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The Skeleton


Product Detailspages: 456 pagesPublisher: Humana PressISBN: 1588292150Average Customer Review: N/AFormat: PDFSize:Supplier: AmazonSummary:A cutting-edge review of the biochemical, physiological, pharmacological, genetic, and molecular interactions involved in the development and homeostasis of the skeleton. Topics range from chondrogenesis, chondrocytes, and cartilage to skeletal dysmorphology, and include the control of skeletal development, osteoblastic cell differentiation, and bone induction, growth, remodeling, and mineralization. The authors' understanding of bone physiology-and how it is modified throughout all the stages of life-offers novel approaches for improving the endurance of load-bearing implants, achieving life-long optimal bone strength, overcoming microgravity situations (space flight), and hastening the healing of fractures, osteotomies, and antrodeses.From the New England Journal of Medicine, January 13, 2005Because the structural role of the skeletal system is obvious, and because the hardness of mineralized bone matrix and the prolonged duration of adult bone mass emphasize its solidity, the dynamic and multifunctional nature of the skeleton are not an observer's first impression. With the World Health Organization's Decade of Bone and Joint Disease report and the 2004 U.S. Surgeon General's report on bone health and osteoporosis, we are reminded of the prevalence and cost of postmenopausal osteoporosis and fractures, cancer metastases to bone, and a host of endocrine and genetic disorders that have a primary impact on cartilage and bone. (Figure) The Skeleton will not guide the clinician in the management of skeletal disorders. Rather, Massaro and Rogers have assembled a series of review articles on selected topics in skeletal biology that will be most useful to researchers seeking an overview of particular topics or to cross-disciplinary practitioners with an interest in bone biology. The topics are selective rather than comprehensive and focus on chondrogenesis and skeletal development, the cellular aspects of bone formation and remodeling, and a narrow range of genetic disorders. The chapters are well referenced through 2002. Figures, for the most part, generally consist of diagrams of interactions rather than primary supportive data, which are useful for an introduction to a topic; however, stained whole skeletons and histologic samples are shown in black and white in some chapters, which limits their usefulness. The book opens with useful sections on chondrogenesis and skeletal development. The roles of N-cadherin and the neural-cell adhesion molecule in the condensation of cartilage and of the Wnt family of glycoproteins (signaling molecules important in embryonic development) in the determination of the fate of cells are outlined. Apoptosis and chondrogenesis are connected, and both are regulated by the signaling of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). Two decades ago, BMPs were mysterious factors in crude bone extracts that, on injection, induced the formation of ectopic bone. Now their signaling pathways through receptors and Smads (proteins that mediate cellular response to transforming growth factor (beta)) have been dissected, and they are being evaluated in clinical trials for their role in enhancing the healing of fractures. BMPs also regulate the transcription factor Cbfa1 (core-binding factor), which is required for the differentiation of osteoblasts. The different chapters in the sections on skeletal development have enough overlap to convey information about the intersection of the signaling pathways. Another section deals with the differentiation of the two major cell populations of bone, osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Bone mass depends on the balance between the activities of bone-forming and bone-resorbing cells. Studies have elucidated crucial roles for two BMP-inducible transcription factors, Cbfa1 and osterix, in the differentiation of osteoblasts. Knockout mice have been generated to explore these interactions. The drugs used most widely to treat postmenopausal osteoporosis i[...]

Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Sim


Publisher: Medmaster
Number Of Pages: 175
Publication Date: 2001-08
Sales Rank: 295546
ISBN / ASIN: 0940780534
EAN: 9780940780538
Binding: Paperback
Manufacturer: Medmaster
Studio: Medmaster
Average Rating: 4
Total Reviews: 18

A systemic approach to clinical anatomy with a high picture-to-text ratio. Learning occurs through conceptual diagrams, ridiculous associations, and a strong focus on clinical relevance

Advanced VBSscript Class-On-Disc VBS 301


It’s a CCNA™ router and network simulator that offers more features and flexibility than any product on the market.RouterSim’s CCNA™ Network Visualizer® 5.0 is a CCNA™ router and network simulator that offers more features and flexibility than any product on the market. You can design, build and configure your own network with drag and drop design.You also have access to a valuable feature in Net Assessment.With a program that offers over 470 commands and over 220 supported labs, you are empowered to build, test and preview any kind of network and environment you want!CCNA™ Network Visualizer® 5.0 is tailor-made for:The individual studying for the Cisco® CCNA™ 640-801 examCorporate trainers and employeesInstructorsStudents at Cisco® Networking AcademiesStudents at colleges, universities, and technical institutesOver 220 supported labs match up well with Todd Lammle’s best selling Sybex CCNA Study Guide and the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 1 and 2 Lab Companion.

Demystifying Six Sigma: A Company-Wide Approach to Continuous Improvement


Demystifying Six Sigma: A Company-Wide Approach to Continuous ImprovementEnglish PDF Format 224 pages ISBN-10: 0814471846 AMACOM/American Management Association; 1st edition (March 2003) 600 KBBook DescriptionIs Six Sigma the exclusive of manufacturing and service operations, or can excellence be mandated (and achieved) throughout an entire organization? This refreshing book reveals how to apply the legendary quality assurance program across all departments and processes, creating a permanent, company-wide Six Sigma culture.Author Alan Larson, a Motorola veteran, has created a simple and practical Continuous Improvement model, and offers a strategy for managing the change to Six Sigma-driven operations and philosophy. Larson's approach is based on the seven key elements of Six Sigma:* Focus on customer satisfaction * Use of data and systems * Setting improvement goals * Team approach * Employee involvement * Defining roles * Personal growth Field-proven in organizations of all types, Larson's methodology can help any company make quality a real and viable strategic objective Six Sigma: A Company-Wide Approach.html

Programming resource collection


Art of Assembly language [pdf,tgz]Art of Assembly language (High Level Assembler) [pdf]Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 2 [online(frames,no frames)]Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 2, Example Codes [online,tgz]C++ Programming style [txt]Multithreaded Programming Guide (Sun Microsystems) [pdf]POSIX.1c/D10 Summary (Sun Microsystems) [ps,pdf]pthreads and Solaris threads: A comparison of two user level threads APIs (Sun Microsystems) [ps,pdf]Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition [online(frames,no frames)]Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition, Example Codes [online,tgz]Intel Architecture optimizations [pdf]HTML 4.0 Reference [online]Data Display Debugger (DDD) 3.3.1 Manual [online]Writing Multithreaded Code in Solaris [pdf]Intel Architecture Optimization Manual [pdf]Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1, Basic Architecture [pdf]Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 2, Instruction Set Reference [pdf]Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3, System Programming [pdf]Performance of Various Computers Using Standard Linear Equations Software [pdf]The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8 [pdf]The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 9 [pdf]UltraSPARC I-II User's Manual [pdf]UltraSPARC IIi User's Manual [pdf]microSPARC IIep User's Manual [pdf]SuperSPARC II Addendum [pdf]Alpha Architecture Handbook, Version 4 [pdf]System V Application Binary Interface, Edition 4.1 [pdf]System V Application Binary Interface, Intel386 Architecture Processor Supplement, Edition 4 [pdf]MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User's Manual, 2nd Edition [pdf]The 32-bit PA-RISC Run-time Architecture Document, HP-UX 10.20, Version 3 [pdf]The 32-bit PA-RISC Run-time Architecture Document, HP-UX 11.00, Version 1 [pdf]ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook [pdf][...]

The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program


Publisher: Barnes & NobleLanguage: EnglishISBN: 1566194024Paperback: 224 pagesData: June 6, 1994Format: PDFDescription: A system that works; a book that keeps selling. Since 1959, the Evelyn Wood Program of Dynamic Learning has been successfully employed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, helping them break free of the self-imposed shackles that hinder learning. By teaching us to tap the natural power of the mind, the Evelyn Wood method helps us to dramatically increase reading speed, retain more of what we hear and read, improve comprehension and develop our powers of concentration. In just minutes, you'll notice a real difference in your reading speed, and in succeeding chapters of this seven-day program you'll get the secrets of effective note-taking, find tips for instantly improving your writing, and much more.

The 80 20 Way - Work Less Worry Less Succeed More


The 80 20 Way - Work Less Worry Less Succeed More:In this new book, Living the 80/20 Way, Richard Koch focuses exclusively on how to succeed personally as well as professionally, to make a good life as well as a living while doing less. The key, he says, is to work out the few things that are really important, and the few methods that will give us what we really want, and to act on them, while ignoring the mass of trivia that normally engulfs our lives. It sounds simple, and it is …but nobody has explained the idea before in such a convincing way, nor based it so persuasively on a proven phenomenon.

Total Training PHP MySQL Video Tutorials


(Course 01 Installing Apache).avi
(Course 02 Installing PHP4).avi
(Course 03 Configuring for PHP).avi
(Course 04 Adding PHP to HTML).avi
(Course 05 Intro to Variables).avi
(Course 06 Installing MySQL).avi
(Course 07 Intro to DATABASES).avi
(Course 08 Intro to TABLES).avi
(Course 09 Working with DATA).avi
(Course 10 Introduction).avi
(Course 11 User Account).avi
(Course 12 Integrating PHP & MySQL).avi
(Course 13 Writing a Counter Script).avi
(Course 14 For Loops and Array).avi
(Course 15 IF Statements).avi
(Course 16 POST - GET - FORMS).avi
(Course 17 Writing a Guest Book).avi
(Course 18 Writing a Stat Tracker).avi
(Course 19 PhpMyAdmin).avi


Anti Spam


index of parent directoryA.LVQ.based.Neural.Network.AntiSpam.Email.Approach.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:09 381K 01-Nov-2005 14:40 225K A.Novel.Kernel.Method.for.Clustering.pdf 26-Oct-2005 08:55 416K 26-Oct-2005 09:05 1.6M 26-Oct-2005 08:58 742K A.Simple.KNN.Algorithm.for.Text.Categorization.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:22 310K A.Tutorial.on.Support.Vector.Machines.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:34 355K AGILE.Adaptive.Indexing.for.Context.Aware.Information.Filters.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:05 616K 01-Nov-2005 14:37 764K Accuracy.Improvement.of.Automatic.Text.Classification.Based.On.Feature.Translation.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:05 134K Active.Electronic.Mail.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:01 520K Active.Learning.with.Simplified.SVMs.for.Spam.Categorization.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:24 407K Adaptive.Filtering.of.Spam.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:24 573K Adversarial.Classification.pdf 01-Nov-2005 12:59 210K An.Email.Classification.Theory.Based.on.Rough.Set.Theory.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:34 328K An.Empirical.Performance.Comparison.of.Machine.Learning.Methods.for.Spam.Email.Categorization.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:38 98K An.Empirical.Study.of.Spam.Traffic.and.the.Use.of.DNS.Blacklists.pdf 01-Nov-2005 12:57 72K An.Evaluation.of.Statistical.Spam.Filtering.Techniques.pdf 01-Nov-2005 12:58 336K An.Experimental.Comparison.of.Naive.Bayesian.and.Keyword.Based.Anti.Spam.Filtering.with.Personal.Email.Messages.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:10 792K An.Interactive.Hybrid.System.for.Identifying.and.Filtering.Unsolicited.Email.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:35 160K 01-Nov-2005 13:36 1.7M An.Malicious.Email.Detection.Method.Based.on.Support.Vector.Machines.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:32 205K An.Optimized.Approach.for.KNN.Text.Categorization.using.P.Trees.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:45 199K Anti.Spam.Filtering.A.Centroid.Based.Classification.Approach.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:30 323K AntiSpam.System.Another.Way.of.Preventing.Spam.pdf 26-Oct-2005 08:36 442K Boosting.for.Document.Routing.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:47 257K Bot.Software.Spreads.Causes.New.Worries.pdf 26-Oct-2005 08:51 178K 01-Nov-2005 13:41 1.2M CRM114_Revealed_20050929.pdf 03-Nov-2005 05:49 1.7M Characterizing.A.Spam.Traffic.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:45 960K Combining.Email.Models.for.False.Positive.Reduction.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:08 474K Context.Sensitive.Learning.Methods.for.Text.Categorization.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:11 251K 01-Nov-2005 14:36 96K Data.Mining.Methods.for.Detection.of.New.Malicious.Executables.pdf 26-Oct-2005 09:37 1.1M Differentiating.Data.and.Text.Mining.Terminology.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:07 118K Document.Comparison.with.a.Weighted.Topic.Hierarchy.pdf 26-Oct-2005 09:28 89K Email.Classification.with.Co.Training.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:44 223K Email.Data.Cleaning.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:10 599K Extending.the.Coverage.of.a.CCG.System.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:50 235K Hierarchical.Data.Classification.with.Support.Vector.Machines.pdf 01-Nov-2005 13:17 243K Identification.of.Deliberately.Doctored.Text.Documents.Using.Frequent.Keyword.Chain.FKC.Model.pdf 01-Nov-2005 14:29 607K 26-Oct-2005 08:58 426K In.Vivo.Spam.Filtering.a.challenge.problem.for.KDD.pdf 01-Nov-2005 12:56 255K Knowledge.Discovery.from.Data.pdf 26-Oct-2005 08:50 228K 01-Nov-2005 13:41 211K 26-Oct-2005 08:24 379K Machine.Learning.Methods.for.Spam.Email.Categorization.pdf 26-Oct-2005 08:17 98K Malicious[...]

Animation Magazine..


SAMPLE IMAGE:Animation Magazine is a monthly publication covering the animation industry, including aspects of film and television animation, visual effects and video games.
Founded in 1986, the print magazine is published monthly and features articles on current animated movies, television series, short films, interactive titles and software releases from both major studios and independent producers. Editorial covers all forms of animation, including 2D, 3D and stop-motion, and profiles the artists behind the productions. Digital versions of the print editions were introduced In 2006.DOWNLOAD:Animation_-_2006-01.rarAnimation_-_2006-02.rarAnimation_-_2006-03.rarAnimation_-_2006-04.rarAnimation_-_2006-05.rarAnimation_-_2006-06.rarAnimation_-_2006-07.rarAnimation_-_2006-08.rarAnimation_-_2006-09.rarAnimation_-_2006-12.rarAnimation_-_2007-01.rarAnimation_-_2007-02.rar



index of parent directoryAnimations/ 21-Sep-2006 15:46 -CSE291 Reading List by Topic.pdf 28-Sep-2006 15:13 29KDifferentialGeometry I.pdf 26-Sep-2006 11:07 2.5MDifferentialGeometry II.pdf 28-Sep-2006 11:21 4.3M DifferentialGeometry III.pdf 03-Oct-2006 20:34 409KDoCarmo Chapter 1.pdf 04-Oct-2006 08:55 2.4MDoCarmo Chapter 2.pdf 05-Oct-2006 18:40 5.2M DoCarmo Chapter 3.pdf 05-Oct-2006 18:41 2.7MElasticity and FEM I.pdf 05-Oct-2006 11:24 1.3MElasticity and FEM II.pdf 10-Oct-2006 14:43 2.2M Elasticity and FEM III.pdf 12-Oct-2006 14:14 1.4MIntroduction.pdf 21-Sep-2006 14:32 151KPresentations/ 28-Nov-2006 13:13 -Summary Articulated Body Deformation from Range Scan Data.pdf 07-Nov-2006 13:41 79K Summary Character Skins from Examples.pdf 07-Nov-2006 13:42 34KSummary Deformation Transfer.pdf 26-Oct-2006 13:48 55KSummary Elastically Deformable Models.pdf 16-Nov-2006 12:07 36KSummary Laplacian Surface Editing.pdf 19-Oct-2006 14:22 91KSummary Mesh-based Inverse Kinematics.pdf 31-Oct-2006 18:05 73KSummary Meshless Deformation.pdf 16-Nov-2006 12:10 59K Summary Morphable Face Model.pdf 09-Nov-2006 13:39 85KSummary Pose Space Deformation.pdf 17-Oct-2006 13:17 90KSummary Rotation Invariant Mesh Coordinates.pdf 24-Oct-2006 10:41 171KSummary Stable Real Time Deformations.pdf 21-Nov-2006 12:09 78KSummary discrete shells.pdf 28-Nov-2006 13:08 57KSummary point-based animation.pdf 30-Nov-2006 14:20 31K of parent directory3_point_lighting.blend 30-Sep-2002 14:00 68K Blender-toonarm.pdf 30-Sep-2002 14:00 84KBlender- tutorial3.pdf 30-Sep-2002 14:00 378KBlender- tutorial4.pdf 30-Sep-2002 14:00 481K Blender-tutorial80.pdf 30-Sep-2002 14:00 905KBlender-tutorial93.pdf 30-Sep-2002 14:00 548K of parent directory2006 FirstLight Cat.pdf 23-Feb-2006 07:57 5.9M Acting & Directing.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:03 4.5MAudio Production.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:02 1.4MAug 07-08 FL Catalog.pdf 24-Aug-2007 01:42 3.7MBeginner Animation.pdf 15-Aug-2005 18:41 439KBroadcast & Print Journalism.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:03 942KCreate & Animate a Clay Puppet TGuide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 18:41 77KDance & Stage Combat.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:04 1.6MDigital & Multimedia.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:03 543KF645-Shedding Some Light T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 18:46 5.0MF646 & F646DVD Where Do I Start T Guide.pdf 27-Apr-2006 15:11 7.0MF647- Basic Costumer T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 18:46 4.7M F648-Creative Deama & Improv T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 18:56 10M F671-Movement for the Actor T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:00 15M F972-Building A Character T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:01 5.0M F973-Directing Process T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:04 3.9MF974-Mime Over Matter.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:06 4.6MF975-Make-up Workshop T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:11 6.4MF976-Combat For Stage T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:10 4.0MF977-Audition Techniques T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:12 2.6MF978 & F978DVD How Do I Paint It T Guide.pdf 27-Apr-2006 15:14 7.3MFIRST LIGHT CATALOG INDEX.pdf 08-Feb-2007 01:05 36KFilm, Video & Post Production.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:06 2.4MFilm, Video & TV Production.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:10 5.6MFirst Light 05-06 Catalog.pdf 29-Aug-2005 20:57 24MFirst Light 2005-2006 Index.pdf 29-Aug-2005 20:42 15K First Light 2007 Cat.pdf 21-Feb-2007 13:59 5.3MFirstLight Winter 07 Index.pdf 29-Sep-2006 06:34 31KHow To Order.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:10 171K Lighting & Camera.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:13 3.0MOrder Form.pdf 29-Sep-2006 06:36 733KRadio Production.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:13 81K Scriptwriting.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:15 1.7MSets, Prop, Costumes, Make-Up.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:18 3.1MSpeak For Yourself T Guide.pdf 15-Aug-2005 19:12 762KSpeech & Mass Communication.pdf 25-Aug-2005 19:01 4.4MVisual Language & Media Studies.pdf 25-Aug-20[...]

Analytical Chemistry


Analytical methods for food additives

Analytical methods for food additivesPages:320The accurate measurement of additives in food is essential in meeting both regularory requirements and the need of consumers for accurate information about the products they eat. While there are established methods of analysis for many additives, others lack agreed or complete methods because of the complexity of the additive or the food matrix to which such additives are commonly added.Analytical Methods of Food Authentication addresses this important problem for 26 major additives. In each case current research is considered in establishing the best available methods and how they should be used.Analytical Methods for Food Additives covers a wide range of additives, from azorubine and adipic acid to sunset yellow and saccharin. Each chapter reviews the range of current analytical methods, sets out their performance characteristics, procedures and parameters, and provides recommendations on best practice and future research. Tables are used extensively to clearly illustrate methods.Each chapter addresses a specific additive, and the following subjects are covered:Methods of analysisRecommendationsReferencesSummary of methodsSummary of statistical parameters in specific examplesPerformance characteristics in specific samplesThe expert authors of this book all work on additive analysis for the UK Food Standards Agency.ContentsE110: Sunset yellowE122: Azorubine (carmoisine)E141: Copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllinsE150c: Caramel class IIIE160b: Annatto extractsE200-3: Sorbic acid and its saltsE210-13: Benzoic acidE220-8: SulphitesE249-50: NitritesE297: Fumaric acid and its saltsE310-12: GallatesE320: BHAE334-7, E354: L-tartaric acid and its saltsE355-7, E359: Adipic acid and its saltsE405, E477: Propylene gl6ycol (propan-1,2-diol)E416: Karaya gumE432-6: PolysorbatesE442: Ammonium phosphatidesE444: Sucrose acetate isobutyrateE472e: Mono-diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono/diglycreides of fatty acidsE476: Polyglycerol esters of polycondensed fatty acids of castor oilE481-2: Stearoyl lactylatesE483: Stearyl tartrateE491-2, E493-4, E495: Sorbitan estersE520-3, E541, E554-9, E573: AluminiumE954: SaccharinIndexRapidshareTurboUpload

Sampling and Sample Preparation


Sampling and Sample Preparation for Field and Laboratory(Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry)Pages:1160This title is the first comprehensive book on sampling and modern sample preparation techniques and has several main objectives: to facilitate recognition of sample preparation as both an integral part of the analytical process; to present a fundamental basis and unified theoretical approach for the professional development of sample preparation; to emphasize new developments in sample preparation technology; and to highlight the future impact of sample preparation on new directions in analytical science, particularly automation, miniaturization and field implementation.Until recently, there has been relatively little scientific interest in sampling and sample preparation, however this situation is presently changing as sampling and sample preparation become integral parts of the analytical process with their own unique challenges and research opportunities.Sampling and Sample Preparation for Field and Laboratory is an essential resource for all analytical chemists, and in particular those involved in method development. Not only does it cover the fundamental aspects of extraction, it also covers applications in various matrices and includes sampling strategies and equipment and how these can be integrated into the analytical process for maximum efficiency.RapidshareMIHD



index of parent directory10 Classical Algorithm Books' Set.chm 12-Mar-2006 13:44 28M Algorithms.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 4.6M Algorithms and Complexity.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 1.0M Algorithms for Programmers.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 1.2M Algorithms in Java - Graph Algorithms.chm 12-Mar-2006 13:44 4.2M Concrete Mathematics.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 11M Graph Theory.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 2.1M Introduction To Algorithms.PDF 12-Mar-2006 13:44 13M Introduction To Algorithms Solutions.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 273K Java Data Structures & Algorithms.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 3.0M Memory Management Algorithms and Implementation In C++.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 4.0M Numerical Recipes In C.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 17M Quantitative System Performance.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 21M The Art Of Computer Programming Vol 1.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 3.3M The Art Of Computer Programming Vol 1/ 12-Mar-2006 13:44 - The Art Of Computer Programming Vol 3.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:45 64M The Art Of Computer Programming Vol 4a.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 3.2M Theory and Problems of Programming with C++.pdf 12-Mar-2006 13:44 42M Theory of Computation/ 12-Mar-2006 13:44 - & Data Structures/eBooks/index of parent directoryBioinformatics - Genetic Algorithm And Direct Search Toolbox - Matlab.pdf 13-Oct-2006 16:20 3.6M John Wiley & Sons - Practical Genetic Algorithms 2Nd Edition - 2004 (Isbn 0471455652)(261S)(Haupt.pdf 13-Oct-2006 16:20 2.5M Mitchell 99-An Introduction To Genetic Algorithms (MIT).pdf 13-Oct-2006 16:20 hxxp:// of parent directory(2368 lncs) algorithm theory - swat 2002.pdf 2006-Mar-11 04:38:14 6.8M (dsp) algorithms for programmers.pdf 2006-Mar-10 21:02:38 1.2M (knuth) art of computer programming - volume 4a - (draft).pdf 2006-Mar-10 21:14:48 3.2M Addison Wesley - Algorithms.pdf 2006-Mar-10 21:22:32 4.5M Jorg Arndt -- Algorithms for Programmers.pdf 2005-Jul-29 22:31:40 1.2M MIT Press - Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition.pdf 2005-Oct-28 16:48:00 13.8M art of computer programming fundamental algorithms - donald e knuth - 1995.pdf 2006-Mar-10 16:59:28 3.3M hxxp:// of parent directory(-pdf) efficient algorithms 4 sorting & (ebook) algorithm design (ebook) algorithms_data_structures_and_problem_solving_with_c_.pdf.rar (ebook) computer - donald knuth - art of computer programming ed 2.pdf (ebook) sort search algorithm (ebook - hlp) algorithm design (ebook - math) - sorting and searching - a cookbook (algorithms).zip (ebook - pdf) 3d computer graphic.pdf (ebook - pdf) programming primer for object-oriented and procedural programming in java, c, c++, eiffel, cobol, pascal, fortran, vbasic.pdf (ebook - pdf - mathematics) algorithms and - programming - (ebook - html) - data compression book, advanced programming language a fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database search - 9605043.pdf algorithm design manual.hlp analysis of generalized grover's quantum search algorithms using recursion equations - 0010077.pdf a quantum random walk search algorithm - 0210064.pdf computer science - sorting & searching algorithm book.pdf cookbook-sorting and searching algorithm.pdf crc press - engineering analysis interactive methods and programs with fortran quickbasic matlab and mathematica.rar data structures & algorithms in java - sams.pdf design and analyze algorithms.pdf introduction to algorithms [mit course] .zip lecture notes on algorithm analysis.pdf on the sum-of-squares algorithm for bin packing - 0210013.pdf polynomial-time algorithms for prime fac[...]

Ajax Ebooks and Learning Documents


AJAX - A New Approach To Web Applications Ajax & Rich Internet ApplicationsAjax and Php Building Responsive Web ApplicationsAjax DebuggingAjax For DummiesAjax hacksAjax in ActionAjax on RailsAjax, what is it good forBeginning XML with DOM and Ajax From Novice to ProfessionalCreating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLFoundations of AjaxHead rush Ajax JavaScript and Ajax for the WebMastering AjaxPragmatic Ajax - A Web 2.0 PrimerProfessional AjaxSams Teach Yourself AJAX in 10 Minutes Understanding AJAX Using JavaScript to Create RIA in Action Easy Ajax with the Google Web Toolkit.pdfAJAX - A New Approach To Web Applications.pdfAjax & Rich Internet Applications.pdfAjax and Php Building Responsive Web Applications.pdfAjax Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.chmAjax Debugging.pdfAjax For Dummies.pdfAjax for Web Application Developers.chmAjax Hacks Tips & Tools for Cleaning Up the Web.chmAjax hacks.chmAjax in Action.pdfAjax on Rails.pdfAjax Patterns and Best Practices.pdfAjax, what is it good for.pdfBeginning AJAX with PHP--From Novice to Professional.pdfFoundations of Atlas Rapid Ajax Development with ASP.NET 2.0.pdfPractical Ajax Projects with Java Technology.pdfPro Ajax and Java Frameworks.pdfPro Ajax and the dot NET 2.0 Platform.pdfBeginning XML with DOM and Ajax From Novice to Professional.pdfCreating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.chmFoundations of Ajax.pdfHead rush Ajax.chmJavaScript and Ajax for the Ajax.pdfAjax Design Patterns.chmAjax on Rails.chmPeachpit.Press.CSS.DHTML.and.Ajax.4th.Edition.chmPeachpit.Press.JavaScript.and.Ajax.for.the.Web.6th.Edition.chmPragmatic Ajax A Web 2.0 Primer.pdfProfessional Ajax.pdfRapid Web Applications with TurboGears.chmTeach Yourself AJAX in 10 Minutes.chmUnderstanding AJAX Using JavaScript to Create RIA.chmlinks:Code:

Total Training Adobe Photoshop TIPS and TRICKS


Experience Level: Beginner Through AdvancedRunning Time: 3 Hours, 1 CDsProject Files: IncludedAttain realistic photo-compositing with wonderful depth of field, motion blur, perspective, and shadowing optionsLearn the coolest techniques for the most realistic chrome, and beautifully diffused soft-edged shadowsGet detailed look at alpha channels, pixel creation filter, techniques and lighting effects for brilliant background creationUtilize fire and smoke techniques, as well as intricate layer blendingManufacturer's DescriptionJoin Web designer and professional animator, Steve Holmes, for a 3 hour journey into some of the lesser known, and incredibly useful, techniques for using Adobe Photoshop. You'll learn some of the magical tricks and useful tips to get the most out of your Photoshop software. Both novice and veteran users will discover time-saving shortcuts and special effects within Photoshop that you never knew existed.1. Get some Perpsective (26 min)Lesson 1: Focusing on PerspectiveLesson 2: Placing & Sizing ImagesLesson 3: Depth of FieldLesson 4: Selective Motion BlurLesson 5: Creating Horizontal Scan LinesLesson 6: Distorting an ImageLesson 7: Adding Shadows for a More Realistic Effect2. Apply Selectively (26 min)Lesson 1: Converting a Color Image to GrayscaleLesson 2: Colorizing a SelectionLesson 3: Painting with the Color Blend ModeLesson 4: Performing a Grayscale ConversionLesson 5: A Better Grayscale ConversionLesson 6: Making a Sepia ToneLesson 7: Making a new Channel with a SelectionLesson 8: Feathering the Alpha ChannelsLesson 9: Combining & Coloring Alpha Channels3. Oh so Distressed (23 min)Lesson 1: Making a New Layer from a Vector PathLesson 2: Working Inside an Alpha ChannelLesson 3: Adding Filter EffectsLesson 4: Adjusting Levels & Creating MasksLesson 5: Stroking & SpatteringLesson 6: Blending LayersLesson 7: Filling Text with an ImageLesson 8: Grouping Layers4. Aqua Viva (24 min)Lesson 1: Introducing Layer StylesLesson 2: Customizing a GradientLesson 3: Adding Shadows & GlowsLesson 4: Adding Bevel & EmbossLesson 5: Creating a New StyleLesson 6: Creating TextureLesson 7: Painting with a Layer StyleLesson 8: Achieving an Ice Effect5. The Natural Elements (24 min)Lesson 1: Layer BlendingLesson 2: Creating a Flame-shaped PaintbrushLesson 3: Painting a Flame ShapeLesson 4: Adding ColorLesson 5: Using Liquify to Distort the FlamesLesson 6: Adding HighlightsLesson 7: Reusing & Adjusting the FlameLesson 8: Creating Smoke6. All Over Displace (16 min)Lesson 1: Displacement MapsLesson 2: Shadow Effects7. Organic Creation (18 min)Lesson 1: Creating a Marble EffectLesson 2: Setting up Texture for Lighting EffectsLesson 3: The Lighting Effects Dialog BoxLesson 4: The Fibers Filter8. Full on Metal (25 min)Lesson 1: Creating a Chrome EffectLesson 2: Creating a Chrome Effect ContinuedLesson 3: Finishing the Chrome EffectLesson 4: Drop Shadow EffectsLink Download:Total_Training_photoshop_Tips_and_Tricks.part1.rarTotal_Training_photoshop_Tips_and_Tricks.part2.rarTotal_Training_photoshop_Tips_and_Tricks.part3.rarTotal_Training_photoshop_Tips_and_Tricks.part4.rarTotal_Training_photoshop_Tips_and_Tricks.part5.rarTotal_Training_photoshop_Tips_and_Tricks.part6.rar[...]

Adobe Ebooks Collections


All Adobe Ebooks Collections English Grammar, Vocabulary ebook Collection and Fitness Guide ebooks Collection IT / Computer Related Ebooks - Exercise Files For All Tutorials Leadership Management & Self Guide Ebooks Collection Scientific Collections, Fun / Stories Ebooks Collection Collections / Application / Windows Top 100 Collection 1970-2006 Album Collections eBooks .rar.html Password: free4all .Edition.Jun.2006.rarTom Clancy - Cybernation Ebook Professional DotNetNuke 4 Open Source Ebook Application Framework for ASP.NET.2.0 eBook Ebook Ebooks Collection - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop CS Type Effects Advanced Photoshop Techniques XP : 5 - Minute Fixes C# Network Programming eBook C# Bible Professional Visual Studio 2005 eBook C# Programmer’s Handbook Programming / MySQL Programming for the Beginner Linux Tips And Tricks visual tutorial Search Engine Optimization For DummiesDownloadCrackers MatrixPart1Part2Designing a MS Exchange Server 2003 OrganizationDesigning a MS Exchange Server 2003 OrganizationDownloadTestout A+ Hardware pass: NeedZ78 Important Questions Every Leader Should Ask and Answer Downloadpass: cooldogebooks.blogspot.comBilling Management System for your Web Hosting CompanyWebsite Tamplate DownloadEngineer's Mini-Notebook - Solar Cell ProjectsDownloadpass: gNKybK46vJio98Advanced 3ds Max: Character Modeling[...]

Audio Book Collection - II


FREE Audio Book Titles A room for the nightBest of Mystery and Fiction from BBC Audiobooks, The Captain Blood - TrailerCase of the Abducted Asphalt: MondayCase of the Curious Etching: MondayChronology Protection Case, The (Unabridged)Cold as clayEmperor's New ClothesFlash Gordon Episode 1: The New PlanetHands of Aldulan, The - Book One - Sneak PreviewInterview with Maeve BinchyMind of MadnessMurder in the darkNext- Interview with the author, Michael CrichtonNext- Interview with the author, Michael CrichtonNIGHT TERRORS: Ghost County USANIGHT TERRORS: The Bug DoctorPOWDER RIVER - Season 1. Sneak PreviewPOWDER RIVER - Season 2 . Sneak PreviewPOWDER RIVER - Season 3. Sneak PreviewRaining DeathRoad Dawgs Chapter OneRobin Hood BBC TV: The Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisbourne) InterviewThe Book BricksToby Tyler - Sneak Preview!Very Best of BBC Comedy, The Wonder Fears, The Yankee Clipper and The Adventure of the Golden Sphinx. Sneak PreviewLink More Audio BooksAdventures of Huckleberry Finn AloneAnnabel LeeBriar Rose (aka Sleepy Beauty)Clever GretelCorinna's Going A MayingDanny DeeverThe Declaration of IndependenceA Description of a City ShowerA Dream Within a DreamEldoradoThe Emperor's New ClothesThe Gettysburg Address Gift of the Magi Goblin MarketThe Happy PrinceHeart of DarknessThe HighwaymanHow I Edited an Agricultural PaperKing Grisly-BeardThe Little Match GirlOde to the West WindOn the Decay of the Art of LyingRapunzelThe RavenRime of the Ancient MarinerSelected SonnetsA Tale of Two CitiesThe Tell-Tale HeartThe Traveling MusiciansTo the Virgins to Make Much of TimeLink Audio Books CollectionBeing FrankOut of the Black ShadowsTacho's StoryCathy's Story - Learning to ForgiveNo Flowers ... just lots of joyStepping through my NightmaresA Cause Worth Living For – Audio BookThe Cross and the Swastika – Audio BookLink's Castle Audio FIlesAudio Book Prologue to The Valley of New BeginningsAudio Book Chapter 1, The Strife Audio Book, A Christmas Carol by Charles DickensAudio Book: Caryn's New World, Chapter 2, The ValleyAudio Book: Caryn's New World, Chapter3, The ValleyAudio Book: Caryn's New World, 4, The ValleyAudio Book: Caryn's New World, Chapter 5, The ValleyLink The Rookie 20 Chapters – Audio BookLink

Addison Wesley


index of parent directory(Addison) - Advanced CORBA Programming with C++.pdf 23-Sep-2004 17:08 4.8M Addison Wesley - C++ Primer, 3rd Ed (Lippman, 1373 pages) - 2002 ! - (By Laxxuss).pdf 23-Sep-2004 17:08 3.3M The C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition (Stroustrap)/ 19-Jun-2005 20:42 - hxxp:// Longman/index of parent directoryAddison-Wesley - Effective C++/ 2004-Jul-22 17:18:12 Addison Wesley - The XML Schema Complete Reference.pdf 2003-Aug-02 19:43:10 5.8M application/pdf Addison_Wesley_-_Advanced_Linux_Networking_2002_.chm 2004-Mar-20 03:32:32 3.2M Addison_Wesley_-_C_Standard_Library_-_The_A_Tutorial_Reference_1999_.chm 2004-Mar-26 22:31:10 3.3M Addison_Wesley_-_Configuration_Management_Principles_and_Practice_2002_.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:11:52 2.6M Addison_Wesley_-_Database_Design_For_Mere_Mortals_2nd_2003_.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:18:02 5.9M Addison_Wesley_-_Moving_to_Linux_-_Kiss_the_Blue_Screen_of_Death_Goodbye.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:23:50 5.3M Addison_Wesley_-_Multitool_Linux_-_Practical_Uses_for_Open_Source_Software_2002_.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:29:44 5.9M Addison_Wesley_-_Python_Programming_with_the_Java_Class_Libraries_2002_.chm 2004-Mar-19 02:09:06 1.7M Addison_Wesley_-_Software_Configuration_Management_Patterns_2002_.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:30:32 2.3M Addison_Wesley_-_Software_Engineering_and_Computer_Games_-_2002_CHM_.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:35:12 3.9M Addison_Wesley_-_Text_Processing_in_Python.chm 2004-Mar-19 02:19:50 855.2K Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_.par2 2004-Mar-23 09:13:58 3.7K Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_part1.rar 2004-Mar-23 09:18:58 9.5M application/rar Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_part2.rar 2004-Mar-23 09:28:58 9.5M application/rar Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_part3.rar 2004-Mar-23 09:35:44 9.5M application/rar Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_part4.rar2004-Mar-23 09:34:40 8.0M application/rar Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_vol00_1.par22004-Mar-23 09:35:48 378.8K Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_vol01_2.par2 2004-Mar-23 09:34:06 757.5K Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_vol03_4.par2 2004-Mar-23 09:36:34 1.4M Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_vol07_5.par2 2004-Mar-23 09:35:56 1.8M Addison_Wesley_-_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_Volume_2--Seminumerical_Algorithms_1981_vol12_9.par2 2004-Mar-23 09:47:34 3.3M Addison_Wesley_PCI_Express_System_Architecture.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:45:24 12.5M Addison_Wesley_Real_802_11_Security_Wi-Fi_Protected_Access_And_802_11i.chm 2004-Mar-16 03:51:34 2.9M hxxp:// java networking advanced linux networking advanced linux networking by roderick smith advanced programming language design agile software development algorithms algorithms data structures and problem solving with c++ algorithms in java parts 1-4 3rd edition analysis patterns reusable object models an introduction to parallel computing, second edition applied cpp techniques for building better software applying enterprise javabeans second edition applying use case driven object modeling applying use c[...]

Access 2007: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald


Publisher: Pogue Press (December 29, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0596527608 CHM 16,4Mb 751 pages
Compared to industrial-strength database products such as Microsoft's SQL Server, Access is a breeze to use. It runs on PCs rather than servers and is ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses and households. But Access is still intimidating to learn. It doesn't help that each new version crammed in yet another set of features; so many, in fact, that even the pros don't know where to find them all. Access 2007 breaks this pattern with some of the most dramatic changes users have seen since Office 95. Most obvious is the thoroughly redesigned user interface, with its tabbed toolbar (or "Ribbon") that makes features easy to locate and use. The features list also includes several long-awaited changes. One thing that hasn't improved is Microsoft's documentation. To learn the ins and outs of all the features in Access 2007, Microsoft merely offers online help.Access 2007: The Missing Manual was written from the ground up for this redesigned application. You will learn how to design complete databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry. You'll even delve into the black art of Access programming (including macros and Visual Basic), and pick up valuable tricks and techniques to automate common tasks -- even if you've never touched a line of code before. You will also learn all about the new prebuilt databases you can customize to fit your needs, and how the new complex data feature will simplify your life. With plenty of downloadable examples, this objective and witty book will turn an Access neophyte into a true master.LINK DOWNLOAD : M.MacDonald_-_Access_2007_-_The_Missing_Manual._2006.rar

HTML Complete Course


Book DescriptionWritten by a Web design expert and illustrated throughout in full color, this Complete Course shows you how to master the ins and outs of HTML, the language of the Web, while working on a single project. Fifteen sessions and nearly 100 step-by-step tutorials, accompanied by vivid color images and screen shots, walk you through building a slick, fully functional Web site from start to finish, using HTML and JavaScript™. After completing the course, you’ll have an impressive portfolio piece, a professional-looking Web site you can adapt to meet your needs, and a thorough understanding of HTML fundamentals. All of the files used to build the Web site conform to XHTML and CSS standards.
CD-ROM Contents
Image viewing and editing tools PhotoPlus and Irfanview freeware versions
WS_FTP Pro software that lets you connect to a Web server to upload, modify, and download your Web site files
HandyTools for Web Designers power pack freeware version, including Handy File Find & Replace, Handy ImageMapper, Gif Color Mapper, ColourSpy, and Gradientex
Images and all the files needed to complete the projectDOWNLOAD

Books With A - Z (Alphabet)


AAcademic Careers for Experimental Computer Scientists and EngineersAccess 97 Expert SolutionsActiveX Programming Unleashed, 2nd Edition, by Weiying Chen (Editor)ADA 95 Rationale [The Language - The Standard Libraries]ADA 95 Reference Manual: Language and Standard LibrariesADA and Beyond: Software Policies for the Department of DefenseAdobe Type 1 Font Formats, by Adobe Systems Inc.Advanced Message Queuing with MSMQ and MQSeriesAdvanced Microsoft Visual Basic 5Advanced Server for OpenVMS/Concepts and Planning Guide © Compaq Computer Corporation 1997, 1999.Advanced Server for OpenVMS/Commands Reference Manual © Compaq Computer Corporation 1997, 1999.Advanced Server for OpenVMS/Guide to Managing Advanced Server Licenses © Compaq Computer Corporation 1995, 1999.Advanced Server for OpenVMS/Server Administrator's Guide © Compaq Computer Corporation 1999.Advanced Server for OpenVMS/Server Installation and Configuration Guide © Compaq Computer Corporation 1999.The Age of the Network: Organizing Principles for the 21st CenturyAIX and Windows NT: Solutions for InteroperabilityAlgorithmic Information Theory, PDF file width="31" border="0">Algorithmic Information Theory in LISPAlison Balter's Mastering Access 97 Development, by Alison BalterThe Annotated VRML 97 Reference ManualApple Guide Complete: Designing and Developing Onscreen AssistanceAppleScript Finder Guide: English DialectAppleScript Language Guide, by Apple Computer, Inc.Application Development with VisualAge for Java EnterpriseAn Architecture for Combinator Graph Reduction [Tigre]The Art of Electronic Publishing: The Internet and BeyondAtlas for the Information Superhighway Adapted from Crispen's on-line Internet Roadmap Workshop 1996,The Autodesk File: Bits of History, Words of ExperienceBBeginning Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with C++ by Jesse LibertyBeginning Visual Basic 6 Database ProgrammingBeing digital, byNicholas NegroponteBeing Fluent with Information TechnologyBig Dummy's Guide To The Internet, ascii v. 3.21, © 1993, 1999 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -- Updated and re-edited asEFF's [Extended] Guide to the InternetThe Big Bad Book, aka Computer Consultant Manual by Ben DeVore, et al. Big Dummy's Guide To The Internet, -- Updated and re-edited asEFF's (Extended) Guide to the InternetBlack Art of Java Game Programming by Joel FanBuilding AS/400 Internet-Based Applications with Java by Bob Maatta, et al., IBM Redbook Building Interactive Web Forms with PolyForm: First 3 chaptersWhy Use PolyFormInstalling PolyFormGetting Started with PolyFormBuild your own PC, by Jeff Moe Step by step instructions on building your own PCCC++ Interactive CourseCascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web [CSS] by Håkon Wium Lie, Bert BosCataloging Internet Resources A Manual and Practical Guide, by Nancy B. Olson (Editor)CGI How-To: The Definitive CGI Scripting Problem-Solver by Stephen Asbury, Jason Mathews, Selena SolCisco Internetwork Design Guide [CCDP], by Robert PadjenCisco Internetwork Troubleshooting GuideCity of Bits: Space, Place, and the Infobahn (expanded WWW edition) by William J. MitchellClient/Server Developer's Guide with Delphi 3, by Ken HendersonClient-Side JavaScript Guide v1.3 Copyright © 1999 Netscape Communications CorporationClient-Side JavaScript Reference v1.3 Copyright © 1999 Netscape Communications CorporationCommon Lisp HyperSpec Copyright ©1996 by The Harlequin Group LimitedCommon Lisp Interface Manage[...]



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