy Corbyn "an anti-Semite". Hilariously, the subhead, which she may not have written or approved, states "Some of the people the left-wing hopeful has been closest to are conscientious and ethical British Jews". It may have escaped the Indie's sub-editors that that's a po-faced politically correct reformulation of "some of his best friends are Jews". The right sort of Jews, not those sloppy and unethical British Jews who are not his best friends. And of course as utterly irrelevant to the issue of whether an individual embraces and promotes antisemitic ideas as it was when Sir Oswald Mosley, Leader of the British Union of Fascists used it to deny that he "was antisemitic", whilst having his Blackshirts march through the streets chanting, "The Yids, the Yids, the Yids! We've got to get rid of the Yids!"

Ed Miliband silent on Labour front bencher who encouraged store thuggery


Shabana Mahmood is a Labour Shadow Front Bencher. She's Shadow Labour Treasury Exchequer Secretary with responsibility for tax and growth policy. Following the trashing of a local Tesco store in Birmingham Hodge Hill, she today put out a pious statement...

The next big Gaza atrocity lie is building


How a Big Lie about Gaza builds, with the help of local UK/US journos and photographers. I've been watching the latest Big Lie about IDF wanton killing of children unfold, and I think I've nailed the sources. It'll be amplified...

Hamas dead baby horror stunts get free pass in the West's press: 1


Politicians kissing babies is a cynical political ploy as old as politics Politicians kissing dead babies, supposedly killed by your enemies, at an organized photo op to which the dead child has been brought as a prop is a gruesome new twist for the West's media to offer its readers. In the case of the Egyptian Prime Minister, the "enemy" is a country you have a peace and co-operation treaty with.

Honey, I forgot two husbands. The Gallant Ex-Captain Yvonne Ridley of the Terriers speaks


It certainly helps your election chances with Respect on a ferociously anti-zionist ticket if you can forget that one of your husbands was an Israeli with, errm, contacts with Israeli intelligence, and on a ferociously anti-British-forces-in-Afghanistan ticket if you can also forget that you spent some years as an officer of the British Territorial Army….

The curious case of the abuse scandals. Elementary, my dear Watson?


Fraser Nelson at the Spectator thinks Tom Watson's motives are unrelated to anything else other than his sincere desire to unmask child abusers in high places, all coincidentally in Tory high places. Tom Watson has not raised any questions about or even hinted at any Labour folk in high places who have been alleged to have been involved in child abuse. That's an impressively well-informed viewpoint. On the other's remarkably helpful, no doubt, to the Labour Party that the words "paedophile network" now seem linked in the minds of a large proportion of the electorate to the words "high placed Tory".

Imagine if we had a "British Leadership Council" taking over from our elected Parliament...


It's easy if you try. Because, in the shape of the UK's "Jewish Leadership Council" there's a model for such an amazing development. What's more, the UK government is rather keen on the "Jewish leadership Council", because its views chime...

A S Neill was the educational Lysenko of his day


A S Neill was the educational Lysenko of his day. His schooling system was an absolute disaster. The vast majority of children left to decide their own educational pace will fail miserably to make significant progress. OFSTED failed Summerhill when...

Anti-semitism in pink: the uniquely selective assumptions of the "pinkwashing" campaign


Let’s hear it for Israel's mainstream left-wing newspaper, Ha’aretz, which can teach The Guardian a thing or two when it comes to publishing articles delegitimizing and demonizing israel, zionism and its democratically elected politicians. Yesterday, their home page headlined an-oped...

Hollande's triumph: the almost irresistible appeal of magic wand politics


Be careful before you rejoice over the Hollande victory. His magic wand politics is based on selling the idea of socialism in one Eurozone-- based on getting all the other EU countries' populations also to vote socialist so they can...

The most prolific liar in public life in a generation: Livingstone then and now


“Every word she writes is a lie, including “and” and “the”. So wrote Mary Maccarthy of Lillian Hellman, but it is equally true of the statements made by Ken Livingstone, who Andrew Gilligan names as “the most prolific liar to...

Calling Jewish religious rules racist: yet more anti-semitic bigotry from Ken Livingstone


At 3:35 into this clip, you'll hear Ken Livingstone make the astounding anti-semitic claim that Orthodox Jewish laws of religious conversion are racist and that they originate from the same late nineteenth century German racist exclusivist ideologies that culminated in Nazism. You wait apparently forever for some unambiguous evidence that, yes, Ken Livingstone really has uttered anti-semitic statements, despite his pious denials, then three eye-popping bits come along at once.

Caught in the act: Ken Livingstone's anti-semitic conspiracy smear of Labour government minister


At 3:16 minutes into this clip, you'll hear Ken Livingstone, speaking in 2009 in Tower Hamlets, push this anti-semitic conspiracy smear against Labour MP Ivan Lewis and a Jewish "they" who he says conspired to keep the voice of the elected representatives of the Palestinian people silenced by keeping it out of the mainstream press.

Where do Livingstone & the Labour Party stand on Co-op decision to boycott Palestinian farmers' produce? UPDATE And channel money to Hamas?


Yes, you read that right. The UK's Co-operative Group has announced that it's going to ban imports from Israeli companies which export or deal in produce from the West Bank or otherwise beyond the Green Line. Here's a ringing statement...

"I won't ask Qaradawi to drive the 210 bus": airbrushing Ken Livingstone's support for extremism


On Tuesday 24th, there was an open meeting organized by the London Jewish Forum, backed and co-organized by the Jewish Leadership Council, at which Ken Livingstone spoke and answered questions from London's Jewish community. about his Mayoral bid and his...

The subversion of Jewish community representation in support of Ken Livingstone


One of the first great controversies of the London Mayoral election campaign was the revelation, originally published in the Jewish Chronicle, that at a private meeting back in March with an invited group of Jewish Labour party members, Ken Livingstone...

How Ken Livingstone staged a propaganda coup for Hamas terrorists


In the summer of 2009, Ken Livingstone was pitching to be selected as Labour's candidate for London's 2012 Mayoral election. It was very helpful to reinvigorating his then has-been public profile that he was invited to guest-edit the September 21st...

Sensational backroom revelations from lying politician's inner sanctum


Think this is a joke? Read these extracts from Ken and the rise of Socialist Action In October 2007, the Evening Standard published a list of the 25 most influential people running London.[1] Livingstone headed the list which contained the...

So what has Boris achieved as Mayor? For me, it's this lot....


I think Tony Blair was the best PM this country has had in the last 50 years, and I certainly won’t be voting for the Tory candidate for the London Assembly for my area, the repulsive, arrogant Brian Coleman, so...

Watch out, latest 411 scam is hitting London big time!


Have you received this one? Loads of people are getting taken in by it. Make sure you're not one of them! Dear Friend, I have discovered a £4billion bank account which used to belong to my family’s business. Now the...