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To the Point

To the Point is a fast-paced, news-based program that focuses on the hot-button national issues of the day. Hosted by award-winning journalist Warren Olney, the hour-long show presents informative and thought-provoking discussion of major news stories a

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The silent suffering of Myanmar's Rohingya

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Former supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi, the elected leader of Myanmar, are demanding that she give up her Nobel Peace Prize. She's been silent about vicious atrocities committed by the military in her Buddhist-majority country. We get the background of a humanitarian crisis that's not as simple as it looks.

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Raids, warrants and wiretaps: Mueller's investigation heats up

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Recent revelations spell bad news for Paul Manafort, President Trump's one-time campaign chair. We get a progress report on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia's involvement in last year's presidential campaign. 

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Should Big Tech get the anti-trust treatment?

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

In Washington, progressives and conservatives are alarmed by the power of Silicon Valley — suggesting that Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are monopolies in need of regulation. We look at the pros and cons — and the political realities.

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Trump threatens to 'totally destroy' North Korea

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump played Good-Cop Bad-Cop today in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly. He told world leaders the US is ready to "destroy" North Korea — while saying that nations should work together… each in its own self-interest. 

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Trump, DACA and the buds of bipartisanship

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump struck a deal last week with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Or did he? Sometimes he sounds like he did and sometimes he doesn't. We look at what might or might not be next for the Dreamers protected by DACA.

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Disasters don't discriminate but relief efforts do

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Harvey and Irma: two major disasters, one right after the other. We look at where the suffering is worst while federal relief money will be running out almost as soon as it's been spent.

Media Files:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders jockey for relevance

Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The split between grass roots Democrats and Party regulars, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders back in the spotlight this week.

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FCC's plan to roll back net neutrality

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The FCC's received 22 million comments on its proposal to eliminate "net neutrality" for Internet access. Now the public comment period's over, and a final decision is likely to come very soon. We hear why a regulatory issue has generated so much interest and what the potential consequences might be for Internet users every day.

Media Files:

Is big tech an existential threat?

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 13:00:00 -0700

Today's big monopolies aren't like those of the Gilded Age. Instead of dominating a single industry, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple “aspire to encompass all of existence.” 

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Can a diminished EPA still be an effective EPA?

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Texas, Florida and other states face years of environmental consequences from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. At the same time, the Trump Administration is downsizing the Environmental Protection Agency and weakening rules for protection. We hear what that could mean.   

Media Files:

Hurricane Irma makes US landfall

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The sun is out in the Florida Keys and massive damage from Irma is all too visible. The storm is still battering Jacksonville and heading Northward. We update the weather as relief efforts get underway.

Media Files:

Unwise alliances or practical deal making

Fri, 08 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump has suddenly struck up a cross-party alliance with leading Congressional Democrats.  Outraged Republicans want to know: is he playing the Democrats or are the Democrats playing him?

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Category 4 Hurricane Irma is US-bound, are we prepared?

Thu, 07 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Just days after Harvey devastated so much of Texas and parts of Louisiana, the monster hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida. Two other storms are building in the Atlantic. Is America protecting itself from potential disasters in the near future?

Media Files:

Does the president want to kill DACA… or not?

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Yesterday, President Trump cancelled DACA, but hours later he tweeted, if Congress doesn't renew it in six months, he'll "revisit" the program. We hear what that could mean. 

Media Files:

Is the dream over for the Dreamers?

Tue, 05 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

some 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children are now in limbo. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is not just illegal, but that it's had very negative consequences

Media Files:

Sinclair, One America and conservative takeover of local news

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 13:00:00 -0700

One TV station owner's about to get access to more than 70 percent of American households. Local newscasts are being required to carry conservative commentaries produced by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Media Files:

Is Harvey a wake-up call?

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 11:00:00 -0700

It’s not just Houston, but much of the Gulf Coast--suffering record damage with Hurricane Season just beginning. We’ll hear how Harvey compares to other storms in the rest of the world and what it could mean for the future.

Media Files:

Hurricane Harvey and the upcoming budget battle

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The best laid plans of Republicans and Democrats are likely to go astray when Congress returns on Tuesday. Damages from Tropical Storm Harvey will be political as well as financial and the impacts will last until the mid-term elections in November of next year.

Media Files:

What happens after the storm abates?

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Tens of thousands in Houston are living through a disaster all too much like New Orleans went through when it was struck by Katrina just 12 years ago. We talk about the struggle for recovery from one disaster while making plans for the next one.

Media Files:

Gulf states brace for a long recovery in Harvey's wake

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

In Texas, some 13 million people live in zones either flooded already or under flood watch — with one trillion gallons of water inundating Harris County in just four days. The rain continues to set national records and floodwaters are still rising. Rescue efforts may last for weeks into the future.

Media Files:

America's fourth-largest city is under water

Mon, 28 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

One weather expert says what we're seeing in Houston, "could go down as the worst flood disaster in US history." We hear about Houston — how it became so vulnerable to massive flooding and how President Trump is handling federal assistance.

Media Files:

Zinke recommends rolling back some national monuments

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump has stirred controversy in the Western States by taking aim at National Monuments protected by former presidents. As he looks at recommendations that he shrink them in size, does he have the legal power?

Media Files:

Bannon unchained

Thu, 24 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Steve Bannon may be out of the White House, but his style of politics and political propaganda lives on. Back at Breitbart News, Bannon has said he will use the tools at his disposal to go after those who oppose his agenda of economic populism. Guest host León Krauze considers, when it comes to the White House, is Bannon a friend or foe?

Media Files:

Free speech and neo-Nazis

Wed, 23 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The ACLU's protection of free speech in the public square has made it a frequent target of the conservative Right. Now, deadly violence in Charlottesville has it under attack from the Left — including some of its own members. We hear arguments about the limits of free speech. 

Media Files:

President Trump and America's 'forever war'

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Photo: Afghan men watch the TV broadcast of the US President Donald Trump's speech, in Kabul, Afghanistan August 22, 2017 (Omar Sobhani/Reuters)

Media Files:

Trump's base: Collapsing, holding fast or somewhere in between?

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump's approval ratings are falling fast, and he's accused of equating violent white nationalists with protesters against them.  What's the impact on his public support and the Republican Party?

Media Files:

Race politics and the NFL's culture of silence

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Devoted sports fans may not like it, but America's most divisive controversy has reached the National Football League. We'll hear how players are speaking out — for racial equality and protection from debilitating injury.

Media Files:

White supremacy on campuses: Moral crisis for higher education?

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Last weekend's deadly violence at the University of Virginia is a wake-up-call for leaders of higher education. It's another example of how the so-called alt-right is recruiting on campuses—utilizing protections for free speech. We hear about possible responses to a challenging strategy.

Media Files:

The president boosts white supremacists

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Once again, President Trump is blaming "both sides" for this weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — legitimizing white supremacy like no other modern president. We hear much more.

Media Files:

North Korea and Trump diplomacy

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Kim Jung Un has backed away from his plan to target missiles near Guam. Is that the result of President Trump's tough talk? Former Defense Chief Leon Panetta says, "It's not time to declare victory, yet." We talk with him and others. 

Media Files:

President Trump and the alt-right: a test of leadership

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

After two days of demands for "moral clarity" — from black leaders to conservative Republican Senators — President Trump delivered a new statement on racism – but only after he listed a few of his economic achievements.

Media Files:

Affirmative action debate revived

Thu, 10 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Is the Trump Administration on the hunt for "reverse discrimination" in college admissions — the exclusion of whites on behalf of blacks and Latinos? We hear about the politics of affirmative action — after decades of new laws and legal precedents.

Media Files:

The war of words between North Korea and the US

Wed, 09 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jung Un made provocative statements yesterday about the use of nuclear weapons. What are their respective messages, and do they understand one another? 

Media Files:

RAISE Act cuts legal immigration by half, promises to lift wages

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The President says legal immigration should be cut in half, with Green Cards based on "merit" and not on family connections. Would the US survive as a "nation of immigrants" if it only admitted "the best and the brightest?

Media Files:

Can a general 'unchaos' the White House?

Mon, 07 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

With the President away, his White House Staff will play — unless former General John Kelly can establish rules of order in his new role as chief of a group he himself has called "dysfunctional." We hear about his challenges and his record.

Media Files:

The brave new world of genetic engineering

Fri, 04 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Gene editing now used for agriculture and developing drugs can also prevent inherited human diseases. We hear the pros and cons of the latest breakthrough in medical science.

Media Files:

Will the US help Venezuela or hurt it?

Thu, 03 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Venezuela is said to be on the verge of becoming a failed state, and President Nicholas Maduro has increased political instability by staging what's being called a fraudulent election. We hear about potential American sanctions; will they make things better or worse?

Media Files:

President Trump touts a booming economy

Wed, 02 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The New York Stock Exchange hit another record today, and the President says that means the economy's booming. Who's reaping the benefits and who's not? What about calls for "tax reform?"

Media Files:

The isolation of the State Department in Trump's White House

Tue, 01 Aug 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Career diplomats say the Trump Administration is "hollowing out" the State Department with no clear foreign policy from the Secretary of State or the White House. Congress is already showing impatience as the President has yet to sign a sanctions bill passed with veto-proof majorities.

Media Files:

A one-two punch on LGBT rights

Mon, 31 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump's new policies on gender and sexual orientation are a far cry from his promises during last year's election. We hear what they could mean at job sites and in the military. 

Media Files:

A dramatic defeat for the GOP's health care plan

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Last night Republican failed to repeal parts of Obamacare — even with control of the White House and both houses of Congress. A desperation plan called "skinny repeal" failed in the Senate — with John McCain casting the decisive "no" vote. What's next for the party that’s supposed to be "in control?"

Media Files:

Chaos and rivalries in the White House and the cabinet

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Republicans in the Senate say President Trump has gone off the tracks with attacks on their former colleague, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Meantime, top White House aides are battling each other in public.

Media Files:

The San Antonio tragedy: How to make a border safe for everyone

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The gruesome deaths of people found in a smuggler's truck in San Antonio dramatizes the desperation of people trying to cross illegally. Would the border wall now being considered by Congress make conditions better?

Media Files:

Will a Democrat economic reboot translate into regaining power?

Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Since Donald Trump's upset of Hillary Clinton last year, Democrats have lost four special elections in different parts of the country. Now they're trying to persuade voters they're more than the Party against President Trump. We hear their opening offers.

Media Files:

Why can't the GOP seem to get anything done?

Mon, 24 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Republicans in Washington got their wish: one-party control of Congress, the Senate and the White House. After seven years of promises, why can't they get anything done?

Media Files:

Do we need to be 'scared straight' on Climate Change?

Fri, 21 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Maybe you're one of the two million people who read or shared the recent New York Magazine cover story, which dares to imagine an "uninhabitable Earth." Maybe you liked it. Maybe you found it unhelpful or excessive. In this special rebroadcast of To the Point, guest host León Krauze  asks, is it an exercise in journalistic alarmism or necessary scientific awareness?

Media Files:

Following the money in the Russia investigation

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Donald Trump is warning special prosecutor Robert Mueller not to dig too deep into his family's finances. But that seems to be a direction the investigation is heading. Guest host Josh Barro speaks with four guests who can provide an idea of where that inquiry might lead.

Media Files:

With changing technology, is 'Made in America' the right agenda?

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The White House has declared this 'Made in America' week, showcasing products made entirely in the country. But when we say something is 'made in America' the next question is where in America? Guest host León Krauze takes a tour of American capitalism in the digital era.

Media Files:

GOP healthcare collapses

Tue, 18 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Guest host León Krauze looks at the sudden failure of the Republican attempt to replace Obamacare and what comes next, especially for the party that made this a campaign promise ever since 2010. 

Media Files:

The Senate healthcare bill nears the home stretch

Mon, 17 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The Republican-controlled Senate has had a hard time repealing and replacing Obamacare, a goal for the party since 2010. And now the latest attempt by Mitch McConnell got a surprise delay. Guest host León Krauze explores whether that will weaken the bill's chances. If it succeeds, does it even resemble a truly Republican version of a healthcare project?

Media Files:

Do we need to be 'scared straight' on climate change?

Fri, 14 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Maybe you're one of the two million people who read or shared the recent New York Magazine cover story, which dares to imagine an "uninhabitable Earth." Maybe you liked it. Maybe you found it unhelpful or excessive. Guest host León Krauze  asks, is it an exercise in journalistic alarmism or necessary scientific awareness?

Media Files:

Iraqi forces declare victory over ISIS in Mosul

Thu, 13 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Western backed Iraqi forces have struck a blow against the Islamic State by devastating half the city of Mosul, leaving more than 700,000 refugees. Will the US and other allies help to rebuild — as ISIS violence continues?

Media Files:

Is Trump, Jr. email evidence of Russian collusion?

Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The President's son has now been caught up in the maelstrom over Russian interference in last year's campaign. We hear how he explains his involvement in an ongoing scandal with profound consequences for American democracy.

Media Files:

Sinclair, One America and conservative takeover of local news

Tue, 11 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

One TV station owner's about to get access to more than 70 percent of American households. Local newscasts are being required to carry conservative commentaries produced by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Media Files:

Can the feds make a dent in Chicago's violent crime epidemic?

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump is "sending the feds" to Chicago. Can 20 new agents help get gun violence under control or is this a political stunt with racial undertones?

Media Files:

The summit within the summit

Fri, 07 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Overshadowing other news at the G-20 is the first meeting of Presidents Trump and Putin at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg Germany. The leaders met behind closed doors for two hours and 16 minutes -- more than twice what had been expected. 

Media Files:

Is Trump's voting commission really about election integrity?

Thu, 06 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

As he visits Europe for the second time, President Trump is still obsessed with his loss of the popular vote last year. But many state officials are resisting demands from his new Commission on Election Integrity. We hear about states' rights and personal privacy.

Media Files:

Hamburg, Germany braces for the G-20 Summit

Wed, 05 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

On his second trip out of the country as President of the United States, Donald Trump will go from Poland to the G-20 Summit in Germany.  Bridging the gap between the New and Old Europe is just part of a complex challenge.

Media Files:

Is it 'geoengineering' or 'hacking the climate?'

Tue, 04 Jul 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The Paris Agreements won't be enough to reverse global warming, whether President Trump pulls the US out or not. Is it time to try altering the atmosphere by what's called "geoengineering?" On this archived edition of To the Point, we hear about unintended consequences, international relations… and ethics.

Media Files:

The divided state of America

Mon, 03 Jul 2017 13:00:00 -0700

As the US celebrates its 241st year of independence from England, it’s a country more divided than unified. We look at the consequences.

Media Files:

Travel ban takes effect

Fri, 30 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The Trump Administration's travel ban is back in effect. Guest host Leon Krauze explores what's behind this modified version. What will be its future in the courts? And how will it affect America's influence in the world?

Media Files:

Amazon and the retail revolution

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

It's Amazon's world now. What began 23 years ago as an online bookstore - a romantic experiment, it seemed at the time - has become an absolute gamechanger. Retail stores and workers now face a long list of challenges. With more than a half million retail jobs gone since 2001, the future of retail might predict the future of America's workforce as well. León Krauze  guest hosts.

Media Files:

Supreme Court ends a quiet term, looks ahead to a blockbuster one

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

With all nine members now in place for the next term, the US Supreme Court is expected to decide cases that could impact the lives of many Americans. We hear what to expect from the newest Justice, Neil Gorsuch, who's already taken some very conservative stands.

Media Files:

McConnell hits headwinds, delays health bill

Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

has a new argument for Republicans who aren't ready to support his version of health care reform. If it's not passed after the July 4 recess... they might have to work with the Democrats. We hear more about the effort to gut Obamacare.

Media Files:

Russian money laundering and ties to Trump & Associates

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Robert Mueller was named Special Counsel to investigate intelligence-agency findings that Russia tried to help Donald Trump get elected. Now, the President has conceded it happened, and it appears that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is focused on money laundering and organized crime.

Media Files:

Senate healthcare bill: reductions in medical care, cuts in taxes

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

All 48 Democrats are sure to vote "No" on the Senate's version of healthcare reform. Both moderates and conservatives see devils in the details, so not all 52 Republicans are prepared to vote "Yes." We find out what it's likely to mean if they do.

Media Files:

Military clashes in Syria expose complex factions

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Recent strikes against Iranian-backed troops and the downing of a Syrian fighter-plane have Russia accusing the US of “complicity in terrorism.” It's threatening to make targets of planes and drones flown too far into its comfort zone by the western coalition. We'll update divisions in the Trump Administration over what to do.

Media Files:

Democrats and the lessons of a losing campaign

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Since their candidate lost a congressional race in Georgia last night, Democratic Party regulars are licking their wounds.  But around the country, some party activists aren't just disappointed, they're planning to start something new.

Media Files:

Britain in a slump as the EU enjoys revival

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

What a difference a year makes. That's how long it's been since Britain narrowly voted to leave the European Union and go back on its own. But, on both sides of the English Channel, political realities have dramatically changed. Will there be a "hard" Brexit, a "soft" Brexit… or no Brexit after all?

Media Files:

Kansas tax cut experiment: Spectacular failure or national model?

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Kansas was the "canary in the coal mine" for an experiment in supply-side economics, but critics say "the canary is now on life support." Even with taxes on the increase again in Kansas, will the experiment be repeated in Washington?

Media Files:

Big trouble in little Qatar as diplomatic crisis grows

Fri, 16 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The tiny nation of Qatar is the latest focus of conflict and confusion in the Middle East. President Trump has joined its Arab neighbors, who call it a funder of terror. But the US is still selling the oil-rich country $12 billion worth of jet fighters.

Media Files:

Gun violence strikes Congress

Thu, 15 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

A Congressman is gunned down during baseball practice along with three other people — just one of more than 150 mass shootings this year. Will bullets striking so close to home change anything on Capitol Hill? We get some answers

Media Files:

Scandal-obsessed Democrats struggle with internal divisions

Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

In Virginia's Democratic primary for Governor yesterday, a candidate of the Liberal Wing was soundly defeated by a Party Regular. We look at the potential consequences as voices for change challenge the status quo.

Media Files:

Is the threat from Russia missing from the Russia meddling probe?

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

There's much being made about the Trump administration's possible ties with Russia. But the bottom line is Russia's effort to influence American democracy. Do the President and his aides care enough to take action before voters go back to the polls? 

Media Files:

Replacing Obamacare: Now you see it… now you don’t

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

As the Senate deliberates replacing Obmacare, health coverage for millions of people is at stake. There've been no public hearings, and a draft measure won't be made public. Is the House version so unpopular that that Senate is hiding a version that looks much the same? 

Media Files:

Who's to blame for the opioid crisis?

Fri, 09 Jun 2017 13:00:00 -0700

Some of the lawyers who took on Big Tobacco are now going after Big Pharma. It’s all about the deadly epidemic of opioid use. Are the drug companies to blame? What about the users? Later, on today’s Talking Point: making sense of Britain’s upset election. 

Media Files:

Ex-FBI Director Comey tells his side of the story

Thu, 08 Jun 2017 13:00:00 -0700

Today, former FBI Director James Comey came close to calling the President who fired him a liar. The White House denied the claim and called it insulting, but Republican Senators did not challenge Comey’s truthfulness. Many questions remain: did the President try to obstruct a federal investigation? Later, we’ll go behind the “velvet rope” for a look at 5-Star health care for the richest Americans. 

Media Files:

The Trump agenda: where's the beef?

Wed, 07 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump says big things are happening. After celebrating a House bill on health care, he doesn’t yet have Senate agreement. With James Comey’s public testimony scheduled tomorrow, the President today tweeted his selection of a new FBI Director. Is the Chief Executive all style and no substance? Later, terror attacks in Iran and conflicting claims about who’s behind them.

Media Files:

Human Rights in the era of Donald Trump

Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump’s UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, said today the US might pull out of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. Serious violators of human rights are members of the Council itself–and a US resignation could make things worse. Later on today’s show, now that he’s into his second term, comedian turned US Senator Al Franken is telling jokes again.

Media Files:

Terrorism and tweets, hate speech and murder

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Just days before an election, Britain is coping with a rash of deadly terrorism, and Prime Minister Theresa May is on the defensive. And again today, President Trump has tweeted criticism of the Mayor of London. Later, a double murder in Portland, Oregon has revealed the ugly past of a supposedly “progressive” city. One immediate question: is “hate speech” protected by the First Amendment?

Media Files:

Venezuela spirals into economic and political chaos

Fri, 02 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Venezuela, a country whose potential for prosperity is unmatched, finds itself on the verge of civil war.  What sustains the repressive government? With time running out, guest host León Krauze looks at what the international community can do to pull the country from the edge of collapse.

Media Files:

What happens when America retreats from the world?

Thu, 01 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Is President Trump taking his "America First" agenda to extremes, withdrawing the country from the international stage on trade and climate change, distancing America from its traditional allies across the Atlantic and even threatening to physically isolate the country through the building of a wall along its southern border? León Krauze guest hosts.

Media Files:

Trump's new look at civil rights and global warming

Wed, 31 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump is reportedly ready to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. We look at the possible consequences. On the second half of the program, we hear about cuts in Obama-Era civil rights programs called for by the Trump Administration's first budget plan.

Media Files:

The longest US war: Will Trump send more troops to Afghanistan?

Tue, 30 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The Trump White House is divided over the Pentagon's request for more troops in Afghanistan—where the US has been fighting for the past 16 years.  Is there a formula -- either for "victory" or a political settlement?  Is there an end in sight for America's longest war?

Media Files:

Janesville and the American Dream

Mon, 29 May 2017 13:00:00 -0700

Janesville, Wisconsin is the hometown of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. But he couldn’t prevent the closing of the General Motors factory after 100 years.  On this Memorial Day rebroadcast of To the Point, we hear what’s happened to what once was a model of American middle-class unity.    

Media Files:

Will the Senate write a healthcare bill in secret?

Fri, 26 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

While Democrats and Republicans argue White House relations with Russia, another question is being decided behind closed doors: who gets help buying health insurance and who doesn't? We hear how the pros and cons are being shrouded in secrecy.

Media Files:

Trump plays scolder-in-chief with NATO allies

Thu, 25 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

At the opening of NATO’s dramatic new headquarters in Brussels today, President Trump acknowledged that Article 5 — promising that “an attack on one nation is an attack on all” -- has only been invoked one time: in the aftermath of September 11. But the President failed to provide what 27 other Alliance members have been waiting for: a re-commitment by America’s new leader to Article 5. Instead, they got a scolding.

Media Files:

White House budget proposal slashes and burns

Wed, 24 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump's first budget request is considered dead on arrival in Congress — a familiar development in Capitol Hill. We hear what it reveals about the priorities of the new administration. What's likely to die… and what might survive?

Media Files:

What is Trump's plan for Middle East peace?

Tue, 23 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

On his first foreign tour, President Trump has promised "peace" between Israel and the Palestinians. Are there any details for re-starting talks that have been stalled for the past three years? 

Media Files:

Trump's 'America First' goes missing abroad

Mon, 22 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

In the Middle East, President Trump is changing some policies of the Obama Administration—and reversing his own campaign attacks on Islam as a religion that "hates us." We hear about his visit to Saudi Arabia and what's at stake for the rest of his foreign excursion.

Media Files:

The free-flowing leaks in the Trump White House

Fri, 19 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Obama tried to clamp down on leakers, but the Trump Administration is besieged almost as never before. Are the "anonymous sources" partisans or worried professionals? Are they endangering the republic or performing a public service?

Media Files:

Will the GOP weather the storm with Trump or jump ship?

Thu, 18 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Breitbart news claims that the GOP "establishment" has it's knives out" for President Trump, but Republicans in Congress are mostly supportive… at least in public. We look at whether that's likely to last.

Media Files:

Concern deepens amid Trump's controversies

Wed, 17 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

President Trump delivered today's commencement speech to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. As he praised the accomplishments of the graduates, he listed some of his own… and made reference to reports that he leaked intelligence to the Russians and tried to shut down an FBI Investigation into his associates.

Media Files:

Trump's intelligence disclosures cause chaos

Tue, 16 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Just days before departing for his first trip overseas, President Trump is embroiled in another controversy.  It's about reports that he shared highly classified information with two high-ranking Russians. 

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Trump, the GOP and the rule of law

Mon, 15 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Conservatives — and some Republicans — are criticizing the President for "the mess he made" in firing FBI Director James Comey. We hear about a potential successor, the possibility of "obstruction of justice" and the constitutional separation of powers.

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Should we 'hack the climate' to fight global warming?

Fri, 12 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

The Paris Agreements won't be enough to reverse global warming, whether President Trump pulls the US out or not. Is it time to try altering the atmosphere by what's called "geoengineering?" We hear about unintended consequences, international relations… and ethics.

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Trump's Russia ties intensify with Comey firing

Thu, 11 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe contradicted the Trump White House today, insisting the Bureau had not lost faith in former Director James Comey. He promised to notify the committee of any interference into investigation of the Trump campaign's contacts with Vladimir Putin's Russia. What do we know about those contacts… and how they relate to Trump's business interests and those of his family?

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Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

Wed, 10 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Vice President Mike Pence took the Administration's lead today in explaining why the President fired the Head of the FBI, saying, "The president made the right decision at the right time." Trump's action is being compared to the so-called "Saturday Night Massacre" that led to President Richard Nixon's resignation in 1973.

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Russian probe gets jolt from Yates and Clapper Senate hearing

Tue, 09 May 2017 11:00:00 -0700

Intelligence officials have long since concluded that Russia interfered in last year's US election. After yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, what more do we know about the threat to future elections and how it's being handled by the Trump Administration?

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