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Comments on Teaching Music

Updated: 2009-10-17T17:44:01.967+08:00


and if all the world knew how important teachers a...


and if all the world knew how important teachers are...

oh two make me feel so stupid. haha. i th...


oh two make me feel so stupid. haha. i think maybe i'm not meant to teach. i think i had something in mind but i guess you've said it all. smart people you two...

i think teaching is truly a can be good...


i think teaching is truly a can be good at something but unable to teach it well. somehow i think no set of theories can "make" a teacher. and that makes it special =)

for lit and history, i strive to inculcate a passion in the subject. considering the natures of most students here, that's not an easy task. but when one of them comes up to me and says "i thought history/lit was boring. after you taught me, i love it" i would know that i have gotten somewhere.

i don't exactly have a passion for english, but for that i try to get my students past the perception that english is technical, dry, and all about compos and compres. it is not something you have to pass to go to the next level; it is something you can use to compose a poem or passage, to offer the right words to a friend in that time of need.

i agree with you about teaching...i think the arts in general is about coming closer to self awareness and sensitivity to the feelings of others...just like knowing Jesus...knowing the beauty of literature and music changes your whole life...once you find it you can never turn's not always an easy road, but the moments of epiphany come. and then you feel like you can touch it with your fingertips, this glimpse of eternity...

it is a sacred job. i like to think that somewhere down the line a soul was touched by loveliness when i explained a poem, or told a story about the Greeks. more than that, i hope that at the end of my life, to at least one person i have given the gift of sensitivity...a sensitivity that fills one with love for all other people and things.

i am still learning; i don't think my journey with literature will ever end. but even now i know how much it has transformed my life.